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Grand Line, Dragon Island. 15 Years later

In a humble home in the town of Dragon Island, a room that was bathed in the warm dim light of the sun could be found. In this room a figure could be seen sleeping serenely on top of a bed, this of course is until someone came and knocked at the door.

Knock! Knock!

"Lucas wake up! The breakfast is ready" said the sweet voice of a woman from behind the door.

"Aahh… Yes mother, I'm going" said the person on the bed.

The person got up, rubbed his eyes with one hand and then walked to the bathroom, there he brushed his teeth and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

The face on the mirror was that of a tall handsome young man, his skin was of a pardo tone, his eyes are a piercing blue and on his head he had what he would call the white hair of the rival of a shounen protagonist.

This person was the fifteen years old Lucas, the person who was reincarnated in the world of One Piece after dying on Earth.

"Here we go again" Murmured Lucas after finishing changing his clothes.

Looking at himself in the mirror again he looked at his clothes, now he was wearing dark blue pants with black shoes, a black blazer with the sleeves raised and the front open, along a white shirt underneath it.

He gave himself a thumbs up before going downstairs.




"Good Morning Mom"

"Good Morning Dear"

Going downstairs Lucas walked to the kitchen where he saw his mother finishing setting the table for breakfast, a warm smile spread through his face after seeing her.

Her name was Branca, a still young woman only having thirty-four. She wore a pink dress with a white apron in the front, her skin tone was similar to that of Lucas with just a tad more tan than him, soft blue eyes, long flowing angelical white hair and a heartwarming smile.

At first when Lucas reincarnated in this world he suffered when trying to accept his new reality, but it was because of this woman, his mother, that he had been capable of doing just that. Like his past life mother she had a sixth sense regarding her son, (aka. him), every time in the past that he became sad after remembering his last life she would sense that and would do anything to make him happy.

In particular there was a time where she had gone out in the town in a tempestuous rain just to buy Lucas's favorite cookie to make him happy, and she had done that without complaining even once. That, plus every other time that she had done something to make him happy, made Lucas come to accept his new life with all his heart.

"Dear, after you finished eating I would need you to make a delivery for me" said his mom while arranging a basket.

"Is that Old Will's pie?" asked Lucas.

"Old Will's pie" his mother answered.

His mother had a little bakery shop in town where many people are her faithful clients, Old Will is one of them. He's the owner of the most known bar in town near the pier, every week he would almost religiously buy a pie made by Branca.

"Got it"

"One more thing"

Lucas that was already by the door stooped when he heard his mother calling again.

"Your grandpa Garp sent me a letter, he just finished a mission nearby and decided to pay us a visit" said his mother from the kitchen.

'Grandpa Garp…'


Monkey D. Garp.

That was the name of Lucas grandpa in this life, something he had come to find out only a few weeks after arriving in this world, and how to not take notice when your grandpa is the marine hero? Father of the leader of the revolutionary army Monkey D. Dragon, and also grandpa to the future protagonist of the series that gave this world its fame, Monkey D. Luffy.

This is also when he had realized that he was in One Piece.

At first Lucas could not understand the language of this world, plus the obvious fact that he was a baby and could not go out of his house by himself made Lucas stay unaware of what world he was for a very long time. It was only after he had learned the language (a thing that was easier than he thought) that he was able to understand what was going around him.

It turns out that Lucas's father was the second son of Garp!

His name was Luciano and he was a marine just like Garp, a pretty good one in fact, being able to achieve vice-admiral rank.

After a time sailing through the sea he met Lucas's mother, Branca, on Dragon Island and ended up falling in love with her, she in turn also fell in love with him, they married and just as anyone would expect after a time Branca became pregnant.

But Just a few months after Branca became pregnant his father, who as still acting as a Vice-Admiral, ended up caught in a trap set up by two Commanders of the Yonko Kaido.

Although he put a pretty good fight, going 2v1 in a trap where he killed one of the commanders while letting the other one at death's doorstep, he still ended up dying.

His grandpa Garp became enraged with his son's death, and if not for the Fleet-Admiral Sengoku holding him up he sure would have gone in a one-man massacre against Kaido's subordinates, and even his uncle Dragon's revolutionary army started to hinder Kaido's business in the underworld.

His mother who was devastated at the time decided to decline Garp's offer to live with him and returned back to her home in Dragon Island, where she would raise her and Luciano's son alone, although Garp would still visit from time to time.

