"Oscar, Blake we're you and able to find any information regarding this town?" Jonathan asked the trio.

The group expect for Ruby and Qrow are currently in the study area trying to keep themselves warm and sitting by the fire place.

Jonathan, Oscar Blake and Maria are grouped up together with Jonathan and Oscar standing up and Blake and Maria sitting on the couch.

"Actually I think we might have actually found some clues" Blake said.

"You have?" Jonathan asked.

"Yeah we actually found some diaries that use to belong to the head of this household Bartleby" Oscar said.

"Apparently him and several other families tried to live on their own, and it sounded like it work at least for a spell" Maria said.

"That's not uncommon I have heard that several people try to move outside of the kingdoms because they refuse to the governed or ruled by the kingdoms" Jonathan said.

"I guess it didn't work out because of the Grimm?" Jonathan asked.

"Just one of many hardships, slow down their farming made everything harder, it's a shame really he seemed like quite the ambitious fellow always thinking of new schemes to overcome the odds" Maria said.

"Hmm so it all comes back to the Grimm, maybe that's what happened to the people of this town" Jonathan said.

"You think a type of Grimm did this to the people of this town, if what type of Grimm would do this?" Blake asked.

"I don't know, I heard about a Grimm that has some similar abilities but I just can't remember what type exactly" Jonathan said.

Before they could continue the conversation Ruby had came into the study.

"Hey guys" Ruby said getting everybody attention.

"Qrow said we should get some sleep, we're going to head out early tomorrow" Ruby said.

Blake sighed "thank goddess" she said as everybody stood up and prepared themselves to get some sleep.

"The last thing your going to catch me doing is letting some kid tell me what to do, go to bed pft" Maria said dismissing Qrow order as she sat down on the chair and turned on a lamp as she kept reading.

Ruby just shrugged and smiled at Maria before she could turn around she saw that Jonathan was looking at her.

"Oh Jojo what's up did you want to ask me something?" Ruby asked the Joestar heir.

"I wanted to ask you how Qrow doing?" Jonathan asked causing Ruby to sigh.

"Not too good I can tell that learning about Ozpin and Salem past is getting to him" Ruby said.

"I agree and nothing ever comes good when somebody drinks a whole bottle of alcohol it's not healthy to drink like that to deal with certain issues" Jonathan said.

"I agree, I'll try to talk to him tomorrow" Ruby said.

"Ok I'll help you try to talk to him for now we should all try to get to get some sleep" Jonathan said as he smiled at Ruby.

"Thanks Jojo and your right well let's get some sleep then" Ruby said.

Jonathan nodded after that it wasn't long until they put out the fire and they use the blankets to go to sleep.

A couple of hours later it was daytime and everybody was sleeping and Jonathan was sleeping next to Weiss and in the other room Qrow was also sleeping with another bottle of liquor in his hand and the bottle fell hitting the floor causing Ruby and Jonathan to instantly wake up.

They both looked at each other and smiled a bit and then got up and walked towards the curtains opening them up.

"Well looks like the sun already out and the weather is all cleared up as well" Jonathan said.

"But it looks like we overslept" Ruby said.

"Hmm close the window" Weiss said as she grumbled a bit.

Jonathan and Ruby then went into the other room and they looked around and saw that Qrow was already sleeping and he looked around and saw a bunch of alcohol bottles.

Jonathan frowned at the sight "he must have been drinking for most of the night" he then looked and saw Ruby walking up to Qrow shaking him to wake up.

"Uncle Qrow c'mon get up" Ruby said.

"Hmm leave me alone" Qrow said in his sleep.

"We overslept" Ruby said but Qrow grumbled and pushed her away.

"I didn't really want to do this" Jonathan thought as he walked up to Ruby and Qrow and Jonathan turned to look at Ruby.

"Here Ruby let me my try and I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do" Jonathan said as he gently pushed Ruby away.

"Huh what are you going to-" Ruby got her answer as she saw Jonathan lift Qrow and he balled up his right fist once he did that Jonathan wasted little time and punch Qrow straight in the face knocking him out of his chair.

"Owww!" Qrow yelled as he sat up from the ground and rubbed his face. He then looked up and saw Jonathan and Ruby.

