This story is my own spin when John and marlena get married in 1999.

stefano have a few plans in store for both of them.

Chapter one:

the wedding day July 6, 1999.

John is at the penthouse Grill to make sure that everything is perfect and checking on security to make sure everything is quiet and secure.

Abe goes up to john and says, hey buddy, just relax, anything is going be perfect.

John looks at his best friend and says, abe,

I have to make sure everything is perfect, because I want this to be a day that Marlena will never forget.

Abe sighs and says, john, marlena never going to forget this day because she's marrying you.

abe grabs John's arm and forces him over to a couple of chairs off to the side.

Come on, sit down and try to relax for a few minutes, abe said to his friend.

John sinks into a chair next to Abe, but he looks anything but relaxed.

abe, do you realize that Doc and I will be getting married in less than two hours?.

john said as abe smiles and replies ,do

you?, because you've been so busy worrying about how everything looks and double and triple checking security, you haven't even started getting yourself ready.

I told you, abe, I want everything to be perfect and I also want to make sure nothing goes wrong and that includes taking measures to insure we don't have anyone unwanted guests show up at the wedding."

john, Stefano isn't going to get past my men, so why don't you leave that part of it up to me?.

and as for the rest of it, you've hired a competent staff to do that, so how about you start concentrating on your part?.

abe asked as John smiles, at his friend and says, yea, I guess you're right and thanks again, partner.

Abe grins and says, your welcome ,buddy and that's what a best friend is for, if it isn't to try to calm those pre-wedding jitters?.

Abe and John are instantly on their feet as

Eric walks over to John and says, hi.

john, i love what you did with the Penthouse Grill, mom going to love it.

oh, hi, Eric, John say as he does and hugs him.

Abe looks at his watch, then at John and says, john, I'll give you,fifteen minutes alone and then I expect you upstairs to get ready.

as Abe walks away, Eric asks, John.

So, john, why all the security?,is it because you afraid mom will try to get away before the priest can pronounce you, man and wife?.

john looks at Eric and replies back, no,

that not the reason, it's because I'm worried about that stefano that he might stop this wedding from happening.

like last time when he and kristen both stopped the last one?, Eric asked.

john nods and says, Eric, you do know that I love your mother very much and I would do anything for her?.

Eric nods and replies, john, you've already proven that and if I haven't thanked you before for saving my mother life and her soul, then let me thank you now.

If it hadn't been for you and your love for her, mom wouldn't be here and I'll always be grateful to you for that.

John smiles at Eric and asks him, does that mean that you will be my best man?.

Eric smile and replies of course i will be your best man and john, don't you think we should go upstairs and get ready before Abe comes looking for you again?

Good idea, John say as he and Eric walks to the elevator and go upstairs to get ready.

John is now in his black tux and gets the final stamp of approval from Abe and Eric and he slips away unable to resist make a final inspection for down stair.

He arrives there before any of the guests begin assembling.

john goes out side to the balcony of the Penthouse Grill.

he looks up in the sky and says ,God, they say time heals all wounds and for Marlena and I, that is especially true.

time and love have healed the wounds,

we have given to each other and to those we love.

Through each moment of trial and separation, our love has been as constant as the sun rising each morning and setting each night.

Despite that, I didn't think this day would ever come, when the two of us would have a second chance to stand before you, our family and our friends to celebrate and seal our love.

But it has, and it is the happiest day of my life because from this day forward, I will live my life with my best friend, my soul mate and my love.

marlena has always been the one person who has given me complete faith and trust and for that, I get down on my knees every day and thank you, God and I thank you too, for the loving and wonderous gift, you have given me.

that gift is Marlena, I will love her, cherish her and protect her each and every day for all the days of our lives."

John is startled when a hand falls on his shoulder as he quickly brushes his tears away and rises and turns to find Sami standing there.

sami's cheeks are wet with tears and John opens his arms to her and sami steps into them.

i'm so sorry, John, for everything that I did to you in the past and now i realized just how much you loved my Mom and how much she loved you.

Sami told john as he takes a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes sami's tears away and says, sami, you don't have to apologize and we've all made mistakes.

john, i know but its hurt me more than you will ever know that I caused you and mom so much pain.

Sami told john as she looks up at him as tears are falling down her cheek.

Sami it means a lot to me that you're here and the wedding wouldn't have been the same without you.

john told sami as she gives him a smile and kisses his cheek.

I do love you, John and I wouldn't have missed the wedding for anything in the world.

Sami replies back as john gently pushes a stray strand of hair back that had fallen across Sami's cheek.

and I love you too, Sami, I always have, john told her as she gives him a final hug.

I'd better get back to Mom and there is something I need to tell her too, sami told john.

okay, sami can you tell your mother, that i love her and i will see her soon?, john asked.

sami smiles at john and says back, of course i will tell her that for you.

thanks you, john said to Sami as she leave the balcony.

In Marlena's dressing room, marlena is getting ready and that when Sami walks in the room and says mom.

hi, honey, marlena said to her daughter and goes and hugs her.

Mom, there is something that I wanted to tell you and I wasn't sure how until a few moments ago when I saw john on the balcony.

and I'm glad you're marrying him, because I've finally realized how much you love each other and I love you both and I never meant to hurt either of you.

mom, I want to see you happy more than anything in the world and I know, now, that John makes you happy.

sami told her mother as tears gather in Marlena's eyes as she cradles Sami's face in her hands and says.