"Okay mom"




Lucas and his mother's home is outside the town, but thanks to the fact that this town was not big it only took a couple of minutes to get to the pier where Old Will's bar was.

The bar had a very simple design, a big window at the front with many chairs and tables inside, along a balcony at the back with a large shelf with various drinks behind.

"Oh Lucas, how are you going?"

Even before he arrived at the balcony Lucas could already hear Old Will greeting him. Old Will had the appearance of your normal old neighbor, a grizzled beard with a bald head wearing a red chess shirt with a white cloth on his shoulder.

"Hi Old Will" Lucas walked to the balcony "How are the businesses?"

"You know, the usual. We usually don't receive many visitors so it's hard to see new faces around here" He looked at the basket in Lucas's hands, pointing at it he asked "This is my pie?"

"Yeah" he raised the basket and put it on the balcony "You sure love this huh?"

"You don't know the half of it" Old Will put a hand in the basket and took out a slice of pie "Sniff I had gone to many restaurants across the Grand Line, but your mother's pie is still the best in my opinion"

"Haha I'm pretty certain about this, I eat her food every day after all" Said Lucas taking a seat at the balcony.

"I know" he took a bite of the pie "I envy you because of it"

"You sure do"


"What's this?"

After speaking a few minutes with Old Will Lucas noticed a newspaper on the balcony behind him with a headline that caught his attention.

"This morning's paper " Old Will took the newspaper and gave to Lucas "They are still talking about last year reverie, nothing new"

The headline talked about the last reverie of 1516 where the world government discussed the dangers of the most wanted "criminal" of the world, the leader of the revolutionary army Monkey D. Dragon.

'We are already in the year 1517, which means there's five years left until the cannon ... '

After looking through the headline Lucas took a small notebook from his pocket and started to write about the things that he remembered about the cannon.

One of the things that Lucas had come to find out while in this world, is that while most of the memories from his last life are intact, the memories that had any relation to the One Piece cannon began vanishing from his mind.

At first nothing happened, but as the time passed he started to notice that it became harder to recall certain things about the timeline of One Piece. Important things related to big arcs he still could remember, but other bits started to vanish from his mind in a speed that was clearly not normal.

'is like the world doesn't want me to have this type of hack'

The memories about the cannon is probably the biggest trump card that any reincarnator could have, losing it would make his future chances in this crazy world diminish a lot. So in order to preserve at least some of his memories Lucas started to write a journal with all the things that he could remember.

"Things will soon start to move… "Lucas whispered after finishing writing.

"You said something?" asked Old Will who was finishing a customer order.

"Just writing in my journal"

"Practicing codes again?" asked Old Will after taking a peek at the journal

"Yeah, you know what they say, practice makes perfect"

It goes without saying that things would go bad really fast if anyone ended up reading the things that he had written down in his journal, so to prevent that Lucas wrote everything about the One Piece cannon on his native language from his previous life, Portuguese, and when anyone asked what he was writing Lucas would only needed to say that he had found one of his dad's notes about an old secret code, and that he was training so that he could perhaps use in the future, a excuse that most people bought.

'Although I have a nagging feeling that mother had not bought the lie…'

"Huhuhu You quite good with this code, you're going to become a pretty good marine if your other skills are good as this one" said Old Will with a good nature laugh.

'Marine huh...' thought Lucas.

Lucas had thought a lot about what he was going to do in the future since he arrived in this world, his last life was somehow bland, it was not a bad life but it was also not an exciting life either, it was just a normal life.

But now it would be different.

He was in the world of One Piece, in the middle of the age of the pirates, if there is a place to live a life of adventure it was this! So he decided to be a marine as he thought it would be the best choice.

In cannon the marines are many times portrait as the villain, which is expected as the main cast that we follow was a group of pirates, but Lucas didn't thought that they are as bad as they appeared to be.

Sure, there are some bad guys in the marine, but pirates also are not the wronged ones that some thought they are, they had their bad reputation for a reason, Luffy and his crew are only one example of a few exceptions.

'Besides, my father was a Vice-Admiral and my grandpa is a Vice-Admiral' thought Lucas 'So at least my chances as a marine are bigger'

The only problem with his plans is that every time he thought of going out of the island a strange unwilling feeling'd hit him. Lucas couldn't quite explain the feeling, but if he had to say it would be like he still had something really important to do on the island.

