Part Two

So I gotta get you out my head now
I just cut you off
You out my head now
I just cut you off
When I'm without you
I don't over think it, I just carry on
you out my head now
I just cut you off
-Selena Gomez, "Cut You Off"

Their kiss was fierce and passionate. He grabbed her waist and held onto her tightly…just like he always should have.

His tongue quickly found hers. His hands slid under her shirt to explore what was beneath.

She moaned into his mouth. He smiled against her lips.

He guided her to his bed. They both fell onto it at the same time, in perfect harmony. They continued to kiss like there was no tomorrow.

Eventually, their lips parted for air. He smiled softly at her.

"This feels so right, doesn't it?" He asked gently, kissing her neck.

"Mmmm..." Was all she managed to get out in reply.

He hugged her closer to him. His body pressed into hers, allowing her to feel all of him. She moaned in response.

"Say you're mine forever," He commanded gently.

"I'm yours forever, Chandler," She purred in reply.

He kissed her neck again. He started to nibble playfully at it. She giggled at this action.

"Chandler, that tickles!" She said in a playful tone.

He bit down a tiny bit harder in response. A red mark appeared. A love bite that marked her as his. His tongue teased the spot.

He moved his lips to her ear, "See, it's like I said, you're mine forever."

She pulled his face to her own, "Yes, I am yours."

He grinned at her as her mouth moved to his neck. Copying his actions from before, she bit down on his neck. It wasn't long before a love bite appeared. She had marked him.

"And you're all mine," She mumbled as she kissed the spot.

"Of course I am. All yours. I wouldn't want it any other way, babe," He replied.

He took her hands as she continued kissing his neck. His fingers caressed her palms. She moaned against his skin.

"Chandler..." The urgency in her voice as his name fell from her lips was like a beautiful symphony.

"Yes, darling, what is it?" He asked in reply, his voice soft like silk.

She turned to face him and smiled, "Make love to me."

His eyes widened in surprise at her choice of words, "Are you sure, darling?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life," She replied with a wink.

He didn't need to hear anything else from her. He went straight for her lips, pinning her gently to the bed. She sighed with pleasure into his mouth as his tongue found hers.

He pulled at her shirt. She willingly slipped out of it for him, slightly breaking their kiss. That didn't last long, though, as his lips were back on hers the minute the shirt was discarded on the floor.

"You're so beautiful," He mumbled into their kiss.

She shivered with anticipated pleasure as he unclasped her bra. Pulling his lips away from hers, he did away with the pesky garment. It fell to the floor, not to be missed. Her top half was now exposed to him.

His body pulsed with want at the sight of her. His hands slowly made their way to her chest.

Gently, he took a hold of her breasts. She sighed happily at his touch.

"Chandler..." She groaned breathlessly.

They kissed again as his hands continued their exploring of her upper body.

They pulled apart eventually. They gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Chandler," She told him.

Her words were music to his ears.

"I love you too, Roxanne," He said in reply.

Yes, he did love her. And soon they would become one.

The love of his life was in his arms and he couldn't be happier.

His Roxanne...

Chandler shot up in bed. His eyes snapped open. His breath was heavy with shock. The sheets were wet with sweat.

His Roxanne?! What the hell was he thinking?!

And what kind of dream was he having?! Dreaming of doing those types of things with Roxanne?!

He would never!

Well, he had once. And he regretted it so much.

All he got out of that experience was royally burned.

No, burned wasn't strong enough a word to describe what she did to him. She had utterly decimated his heart.

They had made love. It seemed like such a perfect moment. So soft, yet so wild and passionate.

But then she told him it changed nothing between them. They were still broken up. She would still go after that loser Paul.

She knew that he was still madly in love with her and had used that knowledge to manipulate him into having sex.

I want you. I'm yours. That's what she had told him to get him to give in.


She was never his to begin with. Their whole relationship was based on a big fat lie. It was all a game, a silly ruse to her.

She didn't love him in the long term. He was a plaything to fill in time for her until she got bored and moved on to another unsuspecting man.

Like a damn succubus, that Roxanne was.

And he was the fool that went along with her. He stupidly gave in to his carnal desires and got burned.

No, not burned. Decimated. Definitely decimated. Just like he'd realized before, burned was not a strong enough word for what she had done.

She had used him. This whole ordeal had left him feeling empty and used.

That's why he was dating Paris now. She was a nice woman, genuine in her feelings.

Unlike Roxanne...

Hopefully, he could finally move on and put this whole ugly chapter of his life behind him. For his sanity's sake.

He needed to move on...

But, if he was supposedly moving on, why was he having very inappropriate dreams about his ex? Dreams that, had he not woken up from, surely would've turned X-rated?

Was it because, in the back of his mind, he wanted to have her like that again? To kiss her senseless? Whisper sweet nothings in her ear as he undressed her? Pull her under the sheets and never let her go again?

No! Absolutely not!

He would not go there again. He would not fall into the trap.

Besides, she didn't want him anymore anyway. She had Paul now.

Fury filled him at that thought. His Roxanne with that man?!

No, what was he doing?!

Walking right into the trap again, that was what.

Just like she would want him to.

It's over, he told himself. I will not go there again.

He was moving on. He was getting over her. This was the last time he'd ever let that woman taint his mind.

Yes, from here on out, Chandler Hampton would have no contact or anything to do with Roxanne Richardson.

She was dead to him. Gone.