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Following the instructions given to them the trio left the base for the 'Commercial area' the Ensign was talking about.

Being newcomers to the island this could've been somehow complicated, luckily Lucas having flown over the island the previous day already got a somehow basic understanding of the town's layout.

Besides, the base wasn't that far away from the commercial area so it was pretty easy to get there, and when they did arrived there the scenario around them made their eyes glitter in wonder.

"This place sure is lively"

Once again Lucas got impressed by how active this town was, the scene of many people coming and going making some memories of his previous life resurface. Since arriving in his new world he mostly stayed in pretty calm places, which was okay with him, but now arriving in this very active island he couldn't help but feel nostalgic.

"Now let's see…" Torlo picked the map the Ensign gave them and began tracing the route they would be doing "We're about here, now we just need to go down this street and go around the area"

Not wanting to waste much time they began their very first patrol.

The people around them when seeing they are marines would step aside and given them passage without them needing to ask. They did that not out of fear, but because they respected them and didn't wished to get in the way of their work.

It was honestly quite the fascinating feeling, none of them in their time as marines have interacted with the common people they swore to protect. It couldn't be helped, after all their had spent most of their time inside the bases where there was only other marines, even Torlo who was a marine for longer than his two friends didn't had much chances to interact with the common folk.

This assignment gave them the chance to finally experience the attitude people have towards marines.

The reaction of the people around them highlighted how marines are respected by the common folk, sure, it wasn't anything exaggerated, after all marines are a common sight basically everywhere, but their attitude still betrayed a sense of respect.

From the smile of a kid, to the silent nod from an old gentleman, all these small actions showed that marines are held in high regards!

Why wouldn't they? Marines are essentially the police/military force in this world; they are the ones willingly putting their lives on the line to protect them from the dangers of out there. Save from some special cases, the common people don't have any big reason to not respect the marines.

Torlo seeing the subtle, but very real, shows of respect people had towards them couldn't help but smile "This sure feels nice"

To the side Lucas returned the wave of a passing lady (which also winked at him but maybe that was his imagination) before turning his eyes towards the many buildings around.

True to its name the area had all sorts of stores, from small newsstands selling comics and the latest news, to bustling two-story restaurants serving delicious smelling food. You could even find some weapon stores doing business, there's one that seems to specialize in firearms, another one in hunting gear, and even one selling swords and other blades!

The last one in specific immediately caught the attention of a certain someone.

"Wwwwooooowww! Isn't that sword an original from the great swordsmith C. Brog?!"

Practically teleporting Tashigi got in front of a store aptly called 'The Flame Game' and began gushing at the many blades and swords in display.

The two boys could only chuckle at her display, going to her side they too began to take a look at the weapons at display. Looking at the sword that caught his friend's attention Lucas asked "Is this one a meito?"

"Actually no, despite the clear high level technique used in its making this one isn't a meito. Master Brog is capable of creating a meito though, as he has done in the past, and this can clearly be seen in his work. For instance, look at the base of the blade and…"

Lucas's question was like the password needed to open a floodgate, Tashigi wasted no time in explaining the many details of the sword they are looking, while also pointing out and talking about many other swords in display with great enthusiasm.

"This is fun and all, but we better go back to our patrol. Last anyone saw us 'slacking' and tells the Commander"


Seeing that Tashigi could easily go on for a long time there Torlo decided to be the 'bad guy' and cut her rant about sword short before they ended up in some trouble for making too long of a stop and not doing their patrol properly.

Tashigi obviously still wanted to take a look at the swords, but since she could see the reason behind Torlo's words she didn't objected, she just pouted and gave the weapons in display a last look before backing away with her friends.

After seeing her that way Lucas decided to throw her a bone and proposed something to lift her mood "You know, we can always come back later in our free-time"

She perked at those words "Really?"

"I give my word"


Her mood lifted, she really wanted to look again more at the great works in display at that shop, and maybe even in those in other shops. Off course she could always go back there alone on her free-time, but going with her friends is way better, hence her happiness.

