Chapter 2: Lunch Date and Training

Jonathan open his eyes as he slowly got up from his bed the Joestar heir stretch his arms and he had a big smile on his face as he was excited about today. But how could he not be especially after what happen last night. Jonathan then heard a bark that was inturrpted him from his thoughts as he looked and saw a large Great Dane with white fur and black spots sitting on the floor and wagging his tail happily as if it was greeting Jonathan.

Jonathan smile as he sat on the edge of the bed and the Great Dane went up to him and Jonathan had slowly patted the dog on his head.

"Good morning Danny did you sleep well" Jonathan asked the dog now know as Danny.

Danny barked happily witch caused Jonathan to chuckle at his faithful companion.

Jonathan and Danny have had a long history together and it wasn't always a good one. His father at bought Danny as a puppy when he was five years old and since Danny was very afraid of unfamiliar places and strange things he bit Jonathan on the hand. It didn't help that over the years as he got older Jonathan always threw stones at Danny out of spite. But then everything had really change on that faithful day that made Jonathan and Danny be close as they are to this day.

It was while he and his father was out on vacation Jonathan was swimming in the ocean near the beach and he went too far into deeper waters and he nearly drown if it wasn't for Danny who went into the ocean and saved Jonathan life and the two of them were best friends since. Even though Danny was getting up there in age he is still as playful and energetic as ever.

Both Jonathan and Danny heard a knock on the door and Danny turned to look at his master.

"Go on Danny go get the door boy" Jonathan said as Danny bolted from his spot as he jumped and opened the door by using his mouth.

Once Danny open the door Jonathan was greeted to the sight of one of the Joestar family maid Rebecca who was wearing a maid uniform. She was also a dog faunus since she had dog ears on top of her head and she had long brown hair and brown eyes.

Rebecca was carrying some new sheets for Jonathan's bed and the maid smiled at Jonathan and Danny.

"Good morning master Jonathan, Danny" Rebecca said to the friendly duo.

Jonathan stood up from his bed "good morning Rebecca its a lovely morning isn't it" Jonathan said as he smiled at the maid.

"Um yes sir it is" Rebecca said she could tell that Jonathan was in greater sprits then usual and she wonders why but she didn't really think too much about it.

"I'm here to change your sheets sir and your father wanted me to tell you that breakfast would be ready soon" Rebecca said to the Joestar heir.

"I see well once your finish you could tell my father that I will be down soon after I freshen up oh and do take Danny with you so you can feed him his meal would you" Jonathan said.

Rebecca bowed "of course sir I will do those task once I'm finish with my current task" Rebecca said.

Jonathan nodded as he thank the maid he then went into the bathroom he had in his room witch was large itself just like everything else that was in the mansion.

He grabbed a wash cloth and towel from the bathroom self and he put the towel on a rack he then started turn the hot water on and it wasn't long until the shower had started running.

Jonathan had started to take off his night clothes and once he did that he put them in the ditry basket. He then sighed a bit as he walked up and slowly got in the shower, he then let the hot water drape all over his body and he began to think about what happen at the party last night.

He had finally got to meet and talk with Weiss Schnee who to Jonathan was one of the most beautiful girls in Atlas and maybe in all of Remnant. He always admired her beauty from a far and always wanted to talk to her but he just didn't have a chance to talk to her. Especially since she went to Beacon so she can train to become a huntress.

When Jonathan first saw Weiss it knew it would be a great chance to talk to her but at the same time she looked so sad and if anybody would pay attention to her singing they would notice how sad the lyrics were and that was before she went to Beacon.

It really wasn't any of his business but if Jonathan had to guess he would have to say Weiss home life must have been terrible despite being the heiress to the most powerful company in Remnant. He almost couldn't blame her Jonathan and his father met Jacques Schnee a few times because both of their families do business from time to time with each other.

Jonathan can tell how arrogant and cold he is its like he doesn't care about anybody but is company and himself and base on what he heard about how he treats the faunus. Jonathan can really say that he does not like Jacques Schnee and that's saying something since Johnthan naive as it may be would like to see the good in people. But he knows that their are some twisted people in this world and Jacques just falls in that line.