Oh, Sami, I love you so much and I never wanted to hurt you either and you're a part of me and the one thing I have always wanted for you too, is your happiness.

Sami, i know someday you will find it and Having you here makes my marriage to John complete.

The tears slip down Sami's cheeks as mother and daughter hug each other.

that when marlena saw a letter from John as she is hugging sami.

she pulled out from the hug and goes to the table and opens it.

marlena started to read it and there was tears in her eyes.

mom, what to it says?, sami asked her mother.

marlena looked at her daughter and says, its read, to Marlena, the light of my life and I love you with every beat of my heart and bit of my soul, I will be yours forever, John.

PS, everything is ready for the wedding,

all you have to do is get dressed, and open your gift, i will give you a little hint it's with

your favorite flowers .

well, i saw the Lavender, sami said as marlena walks over to the flowers and then she lead over the lavender that when saw a black velvet box and then she grabs it.

oh, Sami, these boxes always make my heart stop, marlena said as she stares at the box.

well, are you going to open it?, Sami asked her mother.

yes, i will open it, i just don't what to rush it, marlena told her daughter as she slowly opens the black velvet box and inside were the most elegant bracelet, that she had ever seen and she gasped.

oh, mom its so beautiful, sami said as marlena looks at the diamond bracelet.

marlena just smiles at the beautiful diamond bracelet as tears are in her eyes and then asks sami.

oh, sami, can you help me put it on?, marlena asked her daughter.

of course i will, Sami said says to her mother as she puts the new bracelet on marlena's arm.

marlena has something new and she has her something old, her charm bracelet,

that john give to her for a Christmas present years ago and Her dress is blue, and Sami gives her a medal of the holy family, which she got from Caroline, it can be her something borrowed.

oh, mom before i forget, john what me to let you know that, he love you and he will, see you soon, sami told her mother

Marlena smiles and thanks her daughter and Sami tells her mom that she and John deserve such a wonderful life together.

family and friends are already arriving at the Penthouse Grill.

bo, hope, Caroline, Shawn, Austin, carrie, lexie, celeste, Laura, Maggie, Mickey, Kate, victor, Alice, roman, Lucas, will, jack, Jennifer, kayla, steve, Mike, Billie, Craig, Nancy, julie, victor, vivian and Doug and more people

meanwhile back in marlena's dressing room

before she walks down the aisle.

Roman tells Marlena that she is a beautiful bride, and that he knows she will be very happy with john.

Marlena hugs Roman and thanks him for their wonderful children, and that he'll always hold a special place in her heart.

Eric is next and he tells his mother that he so happy for her and john.

marlena hugs and thinks her son.

then its was carrie turn, marlena, I'm so happy that your and john are finally getting married and i love you both so much.

oh, carrie, thanks you and we love you too, marlena said back to carrie as she hugs her.

Sami asks her mom if she is ready to get married?.

marlena smiled at her daughter and said yes, I'm ready to getting married to my love of my life.

John and Marlena's wedding is taking place. Alice asks God to bless ,John and Marlena today.

to grant them the wedding they've always dreamed of, and the long and happy marriage they deserve.

John waits at the altar as the procession starts and eric takes his place by John's side.

Belle and Brady walk down the isle and Sami follows them, and finally Marlena walks down the aisle .

The sight of her literally took John's breath away, their gazes met and held and the special smile that she had always reserved just for him lit her face.

John felt truly blessed and his eyes welled with tears as he returned her smile.

As marlena walked down the aisle, she could feel John's love wrap itself around her.

marlena was deeply touched when she saw his tears.

She was not doing a very good job of fighting her own tears.

They had waited for this moment for so long and now it was here.

John steps in front of the aisle and holds out his hand and Marlena slides her hand into his and then john turns it over and lifts it to his lips, placing a kiss and his heart in her palm.

In unison and they turn to face father Christopher.

the priest clears his throat and then begins, We are gathered here today to celebrate the love shared by, John Black and Marlena Evans.

to receive God's blessing and to unite them in Holy Matrimony and I'd like to begin with a prayer."

The assembled guests rise and bow their heads and Christopher continues.

Dear Lord, John and Marlena stand before you today to commit themselves to you, to each other and to their family and friends.

They have endured many trials and separations yet their love has endured and strengthened to bring them to this moment where they stand before you to tie that bond forever as they exchange their vows.

I would ask that you protect and keep them and their loved ones in your care for all the days of their lives and In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!.

The priest continues to speak, and says that when we think of a marriage in Salem we must think of the marriage of Tom and Alice Horton.

John and Marlena both would like to thank Alice and the late Tom Horton for providing them with guidance and inspiration.

The priest asks John if he takes Marlena to be his wife and John says I do.

and then the priest asks Marlena if she takes John to be her husband, and she says I do.

The service is then turned over to John and Marlena, who want to include the children in the ceremony.

John and Marlena make a symbolically built a bouquet of their families, where a flower represented each child.

belle is a daisy, because she is joyful and has a love of fun.

bardy is a sunflower, because he is bold and adventurous.

sami is a rose, because in the words of marlena, when the climate is cold, the bud closes up, but when its light and warm, the bud opens and it's a revelation.

Eric is a snapdragon, who is daring, headstrong and smart.

this flower is for carrie, because me and john love her like a daughter, we rise her like a own, marlena said.

carrie is an orchid, beautiful, fragile and needs loving attention.

then john and marlena light the center candle of the bouquet to join their family together.

Next a passege from First Corinthians, that everyone joins in saying out loud.