From the side Torlo also decided to give his two cents on the matter "Sure, why not? Afterwards maybe we can even go to that two-story restaurant over there"

"It does look like it serves some good food…" Tashigi looked interest at the idea, but then she remembered an important fact "But it doesn't look cheap though, I don't have much money"

"No problem, I can pay for you two"

Barely a second after she said that Lucas already expressed his desire to pay everything if his friends really decided to go to the restaurant, his decisive and nonchalant way of saying that stunning Tashigi and Torlo for a moment.

"You don't need to that!"

Although touched by his act Tashigi quickly declined his offer.

"Why not? After all I just received a seventeen-million reward, so I do have the money!"

"You sure about that though?" Torlo was also touched by his friend's action, and while a little tempted to accept the offer, he too didn't wanted to see his friend wasting much money with them "Shouldn't be you saving it to buy something cool for yourself?"

Lucas only shrugged "I don't really have anything in mind"


That answer surprised his friends.

"I could buy me a sword or a potent rifle, but since I don't use weapons that would've been untimely pointless. Simpler things like clothes or shoes don't really attract me either, the ones I have now are already good for me, and even if that wasn't the case I wouldn't buy the pricy brands so that's also okay. Maybe some books and souvenirs, but those also shouldn't demand much money…" he pondered a bit more about the topic but nothing came "Maybe I could save some for my future ship for when I become an officer, but other than that I really don't wish anything that will demand much money"

In fact, the more he thought about it the more he realized how little such a big sum of money really impacted his life.

Food and lodging are already taken care by the base, so he doesn't have anything to complain there. Like he said before clothes aren't a problem either, he's more than satisfied with his current closet. He doesn't really have use for weapons of any kind, apart from maybe putting them in his hoard.

If this was before he maybe might have wanted to save money to buy a devil fruit, just in case he couldn't found one himself.

In his previous life he could send the money to his mother, either to buy her a new house or to pay any bills she might had on her name. In this life however his mother doesn't need any help from him, with the income from her bakery shop and the inherence left by his dad no monetary problem should touching her.

The same could be said about his grandpa, after all, if there's one thing the old Marine Hero will never have to worry in this life is money.

The only thing that he wanted that demanded a lot of money was a ship of his own, but even that could wait considered his still a little far away from any Officer rank.

'Furthermore, if beating just this one random guy gave me this much money, hoarding enough to buy a good ship shouldn't be that hard anyway'

In the end he convinced the two to just accept the fact he will be paying alone the bill next time they went to a restaurant.

Continuing their patrol after their small pause, the three walked down the street and then following the route on the map would be turning to the left.

"I think there's something happening over there!"

Before they could that however something caught their attention.

At the opposite direction they would be going some sort of commotion could be seen, exchange brief glances the three didn't wasted any time and quickly went to see what was going on.

The source of the commotion was what appeared to be jewelry store, the windows of the front had been cracked and lots of angry voices could be heard coming from within the store. One particular stood apart from the others because of its volume and boisterous laugh.

It didn't took much to guess what was going on, they prepared themselves to move in but before they could jump into action they heard the sound of hasty footsteps coming their way.

"HIHAHAHA! Okay boys, we got what we came here for! Let's go before the Marines arriv-"

From within the store a group of six men came out, each one of them carrying a large bag of stolen jewelry on their shoulders. The one in the front of the group was the owner of that loud voice, most likely their leader the burly man was laughing in triumph before abruptly stopping when he saw the three marines right outside the store.

The two groups stood in impasse, staring at each other in silence for a few moments.

But then Lucas boldly stepped forward and broke said tension with his words.

"It's good you all came out, it saves us the bother of having to drag you all out of the store" walking forward with a smile Lucas calmly addressed the jewelry robbers "Just return the bags, apologize to the people inside, and then quietly follows us to the prison"


For a moment nothing happened, but soon the robbers snapped of their confusion and started laughing.

"You guys heard what this kid said?!"

"Oh, I'm scared!"

"Since when a newbie marine had this much courage?!"

It was clear that none of them treated Lucas's demand serious!

Why would they? None of the three looked older than seventeen and their rank should be quite low, and going by their experience that also meant their strength also should be relatively low.

Even the fact both Tashigi and Torlo had their weapons in hand, and that none of the three displayed any signs of fear, did much do dispel the contempt the group of robbers had towards the situation.

