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15th March 1518 – Marineford, Grand Line

"Marineford, here am I again..."

Standing in the bow of the ship and seeing the dock getting closer I couldn't help but sigh with emotion. After spending more than a month on the South Blue, I find myself returning to the island headquarters of the Marines.

Funny to think that I had spent little time actually living here, not even a week if I'm not wrong, while having lived for more than a month on Mel Island. But I guess that's the nature of a Marine's life, you spend way more time out in the sea than in your actual home.

After the mission on Verdan Island, after we delivered those criminals to the higher-ups on Bullfrog Island, we bid our farewells to Oscar and Dr. Victor.

'May we meet again' they said.

A shared sentiment, the experiences on that Island bonded all of us together, and saying goodbye became more emotional due to that. After all that went down Dr. Victor became impressed with Oscar, offering an opportunity to work together with him if he so wished, which, spoiler, he did. Together those researchers will be soon publishing some amazing papers regarding the gryphons, if all goes well seeing them again somewhere in the Grand Line shouldn't be hard in the future.

Returning to Mel Island we received some praise due to our successful mission, not only did we safely do our intended task, but we also went above and managed to catch a criminal group that had been giving authorities a headache for some time now.

The success had painted us in a good light, it earned us a couple more missions of our own after. Some more escort missions and a couple of item delivery ones, none nearly as eventful as the Verdan Island one, but fulfilling nonetheless.

Little by little we build up our next promotions.

But then one day the replacement for the position of Head of the base in Mel Island came, Commander Triscratches got relieved of his temporary duty and was then able to return to Marineford, and with him would go most of those that came from Marineford with him save for a few that would be serving there for longer.

Packing our things, we sailed again, with no sudden pirate attack happening again we peacefully made our way back to the Island that was the bastion of Justice. As the ship stopped on dock seven, the same from which we left a month ago, we picked up our things and then walked out of the ship.

"This is it then…" Said Alvara with a heavy sigh "Guess our little fun doing mission on our own ended"

Hearing her tone Torlo scoffed "Your resigned tone makes us feel like we are bidding goodbye or something"

"But it might be true" said back Thomas "Who knows? now that we're back on Marineford we will probably get assigned to the different places"


His words hung heavy on the air, dark and ominous as a storm cloud out in the sea, the truth in them being hard to swallow to all.

In this month we spent on the South Blue, the bond we had built became very strong. Short the time we had spent together may be, the friendship built during this time was a real one, the many missions we went on together on our own being a memorable time. None of us wishes to have this arrangement broken, to not have the others around.

I didn't like the feeling these words brought, so to break them I said.

"I wouldn't be so resigned just yet" My words brought the eyes of everyone to me "Though I don't like to use this card, I know someone who might help us by making our future assignments be together"

They looked at me with confused expressions for a moment, but as my words sunk in their eyes glinted with understanding.

I'm not a fan of using my grandpa to bend things in my favor, the last thing I want is to be the target of talks of nepotism and similar, but if means keeping my group of friends together then I don't mind being a little shameless and asking my grandpa Garp for a favor.

"Do you… do you think that's okay? Will he agree?"

Asked an unsure Tashigi as she adjusted her glasses, a valid concern, but knowing my grandpa I feel like this request will work.

"We'll only know for sure when we asked him" Going forward I caught all my four friends in a bear hug, two on each arm, then jumped on Khan's back with them "Come, let's go to my home and ask him right now!"


Ignoring them I used my lightning to holster up their luggage unto Khan's back, with that done I ordered my stripped friend to make his way to grandpa's house.

"Go Khan!"

"▂▂▃▃▄ ! "

Just like that under everyone's surprised gaze, we galloped away on the back of a giant tiger heading to my grandpa's house.

A Time Later

"Does riding on Khan's back always so bumpy? I feel a bit nauseous"

"Don't be a baby Torlo, it's not that bad"

"Easy for you to say Tashigi..."

Giving an annoyed huff at Torlo's complaints Khan did a final turn and arrived at my grandpa's house, walking through the main gate and entering the front yard I could hear my friends' reactions of wonder as they looked around the place.

This a very understandable reaction, it is a beautiful place this one, I reacted the same when first coming here.

"Still can't believe we're going to meet 'Garp The Fist' in the flesh…" muttered Thomas with wonder clear in his voice.