If Weiss was miserable then its all the more reason for Jonathan to try to help her in anyway he could that way she wouldn't have to worry about her father or what happen at Beacon Jonathan had no problem being a distraction and a get away from Weiss internal problems after all it was a gentleman job to help anybody especially a lady in need.

Jonathan shouldn't be thinking about Weiss at a time this he needs to hurry up and finish his shower or else he going to be late for breakfast and his father is going to scold grab the soap and he began to wash himself and once he was finished with that he grab some shampoo to wash his hair with. Once he felt he was clean Jonathan had gotten out of the shower.

He then began to dry himself off and once he did he wrapped the towel around himself and left the bathroom. The Joestar heir went into his closet and he really had no idea what to wear it took him some time until he decided what he wanted to wear he grab the clothes he wanted to wear and started to put them on.

Once Jonathan finished putting on his clothes he looked himself in a mirror he was wearing light brown pants and a brown vest with a white dress shirt under it and he was wearing black like boots as well. Satisfied with the outfit he had chosen to wear Jonathan had started to head down towards the dining room and once he did he was greeted to the sight of his father reading the paper and he saw their chef bringing their breakfast and sitting it on the table.

Jonathan looked and saw that Danny had begun eating his food as well. Jonathan father George put his new paper down and folded it and look at his son.

"Ah Jojo good morning your right on time" George said to his son.

"I'm suppose I am good morning father" Jonathan said as he went towards the table and sat across from his father.

George Joestar was a man Johnthan had admire and looked up to he had basically taught and raised Jonathan by himself since his mother had died in a crash when he was just a baby. George was a very kind and supportive parent as he would always support Jonathan in what he wanted to do and that included becoming a huntsman. Witch wasn't a surprise since mostly everybody from the Joestar family have been huntsman or huntress for generations and like the Schnee family they had inherited a semblance that was only for them.

George was a very tall man he was only a few inches taller then his son while he wasn't as built as his son he was still pretty fit for a man his age. He had blue hair with a few strands that reach his forehead and he had a blue mustache. He was wearing a brown three piece suit and a blue tie and he was also wearing white gloves as well.

Once Jonathan had sat down the two did a quick prayer of thanking for the food and the two of them had started eating their breakfast. The two of them didnt say anything two each other for a few minutes until George had decided to speak.

"So Jojo seem to be in greater sprits then usual today tell did something happen while we were separated at the party?" Geogre asked his son.

Jonathan wiped his face and looked at his father.

"As of matter of fact father something amazing did happen last night I was able to meet and talk with Weiss Schnee during the party" Jonathan said.

George widen his eyes in surprise "really Weiss Schnee you say...tell me son what did you think of her when you talked to her?" George asked.

"She amazing father she smart she kind and she so full of life I never met a girl amazing as her and she still seems to keep fighting despite what happened to her at Beacon" Jonathan said.

"I see and I take it she is nothing like her father correct?" George said like his son he wasn't much of a fan of Jacques Schnee either if it wasn't that he runs the largest dust company in Remnant he wouldn't do any business with him at all. But at the end of the day George couldn't let his personal feelings get in the way of business in the end he had to make money to support Jojo and keep his company afloat that was just the way things were in life.

Sometimes you would have to work with people you despise so you can make a honest living.

"No father she nothing like her father I can assure you, in fact we were planning to have lunch together this afternoon and I was going to invite her over and so we can train together" Jonathan said as he told his plans to his father.

"I see well Jojo you should tell Weiss that she is welcomed in to our home at anytime and she could train here whenever she wants to that way both of you can get stronger" George said.

"I will and thank you father I'm sure Weiss would appreciate that" Jonathan said.

"Of course son now why don't we finish the rest of our meal we both have a big day ahead of ourselves" George said.

"Yes sir" Jonathan said.

After that moment Jonathan and George had finished eating and once they did George and Jonathan had went their separate ways with George having to go to his company to check on some things while Jonathan with Danny following him went towards his own training room he had in his home.

