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I tried to get the entire arc done but I think this is a good stopping point. I am ALMOST certain next chapter will end the arc (besides possibly the goodbyes).

Chapter 45 Lightning Vs Poison

Shortly before with Hoteye, Cobra and Brain

Nirvana had reached its final stage and turned into a massive walking city with 6 legs with Hoteye, Brain and Cobra on the top. Cobra and Brain stood near the control panel of the spell.

"So, you would betray me after all I have done for you?" Brain mocked as he smirked at the glare Hoteye gave him. Cobra was standing behind him with an amused smile.

"Gave? You convinced me to commit atrocities for the sake of gaining money?!" Richard retorted angrily as he clenched his fists.

"You wanted money and I just gave you the option to gain as much as it as possible. Whatever atrocities you regret are yours to shoulder alone." Brain said non chalently as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Prepare yourself. It ends today and we shall all face justice for what we have done. I will stop you no matter what!" Hoteye declared as the earth around him started to 'liquify'.

"So be it. If I have to squash a disobedient bug to stop this nonsense it shall be my pleasure." Brain declared as he uncrossed his arms.

"Cobra! Protect Nirvana! We cannot let anyone try to deactivate it at this critical time!" Brain ordered as he glanced back at Cobra.

"Of course, Master. I promise to protect it with my life." Cobra said obediently as Brain nodded and focused back on Hoteye. He missed the sinister smirk Cobra had on his face as Brain jumped off Nirvana and ran after Hoteye.

An unforeseen battle later….

"No…. How could I fall! Its not possible!" Brain sputtered in shock as he was on his knees coughing up blood. AN2:

"Brain its over. Now I have to stop Nirvana before anyone else gets hurt." Richard said as he huffed in exhaustion but still able to walk on his feet.

Richard walked off towards the city of Nirvana as Brain collapsed and started to fall unconscious.

"Cobra… You cannot fall…. If you do… He will wake up and take over…" Brain mumbled as his eyes drooped.

'My prayer was to never have him take over my body again and to be able to walk freely.' Brain thought as his one of his TWO remaining markings on his face disappeared leaving him with only one. The last one seemingly representing Cobra. AN3:

Richard limped before he used his Earth Magic to create a massive platform which he used to climb to the top of Nirvana.

"Now I must hurry and turn off Nirvana before its too late." Richard said urgently as he limped towards the control panel.

"Where did Eric go? Did he run off to try to get Brain to safety?" Richard thought as he looked around.

"Bleh!" Richard coughed as he felt a massive amount of pain coming from his back as he turned around to see a smirking Cobra flying on his snake. Cobra pulled his hand out of his back as he flicked the blood off as it was hissing with purple poison.

"Eric!" Richard shouted before he fell to his knees as blood and poison leaked from his wound.

"Thanks for taking care of Brain for me. It was such a pain working for a man who taken precautions against betrayal." Cobra said easily as he walked next to the downed Richard with a smile.

"!" Richard could not speak due to the poison only widen his eyes in surprise.

"I know you can't speak but I can hear your thoughts. You are wondering why I am happy Brain is taken care of right?" Cobra translated before a nasty frown appeared on my face.

"I read Brain's thoughts awhile back and it turned out he planned to get rid of us all when Nirvana was activated. However, he also planned for the chance I could read his mind so he had contingencies if I tried to betray him." Cobra spat out angrily before a smile appeared on his face.

"Luckily for me you took care of Brain for me so you have my thanks." Cobra said with a mock bow.

"Now Nirvana is all mine and I am the sole member of the Oracion Seis who controls it. I just need to take care of the weaklings next so I can start my conquest as the strongest mage." Cobra taunted as he kicked Hoteye off Nirvana who fell in a clump in the forest.

'Forgive me Naruto Uzumaki… My love was not strong enough to stop the Oracion Seis. Its up to you, my friend!' Richard thought before he collapsed into sleep.

Back with Naruto

"Brain has fallen." Naruto announced much to the shock of everyone present.

"Brain? The big Pancho of the Oracion Seis?" Natsu shouted in surprise.

