Chapter 5: Like Father Like Son

"Jojo its about time that I gotten to meet don't you think" George said to his son. Currently both Jonathan and George were in the dining room and they were currently having breakfast at the moment since it was about early in the morning.

"What do you mean father?" Jonathan asked George.

"Well son you have been dating for six months now and due to my busy schedule I haven't really had the chance to meet her but as you know I'm not too busy so I was thinking about having her over for dinner so I can meet her in person" George said.

Jonathan knew the reason of course his father had told them that Ironwood had came by his office and told them that their company or any other trading companies in Atlas was forbidden to trade materials like dust and other things as a precaution measure in case a war breaks out due to what happened at Beacon.

George understood this and he wasn't that concern it wasn't like the Joestar Trading Company wasn't going to bankrupt anytime soon and not only that George made sure that his employees and families were taking care of that was just the kind of man he was. George had told Jonathan that Ironwood was going to tell Jacques the same thing and he told his son knowing Jacques he wouldn't be happy at all due to how power hungry he is and how much he loves making money.

It has six months since Jonathan and Weiss had started dating and Jonathan was really was the luckiest guy in the world to be dating such a wonderful woman such as Weiss. They had done everything they could as a couple going out to a couple of places and doing activtes that the others liked for Jonathan it was the best six months of his life however. Jonathan has been limited to seeing Weiss and he has a pretty good idea why. But luckily today was when Weiss and him do their daily training so he could talk about how his father invited her for dinner.

"That's an excellent. Idea father after we are done training I'm going to ask Weiss if she can stay for dinner so she can meet you" Jonathan said.

"Thank you Jojo" George said.

After that moment the two men had finished their breakfast and both of them had went on with their day with George saying he still had some business he had to take care of at the company but he promised he will be back by tonight. While Jonathan was getting ready for his training with Weiss.

It was only a couple of hours later that Weiss arrived and Johnthan was really happy to see his girlfriend. He still couldn't believe Weiss was his girlfriend at times but despite that he didn't take her nor their relationship for granted. All Jonathan wanted to do was to make Weiss happy and he felt in his mind he done a great job so far despite the drama that's going on with her.

Once Weiss arrived Jonathan and Weiss had started their training well it was more for Jonathan then it was Weiss. For the past couple of hours Weiss was teaching Jonathan a couple of her sword techniques it was tough no doubt about and to Jonathan his girlfriend was w strict teacher but it wasn't so bad because Jonathan was a willing Weiss her boyfriend was one of the hardest workers she ever seen he just has that firey desire to get stronger and be the best huntsman he can be and it was one of the reasons she loved him.

Weiss was currently watching Jonathan thrusting luck and pluck at a fast and rapid pace and Weiss nodded her head in approval.

"Alright Jojo that's enough" Weiss said to her boyfriend.

Jonathan stopped as he looked at the white hair girl and smiled at her "so how did I do?" he asked.

"You still need to straighten your strange and relax more you can't be too tense or else your movements are going to be sloppy" Weiss said.

"I see' Jonathan said as Weiss went her to her boyfriend and placed her hand towards his face "but besides that you did great jojo your improving and getting stronger each time we trained together" Weiss said.

Jonathan had grabbed Weiss hand and kissed it witch caused the Schnee heiress to blush a bit.

"Why don't we call it a day then there something I wanted to talk to you about" Jonathan said.

"Sure Jojo what did you want to talk about?" Weiss asked.

"First let me put luck and pluck up and we sit down and talk about it" Jonathan said.

After Jonathan had put up luck and pluck and sat it down Jonathan and Weiss sat down next to each other on the bench with Danny laying down on front of them. Currently Weiss was currently leaning on to Jonathan with Jonathan holding on her waist. When Weiss held on well when every time she held onto Jonatham she could feel just how strong and muscular he is body wise and while Weiss isn't a perverted then her old teammates Blake and Yang even Weiss would admit that Jonathan is well a ten and beyond body wise.

Not only that but whenever Weiss be like this with Jonathan she always feel a bit warm and safe around him like everything was going to be alright.

Weiss then looked up at her boyfriend "so what is it that you wanted to talk about Jojo?" Weiss asked her boyfriend.

Jonathan looked at her and smiled "well Weiss since we were dating you never actually had a chance to meet my father since he was always working but due to some recent events my father will now have more free time on his hands so he was wondering if you would like to join us for dinner" Jonathan said.