He still had a few hours until his meeting with Weiss and during that time Jonathan figure that he would get some meditation done and try to get better at clearing his mind and body. So Jonathan had sat down on a mat covered floor and crossed his legs and held his hands in a position and closed his eyes

Danny had sat in usual position in the training room knowing not to disturb his master while he was meditation and the Great Dane watch his master and if he and anybody else was in the room beside the two of them they would have saw Jonathan aura flare up around himself and you can also see some orange like electricity flowing through his whole body a little bit.

Knowing that his master wasn't in any danger Danny fell asleep knowing that Jonathan was going to be meditating for awhile. Jonathan felt everything was going good so far he could feel the aura around him and the energy flowing through his body but he must not loose focus no matter what.

"Calm yourself jojo focus and let the energy flow through imagine the energy flowing through you like electricity or like water that flowing smoothly through the river" Jonathan thought to himself.

Jonathan had slowly breathe in and out and he can feel the energy coursing through him if he can conduct his semblance at a faster rate then he can easily deal with any Grimm that comes his way just like many before him. He had remember his father saying that hamon witch is the name of his semblance was very effective against Grimm but of course it can do damage against people but it is very lethal against the Grimm.

Jonathan had continued this for about almost two and half hours and until he deactivated his aura and opened his eyes. He then sigh a bit stood back up and wiped his forehead and he then saw Danny walk up to him and he smiled and gave his trusty pet a pat on his head.

Jonathan looked at the clock in the training room and he noticed that it was eleven thirty witch means he had thirty minutes until he meets Weiss for lunch.

"I better get going" Jonathan said he then looked at Danny.

"I'll see you later Danny I have a feeling Weiss would like you a lot" Jonathan said as Danny barked happily as he sagged his tail.

Jonathan left the training room once he did he requested requested on of his butlers to grab a limo and to take him towards his they were going wasn't anything special it was one of his favorite restaurants he would go to sometimes. Luckily it wasn't too far from his home so Jonathan knew that he would make it on time. About fifteen minutes later Jonathan had arrived at the resturant and he told the driver to wait for him at a near by spot and once he sees him and Weiss that would be the signal to come and pick them up.

Jonathan had waited painterly for ten minutes until he saw another limo and the back of the door was open and the person who came out of the limo was Weiss who was wearing what looked to be another version of the blue dress she worn last night. The more he looked at it Jonathan could tell her out was similar to the one she wore while she was competing in the Vytal festival.

Weiss closed the door and once she did the limo drove off and she looked at Jojo and she smiled as she went up to him.

"Jojo its so good to see you again" Weiss said to the younger teen.

Jonathan chuckled "its good to see you as well Weiss may I ask why are you carrying that suitcase and what's inside of it" Jonathan asked.

Weiss smirked a bit "ah that's a surprise Jojo you'll see soon enough" she then sigh a bit "of course it took a bit of time to hide this from my father" she said.

"Why would you want to hide that suitcase from your father?" Jonathan asked as soon as he ask Weiss sigh a bit as she had a bit of a sad look on her face.

"I'll tell you about it later we should be heading inside don't you agree Jojo" Weiss said to the Joestar heir. Jonathan nodded as he didn't press the issue further figuring that Weiss will tell him soon enough.

"Of course shall we" Jonathan said as he smiled and offered his hand to Weiss.

Weiss blushed a bit and look down she didn't expect Jonathan to offer his hand to her like that if they held hands people could see and speculate that they were a couple...somehow in the back of her mind she didn't mind that speculation one bit.

She could just politely say no to Jonathan he seems like he would understand but at the same time she didn't want to be rude to him she wanted to leave a great impression on him today.

"Y-yes we shall" Weiss said as she grab Jonathan hand.

After Weiss took Jonathan's hand the duo went inside the restaurant and they were greeted by a waiter. Jonathan requested that they have a private section for themselves and the waiter granted their request and he lead Jonathan and Weiss to their private booth. Jonathan and Weiss sat down from each other and the waiter gave them a menu and ask if there was anything they like to drink.