A sentiment shared by all, in their eyes the admiration they felt toward my grandpa was very clear. To me who is his grandson, feeling this gobsmacked by my grandpa feels a bit weird. I admire the man, very much, but being so close to him for so many years I long stopped seeing him in the same light as others do.

He is still a hero to me, the greatest one, but in a more familiar and intimate sense. He's my grandpa after all, me acting so stiff and surprised around him would have been weird.

"Remember to act more natural, in no way my grandpa cares for etiquette and all that" I explained to them as we jumped off Khan's back "He is very chill, so relax more and enjoy your time here"

"Easy for you to say, you're his grandson…"

Grumbled one of them, to which I shook my head with a shrug. Going forward I was about to open the door and take my friends inside, but before I did that the door was open by someone else.

"Who could it be making all this noise- Oh!"

The door was opened by a beautiful woman with long angelic white hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, pardo skin, and wearing a nice pink and white dress.

Exchanging eyes with the woman we both became stunned, our breaths stopped momentarily as we took in the image of the other.

'Is her...'

As the surprise went away a torrent of emotion began to take hold of me, as my eyes grew hot with these emotions I moved forward and took the woman in my arms with a hug. Raising her off the ground and spinning with her, the wide grin on my face and the laugh coming off my mouth could not be clearer.



Branca, my mother, the pillar of my life and the person who helped me accept this new life, and who I hadn't seen since leaving my hometown in Dragon Island more than a year ago, was now here before me once again!

To say that I was overwhelmed by happiness would be the understatement of the century!

I knew she was living here now due to her letter, but coming face to face with her still proved to be a big surprise.

"Oh my son!" exclaimed my mother as I stopped spinning around and put her down, touching my face and shoulder she said "Let me take a good look at you. It's been a long time, you've grown taller and fitter, looking more like a man by the day"

The level of satisfaction I am feeling right now as my mother fussed over my health could not be higher, very close to my mother in both lives this period away from her had taken a greater toll on me than I expected. A well of emotions I had been burring inside came out, the happiness I felt on seeing my Mom in the flesh again was not little indeed.

"How I missed you Mom!" I said while giving her a bright smile "You're radiantly beautiful just as I last saw you"

"Thank you, my son. Still a charmer with your words it seems" She gave me a kiss on the cheek and another hug before turning to my friends "Are you not going to introduce me to your friends here?"

"Sure" Turning to my friends, who had smiles on their faces after having watched the mother-son reunion, and then said "Guys, let me introduce you all to the woman I most love. My mother, Branca"

"It's nice to meet you all" My mother greeted them with a gracious bow "My name is Monkey D. Branca. I'm very happy to see that my son made so many friends"

"Is nice to meet you Madam"

"The pleasure is ours"

Receiving my Mom's greeting my friends hurried to return it in kind, doing a bow of their own they each said their greetings to her.

"I'm happy to finally meet you" said Tashigi with a respectful bow, to her side Alvara bowed and said smiling "Lucas told us a lot about you, though he forgot to mention how young and beautiful you were. I even thought you were his sister at first!"

My Mom smiled, happy with these words.

"You both are very beautiful too" Walking towards them my Mom began analyzing both from head to toe with an approving gaze "Yes, beautiful indeed. Makes me happy to see my son with two young ladies like you two on his side. Say, what are your thoughts on my son? What's exactly your relationship with him?"

Under the inquiry of my Mom the two young women gained an awkward look, their ears and cheek gained a red tint as embarrassment began to take hold of them. Ditching them Torlo and Thomas came to my side "Your mother sure is a bright person Lucas, seems like a good mom" commented Torlo as we watched my Mom interrogate the girls.

"The best Mom" I answered him with a proud tone. Allowing my Mom to have her fun for a minute more I called out to her "So Mom, is grandpa inside?"

Hearing me Mom stopped pestering the girls and turned to me "Yes, he is in the living room with his friends. Come, let me take you to him"

With that she began leading us inside, Khan who was with us being the first to bolt inside.

'I am at home now...' I thought as we stepped inside the house. Despite having spent not much time in this house as I stepped inside a nostalgic feeling hit me, a sensation of comfort enveloped me as I once again entered a place that I could truly call 'home'.

Glancing behind me I could see all my friends with tense expressions, despite all that I said they still couldn't shake the trepidation they felt as the moment of meeting my grandpa approached.