"Yup his magical power level has dropped and vanished. He is most likely unconscious." Naruto noted as he focused.

'Richard's magic level is pretty low too. It must have been a tough fight.' Naruto noted with some worry.

As everyone cheered the great news Sherry decided to speak to the blonde.

"Can you really tell what's happening just from magic levels?" Sherry asked with a hint of being impressed.

"Hmm… I wouldn't say I can 'tell' what's happening. Sensory type mages like me who can detect quantities of magic from far distances can infer what's happening and make a guess on how battles are going." Naruto explained as he pointed off in a far away distance.

"For example, near where Nirvana is was 3 people with large amounts of Magic Power easily on the same level as Jura here. One of them has dropped and vanished and since it was the largest before I could only assume it was Brain's who is the leader of the Oracion Seis." Naruto elaborated.

Naruto would be the first to admit although he did develop the ability to sense chakra to a sensory type level in his normal state it would still pale in comparison to Sensory Type specialist like Karin or the Second Hokage. Although the Tailed Beasts told him his sensory ability in Six Paths Sage Mode was the strongest sensory ability in the entire world as he could detect Madara's Limbo shadows which existed in a pseudo alternate dimension.

"That's amazing Naruto-sensei!" Wendy praised as she clapped her hands and her bright brown eyes sparkled.

"Really? I mean its just something I developed after studying magic for a while." Naruto admitted modestly as he rubbed his head in embarrassment.

'Naruto is still modest huh? He really would be an ideal boyfriend.' Lucy thought absentmindedly not even noticing she didn't subconscious contradict herself on wanting Naruto to be her boyfriend like she would normally do.

"Wait? If you are here and one of the last 3 members of the Oracion Seis just got knocked out… Who fought?" Ichiya noted as everyone looked at Naruto who frowned.

"Richard defeated Brain just now." Naruto said simply as everyone tilted their heads in confusion.

"Richard? Anyone know him?" Gray asked as everyone shook their heads.

"Sigh… You do realize the names people know the Oracion Seis are just code names right? Hoteye's real name is Richard." Naruto explained with a notable sigh.

"That guy who used that freaky Earth magic?!" Sherry screamed as Jura frowned.

"Yes, but Richard has become the person he was before he was a member of the Oracion Seis." Naruto said carefully and he raised his hand as people looked ready to argue.

"Yes, he was misguided and he went down a dark path but his end goal has always been to find his brother Wally." Naruto told them as Lucy, Natsu and Erza gasped and looked at each other.

"What's wrong?" Lyon asked seeing three members of the Fairy Tail team have a look of recognition.

"We met someone called Wally before and didn't he say something about a big brother Erza?" Lucy asked Erza who nodded slowly. AN4:

"Yeah. It is possible Hoteye is Wally's long lost brother and they simply didn't know what happened to each other." Erza admitted as Naruto smiled.

"I am sure they will be happy to hear the other are alive and well." Naruto remarked before he frowned.

"Richard's magic power plummeted and Cobra's is still at his max. It must mean Cobra is the last member of the Oracion Seis left." Naruto said grimly as Natsu cheered.

"Finally! One more and we will be done!" Natsu declared before he pointed at Naruto.

"Hey time to lower this stupid barrier so we can beat the crap out of the last Oracion Seis guy!" Natsu demanded as Naruto looked around.

"He's right. Its our turn to finish the fight. You have done enough." Erza told him warmly but with a hint of sternness.

"He and his little crew made a mockery of our guild and that will not stand." Ren said coldly as his teammates nodded.

"Naruto-dono please leave the rest to us." Jura said assuredly as Naruto sighed.

"Alright." Naruto said as he snapped his fingers and the Runes disappeared.

As soon as the barrier disappeared Happy picked up Natsu and they started to fly towards Nirvana.

"Haha! We will beat him before you guys even get there!" Natsu taunted.

"Get back Natsu!" Gray shouted as he and Lyon ran after Natsu. Soon everyone but Naruto, Wendy and Carla had rushed after Natsu.

"Sensei? Aren't you going with them?" Wendy asked curious as Naruto gave her a smile.

