Chapter 16: On the Road to Atlas

Up in the snowy mountains on top of the train Ruby and the rest of the group was currently battling a group of Griffions. One was the Griffions was heading towards the train but Yang was shooting rounds of shots at the Griffon bit it dodged her attacks. But Jonathan managed to cut down its wings thanks to a hamon infused sword slash. That gaved Ruby an opening as she went up and slashed the Griffion in half with Crescent Rose.

"Got'em now who next" Ruby said as Jonathan appeared next to her as he already withdrew Luck and Pluck from his back.

Unknown to the two of them another Griffon was about to attack them from behind but a wall of ice appeared causing the Griffon to crash right into it and fall off from the train. Ruby and Jonathan turned as they saw Weiss using her glyphs to skid across on top of the train.

"Thank me later you two" Weiss said to her friend and boyfriend as she skid, she then jumped into the air and launched two ice dust blast attacks at two Gtiffons from her left and right side knocking them out of the air.

Blake who used her weapon granbol shroud and used its rope to latch on to it and swung herself around until she was in the air.

"Incoming!" Blake said while she was in the air, she then landed on the Griffon and tied it up giving Yang an opening to launch herself and punch through the Griffon destroying it and Blake landing and walking next to her.

"Good to see your not rusty" Yang said to her best friend and partner as they went to fight more Grimm.

While Ruby and Jonathan were fighting two Griffons and quickly destroying them JNR finally made their way on top of the train.

"Why is it always something!" Nora complained.

"Just keep them towards the back" Ruby ordered JNR as they prepared to fight the Griffions with Nora shooting a grenade at them. She quickly turned and fired a grenade at a Griffon that was about to attack who had his shield up, luckily Nora attacked hit the Griffon and completely destroyed it.

Nora then turned to look at her childhood friend and crush Ren who was busy shooting at the Griffions.

"Ren!" Nora shouted as she ran up to Ren and reached her hand out and Ran grabbed her and twirled her around until he threw Nora who shifted Magnhild back into its hammer form and used it to swing it down on top of the Griffon head destroying it in the process.

"TUNNEL!" Oscar yelled to the group as he made it to the top of the train.

"Go!" Ruby yelled as everybody was trying to go between the carts in order to not be roadkilled by a tunnel however Weiss was hit and as she was about to fall off Ruby grabbed and saved her.

"Thank me later" Ruby said as she used her semblance and her and Weiss disappeared in a blur of rose petals and getting out of harms way.

Now then you may be wondering how Jojo, Ruby and the others has gotten into this situation well let's go back towards the been two weeks since the battle of Haven and during that time everybody was resting and settling things before they would go on their separate ways.

For Ruby and the others they would be heading on their way to Atlas in order to get the relic of knowledge there. For Jonathan during those two weeks he gotten to know Blake a bit and talked with her and for Jonathan Weiss was correct about her.

She wasn't the most talkative person and she actually quite reserved and Jonathan could tell Blake was the type to analyse the situation in hand before making her move like an assisan. But besides that Jonathan could tell she has a strong sense of justice although he could tell that much when Weiss would talk about her to him and that was when Jonathan knew he and Blake would get since they both love tea.

Right now everybody was at the train station Qrow had sent a report to Ironwood about what happen at Haven as he was finished. Ruby bumped into him as she was running.

"Hey what's with the running?" Qrow asked Ruby.

"What's with the standing its almost time!" Ruby said as she looked at the station/market place she then used her semblance and disappeared into rose petals as she sped through to reach the she did that she smiled at everybody while she had her hands behind her back.

"And?" Yang said to her sister causing Ruby to bring out a small shopping back.

Jonathan had a confuse look on his face while Weiss merely rolled her eyes "what an absolute waste of time" Weiss said but Yang ignored her.

"What did you get me!" Yang asked.

"You'll have to wait and see" Ruby said.

"No fair!" Yang yelled as Ruby stuck her tongue out at her.

Yang tried to grab the bag but Ruby quickly got it away from her before Yang could continue her pursuit Nora pushed them away.