If anything their unafraid front just made the group even more amused!

"You're funny boy!" their leader laughed so much that that he began to tear up a little "Now step aside before things get ugly"

Assured of their superiority of both strength and numbers, the leader of the group of robbers stepped forward and put his left hand on Lucas's shoulder with the intention of shoving him aside and walking away with their loot.

Lucas however raised his left hand and grabbed the man's writs before he could touch him.

At first the man got slightly surprised by that, but he didn't thought much of it and just tried to shake Lucas's off and proceed with his intended grand escape.


However when he tried that he discovered to his surprise that Lucas's grip on his wrist was stronger that he initially thought. Believing he just didn't had put much strength he tried shaking the young man off again, and again, and again…

It soon became clear to him that he might have underestimated the young man before him. The more he struggled, the more he realized how titanic the grip he had on his wrist was 'Too strong!'

His partners in crime behind him that had been laughing all this time soon realized the graveness of the situation.

It became clear that the leader they thought was just playing with the boy was, in fact, truly struggling to get the young marine's grip off his wrist!

"Let go of me you brat!"

"As you wish"

With a nonchalant reply Lucas actually complied with the burly man's request. Opening his hand he released the hold he had on the man's wrist!

The man who was pushing his arm back with all his strength didn't expected the young man to obey him, suddenly free he ended up following back on his butt.

"That's gold"

Now it was Torlo's turn to laugh at the hilarious scene playing before his eyes, Tashigi to his side tried to contain her laugh but in the end her mouth still curled up in an small amused smile.

"C'mon man, just spare us the trouble and come quietly with us back to the base"

Still in the ground recovering from his sudden fall, the burly man heard what Lucas had just said and his expression darkened. Looking up he again saw the white haired young man's calm smile, something that earlier made him laugh to tears, but now just a few moments later did nothing more than make his blood boil!


Reinvigorated by his anger the burly man shot back up, leaving the bag of jewelry aside he dashed forward with his right fist raised with the intention of punching the shit out of the brat before him!


Completely unfazed by the man's attack Lucas just stepped to the side and easily avoided the burly man's punch, and as he did that he performed a counterattack by raising his right fist and launching a lightning fast hook at the man's face!


The man was sent flying with ease!

"What tha-"


The remaining five criminals looked at the scene before them with widened eyes and expressions of disbelief.

In one moment their leader was shooting forward about to punch the young marine before them, then just a moment later they saw said leader being sent back flying!

Their mind blanked for a moment as they tried to process what da fuck just happened.

It didn't take long for the reality of the matter to dawn on them!

When they looked again at the three youngsters none of the contempt of before was present, now they started to take them with the same seriousness they would a squad of seasoned marines!

"Get him!"

Putting the bags with jewelry aside two chubby looking robbers quickly drew their weapons, a crude looking mace each, and dashed at Lucas!

Not caring about fair play the two decided to gang up on him, and considering the strength he showed earlier the two felt more than justified in doing so!

Both of them had been fairly close to Lucas and their leader, so despite their lack of speed they soon arrived beside their target. One in each side, they intended in overwhelming the young man and finishing him in one blow!

Their confidence only grew when they saw said young man not moving a muscle to defend against them, in their mind he was probably still debating on which one he should block.

However they soon got proven wrong when someone other than Lucas decided to make a move!

[Kiri Shigure]

All the two could see was a blue blur from the corner of their eyes, followed by a soft voice ranging on their ears. Before they could realize what was that a soft autumn breeze blew at their faces, then something hit them square on the chest sending both flying back!

Just like that the two joined their leader in the land of dreams.

"That was a good move Tashigi!"

"Oh, Thank You!"

The one that had just acted was the swordswoman of the group, Tashigi.

She had passed between the two mace-wielding robbers and then using a sort of quick-draw technique slashed at both of them at the same time, her end stance using both hands to position 'Shigure' overhead with the blade parallel to her back.

Taking into account the situation she hit them using the flat side of the blade, and although the blow was still fairly painful it wasn't fatal in any shape, which untimely was what mattered.

"Pump them full of lead!"

The remaining three jewelry robbers seeing they had no chance in close combat decided it was in their best interest to attack from a distance.