"Really?" Weiss asked and Jonathan nodded.

"Well its true I never really actually met and spoken to your father before Jojo but my father he probably going to be upset that I'm not home during that time" Weiss said.

"So what Weiss this is your life your father doesn't control you or your actions why your already practically stronger then him need to things that will make you happy" Jonathan said.

Weiss smiled "thank you Jojo that really means a lot and I'll take you up on that offer I can't wait to meet your father" she said.

"Excellent now then since we have a couple of hours until father gets back is there anything you would like to do" Jonathan asked his girlfriend.

"Well can we just go into your room and just relax in there...we could just cuddle together on your bed" Weiss said as she blushed a bit.

Jonathan chuckled it was really cute to see Weiss get all flustered and nervous like that compared to her usual self it was actually really cute.

Jonathan leaned forward and gave Weiss a peck on her lips and smiled at her "of course my snow angel" Jonathan said as he separated himself from Weiss and stood up from the bench and offered her his hand.

"Shall we?" Jonathan said causing Weiss to smile "yes we shall" Weiss said as she grabbed Jonathan hand and stood up from the bench.

Once they stood up Jonathan had grabbed luck and pluck with one hand was holding on to Weiss with his other and after he Weiss and Danny have left the backyard area and went into Jonathan room once they got into Jonathan room Weiss had currently sat down on his bed while Jonathan went to his closet and pulled out some clothes.

"I'll be right back Weiss let me just change out of my combat clothes" Jonathan said.

"Ok jojo take your time" Weiss said as Jonathan went into the bathroom to change.

After about a few minutes Jonathan had came out of the bathroom he was just wearing a simple white dress shirt and grey pants he then went towards his bed and lied down and Weiss laid down and snuggled next to the Joestar heir.

"Feeling comfortable?" Jonathan asked as he turned his head to face his girlfriend.

"Yes though I kind of wish I wasn't wearing this dress to fit the mood more" Weiss said.

Jonathan chuckled "you don't have to worry about that Weiss I couldn't care what you where as long as we are together lets just enjoy this moment we are having right now" he said.

"Your right Jojo" Weiss said as she smiled at her boyfriend.

After that the two had just talked as they cuddled but over time both had really fallen asleep together and both have slept for hours until night time had came somebody had knocked on Jonathan door causing the blue hair youth to slowly open his then sat up and looked at the door.

"Come in" Jonathan said as he said that the door opened and one of the bulters appeared.

"Pardon the intrusion master Jonathan but I'm just here to inform you that your father have just made it back home and that dinner will be ready in twenty minutes" the bulter said.

"Thank you we will be right down" Jonathan said as he gave the bulter a smile.

The butler smiled and nodded and he closed the door and as he did Weiss groaned as she slowly started to open her eyes.

"Hmmm Jojo?" Weiss said as she slowly looked at her boyfriend.

"Oh Weiss your awake" Jonathan said.

"What's going on?" Weiss asked as Jonathan got out of the and Weiss rose up and rubbed her eyes

"My father just made it home and dinner is going to be ready in a couple of minutes" Jonathan said

"Wait really oh gosh now I need to straighten myself up I don't want to leave a bad impression on your father" Weiss said as she gotten up from the bed and tried to straighten out her dress as best as she grab a brush from Jonathan drawer and she started to straighten out her ponytail.

"Weiss everything is going to be fine I'm sure my father will like you very much" Jonathan said.

"Even if he does that's no excuse to not look my best when meeting someone important and that happens to be my boyfriend father" Weiss said once she was finished with her hair she put the brush back on the drawer.

"I suppose you have a point" Jonathan said.

"Now then what should we do now Jojo?" Weiss asked.

"We should just wait a bit until dinner ready and we can go down to the dining room" Jonathan said.

"Alright then" Weiss said and so for about twenty minutes Jonathan and Weiss had waited until it was time for them to head towards the dining room where dinner will be served at.

Jonathan had lead Weiss to the dining room and to Weiss it was almost or just as big as the dining room back at the Schnee manor and Weiss looked at the food on the table it looked like they were cook roasted beef and they also had a bowl of salad to go along with the beef and three plates.

"It looks like father hasn't made it yet" Jonathan said.

"What are you talking about Jojo I'm right behind you" both Jonathan and Weiss turned and both saw that George was right behind them.

