Chapter 17: Knowing the Full Truth

In the middle of Mistral two people were walking through a rocky path one was a woman who had long brown hair who was wearing a brown like robe and the other was a tall like figure. The figure was wearing a yellow raincoat and he was carrying two baskets of food one for the woman and one for the figure in the yellow raincoat.

"I really can't thank you enough sir for helping me carry my basket of food" the woman said to the man.

"It's not a problem really we were both heading straight to town anyway and it wouldn't be right for a lady to carry all of this food in the rain" the figure said and by his voice he was a male.

The woman blushed "well thank you doing this you made the trip so much easier for me and we are only just a few miles from the town" the woman said.

The figure was about to say something until he stopped and turned his head to the right and the woman noticed.

"Is something wrong?" the woman asked.

"I'm sorry but it appears that I forgotten something are you able to make it back to the town on your own?" the figure asked.

The woman blinked in confusion for a bit before slowly nodding her head "yes I can manage from here you did enough for me thank you so much" the woman said as she took her basket from the figure.

"You're quite welcome madam have a safe trip home" the figure said

"Of course and you as well" the woman said.

After a quick goodbye the woman was on her way back into the town with her food while the figure began walking back to the previous path with his basket.

After about a couple of minutes of walking on the path the man had spotted something the man had spotted Cinder slowly walking exhausted and injured after her battle with Raven. Cinder then slowly fell down on the ground and the figured was starting to walk towards the fall maiden.

"Well, well" the figure said as he took off the hood from his rain coat and Cinder looked up to take a good look at him.

He was a tall man and he has long blonde messy hair and red eyes Cinder has much as she would hate to admit it the man was quite handsome if she were to guess he looked to be around the same age as those brats and Emerald and Mercury about nineteen and twenty years old. Cinder could tell this man has an air of confidence around him as if nothing could surprise or faze him the latter witch is true as he was not afraid or unfazed by Cinder's grimm arm.

"It seems like the gravity of fate has brought me' Dio, something interesting on this day" the figure now know as Dio said with a smirk on his face

On a flashback we go back to Ruby Jonathan and the others discussing what their next steps are after they have saved Haven from total destruction.

"We need to take the relic to Atlas?" Ruby asked Qrow.

"That's what Oz said" Qrow said as everybody was looking at Weiss and Jonathan who were gathering their things together.

"You've have got to be joking" Weiss said Jonathan could understand his girlfriend displeasure since they went through a lot of troblue just to leave Atlas and for Weiss to get away from her family. But for Jonathan it wasn't so bad he was going to see his father again although it was sooner then he expected.

"On the bright side we finally get out of this house" Nora said as she was laying down on the floor causing Weiss to sigh.

"Well trust me I'm not crazy about it either but without the spring maiden here to seal the relic back in its vault Atlas is our best option" Qrow said while looking at Yang.

"Atlas may be the safest kingdom we have at the moment but the boarders are closed general Ironwood brought everyone backed" Ren said.

"Yes Vernal mentioned the same thing when Weiss and I were captured by the Brawnen Tribe" Jonathan said.

"He didn't call everybody back the city of Argus is a way's north of us and its the primary trading port between anima and solitas they got the largest Atlas military base outside the kingdom there no way they would leave it abandoned and if we play our cards right we could convince them to escort us straight to Ironwood" Qrow said.

"I mean we do have the missing heiress of the schnee dust company and the heir to the Joestar trading company" Blake said.

"Ex-heiress in my case" Weiss said.

" but if there is a chance of reward money we go for it" Yang said winking at Weiss and Jonathan causing Weiss to groan and Jonathan to chuckle.

"It's a solid plan I will admit if possible I could convince them to contact my father if we can't contact general Ironwood" Jonathan said.

"Hopefully the first option will suffice" Ozpin who was in control was walking towards the group.

"Glad to see your feeling better" Qrow said to Ozpin.

"Likewise and while I'm sure we could all use this time to recover I'm afraid time is of the essence" Ozpin said.

"Great as long as that thing is out in the open its power could fall into the wrong hands" Blake said.

"Speaking of what does it do exactly?" Jaune asked Ozpin "Qrow never really told us" he continued saying.

"Of course" Ozpin said as he turned to look at the group and took out the relic of knowledge from the side.

"The relic of knowledge has a wonderful and dangerous ability its user can ask any question and the lamp will provide an answer" Ozpin said.

"Intriguing" Ren said as he was in awe about the relic of knowledge power.

"That's incredible" Blake said.

"Indeed however its not without drawbacks the lamp cannot tell you events that have yet to happen and it will only answer three questions every one hundred years" Ozpin said.