"What the hell did you do that for!" Qrow yelled and rubbed his face.

"Apologies Qrow but it's time for us to go and you ignored Ruby attempts to wake you up, it was the only idea I could think of to wake you up" Jonathan said to the huntsman.

Qrow then looked out the window and sighed a bit "guess your right but next time kid, no punching last thing I want wake up to is getting punched in the face" Qrow said as he got up from the floor.

"Hey uncle Qrow" Ruby said as Qrow looked at her.

"You know you can talk to me about stuff and Yang too" Ruby said.

Qrow gave Ruby a small smile "I appreciate that kiddo but right now let's just get out of here"

A couple of minutes later it wasn't long until everybody was outside and Weiss currently helped Yang creating a hook behind bumblebee.

"There" Weiss said.

"Can we go back to bed" Oscar said as he sat down on the steps next to Blake.

"If we're still tired maybe we can make some breakfast?" Blake suggested.

"Do you want to make it?" Oscar asked.

"Not really" Blake said.

It didn't take long for Jonathan Ruby and Qrow to come out with the cart.

"You guys got the bike ready" Ruby asked her sister.

"Yeah for the most part" Yang sighed.

"Good then let's hook this thing up and-" Qrow said as he kicked the tire and once he did it went flat.

Qrow grunted his frustration as he went to check the tire.

"You people are just a beacon for bad luck aren't you" Maria as Qrow merely walked away from the cart and sat down.

Yang started to sit down "I'm started to think the universe doesn't want us to get to Atlas" Yang said.

"What do you mean it's just a flat tire Yang maybe their a spare" Jonathan said to the blonde.

"It's not just that Jojo, it's everything storms crashes monsters Im so tired" Yang said.

"It feels like we always have to fight to get by" Blake said.

"Yeah but that's what we signed up for" Ruby said.

"We signed up to save the world not just delay the inevitable" Oscar said.

"What are you saying Oscar are you saying that you rather just do nothing while Salem destroys and kills everything on Remant" Johnthan said.

"You saw Jinn vision Jojo how on earth can we kill someone that can't die, if you have any ideas I would love to hear them" Oscar said.

Johnthan gritted his teeth in frustration because he really doesn't have any ideas on how to defeat Salem.

"Hey I've been thinking why are we going to Atlas?" Weiss asked.

"What?" Jonathan said as he looked at his girlfriend.

"Weiss we have to" Ruby replied.

"Why?" Yang said as she stood up.

"Ozpin hid the relics behind giant doors under enormous schools how long will it take Salem to find a lamp in a middle of nowhere" Yang said.

Johnthan wanted to say something but for some reason he feels a little bit tired.

"They find it eventually sure but buried it and throw it down the well it would take years and it might not happen in our life time but we could be done with it now" Yang said.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea" Jonathan said as he felt a bit tired.

Ruby then started to walk to the well with the lamp in her hand.

"I'm starting to feel tired" Ruby said as she held the lamp near the well and she sighed and once she looked again she saw something monstrous causing her to gasp and her dropping the well.

"Oh no no no no what did I do!" Ruby said causing Jonathan to sake his head.

"Ruby what's wrong?" Jonathan asked.

"Jojo their something down their and it was looking at me" Ruby said.

"Really then it could be a Grimm it has to be the reason why the people here died in their sleep" Jonathan said.

"Well all the more reason for us to leave then" Yang said.

"Are you insane we can't just leave we need to get the lamp!" Jonathan yelled at the blonde.

"All we have to do is fix this trailer hey farmboy check the shed for" Qrow said before Ruby yelled.

"I'm not leaving without the lamp!" Ruby yelled.

"I agree Ruby we need to get the lamp right now and possibly fight the Grimm that's down their I'll go with you" Jonathan said.

"Me too" Blake said.

"Same here I can't just leave my boyfriend and leader doing anything reckless" Weiss said.

"Fine get the stupid lamp, fix the stupid tire" Qrow said as he stood up and was about to head back in the house.

"Where are you going?" Maria asked Qrow.

"Where do you think?" Qrow said as he showed Maria his flask

"Tch,stupid" Maria said as she shook her head and sat down on the steps and continued reading.