Drawing their fire arms they quickly aimed at their target.

Really wishing to just get rid of these marines before them they didn't even bothered to go for critical points like the head or heart, the three just aimed at their targets general direction and planned to unleash a storm of bullets that as long one hit should more or less do the job.

Unfortunately just like before someone else moved first!

From far away in the back Torlo who they had ignored all this time made his move. He who had being already aiming at the robbers with his rifle since the start, finally saw his chance and moved into action!


With sharp eyes and quick finger he fired his rifle before any of the three robbers could fire any shot.

With precise hits he knocked the guns out of their hands!

Not a single shot wasted!


With incredulous looks the three robbers exchanged glances.

Quickly coming to a silent consensus they did the only sensible thing they could've done in that situation…

They ran!

Decisively throwing the bags at the marines they ran a couple meters and entered a nearby alley.

The decision of throwing the bags proved to be good one, it provided them with some valuable seconds of advantage since it made Lucas and Tashigi both stop and catch the bags thrown at them.

This was important since one, they obviously didn't wanted to get hit on the face by bags full of jewelry! Two, those bags were full of stolen items and it wouldn't do them any good if they allowed these valuable things to fall and brake.

So in this situation where they got caught by surprise they really didn't have much of a choice.

Still, they quickly recovered from this little hindrance. Carefully putting the bags aside they dashed after the robbers, after some steps however Torlo halted them by bringing up an important matter.

"Hey, what about those three?!" he turned around and pointed at the three men out cold in the ground "Shouldn't we chain them? Last they cause some trouble by waking up before we come back"

Seeing the merit in those words Lucas quickly acted on them.


Calling up his powers he shot a bolt of lightning at the robbers in the ground, hitting them square on the blue draconic energy coiled around the three as if alive, chaining them down and leaving no room for any eventual escape.

Thinking about it he repeated the same process with the bags of jewelry and dropped weapons in the ground for good measure 'I'm not going to give Fate any chance here!'

Around them a lot of people got attracted by the commotion and had been watching everything unfolding from a safe distance.

They already had been quite impressed by the strength, speed and skill shown by the three young marines. But what Lucas just did was something else, the scene of someone shooting lightning from their hands made everyone watching gasp in wonder, their jaws slacking so much they almost hit the ground!

Lucas off course didn't paid any attention to what his display of devil fruit powers did to the surrounding people, at that moment all that mattered to him was catching those runaway robbers!

"These kids definitely ain't normal!"

With some precious seconds of advantage in their favor the three robbers left gained some much needed distance between them and the young marines.

The alley they had entered was actually already a part of their plans for the robbery as one of their escape routes, and in fact the existence of this alley so close to that jewelry store was one of the deciding factors for them choosing this specific store to rob!

They poured a lot of time in this plan, and at first their efforts had been paying off, everything as going smoothly just as planned.

Then those kids appeared and ended their dreams of riches with casual ease!

"Wha-? They are here already?"

Just when they thought they had lost their pursuers some turns back they saw, for their horror, the three young marines doing a turn in some crates and following them into the back alley!

Running as if the devil as hot on their tails they tried to use their knowledge of the area to try and maintain the distance between them and the marines behind, this worked for at time however they eventually found themselves in a conundrum when they arrived in an intersection of alleys behind some houses.

Which route was the correct one? The left or the right one?

"What we do now?!"

"Just keep going!"

With time not on their side two of the robbers just went with the most straightforward answer to their problem and decided to just keep going straight ahead! Seeing that a back wall of one of the houses in front them was low enough they decisively jumped over it to the other side, some screams of surprise and panic could be heard coming from the other side as they did that.

"Dammn it!"

The third robber left knowing that he wouldn't be able to jump over the wall with his physical prowess didn't even wasted his time trying, turning left he continued his attempt of escape now on his own!

Being just a little behind the young marines also quickly arrived at the intersection, and in a similar familiar fashion they also found themselves in a dilemma:

Who should they go after?

"Lucas and Tashigi jump over and go after those two, I go after the other one!"

At that moment Torlo decided to take the initiative and passed on his plan to his friends.


"Be careful!"

