Chapter 18: The History of Remnant

It wasn't long until Jonathan was transported inside of the tower and he saw Salem looking out at the window and the Joestar heir saw the sad look on her face as she stared out of the window.

"She looks so sad but why?" Jonathan said to himself however the Joestar heir would get his answer as Jinn continued with the story.

"Locked away by her cruel father Salem was a girl who desired but one thing..freedom she lived in a time when kings and their kingdom were plentiful when men and women were capable of great things, and magic were a gift from the gods that all could wield and yet she sat within her tower" Jinn said said as Jonathan walked and saw Salem walking and sitting down on the seat behind her mirror and created a bunch of colorful orbs.

Jonathan couldn't help but feel bad for Salem thanks to her father she didn't really had a chance to live her own life in a way her situation was similar to Weiss'.

But Jonathan didn't have a chance to think more about Salem and her situation as the scene started to change and Jinn continued her story.

"Until one day a legendary hero came to raid the challenges of within the tower" Jinn said as Jonathan looked and saw a tan skinned man that was wearing silver and green armor and he was wearing a cape, the man was facing the tower.

"The people of the land knew him as Ozma" Jinn said.

"Wait this man...this must be Ozpin so his original name was Ozma" Jonathan said surprised to hear that in Ozpin old life he was a legendary hero.

"Unlike those who had come before this warrior was not driven by the prize of the young maiden hand, he fought only for righteous, and his pure heart and courageous soul prevailed" Jinn said Jonathan saw Ozma walk into the tower.

The scene changed as Jonathan looked on and saw Ozma battling his way through the soldiers and he managed to reach his way to the top of the tower and saw Salem and Salem smiled as she saw Ozma knowing that he was her only hope in escaping.

"They escape the wretched fortress and yet something bound them together" Jinn said said as Jonathan saw the image of Ozma and Salem escaping the tower together.

"Ozma has been ready to give his life for justice countless times but now he saw a woman worth saving it for, and Salem to her surprise found her freedom not in the outside world she had yearned for but in the eyes in the man that have saved her" Jinn said.

"So where should we go now?" Salem asked Ozma

Ozma merely held out his hand "Where ever you'd like" he said as he smiled back at Salem.

Jonathan couldn't help but smile and admire Ozma/Ozpin because he represented the hero and person Jonathan was trying to be a person that was willing to sacrifice and do everything for the greater good and eventually he was rewarded with even if he didn't want it at first, the hand and the love of the woman he saved, it almost reminded Jonathan of how he and Weiss got together.

"The two fell deeply in love, planned adventures around the world and lived happily ever after... or at least that what had should have been" Jinn said as Jonathan was confused by what Jinn meant until he saw the next vision.

"Ozma the infowable hero of legend feel ill and where all of the beasts and blades of the world has fallen short a single sickness prevailed" Jinn said as Jonathan had a surprised but yet sad look on his face as he saw Salem crying heartbroken of Ozma death.

"How could the gods let this happen" Salem said as she was crying.

Jonathan then looked up and he saw two orbs above his head made of light and darkness "the gods made up of light and darkness, creation and destruction, Salem prayed that they would see the injustice that had befallen her love and make things right" Jinn said as the two orbs went lower infront of Jonathan and they combined and the scene shifted.

Jonathan looked and saw that he was in front of a large mountain and saw that Salem was climbing up the stairs and place some flowers on the steps.

"The domain of light was a sacred place it was here that the elder brother dwell beside his fountain of life and creation it was here where mankind would fall to ruin" Jinn said.

"What but how humanity is still alive and breathing" Jonathan said shocked at Jinn statement granted the Grimm was slowly decreasing humanity numbers the human race and faunus as a whole were still alive.

"But wait if humanity is still alive and we were able to wield magic, how come we can't wield magic now" Jonathan said however the young Joestar will get his answer as he saw Salem at the front of the fountain and a golden being that had horns on top of his head appeared from the fountain was slowly walking towards Salem.

"Please" Salem begged as she got on her knees "please bring him back to me" Salem said to the god of light as Jonathan walked to to the side and looked at her.

"I understand your pain, but what you demand of me that of which I cannot make so life and death are part of a delicate balance" the god of light said to Salem.