"Oh I can't believe we're taking the train to Argus beautiful northern coastline you think its too early for beach season?" Nora said as Ren imagined himself at the beach.

"Unfortunately but we will be one step closer to Atlas" Ren said.

"Well I'm glad you're all excited I don't think you appreciate the trouble Jojo and I went through to leave Atlas" Weiss said as Jonathan placed a hand on her shoulder causing her to turn and look at him and she saw Jonathan giving her reassuring smile calming her worries a bit.

"I know you and Jojo are worried Weiss but trust us team RWBY won't leave you guy's side for a second I promise" Ruby said as she smiled at the couple.

Jonathan and Weiss smiled at Ruby "thank you Ruby that means so much to us and actually returning home won't be so bad I can introduce everyone to my father" Jonathan said.

"No one got to be worried with us around" a light skinned man with brown hair said as he was walking up to the group along with a tan skinned man.

"And you are?" Nora asked as she was already unimpressed by the two guys.

"Y.D and Dougly of course the Argus limited very own huntsman, we'll be keeping everyone safe as we pass through Grimm territory" the guy now known as Y.D said.

"But for a generous tip we could make sure your passenger cart get extra special attention should things get dangerous" Dougly said as he winked at the girls. Only to receive unimpressed looks from them.

"I got a tip for ya buzz off" Qrow said as he walked up and stood in front of the girls.

"Mistrial really scraping on the bottom of the barrel these days" Qrow said.

"Hey your talking to!" Y.D started to say but Qrow interrupted him.

"A professional huntsman right" Qrow said as he showed them his huntsman license.

"Well it seems like one of you hero's left the staff entrance to the cabose wide open it'll be a shame to lose your job before it even started" Qrow said.

"I-I didn't do it" Dudley said to Y.D as Y.D sighed.

"Come on dummy" Y.D said the two walked away from the group as they were talking about who left the door open to the cable.

"I do hope those weren't Beacon graduates" Ozpin said within Oscar mind.

"You know sometimes the burden of saving the world is underwhelming but then people like them come along makes me greatful that is our job and not theirs" Oscar causing the others to nod in agreement.

"So you kids ready to go, bike all loaded up" Qrow asked everybody and asked Yang about her bike.

"Yep" Yang simply said.

"Just waiting on Blake as usual Weiss said as Jonathan looked and saw that Blake was saying her goodbyes to he believes her name was IIlla.

"I still don't feel like I deserve the freedom you and your family granted me" Ilia said.

"Well you're gonna have to get over it Ilia saving Haven had a huge impact on how faunus are viewed in Mistral" Blake said.

"Now its up to you all to take the progress and keep running with it" Blake said.

"Right the White Fang may have been a failure but with your father starting up a new movement I got more faith then ever before" Illia said as she ran up to Blake and hugged her.

"Thank you Blake for everything I wish you didn't have to go" Illia said.

"I known but my team needs me we're going to track down the people responsible for the attacks at Haven and the Fall of Beacon" Blake said as the two separated from each other.

"Always trying to save the world" Illia said.

"More then you realize" Blake said.

"Hey I know your parents already sent you off but where" Illia said.

"Sun oh he right here" Blake and Illia turned and looked and saw that Sun was right behind them.

Illia nodded at Blake telling her to ahead and say her goodbyes to Sun and Blake walked up to the monkey faunus.

"What you didn't actually think I would miss your big send off did you" Sun said.

"He definitely overslept and over miss this" Neptune said causing Sun to turn around and sush him and Blake to chuckle. Neptune then pushed Sun forward towards Blake.

"Hey Blake" Neptune said to Blake.

"Now would you hurry up need I remind you we've have our own trip to plan" Neptune said as he saw Illia.

"Oh I didn't know Illia wss going to be here I uh I'll give you two a moment" Neptune said Blake was going to try to stop him since Illia was gay but he was already walking up to her.

"Hey uh I didn't see you there because you know the camouflage" Neptune said.

"Wrong tree" Blake said.

"He'll figure it out" Sun said as he leaned on the ledge.

"So you're really going to Vacuo" Blake said as she leaned on the ledge next to him.