"If only I knew what this thing is…"


Suddenly the door of the bar was open in an abrupt manner and from outside a group of not so kind looking individuals came.

"Boss give us some beer!"

"I want sake"

"Do you have any food?!"

"I want Meat!"

A group of pirates from various sizes came at the bar screaming many different orders to Old Will, who quickly prompted himself to serve them "Coming out!"

Lucas who was sitting at the balcony only silently watched the various pirates sitting at the tables across the bar. Most of the pirates had a pretty common looks, the type that you would see in a crowd and forget just after, with only one being an exception.

He sat in the biggest table alongside three other pirates, wearing a black suit with a purple tie and having blond curls that would make Goldilocks jealous, the man surely stood among everyone else in the bar.

'That guy must be the captain' Thought Lucas.

If there is one thing that you would learn watching/reading One Piece is that people here have unusual tastes when it came to clothes, a thing that Lucas had come to confirm after living here. While the goldilocks man is not that unusual in appearance, being among the thug looking pirates wearing that certainly is.

'Well, he still one of the most normal-looking pirates in this world' Thought Lucas while preparing to leave "I'm leaving"

"Thanks for the delivery" said Old Will while preparing a tray with beers for one of the tables.

Lucas took the now empty basket and started to walk in the exit's direction, none of the pirates paid him any attention as they immersed themselves in the drinks and food.

While walking Lucas took a sideway glance at the captain's table, there the goldilocks captain talked in a more contained manner with the other three pirates, on top of the table Lucas could see what appeared to be a globe-like compass that was always pointing at one strange direction.

'An eternal pose?'

Thought Lucas quietly without stopping walking towards the exit as he didn't want to draw attention to him.

Unfortunately not everything goes as one wanted.


"What the fuck old man?!"

The sound of glass cracking could be heard coming from inside the bar followed by an angry pirate scream.

Looking fast one would be able to see that apparently the bar owner, Old Will, had tripped making the tray with beers fall in the ground near one of the pirates, the beer splashed at the pirate's pants making him stood up while cursing Old Will.

"Hahaha Look at B3!"

"Hey B3, did you have an 'accident'?"

"I'm sorry for the accident…huh, the beer will be for free!" fear was evident on Old Will's voice as he looked at the pirate.

"This isn't enough old man!" said the pirate B3 while walking at Olr Will's direction, a malicious smile was present on his face "You know... that was my favorite pants"

While all laughed at the situation one of the pirates sitting alongside the captain asked "It's okay to let this happened captain?"

"I don't mind" the captain then looked at the eternal pose at the table, a intense look of greed briefly flashing in his eyes "As long he make it swiftly, I don't want to stay here more than necessary!"

"Alright captain"

While everyone was watching B3 and Old Will something unexpected happened.



Something that looked like a wooden basket came flying and hit the pirate B3 at the head , the man scream in pain as result.

"Let the old man go"

Looking at the direction where the voice came all the pirates could see a white-haired young man standing beside the door while glaring at B3 with his sharp blue eyes.

"Hmph, looks like someone wants to be a hero" scoffed B3.

"I'll it again" Lucas walked forward "Let the old man go!"

"Lucas you don't need to do this-" "Shut up old man!"

Old Will wanted to stop Lucas but B3 screamed making him close his mouth.

"I wanted to toy with the old man to vent some frustration" B3 started to walk at Lucas's direction "But a wannabe hero like you sure is a better option"

"I do not blame you for wanting to vent some frustration" said Lucas that was now close to the captain's table "I too would have a lot of pent-up rustration if I had to live with a donkey face like you"

"You little!"

The pirate angry at the insult didn't wasted nother second and sprinted at Lucas, fist lifted ready to deliver a powerful blow his explosive momentum even broken some of the tiles in the floor. Lucas in the other hand didn't make any move as he stood there, only when the pirate got near him did he reacted.


With a brief glint at his eyes Lucas took a step to the side letting the pirate fly by him, hitting and breaking the captain's table that was just behind.




Silence reigned at the bar as the pirates looked with dazed eyes at the scene in front of them, even the captain Goldilocks froze in shock at what just happened. Looking at the pieces of the table at the floor one would be able to see the little fragments of what once was an eternal pose.

After a few seconds of silence the captain goldilocks realized the weight of what just happened.


