Chapter 1: Fated Meeting

Its been about two months since the fall of Beacon and suffice to say Weiss Schnee was absolutely miserable il since she came back home she hardly does anything expect for train and mostly stay inside of her mansion and whenever she goes out she has to go ask permission from her father the man that she absolutely hate and hardly if at all considers him family. Not to mention her younger brother Whitley who was pretending to be nice to her didn't make things better at all. But at least she had Klein to talk to at least that was something.

But still Weiss misses her team she miss how loud mouthed and indicent Yang could be, she miss Blake and how anti social and moody she can be and finally she misses Ruby her leader and how annoying but energetic bright and positive she can be. She misses them so much and wondered what the three of them are doing and are hoping they are safe since the fall and is hoping they are fairing better then she is.

Currently Weiss was at a party was hosting and she didn't care for it in the slightest mainly because she couldn't stand how snobby and stuck up most of these people are. Clearly they don't really care about anyone then them selves and it was as if the fall of Beacon didn't concern them when it should since the world could be in danger. They were so stuck in their little bubble that they have no idea what's going on from the rest of the world. The thought like that made Weiss want to leave this party right away but she couldn't or else her father would notice.

Currently Weiss was wearing a blue dress with a white ribbon tied around her waist and blue high heel shoes and blue stockings witch was quite fitting for a party such as this.

The heiress to the Schnee Dust Company sigh a bit there was nearly nothing she can do but wait this out and wait until the party is over. At least her father was leaving her alone and not forcing her to hang out with him and his business partners or were they his friends Weiss doesn't really want to know or really care.

Weiss then felt somebody tap on her shoulder and she sigh a bit.

"Great another arrogant person that wants to talk to me because of my father" Weiss thought the heiress put on the best fake smile she can muster and turn to face the person who tapped her on the shoulder and when Weiss did that she was shocked to say the least well she gasp in surprise was a better way to put it.

Standing in front of her was a young teen and if Weiss had to describe him he was a giant he stood at about maybe above six feet tall and he was very muscular and Weiss could tell he had underwent some intense training to get that built and she hope she wasn't blushing too much she wasn't a pervert like Blake and Yang were. He had blue halr that was neatly comb and sky blue eyes and he was wearing a black suit, the aura he admitted and his how gentle his face looked. Weiss could tell that this person was either very kind or he was putting on a mask but somehow she doubts the latter.

"Excuse me are you Weiss Schnee?" the blue hair teen ask the heiress.

Weiss merely calmed herself down from her shock and address the giant teen standing before her.

"Yes I am and who might you be?" Weiss ask the teen.

"Oh apologies ma'am my name is Jonathan Joestar but my friends call me Jojo its a pleasure to make your acquaintance" the teen now known as Jonathan said as he held out his hand to shake

Weiss thought Jonathan was nice enough he doesnt seem bad at all she figure she could talk to him but she wasn't going to let her guard down around him no matter how...handsome he is plus it was great that Weiss has someone around her age to talk to. She also recognize his last name as well.

"The pleasure is mine Jonathan I must ask when you said Joestar you wouldn't happen to be part of the Joestar Trading Company would you?" Weiss ask as she shook Jonathan hand witch his handshake was grip but frim. If Johnthan had squeeze harder and Weiss didn't have aura to protect her there no doubt he could easily break her hand.

"Yes I am my father is George Joestar the head of the Joestar Trading Company so you could say I'm the heir to the company" Johnthan said with a smile on his face.

"I see" Weiss said as the two let each other hands go as far she remembers the Joestar Trading Company was one of the most powerful trading companies in Remnant while they aren't as powerful or influential as the Schnee Dust Company or the family in general. The Joestar family had still left their mark in Remnant.

"I don't mean to sound rude Jonathan but why did you approach me?" Weiss ask the young Joestar.

Jonathan gave Weiss a small smile "well to be honest I thought you could use the company you looked a bit lonely and I decided it would be best to keep you company a lady such as yourself shouldn't be alone at a party but I can understand why I'm not such a fan of these types of parties myself but I also wanted to talk about your performance at the Vytal festival".

Weiss was shock a bit nobody here ever wanted to talk about her life as a huntress but also because her father didn't want her to talk about her life as a huntress to anybody not that these people would care.

Weiss blushed a bit she was wrong maybe she misjudged Jonathan too soon.