"That's right seeing you reunite with the rest of team RWBY really maybe realized something I'm like the worst team leader ever me and the boys were cool with a little hiatus but we got to make up for lost time

"Shade Academy isn't dealing with any problems like Haven right now plus I get to show the guys my old stomping grounds" Sun said.

"I have to admit I think I was getting use to having you around" Blake said.

"I go where I am needed" Sun said as he did a pose.

"and you don't need me anymore" Sun said causing Blake to frown.

"Well when you say it like that it sounds sad" Blake said as Sun placed a hand on her shoulder..

"Look despite the drama the lightning and the numerous attempts on my life I had a lot of fun but your with who your suppose to be with now" Sun said as he and Blake looked at Ruby and the others.

"Sun I don't think I'll be able to thank you enough I'm still..." Blake said.

"You're still working on a lot of things out I know but you could do it with them and the future who knows but I got a feeling you haven't seen the last of me" Sun said with a smile on his face.

"I certainly hope not" Blake said as she went up and gave Sun a kiss on his cheek.

A few minutes later after Sun said his goodbye to Blake he was walking down the stairs with Neptune headimg straight towards their train.

"I don't know man it feels like your just letting her go" Neptune said to his friend.

"It was never about that brainiac besides now that your leader is back and harden from battle I got to focus on all of my time in getting you boys ready for the waste land" Sun said causing Neptune to sign as he walked away leaving Sun confused.

A moment later the train had already left and everybody was settling into their rooms Jonathan was was sharing a room with Oscar.

"You known I have to say the room is pretty nice all things considering" Jonathan said.

"Yeah hopefully things will go buy know don't you think its strange?" Oscar asked the older teen.

"Strange in what way?" Jonathan asked.

"About how we were basically thirst into a world saving situation and how easily we accepted it I mean not too long ago we were just two boys having normal lives" Oscar said as he laughed a bit.

Jonathan chuckled "I'll admit the situation is rather bizarre but I think we both know Oscar this is what we wanted to do, we can't let Salem win and cause more destruction and ruining many innocent lives" Jonathan said.

"But Oscar since we are new regarding this fight lets try to help and rely on each other to get through this" Jonathan said as he smiled at Oscar.

"Jojo...yeah you got it I'll do all I can to help you and the others" Oscar smiled.

After Oscar said that they both felt the train shake.

"What was that?" Oscar said as he and Jonathan got up and the Joestar heir grabbed Luck and Pluck and he already have the passion his shot gauntlets on him.

"I don't know but it could be trouble I'll go get Ruby and the others while you go get Jaune and the rest of them" Jonathan said.

"Right" Oscar said as he and Jonathan went into opposite directions.

Jonathan quickly ran until he caught up with Ruby and the others.

"Ruby what's going on?" Jonathan asked.

"We don't know but we were just about to check it out" Ruby said as she and others got out of the train and started to climb all of the way to the top of the cart they saw Y.D and Dudley battling some the same time Jonathan Ruby and the others drew their weapons as they were preparing for battle with Jonathan breathing heavily as a bright organge aura started to appear around him.

Y.D tried to attack the Griffon with his mace but the Griffon flew and quickly snatch him off the train.

"Dean!" Dudley yelled as he saw his friend being taken away by the Griffon as it threw him and he fell straight towards its death.

"So what's the plan Ruby?" Yang asked her sister and team leader.

"Don't let anybody else die" Ruby said as they charged right at the Griffions at the same time Oscar who was looking for JNR looked out the window to see what was going on and he looked and saw the Grimm.

"Shall I?" Ozpin said offering Oscar for him to take over and deal with the Grimm.

"No I'm keeping control" Oscar said as he started to move and he saw JNR walking up to him.

"What's going on?" Jaune asked the host of Ozpin soul.

Before Oscar could answer people inside the train started to scream causing Jaune to narrowed his eyes as he knew something was wrong.

Back on top of the train train Ruby group was battling the Grimm with Ruby spinning her crescent rose to block a fireball like attack coming from the Griffions while Weiss summoned some glyphs to fire some attacks at the Griffions. Jonathan was doing fairly well as he was slashing and mowing sowing the Grimm left and right with Luck and Pluck since he infused his hamon with it, when he had the chance he used the passion to shoot down some Griffions as well.