Jonathan had understood the gods reasoning if he had brought Ozma back to life then he would disrupt the balance and who knows what kind of damage it would cause to the rest of the world in his opinion life and death is something you can't mess or toy with.

He can sympathize with Salem there are times where he wish his mother was alive or if something happen to his father Danny or Weiss...there no doubt he wish he could do everything to bring them back, but at the same time Jonathan believes you only have one life to live with and that you shouldn't waste it, you must live in the best way possible and when its time to pass on at least try to pass on peacefully.

To Jonathan Ozma was a man in his opinion lived his life with no regrets and he has no doubts he would want Salem to move on and live her life to the fullest but sadly something tells Jonathan that Salem is not going to take what the god said in a positive way.

"So you won't do it them" Salem said as she had a look of disbelief on her face.

"To disrupt the cycle of-" the god of life was about to say but Salem interrupted him

"That's not fair, THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Salem yelled at the god.

The god didn't say anything at first before saying "let him rest" after he said that he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"No" Salem said as she had a determined look on her face and Jonathan merely shook his head as he knew from that moment that Salem would not give up on her quest to bring back her lover.

The scene changed and Jonathan found himself in a dark landscape that has a mountain.

"The god of darkness, none dared to enter his home as men knew what monstrosities emerged from the blacken pools of annihilation" Jinn said as Jonathan saw Salem walk towards the land of the god of darkness.

"And so you must understand the dark lord's surprise when he found a lone woman kneel before him" Jinn said as Salem knelt as a purple like being emerged cracking and bending its spine as it came out from the pool of darkness and that sight even caused Jonathan to gasp in shock. Not only that Jonathan has saw a couple of Grimm emerging from each side.

"Salem understood it well she told him of his loss and confess she knew only he could answer her prayers, all while careful to make no mention of his elder" Jinn said.

"She secretly not telling him of her meeting with his brother in order so he could bring Ozma back to she can't manipulate him like this if the god of darkness finds out it could cause major consequences" Jonathan thought while watching the scene play out.

"Rise child and let your faith in me be rewarded" the god of darkness said as Salem stood up as he raised his arm and created an orb of darkness and it wasn't long until Ozma appeared out of the orb and Salem went up to him and rolled Ozma to her lap and he opened his eyes as he took a hard gasp and started to breathe heavily.

"Where am I, what is this, where am I!" Ozma yelled in distress and confusion.

"It's ok, everything is going to be ok" Salem said to her lover as they and Jonathan saw the god of light at the god of darkness domain.

"What have you done?" the god of light asked his younger brother.

"I have done what I pleased brother, you may bask in the power of creation but you do not own them" the god of darkness said to his older brother.

"This is not creation" the god of light said.

"Do not lecture me!" the god of darkness yelled as the Grimm slowly went up to the god of light as if they were ready to attack the god.

"I will do what I must to maintain order" the god of light said as he raised his hand and Ozma glowed turning into dust much to Salem horror.

"No no what did you do!, bring him back" Salem yelled at the god of light.

"You dare enter my domain, and show much disrespect" the god of darkness yelled as he brought Ozma back to life.

"Ozma!" Salem said.

"I am abiding by the rules we agreed apron" the god of light said to his younger brother.

"Rules that I now see work ever in your favor and yet the day a mortal comes pray at my feet before your own, you arrive to lay your judgement apon me" the god of darkness said as the two brothers were walking towards each other and the god of darkness turned into a giant dragon and the grimm attacked the god of light.

But without moving the god light unleashed a flash of light destroying the Grimm and once the light died down the god of light was in his dragon form.

"I know we have had our differences but I have not come here with the aim to control you, the same however could not be said for her, this woman came only after I denied her pleads, pleads that would have disrupted the balance you and I created together" the god of light said telling his younger brother that Salem had tricked him.

"Then it seems that I owe you an apology, then allow me to correct my mistake" the god of darkness said as he unleashed a dark breathe killing Ozma instantly.

" monsters give him back to me give him back!" Salem yelled as he stood up as lightning formed around her but the god of light went to attack her and the next thing Salem knew she was falling as she crashed face first into the water of the god of light domain she was drowning but a light glowed around her and soon she was above the surface.