Not wanting to allow any robber to escape the trio quickly agreed with Torlo's plan of splitting up.

The two now 'Seaman First-Class' marines said some farewell words to their friend then decisively leaped to the other side of the wall, something that thanks to their strong physiques was done effortlessly in a just second.

After seeing his friends off Torlo didn't wasted a second more there, firmly grasping his rifle with both hands he decisively dashed after the robber that fled to the left.

Going left he walked a couple meters before arriving in a set of stair going down in an 'L' fashion.

'No fear now!'

With fast but firm steps he arrived at the bottom of the stairs, looking around he heard some sounds similar to that of someone running coming from a dilapidated alley to his left.

Seeing that as a lead he walked forward and entered said alley, doing that just in time of seeing the robber he was chasing running away.

"Hey, Ugly! Stop right there!"

He yelled at the robber for him to stop and surrender, which off course didn't worked. All that did was make the man briefly look behind him and see the Rambo wannabe young marine hot on his tail, which only prompted him to run even more!

Seeing that words didn't worked Torlo decided to go for another approach.

Bang! Bang!

He consecutively fired two shots; the first lightly scratched the robber's right leg, while the second one missed him when he turned left in a corner in the end of the alley, only hitting a trash barrel that was also there.

Mentally counting how many shots he had left before having to reload Torlo gave himself a nod before proceeding with the chase.

Walking down the dilapidated alley he thanked God for that place being deserted thus allowing him to fire with more or less ease, after all the last thing he wanted was someone to walk by and accidently get themselves shot.

Arriving at the end of the alley Torlo turned left in the same corner he saw the robber going into.

However he wasn't prepared to what happened next!


After entering left the robber hadn't kept running away, instead he stopped and hided in the shadows.

He saw that only Torlo was chasing after him, he counted himself lucky that none of those other two kids came too. In comparison with them Torlo to him was more of an easy picking 'Lucky me!'

Deciding he had enough of running the robber waited for Torlo to get close enough, then taking him by surprise he jumped out of the corner and attacked the young marine!

Being caught by surprise Torlo couldn't react to the attack properly, on instinct he raised his rifle in order to block the attack.

The Robber on his end believing that Torlo would be powerless without his gun went straight for it! He took advantage of Torlo raising his rifle to defend himself and quickly grabbed it and tried to take off his hand.

Torlo that had been firmly grasping his rifle with both hands obviously wouldn't just let his gun be taken like that!


A sort of tug of war issued between the two, the robber having jumped on Torlo was able to use much of his weight to push the young marine backwards until his back hit a wall behind them.

"You're alone now fatty, just give up!"

The robber, feeling like he had the upper hand, tried to distract Torlo with some trash talk.

That, however, would prove to be his undoing.



When hearing those words Torlo's mind blanked for a second, it was like time had stopped for him.

Eventually coming back from his shock he looked the robber straight in the eye with a sort of rage so intense that even made the man pause in momentarily fear.


Boosted by boiling rage Torlo did an unexpected move and headbutted the robber!


The man recoiled in pain, getting his hands off the rifle and bringing to his head he stepped back while rubbing his face to try and soothe the pain he was feeling.

A moment later when he lowered his hands what greeted him was the view of the rifle's buttstock coming straight for his face!


The blow landed square on his face, he fell in the ground moaning in pain without fanfare.

Not giving the man any chance the still very angry Torlo placed his foot in the man's chest to stop him in place, and aimed his rifle down straight at him.

"I'm heavy, not fat!"

"What's the difference anyway?!"

"This all here is pure muscle you hear me! Not fat! That's the difference" after hitting the robber and yelling his thoughts out Torlo's rage deflated a bit and he began to think more clearly about the situation "Now roll over, I'm arresting you for robbery!"


Things went smoothly after that, Torlo handcuffed the robber and used the moment to catch his breath.

Recalling what just happened he couldn't help smirk.

'That was quite awesome if I'm being quite honest!'

Going out in a patrol only to stop a robbery happening in broad daylight, followed by a chase that ended with a scuffle in the back of a dilapidated alley? Now that was the sort of adrenaline pumping experience he was expecting when coming to one of the Blues!