Weiss said coffee and Jonathan said tea, the waiter nodded and said that he will bring their drinks right away and that he will be ready to take their order.

"Well this is actually a surprise I figure that you like to drink tea Weiss" Jonathan said.

"You sound just like Blake she thought I like to drink tea but no my favorite drink is coffee but don't get me wrong Jojo I do drink tea I just prefer coffee a bit more" Weiss said.

"No I completely understand I like to drink coffee too I mainly drink it during the mornings and if I need it to stay awake especially when I'm doing some late night studying and tutoring but I mostly prefer to drink tea mostly because it helps me relax and it eases my mind a bit" Jonathan said.

"I see Blake pretty much said the same thing more or less" Weiss said as she nodded and accepted Jonathan answer.

"You said earlier that you didn't want your father to find out about that suitcase why is that?" Jonathan asked.

"Well what's in my suitcase well it has to with us training together you see my father doesn't improve of me becoming a huntress" Weiss said.

Jonathan frown "really and why is that?" he softly asked.

"Because he thinks its a waste of time he only wants me to worry about the Schnee Dust Company he doesn't care about my wishes at all and only about himself and making money...its horrible Jojo I feel like I'm in a prison in my own home" Weiss said.

"Weiss I'm so sorry nobody should you feel like their home is a prison and a parent should always respect their parents wishes listen Weiss if there anything I can do to help please don't hesitate to call me" Jonathan said.

Weiss smiled "you already are Jojo thank you its always nice to have someone to talk to" she said.

Jonathan nodded and smile "Of course I completely agree" he said.

After Jonathan said that the waiter had came with their drinks and he asked the duo if they were ready to order.

They Jonathan just wanted a nice well done stake and Weiss wanted some Sushi and the waiter nodded and he said he will be back with their meals soon.

As they were waiting for their Weiss decided she wanted to try to get to know Jonathan and his family more.

"Jojo I was wondering what is your father like I heard rumors of how he treats his workers and he even have some faunus working under him and they love being his boss" Weiss said.

"Unlike my father" Weiss thought.

"He is kind and caring and he always sees the best in people he is one of the people I look up and admire the most he can be a strict on some people especially me his own flesh and blood but that's because he wants to succeed and do better for not only for himself but for us as individuals" Jonathan said.

"He sounds like a good man and the apple doesn't fall from the tree" Weiss said as Jonathan smiled warmly at that remark.

"What about your mother Jojo?" as soon as she asked that Jonathan looked down at the table for a bit but he looked back up to look at Weiss.

"She died in accident when I was a baby so I never got to truly meet her but from what I hear from my father she was truly a pure and kind woman and she always wanted to help people she use to be a huntress back in day and according to my father she was very strong she is one of the reasons why I want to become a huntsman as well" Jonathan.

"Jojo...I'm sorry I didn't know" Weiss said as her facial features soften up.

"No its quite alright Weiss you didn't know and you were just asking a simple question" Jonathan said.

"Ok so does that mean your an only child?" Weiss asked.

"Yes it does but honestly I don't mind at all I still have Danny my father and the butlers and maids to keep me company so I'm not really alone" Jonathan said.

"Danny" Weiss questioned.

"My loyal companion he a Great Dane he as nice as anyone could have imagine" Jonathan said as he could have imagine Weiss face lit up when he said Danny was a dog.

"Really I can't wait to see him then" Weiss said as Jonathan chuckled.

After that the duo continued to talk for a few more minutes until they saw their food was ready and the waiter sat them down on the table and once he did he told Jonathan and Weiss to enjoy their meals and he will be here if they needed anything.

After that both Jonathan and Weiss had started eating their food and they have to admit it was pretty good if they say so themselves.

After about a couple of minutes the duo had finished their meals and Jonathan had called over the waiter and ask for the check and the waiter did and a few minutes later he came back with the check.