After that Jonathan and team RWBY had jumped down in the well and both Yang and Ruby had their phone lights on.

"Maybe the current carried it away" Yang suggested as they went further underground but Jonathan held his guard up and grabbed Luck and Pluck handle behind his back and started to breathe.

At the same time Maria was currently reading the diary as a certain page had caught her attention.

"Oh come on where is it?" Ruby said as she was frustrated that she couldn't find the relic of knowledge.

"Turn off your lights and look for the glow" Blake suggested.

Ruby then looked at Jonathan and he nodded since that was the best idea they can come up at the moment.

"Okay" Ruby said as she turned off the light to her scroll.

Maria kept continuing to read the page and at the same time underground Blake saw the light.

"There" Blake said.

Ruby smiled as she and Jonathan ran up and it wasn't long until both of them saw the lamp and at the same time once Maria turned the page she looked and saw the apathy Grimm on the page and gasp in shock.

Ruby then picked the lamp "awesome we got the lamp" Ruby said.

"Excellent Ruby let's-" Jonathan said as he looked up he gasp in shocked.

"Jojo what wrong" Ruby looked up and she saw a bunch of Apathy Grimm and it didn't take long for them to notice Ruby and Jonathan.

Ruby screamed.

"Damn it! Ruby go and get the others I'll hold them off"" Johnthan said said as he started to breathe as his aura flared up lighting up the room.

"But-" Ruby said.

"I'll be alright just go already!" Jonathan said.

Ruby did what Jonathan said and once that happened Jonathan wasted little time he quickly got out luck and pluck and with breath taking speed. With multiple slashes with luck and pluck that was overflowing with Hamon he quickly destroyed a group of apathy.

Jonathan sighed and he turned and ran and he saw team RWBY waiting for him.

"Jojo what's going on?" Weiss asked before Maria came up to them.

"Run now!" Maria said as she ran.

"Come on we need to start running" Jonathan said as he and team RWBY started to run and that's when Ruby saw a pathway to the right.

"This way" Ruby said as she and the others went to the right and once they did they kept running and they saw two groups of apathy Grimm from their sides.

As they got to the end of one path they saw another group of Apathy Grimm and they saw a giant hole on the wall and they went through there. Once they did that they turned and saw another group of apathy and they started screaming causing the group to fall on their knees.

"I can't do this" Yang said as Maria and Jonathan got up and with his willpower Jonathan started to breathe.

"An exit, an exit" Maria said as she saw some stairs that lead to the exit.

"I call forth the hamon that resides in my very soul" Jonathan said as once again his aura flared a fiery orange once again and sparks appeared around luck and pluck.

Jonathan then got into a stance "overdrive wave blast!" Jonathan yelled as he swung luck and pluck and created a orange hamom aura slash attack and the attack went ahead and destroyed the apathy behind them stop one of them from getting close to Blake.

Jonathan sighed as he ran and helped Weiss up and then Ruby as Yang got back up. Jonathan then went up and helped Black up as well.

"Thanks Jojo you really saved our butts" Blake said.

"I appreciate that Blake but we need to get out of here-" Jonathan started to say as more apathy appeared through the entrance.

"Damn it out of my way" Yang said as she tried to get through the stairs but the apathy screamed causing the group to fall through their knees.

"Their too many of...them" Jonathan said he knows that the apathy drains the will power of their victims sure they were easy to take out but when they are in groups they can easily overwhelm even experienced huntsmen.

Jonathan went over to Blake and Ruby and his aura flared up protecting him from harm and the apathy went back a bit.

Maria looked at Ruby she wasn't sure at first but taking a good look at Ruby she knew that. Ruby was a silver eyed warrior like she was. She wonders if the girl awakened her powers yet but she doesn't have time to guess because she knew Jonathan can't use his semblance to hold back the apathy forever.

Maria then crawled up to Ruby and she wanted to make sure if she was correct.

"Ruby what color are your eyes?" Maria asked.

They're silver" Ruby replied.

Jonathan was confused why would Ruby eye color matter in this situation.

"You have a family,friends" Maria asked.

