History of the Marauders

Companion to Harry Potter and the Marauding Champions

Hello readers. I decided it was time to share with you all the companion I wrote to keep the story straight. It contains all the known generations of Marauders, their forms, their inventions and what fate of the curse they suffered. Along with the identities of known rivals. I was going to wait until after I wrote the next chapter, but my patrons jsut have not been voting for Marauding champions so I don't foresee it getting an update unless more of you start supporting me.

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Now, onto the complete, as of now, history of the Marauders. Suggestions for additions or improvements are appreciated.

Quick reminder:

- 1 Marauder is doomed to die by their own hand.

- 1 Marauder is doomed to cause the death of another.

- 1 Marauder is doomed to be estranged from the rest.

- 1 Marauder is doomed to suffer for a crime they did not commit.

- 1 of the Rivals is destined to marry one of the Marauders.

- Each generation has an individual invention and collaborate on creating a grand invention or work.

- Each generation of Marauders is composed of 3 animagi and 1 half-breed or otherwise blood-cursed individual (werewolf, maladictus, etc).

Let us begin.

1st Generation of Marauders: 1000 AD or so

Collaborative work:

- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Godric Gryffindor:

- Lion : Griffins Butt

- Punished for a crime he did not commit by goblins who believed he stole his sword. The worst punishment they have. To feed a thief molten goblin metal and lock them into an eternal death of metallic mummification.

- Invented a method for creating goblin metal, which he used to create his sword.

Salazar Slytherin

- Part Naga : Half-Breed and Parselmouth

- Estranged from his peers

- Invented a locket that allows non-parselmouth wearers the power to speak to and understand snakes or other parseltongues.

Helga HufflePuff

- Badger

- Caused the death of Godric Gryffindor by accusing him of stealing the sword he himself created. An acusation that reached the ears of the goblin nation.

- Invented a goblet whose powers are unknown, but great.

Rowena Ravenclaw

- Eagle

- Killed herself at the loss of her daughter and diadem.

- Invented a diadem that put's its wearer into an instant state of flow for perfect concentration and better all-around learning ability.

1st Generation of Rivals


- Spellcrafter

- Married Rowena Ravenclaw.


- Innovator, created an altered aging potion for hyper-maturing children. Recipe was lost to time.

2nd Generation of Marauders: 1000 AD or o + 20 years or so

Collaborative work:

- The ward system of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy, which none have ever reverse-engineered.

Bloody Baron

- Thorny Devil : Uses blood as a weapon

- Died by his own hand

- Invention: unknown

Grey Lady / Helena Ravenclaw

- Part-Veela. The first and last part-Veela to be a Marauder until Fleur Delacour. Think about it. Remember who her father is? What does that imply? That's right. Lady of the lake was a Veela and Merlin's mother. Helena's grandmother.

- Died at the hands of another Marauder.

- Invention Unknown

Sir Nicholas De Mimsy / Nearly Headless Nick

- Praying Mantis: Yes, he earned the name "Nearly headless" before his botched execution. Reason should be obvious.

- Died for a crime he did not commit.

- Invention Unknown.

Fat Friar:

- Monk fish.

- Estranged from the others.

- Invention Unknown.

2nd Generation of Rivals:

Nicholas Flamel :

- Innovator

Perenelle Flamel

- Spellcrafter

- Married to the fat Friar and later remarried Nicholas when the Friar died.

Peverell Generation: Every member had an animagus form of a magical creature.

Collaborative work:

- The veil in the Department of Mysteries

Ignotus Peverell

- Form of a Thestral.

- Inventor of THE cloak of invisibility.

- Estranged from the others.

Antioch Peverell

- Form of a Bowtruckle.

- Inventor of the Elder Wand.

- Suffered for crime he did not commit. Killed by his fellow Marauder who believed he had murdered a man she loved in cold blood, when it was an honest duel.

Cadmus Peverell

- Form of an Augury

- Inventor of the Resurrection Stone

- Died by his own hand.

Antioch Peverell's Killer

- Form of a Jobberknoll.

- Invented the Pensieve

- Killed Antioch Peverell. Took the Elder Wand.


The woman Cadmus loved and whose shade drove him to suicide.