Weiss wanted to tell Jonathan that she was fine with paying her own meal but Jonathan insisted that he pay for the meal since he was the one that invited her to lunch in the first Weiss had to reluctantly have Jonathan pay for the meal.

After Jonathan pay for the meal he and Weiss left the restaurant and Jonathan had called the driver of his limo over and the limo had arrived in front of them and Jonathan open the door for Weiss to get in the limo.

"After you" Jonathan said causing Weiss to smile.

"Your such a gentleman Jojo thank you" Weiss said as she got in the limo.

Once Weiss got into the limo Jonathan did as well and he closed the door and once both of them were in the limo the limo drove off and they were heading for the Joestar home. It took them about fifteen minutes for them to reach the mansion.

Once they arrived towards their destination Johnthan and Weiss had walked until they were towards the front door.

"Jojo you have a lovely home" Weiss said as Johnthan had opened the door for her.

"Thank you Weiss maybe after our training I can show you around" Johnthan said as Weiss entered the house and Johnthan followed her once they were inside both teens had heard a barking noise.

Jonathan and Weiss looked and they saw Danny running up to them and Jonathan bent down So that he can pet Danny.

"Hey their Danny I'm back" Jonathan said.

"That's Danny?" Weiss asked as Jonathan turn to look at her.

"That's right this here is my loyal companion Danny my father actually got him as a puppy when I was five but we didn't have the best start to speak" Jonathan said.

Danny then went up to Weiss and he happily sagged his tail as his tounge was sticking out and it didn't take Weiss for a second to be all over Danny.

"Awww your so adorable who the best doggie you are yes you are I can just eat you up" Weiss said as he rub and pat Danny continuously.

She then looked at Jonathan who had an amuse smile on his face and she quickly got away from Danny.

"We should get going" Weiss said as she blushed and look away.

Jonathan chuckle "let me just get change first we can train in the back yard one of the maids can show you around and Danny can keep you company I won't be gone for long Weiss" he said.

"I understand Jojo I'll see you in a few minutes" Weiss said.

Jonathan nodded as he went upstairs and went into his room once he made it to his room he began to remove his clothes and began to put on his combat clothes witch consisted of a blue tank top that showed off his abs and he had brown shoulder pads around his shoulders. He also was wearing grey pants with a red belt tied around it with a golden plate that had the letter J on opposites sides he was also wearing black boots. Johnthan pulled a suitcase and a sheathed sword from his bed.

Jonathan open the suitcase and inside the suitcase was brown gauntlets and dust in the suitcase. Johnthan then began to load the guantles with dust bullets and once he was fully loaded he put the suitcase back under the bed and strapped the sword on his side and left his room and headed towards the back yard.

Once Jonathan arrived in the back yard witch was big and grand itself he saw that Weiss was pratcing her swings with her sword.

Once she heard that Jonathan approach her she stopped "ah Jojo your here" Weiss said as she lowered her arm where she held her weapon Myrtenaster.

"I see you been getting some early practice in" Jonathan said as he walked up to Weiss.

Weiss rubbed her head "W-well I have to keep my occupied somehow since you were busy getting ready" Weiss said as she noticed that Jonathan was wielding his weapons.

"Jojo are those gauntlets your wearing and your wielding a sword?" Weiss asked as Jonathan chuckled a bit.

"Yes I'm mostly a hand to hand fighter but I also have practiced and train swordsmanship because my great great grandfather my great grandfather and my grandfather use to wield luck and pluck when they were huntsman so you could say I'm following the tradition a bit" Jonathan said.

"Luck and Pluck what an interesting name and what about your gunlets I'm curious since they look a bit similar to Yang's weapon" Weiss said as she put her hand on her chin.

"Their called the passion I had gotten these made about a few years ago when I had to learn hand to hand combat" Jonathan said.

"That makes sense you I figure based on your size you would resort to hand to hand combat" Weiss said.

"Well jojo are you ready to begin just so you know I won't go easy you" Weiss said.

Jonathan walked until he was facing Weiss a couple feet away from.

Jonathan unsheated Luck and Pluck and got in a stance "I wouldn't have it any other way Weiss" Jonathan said.