At the same time Dougly ran and dodged some blast from the Griffions and he went to his scroll and pressed some buttons locking down the train. He then activated the guns on it and the guns began shooting down the Grimm.

"Ah yes!" Dougly said.

Qrow at the same time was dodging attacks from the giant Griffon he then went up and took multiple swipes at it but it didn't work as the giant grimm try to attack him with its beak but Qrow jumped in the air and landed on its head. before jumping off and gaining some distance.

The giant Griffon felt he was getting hit as he turned to look at the guns on the train he then let out a giant screech as more Grimm flew as they went towards the guns and started destroying them.

"Hey what are you doing?" Qrow asked Dudley.

"Why is it always something" Nora said as she Oscar Jaune and Ren made it to he top of the cart as Oscar went up to Qrow.

"How can I help?" Oscar asked Qrow who was shooting at the Griffions.

"Get that idiot to shut off turrets there just drawing the Grimm towards the passengers" Qrow said.

"Right" Oscar said as he ran across the train while jumping up and dodging a explosion and sliding down to dodge an incoming attack from a Griffon.

"Stop! you got to shut the turrets off" Oscar said to Dudley.

"Are you crazy no way" Dudley said said as the guns were mowing down the Griffons.

"Yes another one down" Dudley said.

"Stop you have to lure the Grimm to the back" Oscar said as he grabbed Dudley.

"What does it matter if they're dead" Dudley said as he pushed Oscar away and fired at the Grimm with his gun.

Oscar and the others looked and saw the Grimm flying in the air.

"Where are they going?" Dudley as Oscar turned and looked with a horrifying look on his face.

"Tunnel!" Oscar yelled he then yelled while he ran and got under the train Dudley tried to do the same but he couldn't as his arm got caught in the rocks as he let out a scream. A moment later the others came in and saw Oscar tending to Dudley.

"I said turn those damn turrets off" Qrow said as he pinned dudley to the wall.

"Those things are keeping us alive" Dudley said.

As the two argued Jonathan looked at the passengers while Ruby did the same while she looked at the Grimm at the same time both Jonathan and Ruby went up to Qrow and placed a hand on him.

"Enough Qrow we won't get anywhere if you continue to argue with the man" Jonathan said as Qrow looked at him and stood back a bit.

"Please just shut off the turrets" Ruby said.

"Trust us we know what we're doing" Jaune said as he used his semblance to heal his arm.

Dudley then looked at Ruby "fine" he said earning a nod at Ruby

"Ren can you use your semblance to mask everyone on this train with the guns off and emotions hidden they might loose track of us" Nora said to her best friend and crush.

"Hmm I never attempted to effect this many people before" Ren said as he was unsure if he could do the task.

"Well you never had Jaune or Jojo help before" Ruby said.

"One of them could amply your aura" Weiss said.

"Yeah that's an all right plan" Qrow said.

"May I" Ozpin said as Oscar eyes glowed and he closed his eyes and he walked up to the group.

"I'm afraid there is one complication the Grimm are also attracted to this" Ozpin said he geasture to the relic of knowledge.

"What's that?" Dudley asked.

"None of your business Oz are you serious?" Qrow asked.

"Why wouldn't you tell us that?" Yang asked

"I" Ozpin started to say

"It doesn't matter right now" Ruby said shutting her team up.

"Every second we're aboard this train we're putting everyone else in danger get the passengers to the front cart you'll still mask the emotions and kill the turrets we just can't come with you" Ruby said.

"If we cut the back carts with us and the relic on them we can deal with the Grimn you just make sure the rest of the train makes it to Argus" Ruby said as Jonathan and Jaune went up to her.

"So does that mean?" Jonathan said.

"Yep Jojo your with us your semblance is really powerful against the Grimm Jaune can boost Ren aura to mask the passengers" Ruby said.

"Alright I understand Ruby" Jonathan said.

"Ruby Jojo promise that you'll meet us back in Argus" Jaune said to Jonathan and Ruby the two of them looked at each other before looking at Jaune and they both nodded.

