Tarn would not be exaggerating if he said today was the worst day of his life. His team, the DJD, had the deserter Megatron, and his muntineered memebers of the Lost Light led into a trap on Necroworld. With Deathsaurus army backing him up, the DJD laid seige to the Necro bots fortress, in which the Autobots were taking refuge in. Tarn however, did not expect Deathsaurs army and Overlord to leave just on the brink of victory. But it didn't matter, he had Megatron. The hero who he once looked up to, now deserted his own cause right in front of him. He had Megatron on the ropes, trapped in a panic bubble with his team surrounding him.

What Tarn didn't count on, was Megatron use of antimatter. Antimatter that he used to completely obliterate his team until he remained.

"Do it then!" He screamed. "At least I'll die a Decepticon!" At that Megatron quickly swiped at Tarns signature mask, snatching it off his face.

"You and I both." He said, putting over his Autobot insignia. Megatron then grabs at Tarn by the neck and lifts him up. Then, another person enters the bubble.

"Megatron! Leave him! Take my hand!" Tarn hears, though he does not bother to look who is speaking. He only focuses on Megatron. Then everything goes black.

To wake up on the grass was not something Tarn expected from the after life, if he believed in it anyway. Upon getting up he notices his teammates on the ground, unconscious. Well, all his teammates except Kaon, whom he killed earlier for his weakness. Tarn looks at his right arm to find his double fusion cannon, still attached to his arm, along with feeling his face he finds his mask is still on. Despite Megatron ripping off both. Tarn fires his cannon to the air, startling and effectivly waking his comrades.

"Decepticons, on your feet." Tarn orders. Everyone complies and forms up.

"So aren't we like... dead?" Tesaurus asks

"If so, this wasn't what I was expecting." Helex replies.

"Whatever the case, lets take charge on the situation." Tarn commands. "I don't believe we are dead. So lets find where we are."

However both Tesaurus and Helex are not paying attention, apparently eyes glued to each others faces.

"Helex! Tesaurus! Attention!" Tarn barks, but then he notices it. Both Helex and Tesaurus have the face of a human fleshling. He is taken aback.

"How!" He exclaims before moving his hand to remove his mask, Vos doing the same. He reachs to his face to feel the soft flesh that it was now made. Though he also feels some ram horns coming out around the top of his head. Upon looking at his team, he notices, though they had armour near identical to their cybertronian bodys, they all were fleshling but with some animal trait added to them. Vos had his claws replaced with claws of that of a praying mantis. Helex had some tyles of reptiles scales on his face. And Tesaurus had what looked like a hippos tail. "We're in hell! Thats it!" Tarn concludes. Vos assures Tarn that they are not in hell speaking in the ancient cybertronian language, which sound like clicks beeps and whistles.

"Maybe, but how do you explain this!" Tarn replies.

Vos tells him he does not know, but recommends souting the area.

"Right. Helex, Tesaurus! We're moving out!

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