Survivors Camp: Day 14

Dale sat and looked at the camper. Inside slept the two most important things in his life, his teenage daughters.

Thinking about Andrea and Amy took him back to the day his wife died. She had given the cancer a damn good fight but they all knew it had won out.

She opted to spend her final days at home, surrounded by her loved ones, her furry family and her prized flowers.

As she lay there the last day, she never cried. She spent the day like every other day. She sat up in bed and had breakfast with the girls and him. Then they would all watch a movie or she would tell stories about when she was young. All the while holding Amy and Andrea tightly.

She knew it was over, Dale could see it in her eyes. He wanted to just enjoy the last day with her. As the sun set that night, Dale sat huddled together with his wife and girls and tried to keep from crying as he watched his wife close her eyes for the last time.

Amy held tightly to her mothers hand as she cried and Andrea held both and cried. He couldn't find the tears. He just held his girls and let them cry.

Dale couldn't believe that was almost eight years ago when Amy was just six. He was glad though his wife hadn't survived to witness this horror. He missed her but damn in his heart he knew she wouldn't be able to take the shit they had to do to survive, it would break her loving heart.

Dale took a breath and watched as Brett sat down on the log next to him. "You ok Dale" Brett asked handing him a water. "I'll be good, just thinking about my late wife" Dale said taking the water and thanking Brett. "Ya I've been thinking of my ex-wife. I just hope her and my son got out safely" Brett answered taking a drink from his bottle. "Damn, wish this was alcohol" Brett said making both men laugh.

"So what did you do in the old world?" Dale asked seeking conversation. "I was a detective for the NYPD. I rose to fame by catching The Punisher" Brett said looking towards Frank's tent.

"I've heard of him. Is it really that safe to have him here in camp?" Dale asked once again glancing at the RV.

"Frank's rough around the edges but none of us would be here if it wasn't for him. What he did, he didn't do for blood lust, well not completely. He did it for his family, I can't imagine watching my whole family slaughtered like he had to see. He will risk everything to make sure this group stays alive, you can bet on that" Brett said silently. Dale nodded but didn't say anything. He had never heard the full story behind the man known as The Punisher and his heart broke for him.

But he had one question yet to be answered. "Our of curiosity Brett, do you know why your Frank looks like our Shane?" Dale asked inquisitively.

Brett just shrugged his shoulders. "I've got no idea" Brett said looking as confused as Dale making the two men break out laughing again.

"Hey Dale, you ever thought about moving on?" Brett asked without looking anywhere in particular. Dale stayed quit for a few minutes and then said "I have if I find the right person".

Neither man said anything for a few minutes. The next sound was Brett mumbling to himself about taking a chance even if it's different and the rustling of his clothes.

Suddenly Brett was in front of Dale, his hand sliding around to the back side of his head and then Dale's lips were against Brett's.

Brett figured he would get pushed back but never did. The kiss deepened and it wasn't until they heard movement they broke apart. Neither one of them noticed they really did need to breathe.

Dale looked over and saw Carol talking to Daryl, realizing neither of them had noticed them, he gave Brett a look that shouted "let's spy" and getting a return nod, both men stayed still and listened in like a couple of school boys.

"Daryl, I was wondering something" Carol said rubbing the back of her head nervously. "What is it?" Daryl said oblivious to what was going on. Dale couldn't believe just how oblivious Daryl could be when it came to the matters of human emotion.

Carol took a deep breath and said "I like you a lot and I was wondering if you liked me back". Something in Daryl's head finally clicked on and he stared at Carol.

Carol almost jumped when she heard a low growl from Daryl's chest. Suddenly he had her pressed against his body and with one had keeping her close to him, his other tilted her head up and he kissed her deeply.

The growl grew louder and could be heard over Carol's moaning. Suddenly Carol was off the ground and being carried towards Daryl's tent. Both Dale and Brett smirked as the zipper closed tightly behind them.

Brett and Dale were about to get back to what they were doing when Andrea, pulling Amy behind her like always, came running over.

"Daddy, we were looking at a map and noticed a farm about an hour or so from here. I bet it be safer than this place" Andrea said excitedly as Amy nodded in agreement.