"Oh father your here I take it you just got here as well" Jonathan asked his father as he walked up to them.

"Yes I just arrived a little bit after you two did" George said as he looked towards Weiss and gave her a small smile.

"You must be Weiss Schnee its a pleasure to meet you my dear I hope my son hasn't put through a lot of troblue" George said as he held out his hand for Weiss.

Weiss smiled as she looked at George she can tell that Jonathan did indeed gotten his good looks from him but not only his looks but his kindness as well.

Weiss took George hand and took it "Its a pleasure to meet you as well sir Jo-Jonathan has been nothing but the perfect gentleman towards me and and has treated me with nothing but kindness and respect" Weiss said she wasn't sure if calling Jonathan by his nickname would be apporitate towards his father but it still felt wield since she rarely calls Jonathan by his real name ever since they met each other.

"Its fine dear I call him Jojo too it was actually my wife that came up with the name a couple of weeks after he was born" George said.

"Really?" Weiss said.

"Yes she and so the name pretty much stuck by with Jonathan and he pretty much told everyone that became friends to call him Jojo" George said.

"Wow that's actually amazing" Weiss said.

"Yes I feel like people calling me Jojo I feel like I'm honoring my mother" Jonathan said.

"I see that's very sweet of you Jojo" Weiss said with a smile she doubt she would do the same for her mother since she cares more about a bottle of wine then her daughter these days.

"Well that's enough of that you must be starving Weiss come lets eat before the dinner gets cold" George said as he walked toward the table and he sat down on one side and Jonathan and Weiss had sat on the other side.

The three of them had begun to fix their food and once they they had started eating and for Weiss she felt more comfortable then she has ever been at home both Jonathan and George made her feel right at home and they talked about all kinds of things that made dinner meeting all the more lively she wished she could probably stay here instead with her family but she didn't really want to cause trouble and be a burden to her boyfriend and his father.

After about a thirty minutes everyone has finished their food and Weiss had wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Thank you for having me over for dinner the food was great and I even enjoyed our conversations as well" Weiss said.

"Anytime dear you are welcome here at anytime and please keep tell me if my son has done anything wrong so that I can give him a lesson on being a proper gentleman" George said.

"Father" Jonathan said as he groaned a bit while Weiss chuckled a bit.

"I'll keep that in mind sir...well its getting late I should probably should be getting home who knows what my father will do" Weiss said as she stood up from her chair and Jonathan and George did the same.

"Well then Jojo and I will see you off but are you sure that you wouldn't like to stay the night with us we have plenty of room?" George said.

"I appreciate that sir but I will have to refuse but I might take you up on that offer one day" Weiss said.

"I understand" George said after that Jonathan George and Weiss had went outside of the mansion and Weiss had called in her limo she was riding in to take her home but not before she can say one final goodbye to her boyfriend and father.

"It was really nice to meet you please take care of yourself and if your father gives you any trouble just let me know and tell him I was the one that made you stay late" George said.

"Thank you sir" Weiss said.

Jonathan then went up to the white haired Schnee "take care Weiss hopefully I'll be able to see you tomorrow" Jonathan said.

"Yes you will you still need a lot of training after all" Weiss said as the two chuckled a bit.

"Be strong Weiss if anything happens don't hesitate to come here"Jonathan said to his girlfriend.

"Thank you Jojo but I promise you I'll be fine" Weiss said after she said that the couple hugged each for a moment.

After that Weiss then got into the limo and once she did the limo had drove off and left the area with Jonathan and George watching in the distance.

"You found a great woman Jojo" George said as Jonathan turned to look at him.

"So do you approve?" Jonathan asked his father.

""Yes she has my blessing Weiss is a remarkable young woman who decided she wanted to follow her own path in life and simply following a path her father laid out for her I truly hope she can take her company back from him one day I would love to work with her instead of him but not only that but I could tell you two really love and care for each other it would be foolish to take that away from you" George said.

"Thank you father that really means a lot" Jonathan said.

"Your my son Jojo even if there are some things we may not agree with you know I will support you in any way I can we should hurry back inside now" George said as he started to head back in the house.

Jonathan looked at his father and smiled and then he looked at the night sky things couldn't really have gone any better his father had accepted the relationship between Weiss and himself. Things were really looking up and he can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. After that Jonathan had went back inside as well looking forward to what the future will bring next.