- They did not officially marry but did elope in secret ahead of time because they couldn't wait for the official ceremony before becoming sexually active. This lead to her death when her father found out and performed an honor killing.(Yes, she was a Berber)

Rival 2 unknown

1890s Marauders:

Horus Slughorn : What? You thought Slug-Horn was his ACTUAL family name?

- Elephant Seal. They can inflate a bag in their nose that looks like a slug for a horn.

- Invented a method for creating fake memories for pensieves.

- Estranged From the Others

Stella Artois

- Maledictus cursed by blood to one day permanently transform into a goat


- ?

- ?


- Form unknown

- ?

1890s Rivals:

Albus Dumbledore : Bumblebee

- Innovator - Invented the Deluminator

Aberforth Dumbledore : Hadroon

- Spellcrafter. Created spells that allow a maledictus to regain some humanity, either the ability to speak or return to human form, though both are temporary and the human form only works once. He used this to marry Stella Artois, before she reverted back to her goat form forever.

1940s Marauders

Rubeus Hagrid

- Half Giant

- Suffered for crime he did not commit when he was expelled from Hogwarts under suspicion of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and later falsely imprisoned at Azkaban for the same.

- Invented a method for repairing shattered wands into a semi-functional state.

Myrtle Warren

- Crocodile.

- Invented curse that when cast on oneself guarantees they become a ghost upon death.

- Death caused by another Marauder

Minerva McGonigal

- Tabby Cat

- Created the ward to animate all suits of armor in the castle to do battle.

- Estranged from the others.

Olive Hornby

- Form unknown

- Invented counter curse to Myrtle Warrens curse.

- Killed herself for causing Myrtle Warren's death

1940s Rivals

Tom Marvolo Riddle

- Innovator : Do I really need to explain his innovations?


- ?

- ?


Rita Skeeter :

- Beetle

- Canon: Caused the death of Edgar Bones. Marauding Champions : Undecided

- Invented a unique, and malicious, quick-quotes quill.

Alastor Moody : Mad-Eye(Again. Where do you think the nickname came from?)

- Chameleon : ...get it?

- Punished for a crime he did not commit when he was tortured and had his eye carved out, and leg slowly amputated by Death Eaters who thought he was the one to kill one of their own. This made him into their eternal and worst enemy.

- Invented his enchanted eye.

Edgar Bones:

- Smooth-Sided Toad : Yes. THAT toad.

- Canon: Dies by his own hands from depression from reading too much Rita Skeeter during the second wizarding war. Marauding Champiuons: Guards Neville Longbottom, the "Back-up" child of prophecy. Final Fate yet to be determined.

- Invented a charm that can enchant objects to speak Mer. Charm Albus used for the second task.

Caradoc Dearborn:

- Maledictus, doomed to forever be turned into a Blue Jay after Voldemort wiped out his family. You've met him several times now.

- Estranged from the rest.

- Invented 256 new curse words combining Gaelic, English, French and German.

Late 1970s/Early 1980s

Collaborative Work:

- The Marauder's Map

James Potter : Prongs

- Stag

- Canon: Broken Cycle. Marauding Champions: Died by his own hands to boost Lily's plan of sacrificial protection and to hold off Voldemort.

- Invented a Two-Way Mirror for communicating.

Peter Pettigrew : Wormtail

- Rat

- Canon: Died by his own hand(Hah!) AND Caused the death of another Marauder. Broken Cycle. Marauding Champions: Fate yet to be determined.

- Invented the resurrection ritual that gave Voldemort back his body.

Sirius Black : Padfoot

- Big, black, shaggy dog.

- Punished for crime he did not commit.

- Invented a knife that can pick locks.

Remus Lupin : Moony

- Werewolf, considered half-breed by the curse.

- Estranged from the others.

- Invention yet to be determined


Harry Potter

- Hornbill : VoulgeNeb / VoulgeNose

- Fate yet to be determined.

- Invention yet to be determined.

Cedric Diggory

- Platypus : PaddleCul / PaddleButt

- Fate yet to be determined.

- Invention yet to be determined.

Viktor Krum

- Great White shark: TroinSkin / SawSkin

- Fate yet to be determined.

- Invention yet to be determined.

Fleur Delacour

- Part-Veela : Firebird

- Fate yet to be determined.

- Invention yet to be determined.

I hope you appreciated this look into the world of Marauding Champions and appreciate how well it all fits together for some of these generations.


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