"Father, look who I found at the door!"

Called my Mom to my grandpa as we entered the living room, who, when hearing her using the endearing term 'Father' to call him, smiled widely while looking in our direction.

Stepping into the living room I took a moment to scan the whole place, my grandpa was sitting on his usual spot on the sofa while eating away one of my Mom's cakes (I recognized it with a glance). Sengoku was also there, sitting on an armchair he too was helping himself to some cake.

To my surprise two more people were there too, one was a tall and thin elderly woman with grey hair tied into a bun, and the other was a very tall and slim, yet muscular, dark-skinned man with black curly hair and a laid-back aura around him.

The presence of the two stumped me, who could they be coming to me the more I looked at them, however before I could ponder more on that my grandpa saw me and shouted.

"BWAHAHAH! Look who decided to come home!"

Seeing my grandpa, and hearing his trademark laugh, I couldn't help but have an ear-to-ear grin appear on my face. Ignoring everything else I marched through the room towards him "Did you miss me?" I said while extending my hand to him for a handshake.

"As if I wouldn't miss my dear grandson"

With his usual smile on display, Grandpa grabbed my hand and accepted the handshake, immediately tightening his grip as he did so. Expecting that I didn't back down, despite winning against my grandpa still being something distant for me I gave my all on that handshake.

"Seems like you didn't slack on your training, that's good" Nodding at me in approval he turned his attention to the others "Who are those statues you brought with you?"

Turning around I saw that my friends had indeed become stiff as statues, entering a room full of bigshots they got overwhelmed and as a result became wide-eyed statues.

'I guess that's expected'

Stiffing a snicker I walked back to them, wrapping my arms around Torlo' and Tashigi's shoulders, thus shaking them awake, I began introducing them "These are Tashigi and Torlo, the two friends from D-14 I told you before. The other two are Thomas and Alvara, friends that I met in my time on the South Blue"

After hearing me introduce them my grandpa gave my friends a good scan up and down, feeling satisfied with what he saw he smiled at them "So you found yourself a crew, huh? That's good to hear!"

Having my grandpa's gaze on them must have jolted them awake, walking out of their stupor they all hurriedly began bowing to him and introducing themselves.

"It-it's a h-honor to finally meet you, Sir!"

Seeing their looks Grandpa laughed "No need to be so stiff here, relax" said he to them, his boisterous and friendly way of acting worked like magic and did wonders in lowering their tension a bit. To the side in the armchair, Fleet-Admiral Sengoku locked his gaze on them before saying "I read their file before, all very good and talented kids" his words made all of them flustered with emotions.

Turning to the head of the organization I extended my hand in greeting "Nice to see you again Fleet-Admiral"

"The feeling is mutual boy" The older man shook my hand back with a smile, he then gave me a displeased look "You sure did get involved in some mess back in the South boy, blowing holes in ships and all. And here I hopping you would be less like your grandpa, but I guess this desire for causing trouble runs too strong in your family's blood"

What could I say to that? Awkwardly scratching my cheek, I gave a sheepish smile "Sorry about that, at the time it was kinda hard to avoid doing that

Sengoku gave me a huff in return, but despite his reaction, I could tell he wasn't really angry at me, annoyed? Very much so, but not truly angry. Which was good, The last thing I wanted was to have the big man of the Marine angry at me like he was with my grandpa.

"You're indeed his grandson" Commented the elderly woman as she sipped her tea.

Given the current situation, vanishing memory or not, if I didn't yet realize who this woman was I would've been a certified idiot. Turning to the female member of the legendary Marine trio I greeted her "It's nice to finally meet you Lady Tsuru"

"Finally took notice of me, huh?"

Said Tsuru, my cheek gaining a red tint I smiled sheepishly. Seeing my reaction Tsuru allowed a small grin to appear on her lips.

Turning to the laid-back man, whose identity was also pretty obvious given the situation, I tried to contain my excitement before greeting him "Admiral Aokiji, it's an honor to finally meet you"

The change in my tone was visible, but that couldn't be helped. Of all the marines, apart from my grandpa Garp, Aokiji (or Kuzan) was my favorite marine of them all, an unchanged sentiment since my previous life.

It just couldn't be helped; the guy was too cool! His style, way of talking, powers, and overall demeanor, made him one of my favorite figures in One Piece, period!

