After the day had ended, Blake had gotten one of her books and began reading in the spot Ruby had suggested. Weiss and Yang hid in a bush nearby while Ruby was hugged against a wall, overlooking Blake position. Tarn would not attack when all the huntsman were up and about, so he would logically attack during the night, so the problem would be on what night he would attack. Luckily for team RWBY, this just so happened to be the night.

Blake contiuned reading her book through the night until she heard heavy footsteps getting progressively louder. It had to belong to their body armour, though Blake didn't know where they got it from. Her head cannon was just that they stole it from the atlesian army and modified to their likeing.

She looked up from her book to find Tarn slowly walking towards her. Where were the other three? They always head with Tarn on their executions.

"Blake." He greets.

Blake sighs "Tarn. So, where are the others?"

"Oh, they'll be around shortly."

Blake then hears more heavy footsteps and turn to find Helex and Tesaurus surrounding her.

"Now, I've been meaning to ask you, ever since I've found out about your defection. Why turn on us. You were Adams right hand and you were well respected throught the organization. So why throw all that away?" Tarn asks.

"Because violence is no way to achive equality." Blake simply answers, closing her book and standing up right.

"Oh, but it is. It is the only way. Before I met Adam, I served under another who also believed in equality with out violence. He found out the hard way that there is no other way to make yourselves heard through nonviolent means." Tarn explains. "And when he turned to those violent means, others joined him and it was glorious. Of coarse, there would be some who would stray from their choosen path. So Im here to remind everyone that that is not acceptable. You will simply be my next example." Tarn aims his double fusion cannon at Blake and fires.

Blake creates a shadow clone to take the hit and she quickly jumps towards Tarn to attack. Helex and Tesarus move in to help their leader when their feet are suddenly encased in ice. The two look to each other before both seeing a fist headed for the dirrection of their face. Yang successfully punchs the teo and sends them flying back, shattering the ice that previously trapped them.

"If this continues going this well, then we won't need help." Yang confidently says.

"We just caught them off guard, we still don't know the specifics of how to beat them." Weiss says.

"Then lets get fist hand experiance." Yang says before lauching herself towards the two and colliding with Tesarus. Meanwhile Ruby is eyeing down her scope and finally getting Tarn in her sights. However, before she fires she hears some strange clicking and whistling nosises. She turns around to find Vos, looking down his sniper rifle aimed at herself point blank. He fires and it hits her in the shoulder. The force of the bullet sends her towards the ground and drains her aura.

Now knowing where her enemy is, Ruby shifts Crescent Rose into its scythe mode and begins her attack on Vos. She continually swings her scythe a Vos, only for him to mechashift his sniper rifle into a sword and block all her attacks before going on the offensive.

Meanwhile, Tesaurus is recovering from the blow to his head when he sees Yanh coming towards him. He rolls out of the way from the punch she was about to deliver and gets up while taking out his buzzsaw. Yang unleashs a furry of attacks, keeping him on the defensive, and actually lands a few hits. Its at this that Tesarus losses what little patience he has and begins to go on the offensive, swinging his buzzsaw at Yang, only for her to dodge effortlesly.

Meanwhile, Helex heats up his fire dust infused gauntlets and readys himself for attack. Weiss speeds in on her glyphs and makes a quick strike for Helex which is easily blocked.

"I can't shake the feeling that this will be fun for me." Helex smirks. Weiss simply readys herself for another attack. She charges and makes quick slashs otwards Helex, all of which are blocked. Helex then delivers a heavy blow towards Weiss, knocking her up in the air and giving him enough time to land another blow sending Weiss into a nearby wall.

Also meanwhile, Tarn deflects Blakes quick attack with his double fusion cannon. He then transforms it into a large staff and trades blow for blow with Blake for a good 2 minutes until he hears a large *crump*. He looks over to see Helex has knocked Weiss into a wall.

"Quite you fool!" He yells over to him though not to loud. Blake then hits him in his mask using her sheath but it appears to have to effect. Tarn then uses this moment to use his left arm to grab Blakes and pull her up to him. He head buts her, lets go, and strikes her a few times until she is thrown back. He coverts his staff into double fusion cannon mode and blasts Blake once before walking towards her, grabbing her by the throat.

"Maybe I shouldn't have yelled at Helex, either way we were gonna make a lot of noise." Tarn says to her. "But this also brings about a lucky day for your friends." He continues. Blake looks over to see Rubys fight with Vos. Vos mostly spent his time blocking Rubys attacks while ocasionally striking himself. This goes on for a bit until he lunges at Ruby, trapping her neck in one of his claws while disarming her. Blake then looks over to Yang to see her actually beating the shit outta Tesarus. At this Tarn groans. "Helex, go pull Tesarus's ass outta the fire!" He angrily shouts. At this Blake hears a thump, she turns to her side to see Weiss on the ground, unconsious and Helex running away from her and towards Yang. He impacts Yang like an atomic bomb, sending her flying towards away from the two.

"You can stand down now, pussy." Helex says to his comrade to which Tesarus only angrily snorts and walks towards Tarn. Yang gets up and launchs herself towards Helex only to be punched down by him mid air. "I like your style." Helex complamints. Yang gets up to block a punch from Helex.

"This is taking too long." Tarn says as Vos arrives with Ruby, still in his grip. Tarn takes aim and fires repeatedly at Yang, the majority of shots hitting their mark. Helex then left hooks Yang, knocking her out. He then carrys her over to the group. "Remeber that lucky day I mentioned." Tarn starts. "We won't have enough time to torture your friends so we're just gonna kill them." He bluntly says. "Not you through. Your coming with us. Actually now that I think about it, we'll take the Schnee too. Adam would very much like that." Blake could only stare at Tarn wide eyed as he (or at least she assumed) was smiling under that mask. "Helex since you've done a commendable job, you can execute the blonde one." To this, Helex smiles as he gets ready tp deliver a series of rapid punchs towards Yangs face.

"Won't be the same as killing it with fire, but I'll take what I can get." He says. He then suddenly is thrown into Vos, knocking Ruby free. Tarn and Tesarus turn to find one of beacons teachers, specifically, Glynda Goodwhich.

"I will give you the chance to submit to me amd surrender." She simply says, riding crop at the ready.

"I don't think so." Tarn says. He quickly fires a shot at Glynda to which she blocks with her semblance. Tesarus then throws a grenade at Glynda who is forced to roll out of the way. When She is back up, the DJD have fled and Weiss was stiring.

"Thank you, Professor Goodwhich." Ruby weakly says.

"All of you are coming with me to Professor Ozpin, right now she sternly says. To which the three conscious members of team RWBY look at each other, wondering how they would explon the situation.