A/N Pit meets a couple of old friends, or would it be an old friend seeing how they all share the same body.

Three Ways to Misdirect

Pit get's his summons while on his way back to his room after a night of training. Truly it's been a few days since the encounter with Magnus, but the nightmares still arise with little delay when he sleeps. Still, when an angel is called upon, they must answer. So holding one of the newest additions to his weapons arsenal, The royal blade, he heads off into battle.

This battle being closer than he would like as a Monoeye appears in front of him. "What's going on!" he exclaims as he veers off the flight path for a second to dodge.

"Medusa has decided to bring the fight to our realm. Her forces are invading Skyworld." Palutena explains from her chambers that allow her to see the fighting take place.

"Is this her way of getting back at us for taking out the Dark Lord?" Pit inquires taking out the next group of Underworld soldiers.

Palutena thinks over her next words carefully. "The venom of the Underworld leader knows no bounds. But I know you can stop their Underworld Army."

"You sure have a lot of faith in me Palutena." Pit begrudgingly admits, wondering why she has as much faith in him as she does.

It's when Pit's surrounded and the Underworld forces are closing in on him, does Palutena grant him a special attack that clears all the enemies from the surrounding area. "Whoa! that was too cool!" he exclaims, holding off on firing for charged shots.

"I can't give you too many of those, so we'll have to use them sparingly." the goddess admits and Pit tries to shrug.

"In that case, let's take this fight to the commander himself!" Pit shouts

There's a moment of silence.

"There's just one thing you need to be aware of... The commander is Hewdraw."

"Hewdraw?" Pit questions, wracking his memory for anything he may recall about that specific commander. "Wait do you mean that giant snake I took care of when I was trying to rescue you?"

"The very same. And speak of the devil, he shall appear."

Pit looks off into the distance and can just barely make out the large form of a serpentine figure, quite a good distance from the group. " He can fly!"

"Don't sulk Pit, It's not dignified."

"I'm not sulking, I'm just pointing out how unfair life is."

"Yes yes, now you were right about attacking the leader being a good plan." With that being said the flight path is altered to take the angel directly towards the large serpent.

As Pit flies along the body to get up to the head he takes note of the varying shades of purple scales the seems to split into three distinct shades closer to the heads. The one of the left being a dark violet, the center being a red violet, and the far right being magenta. Each head also portrays a different personality at the sight of him.

Violet speaks in a deep, gruff voice and in slow in saying a simple "Hello there"

Red-Violet gives a higher pitched call of "It's snack time!"

and finally Magenta like the last one has a higher tone only his is just a bit nasally, once again talking about Pit as though he were food "Mm! What a tender little morsel."

The conversation goes on like that for a bit until Pit begins to say something only to be interrupted by all three heads at once. Pit stops firing at the Hewdraw, alarmed at the discourse happening in front of him, and trying to make some of the words out.

(Violet Red-Violet Magenta)

Bone-Crushing Destruction

Face-Stomping Carnage, It was my turn to have the last word!

Oh, give it a rest.

Let's not fight in front of company.

Cram a sock in it, Foot stool!

I'm so sick of you guys

Me?! What did I do?!

Knock it off already!

You knock it off!

I can't believe this is my life

Can we go home now?

Someone put me out of my misery.

Did I mention I'm starving?

And you think we're not?!

Pit can only watch as what appears as a sibling argument takes place in front of him. "Um... What now Lady Palutena?"

"This is never going to end. Just go ahead and attack." is the order the goddess gives.

EVERYONE SHUT UP AND FOCUS! All three head shout out simultaneously, and Pit calls forth a one of Palutena's area attacks to deal damage to all three heads at once.

They don't seem too affected by it and the violet head's mouth seems to fill up with a lighting attack of it's own, all but blasting the angel with a beam of pure energy that cuts straight down in the area across from it. Pit switches his focus to the magenta head, and fires off a few shots, the first one being a charged one. It takes a few volleys, but in the end Pit's triumphant.

