A/N this story was inspired by the Youtube video "Heart in the Stone~Medusa and the Blind Baby~An Animated Comic"

Summary: Medusa has had it with the God's taking whatever they want, and after experiencing it first hand she wants nothing to do with them. So when the goddess she devoted her life to gives her a way to defend herself with, she is left feeling like the cold stone of her victims. That changes when a blind child opens her heart. Now she'll do anything to protect her young charge, even if it means working under her abuser's brother.

So without further ado, Let the chaos ensue

The Perfect Defense

The sensation of pain is something I have grown all too familiar with. The snakes tangle within raven locks as I creep towards the town that just settled near the temple I call home.

Everyone I pass, be they man woman or child, become as beautiful as the stone I sought comfort in, as well as when I devoted my life to the Goddess of wisdom which blessed me with the perfect defense against those who would harm me, and the temple with it's tall pillars and sturdy walls. Those that stand out from the rest I allow within the walls of my home to join my collection.

I cherish the stone for what it can't do. Stone doesn't weep or wail when it is injured with cracks or scars.

It doesn't betray the enemies it can't have, or lie to their allies for a better life.

It can't grow to know the suffering that I have.

As I travel through the town men attack me and mother's clutch their children tightly. None know suffering anymore once I am through, and those that try to hide, my snakes alert my to their hiding spaces through the scent of their fear.

Just as I believe I am done with everyone and go back to decide on those that will join my collection, the snakes alert me to another presence, this one being in a nursery, tucked away in a bowl like cradle swaddled in a blanket when it's completely covered. If it weren't for the snakes and the slight movement of breath, I'd think it were already dead or a simple cushion.

With that state of everything else...


Is kinder than life...

Uncovering the child shows wild brown curls, and a small body that is heavier than it looks. The snakes rear back, as I hiss and glare at the child.

It squirms a bit trying to get used to the new vertical placement in the world, when large stormy blue eyes open with a smile. I stand waiting for the cold grey stone to crawl over eyes and travel to the rest of the body, but a hand reaches out and grabs my nose instead. The eyes stare directly at me, and I realize, not at me, but through. This child can not see me, I can not turn it to stone.

Tears well in my eyes at the first warm touch I have received since the incident. With that single touch I pull the child close, watching as they laugh and smile as the snakes flick their tongues over cherub cheeks, one not raising a fuss when stubby hands grab hold.

The laughter is like music to my ears, and I find myself falling in love with the child that will never see me and know feel, but that I can raise and it will know my love.

I begin the trek back to my home, and with each step, feel the stone covering my heart begin to break. I pay no mind to the statues that litter the town. Cause even though stone is beautiful. There is someone that I can live for now.

Once back in the temple I begin the process of trying to make a designated space for the infant, as well as trying to figure out how I will begin the process of raising it. Currently they, or rather he, sits in a nest of random fabric I have gathered through the months I've been alone. Surrounding the nest are snakes who are curious enough to approach. A chuckle bubbles out of me as the child constantly turns their head trying to figure out the origin of the sound. The child seems to hone in on the sound and stares in my direction.

The stillness seems to concern the snakes as one slithers close and flicks a tongue at his cheek. The unexpected sensation causes the child to twitch just enough where they fall to their back. I'm concerned at first and move to dash towards them, until the cavernous space is filled with laughter. I freeze as another snake slithers closer and flicks their tongue at their feet, causing more laughter that seems to chase away both the dark and the cold of the place.

I lift the child up into my arms and without the blanket as a protective layer he takes notice of the scales covering her arms where he can feel it around the bracer and fabric covering them, and begins patting along forearms taking in the sensation of dry skin.

"That's pretty different isn't it kid?" I ask knowing I won't get a response other than him freezing a bit at my voice before continuing his exploration. By the time he makes it up to my elbows he seems to get excited at the change from cold scales to warm skin.

"I think you need a name, seeing how I didn't get a chance to ask your parents." I chuckle sadly at the attempt at a joke and lean forwards so that they can latch on to the fabric that drapes there.

I look around the area we currently reside. Up a short set of stairs and tucked away above and among the pillars are those I decided to keep. Stuck in poses of prayer, battle, or protection. Down the stairs and in the immediate area we reside are pieces of broken pillar, along with the little nest of fabric made up for the child, the same nest in which the snakes have taken over to soak in the warmth cause by the tiny body.

The broken areas of ceiling sunlight filters into the area, illuminating it in a way I never really noticed until now. I smile to myself. "This is almost like a pit of snakes when you think about it, and until recently I felt like I was treading around a large pit into the underworld itself."

The child ignores my words as he switches focus to the draping sleeves of my dress and begins sucking on them.

I smile down at his antics, as once again the snakes in my hair lean down for gentle tongue flicks "From this moment on, you're name is Pit."