"Wendy-chan. There is something I need to tell you about the last Oracion Seis member." Naruto said as she and Carla listened.

"Cobra has Hearing magic which allows him to listen to the thoughts and hearts of anyone who is near him so he can react to anyone actions ahead of time." Naruto told the two members of Cait Shelter who gasped.

"You mean that Ruffian can block and evade any attacks at any time?" Carla asked with wide eyes as Naruto nodded slowly.

"Pretty much. No matter who it is people instinctively think of an action before they do it so he is able to react to the actions before people can hit him." Naruto noted as Wendy bit her lip anxiously.

"Can we even beat him?" Wendy whimpered as Naruto took a grim expression.

"Hmm with our numbers against one it might have been possible to keep attacking him till he got tired and worn out. Normal attacks would not work against hard heads like Natsu or Gray." Naruto joked as Wendy and Carla shared a look.

"But the real issue is not his Hearing magic." Naruto noted as Carla eyes widened.

"You mean?" Carla gasped.

"Yes. Based on the scent of the poison that lingered on Erza from her wound and the scent all Dragon Slayers produced to some degree. Its very likely that Cobra is a second-generation Poison Dragon slayer." Naruto revealed as Wendy gasped as Carla looked abit confused.

"Second Generation?" Carla asked.

"Its people who get their magic from implanting a Dragon Lacrima into their bodies instead of getting taught by a Dragon like Wendy-chan, Natsu or I." Naruto explained before humming.

"Matter off fact Fairy Tail used to have a second-generation Dragon Slayer. It's not important." Naruto remarked as he raised a hand.

"What is important is if anyone gets infected by Cobra's Poison Dragon magic only Wendy and I Sky Dragon magic can cure them." Naruto informed the two girls while Carla notably frowned while Wendy looked uncertain.

"I keep telling you people Wendy Sky Dragon magic takes a lot out of her. If this Cobra is as dangerous as you seem to imply Wendy cannot possibly heal everyone!" Carla shouted as Wendy looked at Carla.

"Carla…" Wendy said sadly.

"I know but I have another idea in mind." Naruto said with a grin.

Naruto raised his hand and pointed at Wendy as a burst of blue light entered her.

"What is this? Its so warm and strong." Wendy marvelled as she looked down at her hands.

"Wendy. You!" Carla said as she pointed at Wendy who gasped.

Wendy's dark blue hair had turned bright pink and even her eyes had turned pink as Naruto sent her a wink.

"I just enchanted abit of my own magic into you. Since we are compatible it had a great effect on your own powers." Naruto said as Carla gasped at Wendy increased strength.

Although with Wendy having an aura of power surrounding her so nobody saw her blush.

'Compatible? Does he mean we are…? Similar?' Wendy thought as her inner self had turned red and had steam coming out of her ears. In her young mind it almost sounded like a declaration of affection.

Naruto smiled with notable pride.

'No dragon markings. So, she is not quite at Dragon Force but she really did gain a boost in power and healing abilities from the magic I lent her. My student really is something else huh?' Naruto thought as he looked over where their where explosions in the air.

"Let's go. I have a feeling our teammates are not doing very well right now." Naruto declared.

"Yes!" Wendy declared as Carla sprouted wings and flew towards the battle field.

Naruto jumped up and used Sky Dragon magic to fly as he flew just behind Wendy and Carla.

'Although if Cobra hear our thoughts, then he will know that Wendy and I magic can stop his Poison Dragon magic so he will likely try to take out Wendy first.' Naruto thought as he watched Wendy carefully.

'However, nobody truly knows the depths of the power of Naruto Uzumaki.' Naruto thought as a smirk reminiscent of the late Madara Uchiha before he turned serious.

Things were NOT going well for the Allied Forces as they discovered how fighting someone who could read minds was not ideal.

Cobra was flying on top of his snake as he crossed his arms.

"What's wrong? Its all of you vs little old me and you cannot even hit me?" Cobra mocked with a smirk.

Cobra easily avoided Natsu's Fire Dragon Roar by flying slightly to the side while he pivoted breathing out Poison Dragon to melt the Ice-Make: Lancer shot by Gray.