Those shots seem to be enough and the magenta head becomes severed at the neck and plummets to the earth below. The part of the neck left on the body hangs limply with blood dripping down like a leaking faucet. The other two heads turn to look and the Violet one calls "HISS!"

'Was that a name?' Pit thinks to himself as the middle head charges up a blast of it's own. Pit fires at the blast still charging in the Hewdraws mouth and the connecting fire causes the blast to ignite in it's mouth and the middle head goes down to the ground below much like the last head.

"FANGS!" is apparently the name of the middle head and the final head hangs low as though to mourn it's fallen brothers. "Oh, I'm the only one left." is said in a low sorrowful tone that almost makes Pit feel guilty, or it would if his heart weren't already being wrenched from inside his chest at the sight of the severed necks, that are just dangling like dead weight.

Pit feels like he should make a joke about it being the right one, but can't seem to muster the energy to do so. Wishing for nothing more than to end it quickly he finishes the final head off and sends the whole body plummeting to the ground.

"Please tell me that's the end of that?" Pit pleads all but ready to go back to his little nest, and take a few hours to sort out what just happened.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple Pit, Hewdraws can live without a body. You'd better go after them." Is what Palutena says before having the angel's flight path change to dive at the ground. Upon reaching the ground Pit's in an empty clearing with only a few straggling monsters, and off in the distance is a town that's being rampaged by the two Hewdraw heads jumping around. The path set, and Pit flies in for a heavy landing.

Upon landing in the city it's obvious one of the Hewdraw heads has been being seeing how the main path is blocked by rubble and burning debris.

"The Hewdraw heads certainly know how to cause havoc." Pit admits as a trio of Monoeyes comes out from a side alley.

"That's why it's imperative that you stop them before the damage can get worse."

"I'm on it!" Pit says as he takes the alley way the Monoeyes came from and begins his search. So far he's encountered a large stack of mouths with a pair of eyes at the top, a desert looking guy that dropped amazing loot, and a whole lot of canon fodder. At one point he even falls down a hole in the ground only to come back up due to a jump pad at the bottom.

It's as Pit is going back to his search that he comes up with a rhyme. "Get up, fall down, get up, fall down. Fight in the air, fight on the ground.

Palutena gives a little laugh. "Story of your life isn't it?"

"Well sure. Cause Peaks and valleys, highs and lows. Pick your friends not your nose."

"I think foes would work better there."

"Are you sure about that?"

The conversation ends when Pit comes to a demolished bridge with a rotating monolith blocking the way, but that's no match for Pit's sweet dodging skills. After that, and the use of multiple jump pads he's finally at a coliseum only to be barred entrance at the gate by both Underworld troupe and actual bars over the gate.

"Looks like I can't get in this way." Pit admits taking a hit to the back for his troubles, and feeling his life slip away marginally due to the poison of a shemum.

"Oh come on! At least give me a moment to figure this out!" Pit yells as he begins taking out the monsters. And upon destroying the Shemum spawning jar, something clatters on to the ground. Pit doesn't investigate it until after the area is cleared. When he does go to find it he ends up having to sift through different bits of rubble, including the recently broken jar.

"Huh, a key." he points out as he holds the key up to the receding light to get a look at the large dusty key.

"I'd hold on to that, It could be the key you need to access the coliseum." Palutena says as Pit almost gets run over by one of the raging Hewdraw Heads. as well as taking out an Underworld Merenguy. "If you head to the courtyard ahead of you I'll grant you a gift. You should be able to use the key you found earlier to get in."

"Right Lady Palutena!" and with that Pit rushes to the arena for one, the gift, and two to get this underway.

When he finally gets to the arena after nearly getting run through by one of the stray heads and dealing with more of the Underworld Troops he's finally in what he believes will be in the clear, and eagerly awaits the gift his goddess may bequeath him. The gift ruins the short moment of peace the moment a strange scent fills the arena in a puff of pink mist.

"Uh, What happened?" Pit inquires when nothing else happens

bang Bang BANG BANG

That's the only warning the Pit gets before the far wall collapses and one of the two missing Hewdraw heads turns up, bringing with it a few Monoeyes.