"We promise" Jonathan and Ruby said at the same time.

After that JNR gathered the passengers to the front and an short old lady narrowed her maniacal eyes as she looked back. The turrets was turned off as Blake was outside as she cut the connection to the carts she then looked up and saw a figure. Blake then drew her weapon but the figure then disappeared.

She then sheated her weapon and got back on the top of the cart as the Grimm came flying in as the others others were preparing to fight and Jonathan got into a stance as a fire aura and organge electricity appeared around him as he started to breathe.

"NOW!" Ruby yelled

Nora who got the signal nodded to Ren and Jaune who got ready with Ren placimg his hand on the cart with using his semblance to mask the cart and Jaune placing a hand on his shoulder using his semblance to boost Ren's aura so he could mask the whole cart.

Ozpin turned and looked as he saw a Griffon pounced on him but he blocked his movement with his then struck the Grimm multiple times with his cane before it took a swipe at with its claws. At the same time Ruby took a few slashes at another Griffon.

At the same time Yang and Jomathsn were facing off against two Griffons once the Griffons got on board the duo launch themselves at the Grimm using their shot gauntlets and grab the Griffions with Jonathan shocking the Griffon he was holding on to with his hamon.

Both Yang and Jonathan then twisted the Grimm in the air and the both of them threw a uppercut at the Grimm, with the Grimm Jonathan was battling flying back and disappearing into dust while the other was just flown back by Yang down the mountains.

"Not too bad Jojo" Yang said.

"Yes and your just as strong as when I saw you at the vytal festival but we can't relax just yet" Jonathan said with a serious look on his face.

"Yeah come on lets go" Yang said as she and Jonathan were prepared to face more Griffions.

Blake was gaining a advantage by jumping into the air while slashing the Griffon tail while Ruby was cutting the leg of the one she battling she then jumped into the air and the cut the head of the Griffon as it dissappered into dust.

Everyone then gathered as they were surrounded as Ozpin was on top of a Griffon he was pushed off as the Griffon was about to fire a fireball at him but Weiss redirect another Griffon while Ruby slashed it increasing its momentum as it slammed into the Griffon Ozpin was fighting and they both fell down the mountain.

Ruby nodded as she looked and saw Yang Blake and Jonathan firing shots from their weapons and Qrow was slashing away at another Griffon he jumped up and did a few slashes until the Grimm knocked him as he dragged his weapon to keep him from falling off. The Grimm fired a fireball attack at Qrow who spun his weapon to block it but he was still knocked back causing Ruby and Weiss to help out.

Weiss used her glyphs to glide st the Griffon while Ruby shot at it. Blake ran next to her.

"We need to keep it grounded" Ruby said.

"On it Yang" Blake said as her and Jonathan was pushed back.

Yang then went and ouch the Grimm a few times and got on its head jump and prop herself up in the air as she landed in front of the others. At the same time while smaller Grimm was recovering Jonathan wasted little time as he jumped into the air and he cut the Griffon he and Yang fought in half with Luck and Pluck.

Yang then slid by until she was on the other side as Blake threw the rope of Granbol Shroud as Yang punched at a few times as both of them grab the rope and pinned the Grimm down. Weiss then created three large glyphs and she was on top on one and she used the glyphs to freeze and destroy the Griffion wings.

Both Ruby and Qrow got into position as they both swung their weapons to the side and squatted squatted down a Griffon rosed up while charging a Qrow and Ruby a opportunity as the two of them shot forward and spund around cutting the Grimm at its torso killing it, as it was dieing it launched a fireball attack at the track causing a explosion. Weiss on instinct created gravity glyphs on everybody causing the others to stay on top of the cart as the train ran off course towards the side.

After a moment Qrow got up "everyone ok" he asked.

"I'm fine" Weiss said as she Jonathan and Oscar got up "I'm alright as well" Jonathan said.

"Yeah" Yang said.

"Still alive" Jonathan and the others looked looked as they saw it was the same old lady earlier coming out of the cart.

"That was a close one huh" the old lady said.

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