"When you first came to me I did pity you, but it is clear now that your selfness and arrogance has led you astray" the god of light said to Salem.

"What did you do to me?" Salem asked the god.

"I have made you immortal" the god of light said shocking Jonathan and Salem.

"Immortal" Jonathan and Salem said.

"You can not die, you can not be with your beloved" the god of darkness said.

"So as long as this world turns, you should walk its face" the gods said.

"You must learn the importance of life and death only then you may rest" the god of light said as Salem was in some sort of dark grassland.

"Salem was a prisoner once again her fruitless attempts to reunite with Ozma, eventually became nothing but acts of spites and defiance against the gods" Jinn said as Jonathan much to his shock saw Salem stabbed herself with a sword through her stomach but thanks to her immortality she couldn't die.

"But perhaps were not as powerful as they seemed" Jinn said as Jonathan saw Salem walking as she looked out the window.

"She had lied to them, turned them against one another they were fallible, if she were to turn humanity against light and darkness she could rid herself of their curse or at the very least she could make them suffer" Jinn said as Salem threw the sword and it was heading straight towards Jonathan and Jonathan tried to defend himself but the Joestar heir turned into smoke as the scene changed.

"Salem traveled to one kingdom to another telling tales on how she stole immortality from the gods, welcomed any swordsman that cut her down and demonstrated her powers, with the kings and queens in awe she pulled them deeper into her scheme, she painted pictures of a time they would no longer have to watch their loves one die, where they could claim the powers of their creator for themselves and in turn perfect their own desirers" Jinn said as a king and his knights roared in approval at Salem's words.

"No don't do this can't you see she is lying to you, manipulating you if you go and fight against the gods it will only lead you to your death!" Jonathan yelled but deep down the Joestar knew is words rang on death ears as this was only a vision of the past. The scene changed to a bunch of soldiers heading to the god of light domain.

"All that they needed to do was to destroy their old masters.. the gods have hoped that Salem would learn from her eternal curse and she did, she learned that the hearts of men are easily swayed" Jinn said as the god of darkness appeared in his dragon form to aid his older brother.

"Who has lead you down this path?" the god of light asked humanity he got his answered as Salem walked to face the two gods.

"You.." the god of darkness said as Salem and everyone used their magic to fire at the god of darkness but the god merely absorb their attacks in a purple orb shocking everyone.

"My own gift used against me" the god of darkness said as Jonathan looked and saw what he was about to do.

"NO WAIT STOP PLEASE!" Jonathan yelled as it was too late as the god of darkness destroying humanity.

Jonathan could only just grit his teeth in anger and frustration "so many lives destroyed all because of her foolishness...and refusing to move on..." Jonathan said as his anger was boiling at Salem. Never the less Jonathan continued to watch the scene before him.

"" Salem said as the god of darkness stomp his foot causing Salem to roll away.

"You thought that their was no perfect punishment that could be bestowed upon you" the god of darkness said to Salem.

"I'll go back, I'll tell the rest of the world this massacre and build a new army" Salem replied.

"You do not understand, their is no one left you are all what remains of humanity" the god of darkness said shocking Salem.

"This planet was a beautiful experiment but is merely a remnant of what it once was...we will learn from this failure I hope you will learn from yours" the god of light said as he was about to disappeared.

"No you can't can't leave come back come back!" Salem yelled at the god of light.

"Still demanding things of your creators" the god of darkness said as he turned into a beam of darkness and left the planet and in the process destroying a part of the moon in the process and meteorites fell down and Salem was on her knees and screamed in agony.

"Once again Salem was alone" Jinn said as the scene changed and Jonathan saw that Salem was walking through the lands lands and Jonathan saw that some Grimm were raiding through the villages.

"She cursed the gods, she cursed the universe, she cursed everything, everything but herself, she wondered the face of the planet awaiting the death that will never until faith landed her back to the land of darkness, this was had to be it, the brother's Grimm the pool of black that continue to give rise to horrific nightmares, if the fountain of life granted her immortality then surely the pools of grimm will finally take it away" Jinn said.