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love is not confide in evil, but rejoices with truth. It always protects, it always trusts, it always hopes, it always perseveres, love never fails.

next is the wedding vows.

marlena: Oh, my here we are again, and yet everything is so different this time.

john, what I chose to say to you is from the Song of Solomon because It signifies to me the end of bad times, the beginning of the good times.

Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away, for love the winter has past, the rains are over and gone, the flowers are appearing on earth, and the time for signing birds has come.

My beloved is mine, and I am his until dawn breaks and the shadows fade, turn my beloved and be though ever mine.

john, I really do feel as though our winter has past, our bad times are over, and the good times are beginning and I know that nobody can ever promise what the future will bring, but I will make you one solemnly vow.

john, our love is thriving, but it's been tested, beaten, and altered, and through it all, it has come out stronger and so have we.

and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am not truly alive without you in my life.

marlena wiped an errand tear from John's face as he removed her tears with the pads of his thumb and she continues

john, you are the circle of my life, the one person who has always been there and You've brought me back from the brink of despair, saved my life, restored my soul, and loved me with your whole being.

I don't deserve you, but I thank God every day that he has blessed me with you.

john, I will love you no matter what, whether rain or drought or sun or storm, whatever comes, I will laugh with you, weep with you, celebrate with you, and morn with you. Whatever comes, I am yours, my love, until death part us.

john: no wonder we are getting married because I chose a poem also.

It is about a hundred years old and what it does is capture the essence of how I felt the first time I saw you.

and I was never struck but an hour with love so sudden and so sweet and your face it blossomed like a flower and stole my heart away complete.

Are flowers winters choice, is loves bed always snow, she always seemed to hear my silent voice let loves appeal to know.

I never saw so sweet a face as though before me stood and My heart has left its dwelling place, can return no more.

marlena, I fell in love with you the first moment I laid eyes on you, there was something in your smile you that made me come back for a second look.

and when I looked into your eyes, I realized that I needed you in my life, forever, you and the children are the most incredible gifts I have ever been given and I want to be able to cherish you for the rest of my life.

I want to wake up beside you every morning and go to sleep with you in my arms each night and I want to comfort you when you're scared and share all of the joys life has to offer us.

marlena swiped at her falling tears with the back of her free hand then caught one of John's with her thumb.

She looked into the swirling depths of his Zaire eyes and john continues.

well, I think its safe that a lot water has gone under the bridge because we experienced sadness, a lot of pain, but somehow through it all our love was strong enough to endure, and everything we've been through.

My love for you, marlena, has never changed, and I know it never will and so that brings us up to today, and I can stand here in front of our family, and friends, to tell you that i promise you that I will love you, until I die.

marlena, I am going to be a good husband to you and I am going to honor you, I am going to protect you and our children, I'm going to care for you, and I'm going to make your cares my cares.

and I'm going to make your sorrows my sorrows, and by damn, I'm going to make your triumphs my triumphs and I'm going to grow old with you, and love and joy in all the great stuff life has to offer, until death parts us.

next is the exchange of rings..

john: marlena, this gold ring is a symbol of my love and fidelity to you and its made from a precious medal, in the shape of a circle, which has no beginning and no end.

And so is my love for you, marlena, it is precious and never ending.

As this ring encircles your finger, never forget that your love encircles my heart.

marlena: john, this gold ring is a symbol of my love and fidelity to you and its made of precious medal, formed in the shape of a circle, which has no beginning and no end.

As my love for you, john, it's precious and unending, as this ring encircles your finger, always remember, your love encircles my heart.

Christopher takes over and says, now that John and Marlena have signified their love with the exchange of vows and the exchange of rings, with much joy.

I can now pronounce them husband and wife, John, you may now kiss your bride.

Finally!, John says triumphantly before pulling Marlena into his arms and kissing her with several days worth of pent up passion.

Marlena melts into john's embrace and returns his kiss with equal fervour.

bo yells out, hey you two, better save the rest of that for later!.

A chuckle ripples through the guests as a breathless John and Marlena part.

John takes Marlena's hand in his as Christopher announces, "It is my very great pleasure to present to you, Mr, and Mrs, John Black."

At the same moment, Bo looks up and sees the shadow of a man standing on one of the balconies as Marlena and John receive congratulations and best wishes from family and friends.

Bo pulls Abe and roman aside and tells them.

don't look up there, but Stefano is up on one of the balconies.

Abe nods and says, I'll alert security.

Bo nods in return and says, Roman and i will work our way up to the balcony.

hope grabs her husband arm and says please be careful, bo.

bo nods as he slips away from abe and hope

Up on one of the balconies, Stefano laughs softly as he sees Abe slip out the back and that bo and roman are on they way up to the balcony.

It didn't matter, if they catch him because they don't be able to stop his plans.

meanwhile, carrie goes to john and marlena and says, I'm so happy for both of you and thank you for including me in your family.

oh, carrie, me and John, love you like a daughter and your welcome sweetheart,

marlena told carrie and hugs her.

john looks around and he notices that bo, roman and abe are missing.

Abe, Bo and roman along with several officers meet up by the elevators.

abe is looking frustrated and says any luck, bo?.

bo shakes his head and says none, I don't know how he managed it but stefano is gone."

roman nods and says from the Penthouse Grill but that doesn't mean he isn't still lurking in the area.

I don't like this, abe, he has something planned, I can feel it, bo told his friend and brother.