"Dale and Brett looked at each other. "Your right about that Andrea" Brett said taking the map. "From the grid lines it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere so that probably means there might not be any walkers out that far" Brett said getting excited.

"I'll ring the bell and gather everyone so we can talk about it" Andrea said excitedly and before dale or Brett could say a word the girls were over ringing the bell over and over.

Panic is the only word to describe the scene in front of them. Rick and Shane came out of their tents, both armed with rifles, Daryl came out with his crossbow and his pants half undone. Carol didn't follow right away but emerged in jeans and Daryl's shirt. Frank and Dinah came out, both armed as well. Carl, Sophia and Lori came out of their tent looking scared but curious.

As soon as the whole camp was finally outside and calmed down, Dale told them what Andrea had found. And for the first time in forever, Dale was happy the group all agreed. They knew it was only a matter of time before the walkers were on top of them and getting somewhere safe sounded like a good idea.

As everyone packed their belongings into cars, Frank and Shane smoothly taking full control of the situation, Dale and Brett pulled Frank and Shane aside. "Ok you Castle and Shane, why do you look and act like twins?" Brett asked annoyed at the fact he was dealing with what seemed like a double of Castle.

"Because we are" Frank said pulling away and going back to work. Shane shrugged his shoulders and followed suit leaving Brett and Dale with more questions then answers.

Once the cars were packed and loaded with people they took off. Frank lead the charge with Shane taking up the rear.

An hour later, Frank saw a turnoff and a mailbox that said Greene on it. Frank turned and followed the road until they came to a gate.

As the parade stopped behind him, Frank got out of his car and looked around. Shane came up next to him and they both looked for a way through.

Suddenly out of no where a woman with short brown hair rode up to the gate on a horse matching her hair color.

"My name is Maggie Greene. This is my families farm, what do you all want?" Maggie said her hand touching her belt in a motion to show she had a gun.

Both Shane and Frank realizes quickly she didn't but decided not to patronize the girl. "We need shelter. Things are getting bad out here" Frank said calmly.

Maggie looked at the group. It was big and she doubted her dad would let them stay. Then she thought of the empty barn just sitting there and smiled.

"Come in for now. I'll talk to my dad and see if you can stay" Maggie stated as she opened the gate. Frank and Shane thanked her and the parade moved forward once again.

Herschel was watching the whole thing from his front porch and knew Maggie would be in front of him any minute asking him if they could stay. And just as expected as soon as the strangers were within the gates, Maggie rode right towards him.

The older man sighed and awaited his daughter's arrival.

"Daddy, can we let them use the barn. It's empty and we might as well use it to help people. If you say no, I'm going to mom" Maggie said placing her hands upon her hips, not getting off the horse so she stayed taller than her father.

Hershel smiled at how much Maggie had grown to be like her late mother. Strong, independent and knew how to get what they wanted. He figured arguing would go nowhere since his wife would just take Maggie's side. She always did.

"Fine, but they have to do the work of cleaning it up and everything. They also can use the house for cooking and are welcome to have meals with us as long as they pull their weight" Hershel said patting his daughter on the back and going inside.

Maggie took off back to the group with a smile to tell them the good news.

As soon as the group heard they were ecstatic. They pulled the cars around. Shane and Frank immediately started to work on a plan of action.

Rick was tired of just sitting around so he went into the barn to access the situation. He was surprised to see they mostly just had to patch up some rotted wood.

Something under a pile of some forgotten hay caught his eye. Going over he noticed it was a book. Moving aside the hay he reached down and picked it up. Reading the label his eyes widen.

"Rick Grimes" was printed on the front. Taking a breath Rick opened it and in what looked just like his handwriting was an account of this person's life.

It was his life but different. It wasn't what he was living. Rick tried to breathe but was having a difficult time doing so.

He closed the book putting it back down where he found it. Suddenly the book flipped open to a page that said "walker food" and then flipped again to the last page, though it didn't look the all the other pages had words, and the words printed on this page sent a shiver down Ricks spine and made his chest hurt more.

The last words in the book were