"Cap-Captain I..I can explain" B3 who as now being glared by Goldilocks said in fear "It was that young man's fault!"

Goldilocks looked at the direction Lucas was only to see that the white haired young man had already vanished from there.







"Look where I got myself" Lucas said to himself.

Not long after fleeing from the bar Lucas saw the pirates chasing after him, a thing that burned his plan of escaping back to his house as he didn't wanted them to follow him there and potentially harm his mom. So with all the pirates hot on his tail he fled across the entire island until eventually ending up in the middle of the forest.

"Where he is?!"

"Whe must find him!"

"Hurry up!"

Hearing he pirates coming after him Lucas made himself run even faster.

Jumping over rocks and sliding under tree branches he was able to avoid the pirates for a time, but with him only having so much stamina that running wouldn't last him long. Having that in mind he was about to find a place to hide from the pirates, but then something unexpected happened!


Without noticing Lucas landed near a slope and after stumbling on a rock he lost his balance and ended up falling down into the darkness below.




"Uh, my back hurts" Lucas rose from the ground holding his back while grunting in pain, when turning to the side however he saw something that made him forget about the pain "What's this place?"

In the bottom of the slope where Lucas had fallen was the entrance of a cave, the strange thing about that was that around the entrance many weird carvings of some creature could be seen.

"Since when did we had something like this down here?"

The moment Lucas saw the carvings something inside him changed.

it's was like something in the cave was calling him!

"Hey I think he had come this way"

"We must find him"

Just as Lucas got lost in his thoughts the voices of pirates came from up the slope

"Tch these guys are a pain" clicking his tongue in annoyance Lucas looked back at the cave "There is only one way to go now"

With wide strides Lucas entered the cave.

The inside of the cave was even more surprising than the entrance, with carvings even more elaborated about that creature from the entrance, which now he could see that was a giant dragon, all over the cave walls alongside texts written in some ancient language he couldn't understand.

Recalling the old myth of his home he thought of a possible origin to all that he was seeing.

"Could this be the Dragon's nest?"

If the Myth about the Dragon was real then this place existing would make a lot of sense.




Suddenly Lucas started to feel his heartbeat rapidly increasing, the call that he had felt before came back with force!

Walking a few more meters Lucas came to find himself in a big oval room, and in the center of that room was a small altar made of stone.

Lucas followed the thunder like throb feeling that came from of his heart, and as he walked to the stone altar he saw something that he had not thought that he would seeing so soon in this world, right there on altar as if waiting for him.

"Is this what I think it is?"

It was a fruit that looked like a black orange with blue and white wave designs on its skin.

Some might not know what this fruit is, but at first glance Lucas could tell what it was.

"Devil Fruit"

Devil fruits are mystical fruits found throughout the world, that when consumed would provide the person who ate them a special ability depending on the type and variation of the fruit.

"A Devil fruit… " Lucas picked the fruit and looked at it with awe "It's was you that was calling me, right?"

Lucas stood there looking at fruit at his hand, many thoughts appearing at his mind, the old 'do it or not' thought. He is very clear of the benefits that a devil fruit could bring, but also knew the drawbacks.

"The pirates are hot on my tail..." said Lucas was he pondered about his situation "And the calling is stronger than before"

At that moment everything seemed to click in his mind.

The unusual feeling when he thought of leaving the island, and the thunder like pouding on his heart when he stepped on this temple, all came from this fruit! He didn't knew if devil fruits could do that, but at that moment the feeling that the fruit in his hand was calling him couldn't be stronger.

That wasn't something that could be faked!

"I-I think I'm going to eat it"

The calling overwhelmed him and he couldn't contain his impulses any longer, following the calling Lucas took a big bite of the fruit!

"Cough... it really does taste horrible!"

Zap! Zap!

Before Lucas could properly process what was happening blue lightning started to appear around him.

His body started to grow, becoming more than two meters tall and still growing. Powerful black scales started to appear around his body, his hands and feet became claws, a sharp tail appeared behind him and a pair of big bat-like wings sprouted from his back. His head changed to that of a carnivore that resembled a dinosaur, with sharp teeth and grey primal eyes that would from time to time have flashes of blue lightning.

The lightning around his body became more bright and intense with each passing moment, and after his body finished transforming the lightning exploded all over the room like a force of nature.

Looking back at the entrance's direction Lucas opened his mouth and then…





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