"Oh?" The man raised his head and looked at me with curiosity "This excitement, I know it well. Garp-san' grandson, are you my fan perhaps?"

I nodded, the look on my face was probably a good enough answer "You're very cool!"

To that, the man raised an eyebrow before then smirking "You're not bad either. Turning into a dragon? That's cool too"

My mom then went to the kitchen and brought some food for me and my friends, sitting down and under the urges of my grandpa we began giving a first-person take on the things we went through in the South Blue.

"…So I used their moment of surprise caused by Parrot to blast all the hunters with my lightning"

Sitting beside my grandpa and Mom on the sofa, I finished telling everyone about the events on Verdan Island. My grandpa and the others are all high-ranking members of the Marines, all can easily access the reports about these events, however getting a firsthand account Is always better.

"-Yeah, that whole situation was tense, but what happened before was pretty exciting. Flying on Lucas's back and fighting those guys in the sky was awesome!" said Torlo with energy.

All my friends also did some talking, recounting what happened with them and their perspectives on our shared experiences. The more they talked, the more relaxed they became, and although just some hours of talking will not take away all their nervousness about speaking with these legends, it sure did help them stop being all stiff, they became more natural.

"That sure looked like some fun!"

Said my grandpa while laughing, finding the shenanigans we got ourselves into incredibly funny.

"You all got held at gunpoint?!"

My Mom, on the other hand, had a more, well, 'realistic' reaction to these things we went through. To her, the image of everyone with guns pointed at their heads, and me being coerced into doing someone's else dirty work, was not amusing at all. A normal reaction if I had ever seen one.

Seeing her like that my grandpa tried to reassure her.

"Relax Branca, nothing bad happened. While I admit that situations like these aren't uncommon in our line of work, you got to remember that they're strong, and will only grow stronger as time goes on, don't worry about them"

His choices of words could have used some more tact, but they carried enough truth and care to work "…You're right' said my mom with a sigh. She still had misgivings regarding that, but she believed in her father-in-law and son, so she decided to leave this matter aside for now.

"Having said that…" Raising to his feet and cracking his knuckles Grandpa looked at me "It's time to see if you truly haven't slacked in this month!"

It Is time, huh?

Grandpa's words didn't surprise me at all, knowing him I knew it was only a matter of time until he wished to see my progress. In fact, if he hadn't done this I would have gone to him and asked for him to gauge my progress myself!

"I was looking forward to hearing that!"

I said while also raising to my feet, a wide smirk adorning my face as I felt a surge of energy and excitement going through me.

As the others looked at us with some surprise and curiosity me and Grandpa began walking towards the backyard, the property of Grandpa was very big, there was an abundance of open space that exists in the backyard which was more than enough to hold a sparring session between us.

"Are you ready Lucas?"

Said my grandpa as he took position five meters in front of me, taking off his suit's coat and rolling up the shirt's sleeve he looked at me with that wide smile of his. Feeling pumped I took off my T-shirt altogether, my muscles now all on display I tossed my T-shirt over to my Mom before too assuming a fighting position.

"Whenever you want Grandpa!"

Some distance from the grandpa-grandson duo closer to the house (Which was really a mansion) the others waited for the sparring session, all very much interested in seeing how this spar would go out.

"This should be interesting to watch" Commented Sengoku as he looked at the two Monkey D. getting ready to fight "Although I got a good idea of Lucas's capabilities through the many reports, words on paper alone can't paint the whole picture"

"It should be noteworthy enough" said Aokiji, the man standing beside Branca at that moment "His fruit is very powerful and he was trained for a year by Garp-san, a very effective training"

To the side Tsuru gave an offhanded comment "Still, one month of field experience isn't all that much though"

"We will see…"

Some steps away from these bigshots the group of young marines bundles together, looking at their friend and his grandpa in the distance, they couldn't help but feel giddy at the thought of seeing them fight.

"I almost can't believe we will see 'Garp The Fist' fight!" said an excited Thomas "Even though is just a sparring session, seeing him in action is bound to be awesome!"

Tashigi nodded at that, very much sharing his sentiment "Seeing Lucas going all out will also be fun" she said with some wonder in her eyes.

Despite having spent some time with Lucas, none of his friends had actually seen the white-haired youth fighting with all his might. Most foes Lucas faced In the South Blue were fodders if anything else, the one time he faced an equal footing foe, Guo Jing, he had moved the fight away from where they had been, and as a result, none of them had actually seen him fight.