"What" Ruby said as she looked at the Grimm.

"Don't think about them, think about the people who love you,focus on the thought of them, the way they make you feel..focus" Maria said as Ruby closed her eyes.

"Life is beautiful" Maria said as Jonathan aura flared up as he used it to protect Blake Maria and Ruby.

"It is precious and it must be protected" Maria said as Ruby opened her eyes and a light shined upon them and Jonathan sensed something from Ruby.

"Ruby" Jonathan said as he saw Ruby got up and with the power of her silver eyes she unleashed a brilliant light in the apathy and she destroyed all of them in a instant.

"What in the world" Jonathan said shocked at what he witnessed but Yang got out of her shock for the moment as she went up the stairs and with one punch from her shot gauntlets she opened the door which lead to the alcohol cellar in the house.

Everybody then ran and they realized they were back inside the house.

"We're back in the house" Blake said as they looked and saw Qrow passed out.

"Uncle Qrow get up!" Ruby said she shook Qrow to wake up.

"Hey get off of me, what are you doing here?" Qrow said to the group.

"We're leaving you idiot c'mon" Maria said she left along with Blake and Yang.

"Not yet, Jojo would you be a dear and boost my aura and lend me some of your hamon" Weiss said to her boyfriend.

Jonathan didn't know what Weiss was planning but he trusted her and he went ahead and placed a hand on Weiss back boosted her aura until it turned from a blue color to a orange color.

Meanwhile Yang and the others called out to Oscar who was fixing the tire .

"Oscar we have to go now!" Yang said to the farmboy as Yang got on bumblebee and Blake and Maria got on the cart.

Weiss threw bottles of alcohol and went up to the door.

"Hey what are you doing?" Qrow said as Weiss got into a stance and created a orange glyph thanks to Jonathan hamon and she unleashed a stream of fire from the glyph and the apathy screamed in pain as they started to burn to ash.

"Now we can leave" Weiss said as Ruby and Jonathan pulled Qrow as they were trying to leave the house.

"Stop it, what's wrong with you what's-" Qrow looked up and saw the Apathy dying in the hamon enhanced flames. After that everybody was on the cart and Yang started up bumblebee and drove off.

"Those were the apathy I should have figured they were the ones that did this" Jonathan said.

"Yes they aren't strong or ferocious but they drain your will to continue on " Maria said.

Bartleby estate was hemorrhaging money he wanted to cut cost of huntsmen protection but in order to do that he needed everyone calm always" Maria said.

"So that's when he decided to capture the apathy" Jonathan said.

"Managed to get the two away from their pack, my back was miserable but managed to get the bastards in the cellular, wife thinks I was sealing the entrance but I'll tell her the truth tomorrow once these things takes the edge off from everybody I'm tried" Oscar said as he read the journal.

"The next page proves that he did but not before the pack followed their way home my guess is they lead their way beneath the estate that Bartleby sealed up the next morning" Maria said as she grabbed the book.

"Bartleby plan worked no one was angry or sad no one was anything then no one was left" Maria said she threw the journal as well.

Jonathan sighed because of Bartleby wanted to be cheap many people had lost their lives.

"I'm sorry for what I said about giving up and I think we owe Ozpin a apology as well" Weiss said as Yang stopped riding.

"Me too, it's not like he asked for this besides we can't quit until the lamp is safe" Yang said.

"It's not your fault it was those things" Blake said.

"I should have know, the signs were all there but I never seen an entire settlement whittled away like that, I suppose my mind wasn't what it used to be" Maria said.

"No Ms. Calavera if anything it's my fault I studied all of the Grimm types including the apathy if I would have realized sooner we could have gotten out of that situation a long time ago" Jonathan said as he looked down in frustration.

"Heh don't feel bad Jojo it was thanks you that we didn't die back there" Maria said.

Jonathan gave Maria a small smile.

"Ms. Calavera how do you know so much about the Grimm?" Ruby asked.

"In the tunnels you knew exactly what to say to me and to make my eyes do that how?" Ruby asked.

"We're you a huntress by any chance in your youth?" Jonathan asked.

"Wow your kind sweet and smart why yes I was a huntress and I had silver eyes" Maria said.

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