I agree, which means we have to come up with a plan to keep him from being successful, abe says both to roman and bo.

John and Marlena have waited too long to be happy.

roman said as abe turns to his officers and says, do another search of the grounds and Have Jenkins and Miller report to me here." the officers nod and move off.

Abe isn't sure he likes the thoughtful look on Bo's face.

what are you thinking, Bo?, abe asked.

I have an idea, bo said as he looks around to make sure no one is within listening distance.

This is what I have in mind, bo said to both roman and abe.

Stefano, doing some plotting of his own, he looks towards the direction of the Penthouse Grill.

From his hiding place, Stefano, say to himself, you have not won yet, john and marlena, I still have a few plans in store for you.

meanwhile john and marlena are out on the balcony of the Penthouse Grill.

marlena has a very bad feeling, that something is going to happen.

John slides his arm around marlena's waist and asked, what is it, sweetheart?

She looks up at him, unable to hide a slight edge of fear in her eyes and says,

john, I just had this terrible feeling that I was going to lose you.

You're worried about what Stefano might do, aren't you?, john asked.

marlena nods and says to john, I don't think he's through with us, John.

John turns marlena towards him and wraps his arms around her and says to her.

Doc, I'm not going to let him ruin this day for us and I promise you this, you aren't going to lose me and I did say forever and I meant it.

Marlena smiles seductively as she slides her arms around John's neck and melts against him but before she can go any further.

Eric's voice interrupts them, here you two are, me and sami has been looking anything where for you.

the two of you are going to have to stop sneaking off in corners and everyone is waiting for you to cut the cake.

sami said as Marlena leans her head again John's chest rumbles with laughter.

Oh, yea, the cake, what do you say, Doc?, john asked his wife.

yes ,let's go and cut the cake, marlena, said as her, john, Eric and sami all go back inside the Penthouse Grill and to cut the wedding cake.

They are joined by Maggie, Mickey, Alice, and Carrie with the Black children.

Are you two ever going to cut the cake? Maggie teases.

John is behind Marlena and he slides his arms around her waist and says,

Yes, Maggie, we're going to cut the cake and are you ready, Doc?.

marlena smiles up at him and nods as sami and Eric gets everyone's attention.

John and Marlena move over to the table with the wedding cake is sitting upon it.

John dips his finger in the frosting and tastes it as a devilish twinkle lights his eyes and he winks at Marlena and says It's whipped cream, Doc."

Abe moves over to the married couple and says, before John and Marlena cut the cake, I'd like to propose a toast, so if you'd all help yourself to a glass of champagne

the waiters are passing around… after everyone has a champagne glass in hand.

Abe continues as he raises his glass, John, Marlena, I've never seen the two of you happier than you are at this moment and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that it has been a joy sharing that

happiness with you and we all wish you many years of the same with each other, from your family and friends, Here, here, to John and marlena, friends shout in unison.

John and Marlena's arms entwine and they drink from each other's glasses and then John kisses her.

and then They set their glasses aside and cut the cake together.

They're eyes meet as Marlena raises a small piece of cake to feed to John.

John is suddenly afraid, Doc, I don't like that look in your eyes, john told his wife.

Marlena smiles and raises the cake to John's lips but before he can take a bite,

marlena puts the frosting over the lower half of John's face and then pops the piece of cake in his mouth saying innocently.

Oh, you didn't get to taste any of the whipped cream, a ripple of amusement passes through the guests.

Marlena leans close to John and asks in a low seductive voice, honey, would you like me to clean that off for you?.

John throws his arms open, a look of anticipation on his face.

Marlena picks up a napkin and proceeds to wipe the whipped cream from John's face, as she biting her lip to keep from laughing at his obvious disappointment.

You don't play fair, Marlena, john told his wife, as he smiles at her.

It's John's turn and the guests watch in anticipation to see what he's going to do.

He picks up a very large slice of cake and holds it up to testing it for balance.

Marlena doesn't flinch, but the smile that lights her eyes and face melts his heart.

In one swift motion, John pitches the cake over his shoulder not caring where it lands, grabs Marlena and pulls her up against him.

john mouth moves over marlena's and devours its sweet softness at the same time .

Marlena staggers a bit from the intensity of their kiss and before she can recover.

John raises his hand and smears the lower half of her face with frosting as marlena laughs softly and says I'm going to get you for that.

I'm counting on it, Doc, john said as he reaches up and slides his finger along marlena's lower lip, and wiping away some of the frosting.

john raises his finger to his mouth and tastes it.

Hmm, I think I preferred the kiss, john said as he picks up a napkin and gently cleans the frosting from marlena's face.

everyone, i like to make a toast, to the married couple Eric said.

There are no two people that I know who have overcome so many obstacles to be together as you.

no two people who are so connected, so committed, and so very much in love, so in honor of my mother, of who I am very proud of today and always, and to her new husband, who is a wonderful guy and I know who makes her very happy.

Let us drink a toast to Mr. and Mrs. John Black, and may you be as joyful, as blessed, and as loved as you are at this moment always.

music started playing, the bride and groom made their way to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

john took marlena's hand and wrapped it in his against his heart, while his other hand pulled her to him at the small of her back.

marlena's free hand entangled itself in the hair at the nape of john's neck.

the song is call memories of us by Keith urban.

