Title: "Unwelcome Complications"

Date Penned: 2019

Main Character(s): Roxanne and Chandler

Author: Slo Motion

Rating: T; sexual content, may go up to M later

Genre: Drama/Romance

Coupling: Roxanne/Chandler, some Chandler/Paris, past Roxanne/Paul mentions

Song(s) Used: Various, will list under lyrics

Setting: Season 8, two weeks after "Charity Begins at Home" and before "Baggage."

Disclaimer: 7th Heaven is not mine.

Summary: Season 8 fic. They shared a brief moment of passion. She told him it meant nothing, so he moved on. But now, she finds herself reevaluating her feelings after their actions bring forth an unwelcome consequence. (Chandler/Roxanne)

A/N: Hey, look, another 'Roxanne is pregnant and frets on how to tell Chandler' fanfic from me. Also, I will be continuing "Heaven and Earth" very soon hopefully. Also, this fic works on the idea that Chandler and Roxanne did more than just kiss in her living room in "Charity Begins at Home."

Part One

Hey-a, complications
Complications going down
Complications in your lifetime
Complications all around
Yes indeed, but it's a complications
Complications here to stay
Complications every night now
Complications every day
-Steven Forbert, "Complications"

Roxanne looked at the test in her hands.

Positive. She was pregnant. With her ex's baby, no less.

But of course it wasn't Paul's. It had to be his baby instead...Chandler.

Paul would be so much easier to deal with. They had parted on good terms, at least. Unlike her and Chandler.

But no. It had to be Chandler's baby.

How was she so sure? She'd never slept with Paul.

Chandler...well, she had. And she wasn't proud of it.

Why did she give into him so easily? It was like whenever he kissed her or touched her, she completely lost herself in emotions and hormones.

Oh, who was she kidding?! She'd initiated it and there was no denying that.

She'd kissed him. She'd pushed him onto her couch. She'd told him how much she desired him.

And damn it all to hell, a part of her still did. Goddamnit.

"Shit, I messed up so badly," Roxanne cursed to herself.

She discarded of the test by hiding it in the trash. The last thing she needed was a lecture from her father on how stupid and irresponsible she was. She already had herself for that.

Roxanne sighed deeply was she exited the bathroom. This was so messed up. What the hell was she going to do?

She couldn't face him. She just couldn't. Not after their last encounter and how they had parted.

She still loved him. She knew just seeing Chandler would reduce her to putty in his hands. His hands...oh God, she thought to herself.

Unable to help herself, she flashed back to that night. The night of their last encounter...

"What do you want to do?" Chandler asked her firmly.

She smiled widely at him as she moved her body closer to his. She looked into his eyes.

"Exactly what you want to do," She replied with just a hint of seductiveness in her voice.

Then she kissed him. Hard. Possessive. Needy. Intense.

Her tongue quickly found his as she moved him over to her couch. Playfully, she pushed him onto it.

"Roxanne..." He said in a surprised tone as she pulled off her shirt.

She threw it to the floor and slid herself next to him. She licked her lips as her eyes met his. Confusion and shock filled his face.

"What's gotten into you, Roxanne?" He asked, bewildered.

"Nothing...yet," Roxanne replied in the sexiest voice she possessed.

His eyes widened as the meaning of her words took hold. Nothing...yet. Oh God...did she mean?

"You don't mean...?" He was cut off when she placed a finger upon his lips.

"Shh, silly. You don't want to talk, do you? In fact, I know what you want to do, Chandler, because I can see it in your eyes," She told him, her voice dripping with desire.

She moved her hands to begin unbuttoning his shirt. Playfully, she glided her fingers along the flesh that was exposed with each button to come undone. He made no attempt to stop her, his control slowly dissolving.

Her lips met his again as she removed his shirt completely. Her hands caressed his bare back. He tried with his last ounce of willpower to stop himself, but he gave in. He found himself moaning loudly into their kiss as his arms wrapped around her.