There was also the sky battle on Verdan Island, but it was a confrontation of a different nature, not a fight with fists.

"The men of this family truly are the same, Luciano was the same as these two" Commented Branca. Gripping her son's shirt in her hand the look in her eyes as she looked at her two family members was a half-worried, half-curious one "Though I admit being curious to see how this will go…"

At the distance Lucas and Garp had finished their preparations, fists raised they both began counting.





With the signal set the spar began, and Lucas was the first one to move. Lightning flashing on his feet he used his [Lightning Steps], a movement technique he developed with consist of focusing some concentrated lightning on his feet in a way that would give in a burst of speed.

His form blinked, vanishing from where he previously stood it appeared before Garp in an instant, right fist raided and already in partial transformation he delivered a powerful punch at Garp. The same, being who he is the man, of course, blocked this attack, and although the Marine Hero didn't show any reaction the sound this class made already told that Lucas's punch wasn't a weak one.

Lucas didn't allow that block to stop him, his other fist shot forward in another punch, which Garp once again blocked. But once again Lucas didn't stop, his right moved in a punch, then his left, then his right again, and then the left…

Soon enough Lucas was delivering a barrage of attacks at his grandpa, a 'Gatling of punches' if you will, something inspired by the cousin he still yet to meet and the move Guo Jing used to hurl all those stones at him, his arms moving so fast that it looked like they had multiplied. Without stopping he relentlessly attacked his grandpa.




Blocking Lucas's attack Garp looked at his grandson with a smile "Yes, your punches have gained that intensity they lacked before. GOOD!"

Despite having given his all training his grandson on that abandoned island, there are just some things that training alone could never teach. Before Lucas's attacks had always lacked a certain 'intensity', or 'ruthlessness', something that only those who had been in a fight against a foe that truly wanted to kill them could have.

During his time in the South Blue Lucas had been in some real fights, situations where his opponent went after him with the desire to kill. That had helped him polish his attacks to have that 'intensity' they lacked before.

"-Still not enough though!"

Blocking Lucas's attack away Garp's fist blitzed past his grandson's defense and landed right on his gut, the effect of that was instant, gasping for air Lucas recoiled in pain. That left him open for another attack, Garp's other fist came quickly and sent Lucas skidding backward for about a dozen meters.


Garp was not giving his grandson any reprieve, going forward he prepared to launch a right hook at him. A gasping for air Lucas saw his grandpa coming, quickly pushing himself to recover he used his movement technique in conjunction with his tail to spring himself up and jump over his grandpa's body.

[Lightning Dragon Twin Spears]!

In the air he made his two spears made of lightning, and twirling around he hurled them down at Garp. The older man dodged the two lightning constructs easily enough, missing their target the spears lodged themselves on the ground near his feet. But that wasn't the end though, their glow growing more intense they began releasing their energy around, at Garp's feet their discharge of energy landed on the man.


Lucas wasn't done though, hands raised he used his powers to make a gathering of lightning appear in the sky above his grandpa, under his orders the energy then shot down, a true lightning strike falling from above right at his grandpa's head.

'That wouldn't be enough!'

Knowing that just this alone wouldn't be enough to hinder his grandpa for long Lucas quickly moved, right fist cocked he flexed his muscles intensely, a torrent of lightning began surging into his fist, the concentration of it enough to rival a [Lightning Dragon Sphere] which was his most destructive move.

[Lightning Dragon Fist – Smash]!

This fist was his signature move, his favorite move, but now after his time on the South Blue, he could apply some of his grandpa's teaching to improve it!

Back on the deserted island, Garp had taught him a technique of how to punch at a distance, a fist equivalent of the wind blade of swordsmen using that intense burst of wind that was created when punching very hard.

For some time Lucas had tried to grasp the technique but with little success, but after going against Guo Jing, a man whose technique was greater than his, Lucas managed to make some progress with this technique. With a lack of good opponents after that he hadn't been able to put his gains with this technique to the test though, but now that he was facing his grandpa that chance was presented to him.

As Lucas punched out a furiously crackling burst of lightning flew out, taking the shape of a fist the attack flew like a comet at Garp, incredibly fast and powerful it carried the aura of a storm with it. The attack landed on Garp square on and enveloped him in its glow.