I'm gonna be here for you baby

I'll be a man of my word

Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard

I wanna sleep with you forever

and I wanna die in your arms

In a cabin by a meadow where the wild bees swarm

And I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you

And I'll earn your trust making memories of us

I wanna honor your mother

And I wanna learn from your pa

I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw

I wanna stand out in a crowd for you

A man among men

I wanna make your world better than it's ever been

And I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you

And I'll earn your trust making memories of us

We'll follow the rainbow

Wherever the four winds blow

And there'll be a new day

comin' your way

I'm gonna be here for you from now on

This you know somehow

You've been stretched to the limits but it's alright now

And I'm gonna make you a promise

If there's life after this

I'm gonna be there to meet you with a warm, wet kiss

And I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you

And I'll earn your trust making memories of us

I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you

And I'll win your trust making memories of us.

after their dance, its now time for the garter and bouquet.

John turns to the guests and says ,Okay, all you single men, line up.

Eric produces a chair and Marlena sits down and raises the hemline of her gown to her knee and John gets down on one knee before her and slowly slides his hand up her leg.

mischievous grin on John's face as his hand disappears beneath marlena's wedding dress.

It takes all of Marlena's will power not to squirm when John's hand moves above the garter high up on her thigh.

marlena is rewarded when she notices the beads of moisture appearing on John's brow.

She smiles sweetly as john slips his finger in the garter and slides it down her leg.

Marlena doesn't say a word as John has a little difficulty getting to his feet.

marlena smile widens as she silently holds out her hand to john to assist him.

Her skin prickles pleasurably as John's firm hand closes over hers. "

Hurry!, marlena finally whispers, to her husband.

John didn't need to be told twice, and he flings the garter high over his shoulder, then turns in time to see austin catch it.

Marlena rises to her feet and stands next to John.

john snatches the bouquet from the table and places it in Marlena's hands.

"Ready?, john asked his new wife and she nods.

John says to the guests, okay, ladies, it's your turn."

After the single women are assembled, Marlena turns her back to them and tosses the bouquet over her shoulder and then

She turn and she sees the bouquet in Carrie's hands.

lexie and abe walks up to the newlyweds, we are both so happy for you, lexie said to her friends.

thanks you, John, said as he smiles at his new wife.

john, before you and marlena leave for your honeymoon there is something i need to talk to you about, abe said to his best friend.

okay, doc, i will, be over there just need to talk to abe for a minute, john said and he then kisses marlena on the cheek.

marlena smiles at him and says, i love you,

john smiles back at her and says back, i love you too, and then he goes and talks to abe.

lexie looks at her friend ask, so, marlena do you know where you're going for your honeymoon?.

I don't know where we're going, marlena told lexie as she smiles at her friend.

John didn't tell you?, lexie asked ,no, Did he tell you?, Marlena's voice is hopeful.

Lexie shakes her head smiles, I'm afraid not, so how did you know what to pack?.

lexie asked as marlena glances back at John and saw that he's deep in conversation with Abe.

I didn't, johh told me that he pack for me and also he said he will buy whatever I needed when we got there, marlena told her friend.

Lexie laughs and says john always been very good at surprising you.

a short time later, John and marlena both says their goodbyes to their family and friends and then they leave to go on their honeymoon.

family and friends are going to help babysit belle and Brady when john and marlena are on their honeymoon.

meanwhile outside of the Penthouse Grill.

marlena leans close to joh and whispers in his ear, take advantage of me?.

john laughs, says later and then he turns to Abe and asks is our escort to the airport here?.

Abe nods and replies back, they're waiting for you around the block and so get out of here and enjoy yourselves.

thanks you again partner, john said to abe.

no problem, buddy and now go on your honeymoon with your new wife.

abe told his best friend and smiles as john and marlena walk to go to their escort.

the get-a-way escort is on it's way to the airport.

john, you think Stefano will be waiting for us at the airport, don't you?, marlena asked her new husband .

I'm sure of it, doc, but don't worried because, roman, bo and a small force of officers will be there to protect us and to stall Stefano long enough for us to get away.

john told his new wife as he leans over and opens a compartment and pulls out a large box and then he places the box on marlena's lap.

marlena looked confused and asked john, what is this?.

doc, you didn't think I'd forget to provide you with clothes, now did you?.

John asked as marlena smiles at him and says, I know how anxious you've been to get me out of my clothes.

John unwrapped the box and grins, better put that on before I change my mind.

john told marlena and he goes and kisses on the lips.

John and Marlena safely aboard their plane goes off without a hitch and they're in the air before Stefano realizes he's been duped.

marlena was looking out from the jet window and looking in the dark moonlight.

Hey, pretty lady, john said to marlena as he hands her the glass of champagne.

Marlena takes the glass as she looks up at her new husband.

To my beautiful wife it may have taken us two long years to get married but we finally made it and marlena, you are finally my wife and I can't wait for us to start the rest of our lives together.

john told marlena as tears in her eyes and then they kissed.

after their hot kiss, john asked is wife, doc, honey, what was you thinking about?, a while ago.

john puts one of his hands on marlena's shoulders.

marlena had indeed been thinking, but not just tonight.

She had been pondering a thought for some time, only she now felt the urge to share it with her new husband.

marlena turned to look at john, that she had something significant on her mind and she'd been carrying this thought along.

Johh, may I tell you what I want for our wedding night?, marlena asked.

Sure, I'd love to hear it, john said as Marlena took his hand in hers.

John brushed a stray blonde hair from marlena's face with his other hand.

marlena felt so loved when john touched her so tenderly.