She grinned against his lips. He had surrendered to her, just as she predicted.

God, she wanted him inside of her now.

Pulling her lips away from his, she saw that he was now grinning from ear to ear at her.

"Does his mean that...?" He started to ask hopefully.

She cut him off, "That I want you? Yes, oh God, yes. Chandler, take me now."

"But do you love me still, Rox-mmmm...?" He was cut off when her lips slammed into his.

This kiss was wetter and needier than their last, if that was humanly possible. Their tongues battled for dominance. She let him win.

Eventually, she pulled her lips away from his. She began to kiss his neck, nibbling lightly at it as she did so. He grunted in pleasure from the feeling, his mind now a million miles away.

She moved her lips to his ear, "Take me, Chandler. Now! I want you...I'm yours."

She bit down playfully on his ear. That was it. He was one hundred percent won over.

Her pulled her into another hungry kiss in response. His hands went for her bra clasp. Her bra disappeared and and his kisses moved to her breasts.

"Oh, Chandler..." She groaned in pleasure.

Moving his head back up to hers, he nibbled on her ear like she'd done to him before.

"I love you, Roxanne," He breathed into her ear.

Before she could say anything, she was pulled by him into another mind blowing kiss.

Soon enough, the rest of their clothes disappeared. He was on top of her. Their bare bodies came together as one as both took in the blissful moment.

"Chandler..." She said gently as they connected.

"Roxanne..." He replied with all of the love in the world in his voice.

Someway or another, they both managed to redress themselves after the passionate moment died down. They continued kissing afterward, roughly and thoroughly.

Chandler pulled away from their kiss after a great while. He had a completely satisfied and happy look on his face.

"What?" She asked with a giggle.

"So, does this mean...?" He asked hopefully.

"This doesn't change anything," She replied bluntly.

Chandler cleared his throat and wiped his mouth, "We're still broken up? Maybe...maybe I should leave."

"Do you want to leave?" Roxanne asked seductively, placing a kiss upon his neck.

"We're not together," He said sadly.

Roxanne sighed in frustration. Would he just let that go already?! Her body was still craving his. Just because they weren't a couple anymore didn't mean they couldn't still have fun.

"What about Paul? What about him? You still want to date him?" He asked as he got up off the couch.

"Yeah. We're not together anymore," She replied, now more annoyed.

"So, I should leave," He said, crestfallen.

Roxanne let out a frustrated sigh, "Chandler.."

Chandler cut her off, "Good luck with Paul. You can have your at-risk youth of Glen Oak teen counselor Paul. Because I guess Reverend Camden was right. It's time for me to move on...I mean really, really move on. Goodbye, Roxanne."

Chandler walked out of the room leaving a disappointed and sexually frustrated Roxanne.

Roxanne sighed as she came out of the memory. God, she was so, so dumb. Like, unbelievably dumb.

Why didn't she just admit what she felt deep down? Why couldn't she have just have admitted that, yes, she still loved him too? Then she wouldn't be going through this alone, at least.

She wanted to go back in time and slap herself for not chasing after him. She should have held onto him tightly, not pushed him away for Paul.

Then, he'd be here with her. He'd wrap his arms around her and tell her she'd never be alone again. That they'd get through this together.

They'd stay together forever...

But no. Instead she was alone due to her own stupidity. And she couldn't go to him. She wouldn't go to him.

He had Paris now. A sick feeling raced through her stomach as she imagined him kissing Paris, undressing her, and sharing the passion that him and herself shared that night.

Stop torturing yourself! Her mind screamed to her.

Oh, this was such a mess. Why couldn't this baby just be Paul's? Then she wouldn't feel so attached to it.

She wouldn't be carrying a part of Chandler with her wherever she went. That thought made her simultaneously want to smile and die inside at the same time.

She couldn't tell him. She just couldn't. No matter what, she just couldn't bring herself to face him after the mess she'd made.

She was alone. And she was sure she couldn't do this alone...

Again, she asked herself: What the hell was she going to do?