"If that's the case then we do use the lamp we need to use it wisely and ask a question that can benefit us in the long run we can't waste not a signel question" Jonathan thought.

"Well i guess thats not so bad thats a lot of pressure though" Yang said.

"So lets put it into a vote what do we ask first can we ask for more questions can we ask for more questions!"Nora said as she ran around the room until she was next to the lamp.

"They're not wishes" Ren said causing Ozpin to chuckle.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to ask it anything at the moment the questions were used before I sealed it away" Ozpin said.

"Well at least we now know what it is and we'll make sure we will keep it safe" Ruby said as she looked at the lamp.

Meanwhile back at the present the group was gathering their things.

"Great this is just great we're stranded we lost a third of our party and we gained a defenseless old lady!" Yang yelled as she and Jonathan easily pulled bumblebbe out of the snow.

"My name is Maria Calavera and I am not defenseless I'm just a little hard at hearing and blind that are in a desperate need of repairing...ok I'm starting to see your point" the woman now known as Maria said as she was starting to walk away.

"Yang knock it off will you if we lose our cool now we will be drawing even more Grimm" Qrow said as she and Jonathan joined the others.

"Qrow is right this isn't really the time to argue right now" Jonathan said.

"Like that even matters apparently we've been attracting Grimm since we left Haven" Blake said.

"Oh and I could have forgotten about that what happen to no more lies and half truths" Yang asked Ozpin.

"Yeah I think its time we got an explanation" Oscar said causing Ozpin to take control.

"I did not lie to you" Ozpin said.

"Well you certainly didn't tell us everything about the relic" Weiss said.

"Weiss I'm sure that Ozpin had a good reason not to tell us" Jonathan said.

"Are you seriously taking his side Jojo he promised he would tell us everything" Yang said.

"Please now is not the time" Ozpin said.

"No we're past that I want to know why your not telling us everything" Yang said.

"It is true that the Grimm is attracted to the relics its faint but undeniable if it has to do with their origin I'm not really sure, regardless I fear making you all aware would only add anxiety and negativity it seemed like the safer option' Ozpin said.

"You know I'm getting real tired of having people choose what's best for me" Weiss said.

"Is that why you chose to lie to everybody about lionheart?" Yang asked.

"Yes as of matter in fact" Ozpin said as he started to walk away.

"I believe that the kingdom of mistral deserve better then the truth and I believe that Leonardo deserve to be remember for his lifetime of service and not the unfortunate missteps he made in his final years" Ozpin said.

"Missteps!" Yang said.

"What professor Lionheart did was reprehensible I'm not here to argue differently but just one laps in judgement would surely negate all that the good he has done, don't we all have regrets, you may have met professor lionheart but you never met the man he was before Salem found him" Ozpin said.

"Look we're suppose to be in this together you can trust us we're not going to turn our backs on you" Yang said.

"Do you really think Leo is the first!" Ozpin yelled

"That he didn't say those exact words to me" Ozpin said as e turned to look at the group.

"I'm sorry but you have to understand that my behavior are backed by experience I'm not saying that I have a reason you will all betray me I'm saying I have reasons for the things that I do the things that I keep secrets the reason I" Ozpin said as he looked and saw he doesn't have the relic.

"Where the relic?" Ozpin said,

"Right here" Ruby said as she grab the relic "it got a lose in the crash" Ruby said.

"Please hand it over" Ozpin said as he held his hand out for Ruby.

"So all those times about you having faith in humanity that was just for everyone else?" Ruby asked the ancient wizard.

Ozpin sighed "that's not what I meant to suggest, Miss. Rose the relic is a powerful item and I simply feel that it is my burden to bear" he replied.

"You said it couldn't do anything right now" Ruby said.

"Why does it matter who carries it?" Blake ask.

"I need you to listen to" Ozpin started to stay but he was frozen in place.

"Oz" Qrow said.

"Hurry he trying to stop you" Oscar said as he was back in control.

"Oscar you gain back control" Johnthan said to his friend.

"Stop her from what?" Yang asked.

"He afraid...of finding out...what he..been hiding" Oscar said as he fell on the ground.

"Her name is Jinn say her name to summon her" Oscar said.

"Oscar" Jonathan said as he saw that Oscar was fighting Ozpin for control so that the others could find out what he has been hiding.

"Her name?" Ruby asked as she looked at the lamp.

"Jinn" Ruby said after that a crazy thing has happened that shocked Jonathan it was as if time itself was frozen and the lamp started to glow as it floated away in the air and the most shocking thing Jonathan saw was a large blue skinned woman with blue hair appered from the lamp.

"Wonderful" the woman now known as Jinn said.

"Tell me what knowledge do you seek?" Jinn asked.