I want to ask you for something special for our wedding night, marlena said to John as he undeniably intrigued and not sure what to anticipate.

marlena laughed and says, john, honey, you almost look scared.

Her laughter seemed to lighten the mood much to John's liking.

john, honey, I know we have never really talked about this, but I seemed to have ended any discussion before it started, marlena said to her husband.

marlena now has john attention, not that she didn't have it before.

he gazed into her hazel eyes while marlena spoke from her heart.

john, i want to have a baby and I would love for you to give us a baby on our wedding night?.

marlena said as John's jaw fell to the floor with the weight of a brick at hearing her speak of having another child.

It had been a dream of his for as long as he could remember, since he was not a part of her pregnancy with Belle.

john so wanted to be, but at the time belle was not known to be his.

John loved Marlena with every part of his being and wanted more than anything to share such a gift as this with her.

His ears were not deceiving him although he almost didn't believe what he heard. Words could not express his happiness.

his excitement, his absolute exhilaration at hearing his wife's wish.

John?, are you going to say something, or stare at me all night?.

marlena asked as she wait for him to say something.

I just can't believe what you just said, doc, honey, you know it's been a dream of mine to have another baby with you and now that we're finally married, well, it only seems right and It's the next step in our love story.

John said as he smiles at his wife.

john, I am very serious about this, I've been thinking about it for a while, actually, I didn't suggested before, because...

marlena did not want to say more ,but John knew what she was eluding to.

john finally found out the truth about Kirsten's lies and that she miscarriage their child in Paris and she took Susan's baby instead and yet him to believe that Susan's son was his and kristen's.

that when john's world was flipped upside down.

doc, sweetheart, when you told me the truth about Kirsten's lies and you told me, you was still in love with me that when i knew that you the only woman that i truly loved.

john told marlena as he smiled as he gently stroked her face with the back of his hand.

John was lost in her eyes especially at times like these.

marlena, I love you, that was all john could muster enough strength to even whisper as His heart was so full and his eyes were about to spill over with tears of joy.

Is that a yes?, Will you give me the gift of life for our wedding night?.

marlena asked as john had to concentrate on holding back his tears, but his strength came when a tear fell from Marlena's eye as well.

john was excited beyond belief and he says

Of course, I will give you another baby!, or at least I will try and Let's see, we could spend all night trying and if we get another baby, we'd have another thing to share and make our love stronger.

and if it does not actually happen tonight, or on our honeymoon and i've gotten my gift and my gift is us agreeing to try.

marlena could no longer hold back her tears as she spoke though them.

john, It's the one thing that we have never experienced together and I want to change that, aslo I want to give you, your dream. That is my gift to you.

marlena said to john as he spoke through his own flowing tears now.

doc, It's our gift to each other and i love you, Marlena Black, you're My best friend, lover, and mother of my children.

my beautiful Doc, I want us to create another life together and after john said that he gently kissed marlena's lips and then he whispered, to her, thank you.

marlena looked at her husband as more tears cane out from her eyes as she start to spoke.

I love you so much, John Black, you're,my friend, lover, and the best father to all my children and aslo you're my hero and I love you forever and always with every fiber of my being and thank you."

John and Marlena spent the next several minutes passionately kissing.

Not wanting to break their kiss, but about to burst from happiness.

John had to look at his wife again and he needed to peer deep into her hazel eyes and feel their soul deep connection.

Doc, john whispered, I have a confession to make.

marlena's eyebrow raised in playful suspicion.

doc, honey, I really want you right now, john told is new wife as he takes her hand in his and then he continues.

is this the plane we made love on?, the plane our daughter was conceived on?, the plane I wanted to make love to you again on our wedding night?.

marlena looked up at her husband and says but John, those memories are painful ones.

john rubs the back of marlena's hand with his thumb and says.

Yes and no, Doc, this is the place we finally let down our guard and showed each other how we really felt and how we'd always feel about each other.

and we've survived the pain and suffering we've gone through since then, and It's behind us now and now we're finally married and its the way it should have been."

Tears gather in Marlena's eyes as she spoke Oh, John, we've lost so much time, so much.., John stops her with a kiss and then says.

No, Doc, no regrets, no looking back, because ,we have a lifetime ahead of us,

so, doc, what do you say we start enjoying it?"

john asked as a smile lifts the corners of marlena's lips.

john, let's make a baby and also its our wedding night, marlena told her new husband.

john just smiled at his new wife and says,

then let's hope I can perform up to par tonight, john teased back.

Oh, baby….i don't have a doubt in my mind that you can surpass the performance of par.

marlena said as she leaned forward to capture john's lips with her own.

But if it doesn't happen tonight…that just means we will have to keep trying,

marlena said as she paused to run her tongue across john's lips,

and then she brushed her lips to his, as she flicked the buckle on his belt.

John's body jumps in surprise as her hand reaches its target.

With a growl, john pulls marlena into his arms and gives her, his mouth.

Moments later their clothing is flung haphazardly around the plane.

john is lying full length on top of marlena showering her face, neck and chest with kisses and then he slides his body seductively against marlena's and when he reaches up to hold her.

doc, going to make love to you like you've never been loved before, john said as he started to kiss her neck again.

Now do you really wants to make a baby or do you just like the part that gets them here?,marlena asked with a giggle.

John wasn't so sure he could handle that at the moment, Just the feel of her soft warm flesh pressed against him was driving him crazy.

He starts to reply, his voice hoarse with desire, "Doc, I... marlena shuts him up with a kiss that seems to go on forever as her fingers leave silken trails along his heated flesh.