"T-thank you Jonathan that's very kind and gentlenen like of you but if I may ask why do you want to talk about the Vytal festival?" Weiss ask the Joestar hier.

"Because I was very impress with you and your team you especially I never seen someone fight so gracefully such as yourself and the way you use your glyphs is most impressive I can tell that you train for days endlessly to get to where the level you are at" Jonathan said.

"Oh its nothing really I really owe it to my sister Winter for training me to be where I at" Weiss said as she brush her hair to the side and smiled at Jonathan.

"Winter she is one of Ironwood top soldiers I believe I seen her at a party once or twice" Jonathan said as he remember seeing the older Schnee.

"Yeah she was the one who mostly trained me" Weiss said.

"Well as strong as you are I have doubt she must be strong herself and an excellent teacher" Jonathan said.

Weiss nodded "she is she really is the best" Weiss said.

"Jonathan if you don't mind me asking?" Weiss said to the blue haired teen.

"Not at all " Jonathan said.

"Please Jonathan you don't have to call me that you can call me Weiss" Weiss said as she smiled at Jonathan.

"Fair enough Ms...Weiss but only if you can call me Jojo" Jonathan said.

"Alright are you a huntsman or huntsman in training by any chance Jojo?" Weiss ask Jonathan.

"Well not yet at least I was actually going to apply at Atlas Academy a little bit over year from now" Johnthan said.

Weiss actually raised an eyebrow at that statement since Jonathan actually looked way older then he actually did.

"Are you sixteen jojo?" Weiss ask the young Joestar.

"Why yes I am I just turn sixteen not too long ago though I may not look it because of my built" Jonathan chuckled a bit.

Weiss giggled "clearly your built makes you far older then you actually are your actually around my friend and leader age" she said.

"Ah you mean Ruby Rose I saw her on TV her speed semblance is amazing and her weapon is quite extraordinary" Jonathan said.

"I'm sure Ruby would have love to hear you say that Jojo" Weiss smile she then sigh a bit.

Jonathan wondered what could be wrong with Weiss until he realized what she was thinking about.

"I'm really sorry about what at Beacon Weiss I really wish I could have done something to stop just shows that their are truly awful people in the world and their evil are just as bad as the Grimm when I become a student I swear I will bring those people to justice so they won't hurt anybody else!" Jonathan said as he clinch his fist.

Weiss gasp in shock he really ment it too his conviction and kindness it really reminded her of Ruby a bit but whenever she set her mind on something Jonathan has that same type of will and spirit Ruby does.

"Thank you Jojo that really cheered me up in fact you being here and talking to me had lighten up my entire mood up" Weiss said as she smiled at the young Joestar.

"Well I'm glad our conversation is cheering you up Weiss but I'm here if you need someone to talk to" Jonathan said.

"I do we should meet and talk again like this I wouldn't mind if I take you out for lunch we can talk and discuss a lot of things and even better we can do some training together at my manor...that is if you want to" Jonathan ask.

"I would be delighted to Jojo how does tomorrow sound?" Weiss ask the large blue haired teen.

"Tomorrow would be fantastic Weiss I guess its official then" Jonathan said.

"I guess so" Weiss said as she smiled after that Jonathan and Weiss had talked to each other for awhile they were so engrossed with each other that they didn't realise that the party was about to end.

"Oh my it looks like the party is almost over" Jonathan said.

"Your right Jojo I guess we were distracted by our conversation that we must have miss track of time" Weiss said.

"Yes...well I better go get back to my father heavens knows he must be trying to figure out where I'm at by now it was great talking with you Weiss I hope we can pick this up tomorrow" Jonathan said as he grab Weiss's hand and placed it on both of his.

Weiss blushed a bit "of course Jojo and you better not forget our meeting time it would be rude if you kept a lady waiting" Weiss said.

"Of course I promise I won't be late...take care until then Weiss" Jonathan said as he let go of his hand.

"You too Jojo" Weiss said after they said their goodbyes Jonathan went and left to look for his father and Weiss frowned knowing that she would have to go and see her father again but despite that her mood had brighten and she felt a lot better then she did in months and it was all thanks to a kind and noble gentleman in the name of Jonathan Joestar. Weiss didn't know if it was fate or not but she thanked Oum that she was glad that she met Jonathan and she hope she can spend more time with him if so staying at that miserable place she called home.

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