"She is desperate, she believes this is her only chance where she could finally die" Jonathan said as he sadly watch as Salem jumped off the cliff and into the pools of Grimm.

"She was wrong, this force of destruction could not destroy a being of infinite life...instead it created a being of infinite life with a desire of purple destruction...and in time would fine her advisory" Jinn said as Salem got out of the pool and he was shocked that her entire appearance changed.

"Good heavens...her appearance she looks like a Grimm" Jonathan said however he couldn't react for very long as the scene changed and Jonathan looked and saw that Ozma woke up and he was walking until a voice called out to him.

"Ozma" Ozma turned and he looked and saw the god of light in his dragon form but he transformed into his human form.

" I?" Ozma asked the god of light.

"We are between realms...I'm afraid a tragedy has befallen your home at the hands of my brother, we have chosen to depart this world but in our absence I would like you to offer you the chance to return to it" the god of light said.

"I don't understand" Ozma said to the light god.

"Mankind is no more, yet your world remains and in time your kind will grow to walk its face once again however without our presence they will be a fraction of what they once were...creation destruction choice and knowledge were the ideals upon which humanity was made now I leave them behind with the hope that you will learn to remake yourselves...if brought together these four relics will summon my brother and I back to your world and humanity will be judged if your kind has learned to live in harmony with one another and set aside their differences then once again we shall live among you and humanity will remain whole again but if your kind is unchanged if you demand our blessing while still fighting amongst yourselves then man will be irredeemable and your world will be wiped from existence" the god of light said shocking Jonathan.

"Until your task is complete you will reincarnate but in a manner that will ensure you that you are never alone" the god of light said.

"I'm sorry but...the world isn't as dear to me without her" Ozma said to the god.

Jonathan could understand Ozma really did love Salem very much and there was no doubt he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"If I may I would rather return to the afterlife to see Salem" Ozma said to the god of light.

"You will not find her there" the god of light said.

"You mean she isn't gone?" Ozma asked the god of light.

"Salem lives...but the woman you hold dear in your memories is gone heed this warning will you seek comfort you will only find pain so will you.." the god of light said before Ozma interrupted him.

"I'll do it" Ozma said confusing the god a bit.

"Very well our creation rest within your hands" the god of light said as he disappeared.

"Even though he heard the god of light warnings Ozma still accepted...maybe he knew that despite the gods warning he wanted to change his lover for the better to go back to the woman she once was" Jonathan said in a somber tone.

"And so Ozma was reborn" Jinn said as Ozma woke up in a new body as it killed a Grimm much to his surprise he looked and saw that a town was on fire.

"Where am I?" Ozma said to himself as he saw somebody being attacked by a Grimm his eyes glowed as he went and picked up the sword and struck the Grimm and blocked its attacks he then stabbed at the Grimm and lifted it up with the sword as it disappeared into dust.

"Thank you tell me your name" the man said to "Ozma" but "Ozma" couldn't say his name because he didn't know it.

"He didn't know...he was brought back as another man, another identity" Jonathan said as the scene changed.

"Ozma found himself in a world he was unfamiliar to him, cities looked different creatures known as the fuanus bore fangs and claws and were locked away in cages" Jinn said as Jonathan frowned as he saw how mistreated the faunus were.

"Without the blessing of the gods no one could preform magic like mankind was once capable of no one but himself and the woman known as the witch" Jinn said as Jonathan saw "Ozma travel through a city and saw some dust and the scene changed and soon "Ozma was standing in front of a old house.

"During his years of travel he heard the same frighten whispers that spoke of a terrifying sorceress who commanded dark powers in the wilds among the beasts and monsters, Ozma was convinced that this witch was Salem and had decided to see what she had become" Jinn said as "Ozma" got closer to the old house.

Salem then opened the door and she instantly recognized that it was Ozma.

"Call it magic, call it something stronger but in that moment the two knew who exactly who stood before them" Jinn said.

"What do we do now?" "Ozma" asked Salem.

"Whatever we like" Salem responded as the scene changed.

"As Salem and Ozma recounted the events that brought them back to together each withheld parts of their story, Salem fearing Ozma would reject her blamed the end of the world on the gods, Ozma still unsure where the truth lay kept his task of the relics a secert though time passed all seemed well Ozma conversation with the god of light still lingered in his mind, he had found happiness but humanity seemed more divided then ever before" Jinn said as the scene shifted again.