When their lips finally part, they are both gasping for air.

John sucks in his breath and manages a raspy whisper, I need you now, Marlena.

A satisfied smile touches marlena's lips and she replies softly, john make love me now.

Her reply broke the last of the restraint as

John held over himself and their bodies seal.

the commitment already made with their hearts, minds and souls when they'd exchanged their vows earlier that evening.

Afterwards, John holds Marlena in the curve of his arm, her head is lying on his chest.

A light blanket covers them and John caresses marlena's hair and asks quietly,

Are you awake, sweetheart?,

marlena nods her head as John tilts her head up and brushes her lips with his,

'I love you, Marlena, john said as A teasing smile lifts marlena's lips. "

you did a wonderful job proving it and that was amazing, i think that did the trick.

John chuckles and replies, you weren't too bad yourself, Mrs. Black and yes, It is good practice to make a baby.

john looked down at his wife and he saw that she has tears in her eyes.

doc, baby, what's wrong?, he asked.

john, what if i can't get pregnant again? because it been long time since i was pregnant with belle and john, I'm also scared because what if the baby is in danger because of stefano?.

marlena told her husband as she looked up at him.

oh, sweetheart, it take time and if we don't get pregnant at first start we will keep trying okay and don't worry about stefano because we will get him and also i did said at our wedding that i will protect you and our children .

john said and he kisses marlena forehead as she smiles at him and asks.

John, you still haven't told me where we're going on our honeymoon?

He runs his finger slowly up and down marlena's arm and says.

What?,you don't want to spend our entire honeymoon making love in the clouds?,

and doc, you, just admitted to me that you want to create a baby on our wedding night.

marlena hits john playfully, and says, tell me."

john shakes his head and replies back

Nope, It's a surprise."

John, you know how I hate to be kept in suspense.

marlena told her husband as he grins and says ,Yes, I do.

john relents a little and continues, Okay, I'll tell you where we going on our honeymoon but that's it because that's all i going to tell you, the rest is a surprise, okay?.

marlena smiled and replies back, okay,

its a deal, now tell me where we going?

john smiles back as he laughed and says, okay, okay, i will gave you little hint, where we going on our honeymoon.

what do a lonely massage on beach sounds good to you about now?

marlena looked at her husband and says Hawaii?,we going to Hawaii for our honeymoon?.

john smiles and say, yes, doc, we going to Hawaii, for our honeymoon.

marlena smiles at him and says, i love you, john black .

i love you more sweetheart, john says back to marlena as he started to kiss her again.

Marlena and John headed off to beautiful Hawaii for some peace and fun in the sun.

The first morning was great and they chased each other around on the beach and played in the water and when they're not at the beach or shopping they was in their hotel making hot love.

It's been six weeks since the honeymoon.

marlena is at work in her office as she is daydreaming, waiting for her test results to see if she is pregnant.

she still feels like she is on her honeymoon.

I love, john so much, I still can't believe I am his wife and the honeymoon was wonderful and coming.

home was wonderful as well, Seeing our beautiful children run into our arms screaming with joy."

the phone starts to rings and the phone brings marlena back to reality.

I hope these are my test results, she said to herself as she answers the phone.

this is, dr. Evan's speaks, marlena said into the phone.

hi, marlena, its doctor bader, I'm calling because i got your test results back.

what do they said?, marlena asked her doctor as she was nervous about what going to said.

well, marlena ,You're indeed pregnant, congratulations, dr. bader told her friend.

Marlena's hand goes to her mouth and she begins to cry as her, eyes well up with tears and asks her doctor, I'm pregnant?, are you sure?.

marlena, I ran the test twice and you are definitely pregnant, and i also know that you are six weeks along.

Marlena takes her hand away from her mouth and smiles.

I can't believe it, John and I are going to be parents again, john is going to be so happy, when he finds out and thank you so much, Dr. Bader, marlena thanks her doctor and friend.

your welcome, and Marlena i what to see you tomorrow for a sonogram just to see how the baby is progressing, okay?.

No problem, I will see you tomorrow, marlena said back to dr. bader.

okay, see you then and marlena take care of yourself and that baby, dr.. bader told marlena.

I will, thanks again, bye-bye ,Marlena said and than hangs up the phone.

marlena placing her hand on her stomach, as she rubbed it gently and started to talk to it.

Hello, baby, marlena said in a soft voice and she whispers, It's your mommy, your daddy is going to be so happy when he finds out about you, little one.

marlena say as she was thinking about their wedding night.

Marlena is happy that she is pregnant with John's baby again.

she what's to have another baby with John because they are married now and also Marlena feels so bad for john.

because he wasn't there when She was pregnant with belle, they thought roman was her father, at the time.

They find out that belle was john daughter, when belle was three months old.

It ready hurt john, that he wasn't there to feels belle moving or kicking inside Marlena's belly when she was pregnant

with her.

john is going to be so happy that he going to be a father again.

Marlena said to herself as she knew this time around, john will be around for this pregnancy, at the beginning and to the end.

Now to tell, john the news, marlena had to think of a wonderful way to share the news with him and she leaves her office.

later in the evening John just cane home from work and he walked into the penthouse that when he didn't see marlena, in the living room.

john called her name, doc, honey, I'm home.

Hi, honey, Marlena said as she walk from the kitchen and goes to her husband and she kisses him on the lips.

they both pull away from the kiss, John looks in to his beautiful wife eyes and says,

I love you, doc.