Near the house the young marines looked at the spar with awe, the display of power of the two Monkey D. being impressive indeed, the weight of their blows being felt by them even at a distance they couldn't help but exclaim in wonder.

"Man, that move was awesome!" exclaimed an excited Torlo "Who knew Lucas cooking that when training his punches"

"Yeah" nodded a smiling Tashigi.

To her side, Alvara looking at the spot where Garp stood, which was now covered in lightning, said next "I wonder if that did the trick?"


Just as the others began wondering that too, laughs began coming from the older marines making them stop that line of thought.

With a chuckle in his throat Sengoku glanced at them and said "You're all young indeed if you think that's enough to do the trick"

The four became surprised by that, though they did not know how strong exactly the hero Garp was, the power behind Lucas's last move was quite impressive to them. They guessed that it wouldn't be enough to defeat the man, but due to the power in Lucas's attack, they nonetheless found themselves wondering if it would be enough to at least win the spar.

Sengoku's words correct them of that train of thought, and what happened next only cemented what the older man had said.


A boisterous laugh began ranging across the place, the lightning that had covered Garp began subsiding and the man once again entered everyone's view. And contrary to what the young marines had briefly thought, the Hero of the Marine had not a single mark of the damage on him!

"Seems like you managed to learn my 'Smash' technique, that's good. However, It is still lacking in some aspects" cocking his right fist back Garp looked at his grandson and smirked "Here, let me show you how It's really done!"

Flexing his muscles in a manner similar to what Lucas had done he punched out, a burst of concentrated wind shot out from his fist.


Much more intense and powerful than Lucas's punch the wind was practically visible, taking the shape of a giant fist, MUCH bigger than what Lucas had done with his lightning, it moved forward carving the ground as it flew at Lucas.


The Lightning Dragon wanted to dodge the attack, but the thing was too big and fast giving him no chance to move out of the way.

Seeing no alternative all Lucas could do was brace himself for the impact.


Arriving at its target the attack from Garp caved in the ground all around Lucas, the sound of a big explosion ranged across the field as a giant cloud of dirt got kicked up as a result of the attack, covering Lucas and completely obscuring him of view.


Seeing that Branca and the young marines gasped in astonishment, they wondered if Lucas was okay but seeing Sengoku and the others not showing any concern they calmed down.

"- "

A powerful growl was then heard coming from the cloud of dust, then the sound of a wingbeat was heard followed by a whirlwind that blew away the cloud, and with it blown away what appeared before everyone was a gigantic black western dragon.

"So that's how he looks transformed…" muttered Branca with some wonder.

She had seen on Garp's TV the recording of when her son changed into this form back on Mel Island, but seeing it through a screen and seeing it in person are two totally different feelings. To beheld the gigantic form of the mythical being her son could turn into, to feel in person the aura of power emanating from his body, was a feeling like no other she had felt.

Tashigi and the others had similar reactions, even though they had seen this form of Lucas before the awe they felt towards it hadn't lessened. The older marines there also looked at Lucas with some wonder and curiosity, though they all had seen more than a fair share of outlandish things, to see a real Dragon up close was still amazing enough for them.

On his end Lucas was feeling shaky from his grandpa's attack, due to the power behind it he had skipped his hybrid form altogether and went into his full form in order to tank Garp's fist technique. It worked but not fully, the attack still doing a number on him.

He wouldn't give up yet though, still with some fight in him he went forward for another attack.

[Lightning Dragon Breath]!

Beating his wings and taking to the sky Lucas prepared his breath attack, the iconic move of the dragon kind. A blue glow began going up his neck, sparks began frantically flying out from the corners of his mouth, opening his maw a torrent of lightning flew out.


Garp didn't stood still waiting for that torrent of lightning to land on him, flexing his legs a bit he jumped and shot upwards into the air. Arriving at the height Lucas was flying in a matter of instant he looked his grandson in the eye and smirked, he then cocked his fist back for another 'Smash' fist. Lucas however moved quicker this time and was able to swipe at him with his giant tail.

That, however, proved to be a bad move.


Under Lucas's stunned gaze, he watched his grandpa grab his tail and stop his attack, then smirking Garp did a seemly impossible move and began twirling his grandson gigantic dragon body around in the air by his tail.