Sure, the last part could've ended badly for him. But still, one couldn't deny how awesome that sequence was!

'I wonder how Lucas and Tashigi are doing…'

On the other side the chase continued!

After Lucas and Tashigi leaped over the wall the two followed the trail of the robbers through the back of the houses, while off course also not forgetting to leave some words of reassurance to any people they happened to pass by.

Eventually they found themselves walking out into another street in the commercial area. The street was a sort of open bazaar, many stalls selling all kinds of stuff everywhere and also fairly crowded.

"They went there!"

With that in mind they still haven't lost the two runaways from sight, they locked at them with ease and without stopping continued the chase!

The two running robbers saw how their pursuers were about to catch them, seeing that just running wouldn't do the job they employed another tactic!

One of them saw a woman carrying some crystal wares nearby, with no remorse he bumped his shoulder on her her to make the woman fall! The second one did something similar, when passing by a stair he kicked it, with that the old man that was on top of it panting the front of a store lost his balance and began to fall!

"Careful!" "Help!"

Lucas and Tashigi obviously couldn't just watch that.

Bursting forward with great speed Lucas jumped in the air, going high he arrived at the top of the stairs and caught the old man on his arms just as he was about to fall, while also not forgetting to use his lightning to stop the stair and painting equipment from falling on anyone.

On the ground Tashigi also had moved into action, arriving at the woman's side she quickly caught the many crystal wares from the air without fail, even using her sword 'Shigure' to caught a crystal jar by its handle before it could fall in the ground and shatter in millions of pieces!

"Now those two did it!"

Dodging the praises and thanks from the people the two young marines returned to their chase with renewed vigor!

When he jumped to save the old man Lucas was able to see the robbers running down another nearby alley, having that in mind and with their scents locked he followed by Tashigi dashed forward and entered the alley.

Using the time their little stunt bough them the robbers entered the nearby alley, there in the middle was a sort of old wire fence. They had been in the process of climbing down the other side when Tashigi and Lucas entered the alley and saw them!

The young marines exchanged glances, now tired of this chase the two decided to stop playing and end that charade right there and then!


Moving forward with grace and speed Tashigi drew her trusted sword 'Shigure' and performed a vertical overhead slash at the fence. The old fence never stood a chance against the 'Wazamono' sword, like a hot knife through butter 'Shigure' did a quick and clean cut!

Lucas that was just behind stepped over the opening made by Tashigi and arrived in the other side, his now draconic eye locking down at the two runaways!

"You two are now mine!"


The robbers suddenly felt like they had been gazed by some sort of apex predator, a being of supreme power that exuded an aura that should have only existed in myths!

Their hearts skipped a bit as this sensation of impending doom settled on their minds, but before they could do anything the roaring dragon behind them did the last move they would be seeing that day.

[Lightning Dragon Fist]!

With raging lightning coalescing on his right fist Lucas roared and punched out, launching the lightning forward with great force and momentum.

Hitting the two robbers square on the lightning for a moment covered the alley in blue light.

The issuing result of the attack was the two robbers on the ground, completely out cold, and also now chained by the lightning coiling around them.

Having dealt with the robbers the two marines finally calmed down.

"We finally caught these two!" said Tashigi with a smile while putting her sword back on the sheath.

"You got that right" stepping forward Lucas picked the robbers and hosted them in his should with ease before turning back to Tashigi with a smile "That last move with the fence was really good, cutting a fence down in one move? That's very cool alright"

"That was nothing…" A little flustered by the compliment Tashigi shyly scratched her cheek "I just acted according the plan after all"

That got Lucas confused "What plan?"

"What plan? The one we came up with just now off course, you know, when exchange glances!"


Finally getting what that was about Lucas cleared his throat before addressing his friend again "Well, I was actually just thinking we could jump over the fence in one fell swoop by using the wall as platform. But then you moved ahead and did that move, so I just went along"


After that both turned around and redid their route back to that jewelry store, when passing the fence to sooth some of his friends worries Lucas used his lightning to meld the thing back up.

When arriving at the store and reuniting back with Torlo, Lucas looked back in contemplation at all that had just happened and could think one thing:

'Just a simple patrol huh?'

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