Meanwhile in town Dio was walking with Cinder who was wearing Dio raincoat in town.

"I suggest you cover yourself well you and your associates are pretty well known all over the news come my office isn't too far from here" Dio said as Cinder cover herself more and put her head down as as they made their way towards the location. Once they made it towards the two story building and once they were inside Cinder noticed that it was a fancy bar and a couple of people were gathering and the few saw Dio and nodded at him as a sign of respect.

."Come my office is upstairs" Dio said as he and Cinder went upstairs once they did Dio lead Cinder inside of the office and it was quite fancy their was a large desk and chair and behind on the side was a selves full of books and on the wall was some fancy paintings.

"Go on have a seat" Dio said as he went and sat behind his desk and Cinder sat at the front.

"Dio...wait I heard of you, you gain quite a reputation in the underworld" Cinder said.

"Ah so my reputation proceeds I must say you and your group has put on quite a show at the vytal festival the way that you destroyed vale and beacon was interesting now then my dear what can I do for you?" Dio said with a smirk on his face.

Cinder narrowed her eyes she really doesn't Dio but at this point her options are limited so she showed Dio a scroll containing Ruby and her group.

"I see...well you came to the right place I'll have some of my men gather the information your looking for it will take a week so could rest here normally you would have to pay me for this information but I have a better idea in mind" Dio said.

Cinder narrowed her eyes "what exactly do you want"

"Well why don't we team up I'm quite interested in your group goals and I believe our interests aligned with each other and if i were you I would take that deal since you really don't have anybody at the moment" Dio said.

Cinder growled who the hell does this fool think he is insulting her like this as much as she wants to burn him to a crisp she needed him.

"Fine you said one week correct" Cinder said.

"Just one week, you can hide here for the moment you know its easier if you know the right people and how easier it is to gain their trust its way easier then just out right killing them I would advise you to remember that" Dio said.

Cinder merely looked at Dio as if pondering his words and she stood up and left his office after that Dio picked up a scroll and he made a call.

"Yes its me did you finish your assignment" Dio asked the person on the other side.

"Excellent why don't you head back into town I found the person that you were looking for I'm keeping her here for a week" Dio said.

After that the person hung up the phone and Dio smirk "everything is fallen into place soon I Dio will take one step further to dominate and rule this world" Dio said as he grinned a bit.

Back with Ruby group Jinn introduce herself "I am Jinn created by the god of light to aid humanity in its pursuit of knowledge I have been graced with the ability to answer three questions every one hundred years your in luck because I have" Jinn started to say but Ozpin intrrupted her.

"That's enough!" Ozpin said causing everybody to look at him.

"The ability to answer two questions this era" Jinn said as everybody was in shock.

"Its a pleasure to see you again old man" Jinn said to Ozpin.

"Ruby please don't" Ozpin said.

"Guys enough-" Jonathan and Qrow was about to argue but Yang Weiss and Blake pointed their weapons at them.

Jonathan was conflicted while he thinks he and Qrow could hold down team rwby its will be pointless to waste their energy fighting with each other plus Jonathan even though he doesnt agree with what they are doing didnt really want to fight his new friends especially Weiss.

Jonathan and Qrow looked at each other.

"Do whatever you think its fight kiddo" Qrow said.

"I agree but just remember Ruby you brought this on yourself we might not get the answers we are seeking" Jonathan said reminding Ruby on what could possibly happen.

He then looked at Ozpin "I'm sorry that I couldn't stop them professor" he thought.

Ruby looked at Jonathan before saying "Jinn what is Ozpin hiding from us?" Ruby asked.

"Noo!" Ozpin yelled as he went after Ruby.

The next thing Jonathan knows he was in a white space "what going on Weiss Ruby Qrow anybody here!" Jonathan yelled as he was walking in the empty space.

"Once upon of time" Jinn said as Jonathan saw a road and tower being created "there stood a lonely tower that sheltered a lonely girl name Salem" Jinn said as Jonathan looked in shock as he saw a blonde haired woman looking at the mirror.

"That is Salem..wait does that mean Jinn is showing us the visions of Ozpin past" Jonathan said as he was about see the very history of not just Ozpin and Salem but the history of Remnant itself.

A/N: Hey how everybody going been awhile life has gotten in the way anyway Cinder has met a interesting figure in Dio maybe as ally or enemy who really knows and with Ruby group they are about to find out about Ozpin and Salem past and the history of Remnant what will they do with this information well find out in the next chapter. I think I'm just going to write the reactions in Jonathan point of view have his take on knowing the full story so yeah. Anyway thank you guys so much for reading my story it means a lot dont forget to read review and follow the story until next time guys see ya.