Weiss got into a stance and she noticed that Jonathan was breathing heavily and she could see his aura which was bright orange flareing up and Weiss could see the aura and the orange sparks flaring around his sword.

"His aura is so massive and the orange spark around his sword is he channeling his aura through the sword is that his semblance" Weiss thought as she prepared herself for any attack Jonathan will unleash.

Jonathan wasted little time and charge at Weiss "he can move that quickly at his size" Weiss thought as Jonathan swung his sword at Weiss but Weiss managed to block the attack but she was pushed back.

"What strength" Weiss thought but Jonathan wasn't done as he swung multiple times at Weiss but she kept blocking his swings until she parry one of his swings and started to stab at Jonathan with such speed it was like a blur.

Jonathan had done a good job blocking the attacks so far but Weiss was going so fast he had trouble keeping up.

"Damn it she attacking me with such speed and precision I'm having trouble keeping up with her" Jonathan thought as he could feel Weiss draining his aura with each strike she managed to land.

Jonathan lowered himself and did a leg sweep but Weiss saw it coming and jumped back as he did a couple of flips until she landed and she gave Jonathan a little smirk.

"Weiss she amazing and I know she hasn't gotten even serious yet" Jonathan said.

"He strong and the way he skills with the sword are pretty good but mostly he just relying on his raw power and semblance...hmmm if hmmm maybe after this fight is over I can train him to be more skillful with his weapon" Weiss thought.

Weiss struck her sword the ground and activated her glyphs and it had the image of a clock roaring faster while at the same time Jonathan continued taking deep breaths just so he can keep the hamon around his body at all times.

Weiss moved like a blur and she created another glyph in the air and moved like a rocket to Jonathan position and Jonathan predicted where she was going to be at and block the attack. He then pushed Weiss back and quickly attack her with multiple sword swings but Weiss was able to dodge and block Jonathan strikes she then did a back kick causing Jonathan to stumble a bit and she fired a stream of ice at Jonathan.

Jonathan regained his balance and dodged to the side but Weiss was ready for him as she was already in front of him.

"Oh no" Jonathan said as Weiss in a blur knocked Jonathan sword away from and while he was distracted Weiss tripped him up and it wasn't long until Jonathan was on the ground and Weiss pointed Myrtenaster at Jonathan throat.

"Yield" Weiss said.

"Ok I yield you win this round Weiss" Jonathan said.

Weiss smiled as he helped Jonathan up "I must say Jojo your pretty good with your sword but you still need some work you might have had a better chance at using your gauntlets" Weiss said.

"I understand I can use this opportunity to get better" Jonathan said.

Weiss nodded "the way your aura flared up around you what was that your semblance?" she asked.

"Yes my semblance is hamon with the proper amount of breathing I can channel the aura around my body and use it for combat, I can also apply hamon to my weapons as well but mainly hamon is more useful for hand to hand combat situations its highely effective against Grimm but not as effective against people but I can still do damage with it against people" Jonathan.

"That's incredible so what you are saying against Grimm you would be completely untouchable" Weiss said.

"That depends on my breathing in order to maintain or gather the aura I use for an attack I must be completely breathing or else the aura I gather weakens or I stop gathering any aura at all putting me at a huge disadvantage" Jonathan said.

"That is a huge weakness but none the less Jojo your semblance is amazing with it I know you are going to be a great huntsman" Weiss said as she smiled at Jonathan.

"Thank you Weiss" Jonathan said.

"Hey Jojo how about this you let me come over here and we can train together everyday from now on I can teach you some ways on how to use your sword so what do you say" Weiss asked the blue haired teen.

"That's an excellent idea Weiss" Jonathan said as he had a smile on his face he could get stronger and spend time with all in all it was a win/win scenario for the young Joestar.

"Good now pick up your sword and put away this time I want to see how you fight with your fist" Weiss said with a smile. Unknown to the both of them this would be the first in many steps of how their releaionship have developed from friendship into something more. Fate has truly worked in strange and mysterious ways indeed.

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