Marlena smiles at him and says, I love you too, honey.

How was your day, and where is the kids? john asked his wife as he smiled at her.

my day was very good, and belle and Brady are upstairs playing but John, honey, I have something for you.

Marlena told her husband as she smiles at him.

you do?, he asked as he looked confused.

marlena smiles as she goes and gets the small box that was on the coffee table and then she walks back and gave the box to john.

what is it?, john asked his wife as he looked at the small box. it and you will see, marlena said as she walked behind john and wrapped her arms around him as he opens the box.

In it was a small piece of paper, it says,

to john, to my amazing husband, guess what happened on our wedding night, our wish cane true.

and under the pice of paper was a

onesie that says on it, hello daddy, I'm what happened on yours and mommy honeymoon.

John stared at the onesie as his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

John shook his head wondering if he was dreaming or something else, but he wasn't.

he stared at Marlena for a few moments before responding.

You're pregnant?, john asked his wife

as he has tears of joy in is eyes

Marlena grins at John and says, yes, honey,

I'm pregnant.

John suddenly pulls Marlena closer and shuts her up with a kiss that takes her breath away.

When their lips part, john asked his wife,

do you know how much I love you?"

Marlena nods, and replies back, yes, I do and I love you just as much.

doc, I can't believe it, our wish came true and I going to be a father again, I love you so much, Doc, you're having my baby, again and I can't believe it, I am so happy.

john told marlena as he takes her hands in his and raises one of them at a time and turns them over and plants a kiss in each palm and then he continues

doc, I wasn't there for you when you were pregnant with Belle, I didn't get to feel her growing inside you, or feel her first kick.

john told her as john places a hand marlena belly, a tear slides down his cheek.

john, I away felt so guilty about that, you wasn't there when I was pregnant with belle.

marlena told her husband as he looks up into marlena's eyes and says to her, oh, doc don't felt guilty okay, it wasn't your fault,

you didn't know.

we both thought that belle was roman daughter at the time and I will be there for this pregnancy and for you, Doc.

Marlena reaches up and brushes the tear from John's cheek and says,

i know you will, and john, you were there to bring our daughter into this world and you breathed life back into her when she stop breathing and john, you saved our little girl.

And now, we have a new life to cherish and nurture together and I promise you, john that you won't miss a single moment.

John nods, and Marlena continues, and just think of how happy Belle will be when she gets her wish for a new baby!.

John chuckles and replies back

Yes, there is that, she being asked for a baby, sister or brother for while now

john goes back to the box and picks up

the onesie, then he goes to the sofa and

sits down and marlena goes to his side

and puts her hands on his shoulder and rub it.

doc, we did it we made another baby and tell me anything when did you found out.

john asked his wife as he looked up at her.

well..., i just found out today, i haven't be feeling well lately, so i asked dr. bader to do some blood work because it will gave you more information when pregnancy test

and dr bader call me, on my office phone and she told me that I'm pregnant and she run the test twice and they both came back positive.

marlena, told her husband as she saw how happy he was that she was pregnant again with his child.

oh, sweetheart, i love you very much, is anything alright with both you and the baby?.

john asked his wife as he puts one of his hands on marlena's stomach and then she puts hers hand on top of his.

marlena smiled as she looks down at her tiny stomach and then she looks back up at john and says.

john, honey both me and the baby are just fine and i have a doctor appointment with dr. bader tomorrow, because she what to do

a sonogram just to see how the baby is progressing.

John, will you come to my doctor appointment with me tomorrow?.

Marlena asked her husband as he smiles back at her and says back

of course, i will come and doc, you know i will not miss it for the world.

doc, sweetheart how far along are you?, john asked his wife.

marlena smiled back at John and says well, I'm six weeks along .

our wedding night?, john asked as he smiles at his wife.

Marlena nods her head and then john replied back with a kiss, that than he can felt her tense up and he pulled out from the kiss.

Doc, Honey, what's wrong?, he asked her.

Marlena looked up at him and says, john,

I don't what anything happened to our baby.

Marlena, don't start thinking the worst, okay?, and we'll have whatever tests done and I know in my heart that everything will be fine and doc, you have to believe that too.

john told marlena as he placed his hand on her flat stomach.

okay, I'll try marlena said as John holds her close and replies back

marlena, honey, you have to do more then try, because if you don't you're going to make yourself sick with worry and that not good for both you and the baby.

Marlena nods, and says ,I know, you're right

and then a silence falls between them as they hold each other.

Finally, Marlena breaks the silence, John, I don't want to tell anyone about the baby until after we know that anything is alright with the baby.

okay, doc, i will not said anything to anyone about the baby.

John told his wife as she smile at him and then says, thanks you.

your welcome, baby, Doc, We're having a baby!, john exclaimed and he goes and kissing her, on the lips again.

marlena could feel his tears on her neck and she began to cry as well.

john lifted his head and whispered in her ear you have made me the happiest man in the world.

marlena had been caressing the side of john's face as he laid his face in her neck, and she tilted his head so she could look him in the eye when she said this .

and you J.B. have made me the happiest most luckiest woman on the face of the world, and it is my great pleasure to have another baby with you,"

marlena could barely manage to speak she was crying so hard but john could understand since he was the same way.

congrats mama, congrats daddy, they both

said to each other, followed by a deep sensual kiss.

and then john puts his one hands on her stomach again and then Marlena did the something, she puts her hand over his .