"Do you like my gift? It's my patented monster pheromone! Monsters just love the smell of it, and now it's all over you." Palutena explains with just a bit too much enthusiasm.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" Pit calls out as he dodges a monoeye blast and returns fire. Pit turns his attention back to "Fangs" only to find the large severed head turned back towards him. "Ah what is that delectable smell?"

Pit breaths a sigh of relief at the single head being there as he tries to take it down. using charged shots as he dodges for an even bigger punch. In no more than three hits the head goes down, but it doesn't disappear like the other monsters he defeats, and this allows Pit to get a closer look at it, even with Palutena urging him onward.

A diamond like pattern can just barely be made out of the red-violet scale coloration. With the mouth hanging open like it is, there's a clear difference between the upper canines that appear to be longer, and curved more like the typical snakes fangs.

"Pit I've located the other head on the outskirts on the town, you need to head there before it can cause anymore trouble."

On my way Palutena.

The way to the lake was twisting and laden with underworld troops, but by the end of it Palutena has a Drink of the Gods waiting for him. Healing up for the final battle he exits town and dashes down to the lake below fully prepared for the worse case scenario.

Fully expecting the single Hewdraw to burst from the water, he's unprepared for the rustling in the bushes that surround the clearing. Pit turns towards the noise seeing a thin stalk appear from the foliage. He's about to dash and slash at it, but like so many times before, a long forgotten memory rises to the surface.

"I'd be careful not to step there sweetie." a hand pulls him back and he's wrapped up in firm but gentle arms.

"Why not mama?"

"Your friend is trying to get food, and to do that they leave their light yellow tail out in the hopes of attracting their prey. It's as they approach do they strike."

"Like you when you call my name?"

A head tucks itself into his shoulder. "Exactly like that."

There's the sound of something moving against the ground behind him. Quick turning he finds the missing Hewdraw head pulling itself out of the water. the large serpent is covered in light Magenta scales that shift in hew and shade all over it's body. bright yellow eyes turn to star down at the young angel. "Well well, It's nice to see you again."

The grip on his bow tightens as Pit raises it up. "You won't feel that way for long!"

"That's big talk, Little human." Fangs says as they continue to drag their body on shore.

Pit freezes at the jeer. "I'm not a human, I'm the Captain of Palutena's Centurion Army."

Fang Laughs "Is that so? Let's see it you can live up to the title than." With that said it curls around Pit before entering back into the water.

Pit dashes towards the water and fires just as the Hewdraw emerges. The a few of the shots hit, and Pit is blasted back by the Hewdraws own attack.

"Pit, be careful that you don't dash into the fireball attacks."

"sorry" Pit groans as he picks himself back off the ground.

"It's fine, but the Hewdraw has retreated below the water again. To draw it out you'll need to shoot the orange balls of light."

I take it this is your doing?" Pit inquires as he shoots one down,and steam spontaneously rises from that area.

"Of course, the best way to lure out a water monster is to change it's environment." As she explains this a second ball drops into the water, and the Hewdraw comes barreling out. "Now Pit, Now!"

"Pit does as requested and slashes at the serpent, getting a good 6 or so attacks in before it dives back into the water to escape the onslaught of slashes.

The process repeats multiple times before it finally goes down with half it's body submerged in the water and the head dropping onto the shore in front of Pit. The eyes shift from an illuminated yellow to a near beady black. The eyes seem to focus on him, and Pit readies himself for an attack. instead the Hewdraw seems to smile. showing off two prominent fangs in a mouth full of dagger like teeth.

"You're mom... would be proud... kid."

Pit pauses at the message given to him, and tries to think on it. Not even aware that He's already been brought back to Palutena's temple.

A/N be honest with me, were any of you expecting the Hewdraw to be Pit's three seeing eye snakes? Leave your answer in the comments below.

I am also thinking about rewriting the Hewdraws appearance to fit those of Pit's seeing eye snakes. because as of now it's just the severed Hewdraw head and the full body one that share some characteristics.