"Are you surprise this world is quite literally godless, these humans has no one to guide them perhaps that's all that they need" Salem said.

"What are you saying?" "Ozma" asked his lover.

"We could become the gods of this world, our power surpass all others our souls transcend death, we can mold these lands into whatever we want, what you want create a paradise where the old gods could not" Salem said.

Ozma looked unsure of the idea until Salem placed her hand on his shoulder.

"The hearts of men are easily swayed" Jinn said as the scene changed of a nevermore attacking a city and Salem and Ozma used their magic to destroy it and the people kneeled before them and scene changed once again. Jonathan walked and he saw statues of Ozma and Salem.

"The two amass a following, that following grew into a fine kingdom and at the head of that kingdom blossomed a family" Jinn said as Jonathan looked and saw four children playing and he couldn't help but smiled a bit.

"I wonder would Weiss and I raise a family on our own" Jonathan said as the scene changed to Salem watching humanity fight each other from a red orb.

"Are we sure this is right?" Ozma asked his immortal lover.

"You said we needed to bring humanity together, in order to do that we need to spread our word and destroy those who would deny it" Salem said.

"She would kill those that doesn't believe in them that's horrible you are ruling people through fear" Jonathan said as he glared at Salem.

"What are we doing?" Ozma reflection said scaring the former hero.

"This isn't what he asked of me" "Ozma" said causing Salem to look at him.

"What did you say?" she asked her lover it was then one of their children came into the room.

"Mother, Father look" one of their kids said as they created orbs.

"It was a miracle, their children could preform magic but what should have been a joyous occasion was shorted lived" Jinn said as the scene shifted to Ozma telling Salem everything in their study.

"Ozma told Salem everything, the true reason the god of light had brought him back, the relics that they scattered around the world and the day of judgement he had been told to prepare for" Jinn said.

"Don't you see none of that matters anymore why spend our lives trying to redeem these humans, when we could replace them with what they could never be" Salem said as Ozma narrowed his eyes he knew this wasn't the woman he loved anymore because she has given up on humanity as a whole and wanted to create a whole new breed all together she was too consume by her own power and becoming a "god".

The scene changed to Ozma trying to leave the mansion with his children and one of the children noticed Salem "mommy" the child said.

It wasn't long until Salem attacked Ozma and he struck back with his own blast of magic and soon the two fought until their whole house was destroyed and soon Ozma was crawling out of the rubble bleeding due to loosing his legs and Salem reformed due to her being immortal she then went up to Ozma and steped on him.

"We finally had freedom" Salem said.

"I" Ozma said before Salem killed him.

"Thus began a long painful cycle of death and rebirth for Ozma, some lives were spent in mourning, many were in attempt to forget it all but no matter what he would eventually turn back to the task he has been burden with and as the centuries went on Ozma began to learn the importance of living with the souls he had been paired, but with no matter how and where he moved her presence was always felt...if humanity were to have a chance in being united one thing is cleared" Jinn said.

"He had to kill Salem, but how do you kill the unkillable" Jonathan said as he watch one of Ozma lives go and fight off the Grimm.

He shook his head "I can't think like that there has to be a way to stop Salem once and for all" Jonathan said as the scene shifted to Omza making his signature weapon.

"He could never rid the world of her through mortal means, Ozma sought out the power of the relics armed with my knowledge he believed he could fulfill his promise to the god of light" Jinn said as Jonathan saw and walked up to seeing Ozma asking Jinn a question.

"Where are the other relics?" Ozma asked Jinn "what powers do they possessed?" he asked Jinn again.

"And though I gave him my answers" Jinn said.

"How do I destroy Salem?" he asked Jinn.

"Not all of them were too his liken" Jinn said.

"You can't" Jinn said causing Ozma to go on his knees and the scene shifted back to Oscar and back to the snowstorm.

"We're back" Jonathan said as he looked at Oscar/Ozpin and he looked at him "professor or Ozma.. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this but you're not alone even Salem is immortal I will help you stop her no matter what" Jonathan said as he had a determined look on his face.

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