After a full ten-second twirling Lucas's dragon form around as if he was a toy made of cloth, Garp tossed him at the ground with extreme ease. Lucas's giant figure fell to the ground like a meteor falling down, the ground cracked and a giant crater roughly in the shape of a dragon was made where he landed.


After a time Lucas's giant figure came out of the crater, still very much shaken by his landing he wobbly walked forward and came to stand before his grandpa who had long landed too, changing back into his human form he said to Garp "You hit like a meteor as always Grandpa"

Garp smiled at his grandson before saying "You had indeed improved, that's good. But you're still far from ideal" The man began cracking his knuckles "You're still standing, right? So come, let me continue your training from where we stopped!"

Hearing his grandpa's word and seeing his dangerous smile Lucas knew he couldn't escape.

'Oh boy…'

A Week Later

A time has passed since we returned from the South Blue, and things roughly returned to the usual routine we had before leaving.

Me, Tashigi, and Torlo returned to our old duty in D-14 under Ensign Jean. The man was excited to see us again, and so were our colleagues there too, in our lunchtime we would talk away with them about all that we did during our time in the South Blue.

Oh, and Khan was also there. He mostly did nothing, but being a 'marine' now he had much more freedom to follow us around.

Thomas and Alvara too returned to their old posts here in the headquarters, however having talked with my grandpa he affirmed that we would be together in our next assignment. Despite not working in the same place for now we would still meet after work, going to the giant town in the island or just hanging around my home we spent a lot of time together.

Speaking of time together, with my mom now living here I always took some time off my day to spend with her, helping her make sweets or just sitting with her to watch soap operas I made sure to do my best to make up for the time we spent away from one another.

I also spent a lot of time with my grandpa, though my time with him was mostly focused in training. Grandpa truly wasn't joking when he said he was going to continue my training, going through his intense training regime I had the feeling of going back in time to when I was on that uninhabited island.

Complain I might, but this time with him was also very much enjoyable. Spending time with my grandpa is always fun.

The Sengoku, Tsuru, and Aokiji, would come over from time to time as always to relax. Something they always did before, but began doing even more now that my mom was here. Her amazing cooking had won the heart of these bigshots, after having tasted it once they kept coming back from more.

Mom's cooking is just that great!

Speaking of Aokiji, the laid-back admiral took a liking to watching me train with Grandpa, probably due to having gone through the same training in the past. One day he even came to me and said "Your technique isn't half bad, but your elemental control could do some work. Do well in your next assignments, and I just might teach you a thing or two"

Needless to say, I was very excited with his offer, my desire to go out in my next assignments grew even more now that a training opportunity of my favorite admiral was on the line.

I was NOT going to miss this chance!

Luckily for me, I wouldn't need to wait much longer, after about a week had gone by since returning from the South Blue we received our next assignment. With my friends in tow, I went to dock twenty-nine to meet our new boss for the foreseeable future, a lieutenant-commander the man was waiting for us in front of a ship similar to the one we had when going to Verdan Island.

The man was muscular and his hair was white (the first naturally with this hair color I met beside me and my Mom). With brown eyes, he wore a large jacket with 'Justice' written on the back, open it showed his muscles for all to see, along with leather gloves, military boots, and blue jeans.

He was also smoking like a fucking train, he had two cigars in his mouth and a bunch of otters in the pockets of his jacket, the smoke of them hovering around him as if a cloud. Almost as if with a perpetual scowl the man was serious and gruff, the look he was sending towards us already telling a lot about the man.

Still, seeing the man's appearance I couldn't help but feel my eyes going wide. I might have forgotten a lot of faces from canon by now, more than I wished, but the man before me was just too iconic and unique for me to ever forget him.

"Took you guys long enough" said the man in a gruff tone as he saw us approaching.

The user of the Smoke-Smoker logia fruit, the man who will always be on Luffy's tail on the future, the White Chaser Smoker was now standing before me!

So yeah, that was the chapter.

Here we saw our heroes go back to the Marineford and meet some important figures, with Lucas getting to spar with his grandpa to show a bit of his progress. I liked writing this fight, using Garp to fight Lucas gives a very different result than we had been used to seeing.

With Lucas and the gang meeting Smoker at the end we will be moving into a new arc in the next chapter, one that will take place in the Grand Line now, which opens a lot more options for me to work it.

Anyways, I don't have much else to say.

Thank you all for the support.

Constructive critics are always welcomed.

Fiquem Bem!