"Everyone! He can read our thoughts and poison us with a single touch!" Erza warned as she requipped into her Heaven Wheel's Armour and shot dozens of blades and weapons at Cobra.

"Too bad! That warning is nothing for you bugs!" Cobra taunted as he and his snake easily flew around the many blades.

Sherry tried to help by summoning a Mud Doll who tried to smash Cobra but he flew under its wide wing and touched it. Sherry screamed when her Mud Doll turned purple and eroded away.

Lyon shot many Ice Make: Eagles which made Cobra fly away from the helpless Sherry.

"Dammit! Nothing is getting threw!" Lucy hissed as Jura shot a barrage of Earth missiles at Cobra. Cobra responded by taking a deep breath.

"Poison Dragon Roar!" Cobra shouted as his purple mist shout out as a wide beam colliding into Jura's barrage and literally melted through it. It continued as Jura leapt back as the ground hissed and melted.

"In that case." Cobra mumbled as he took a quick breath and flew over before releasing a quick breath that took the Blue Pegasus members by surprise. Despite their best efforts they still breathed in the poison and started to sink to their knees.

"No! I can't breathe." Ren grunted as he started to turn purple.

"Shit. I didn't have time to find a way to counter this magic." Hibiki said regretfully.

"Man!" Ichiya response as his team started to grow weak.

'This is really bad. We can't get near him and he can pick us off one a time. Plus even know he can read our thoughts!' Erza thought as she was in her Flight Armour and leapt back from several Poison Dragon Roars.

"Dammit! We need Wendy and Naruto here right now!" Natsu roared in frustration as Cobra looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Wendy Marvel? I see Naruto Uzumaki." Cobra said after a moment.

"They use Sky Dragon Slayer magic, correct? They can neutralize my poison. Thanks for the heads up Natsu Dragneel." Cobra said with a mocking bow.

"Natsu you idiot! Why did you tell the mind reader our only ace in the hole!" Gray shouted as he butted heads with Natsu who covered his mouth in surprise.

"How was I suppose to know he would read my mind at the at moment in time." Natsu retorted.

Cobra took that opportunity to shout a Poison Dragon Roar at the two arguing Fairy Tail members.

They were only saved as Jura had rushed in and made a giant Earth Wall.

"Argue later! Retreat now!" Jura lectured as Erza literally grabbed Gray and Natsu by the head and sprinted away.

Jura leapt away just as the Poison melted through his Earth Wall and left a small crater.

"How pathetic. If I knew I could take you all on we wouldn't even need Nirvana in the first case." Cobra sighed as he smirked at the glares sent to him.

'Wait! This is!' Cobra thought as he turned around.

"Sky Dragon Roar!" Wendy screamed as a much larger burst of wind came out of her mouth and soared to the mid-air Cobra.

Cobra and his snake flew around the air cannon as Wendy growled not letting up as she turned her head as the air cannon followed her movement as it tried to catch Cobra. However, thanks to Cobra reflexes and speed he managed to spin around her Sky Dragon Roar till Wendy started to lose strength.

Cobra flew towards her just as she ran out of breath.

"Wendy!" Lucy shouted in worry as everyone was too far away to intercept the Poison Dragon slayer from Wendy and Carla.

"You are a nuisance with that Sky Dragon magic. I gonna take you out before you can heal anyone else." Cobra declared as his hand turned dark purple and inched towards Wendy's face who could not get out the way.

'Dammit I can't get away!' Carla thought as the snake was now too close for Carla to fly away.

Faster than anyone could react Naruto flew in like a blur in the air. His left hand was covered in blue Lightning as he caught Cobra's fist by appearing in between Wendy and Cobra.

"What?!" Cobra shouted as his Poison covered right hand was caught int Naruto's blue lightning covered left hand.

"What the hell do you think you are doing attacking my student?" Naruto asked coldly as he glared at Cobra.

"Sensei!" Wendy shouted in happiness as Cobra grunted trying to pull his hand away.

Naruto used his right elbow to shove into Cobra's stomach as Cobra coughed up spit in pain.

"Bgh?!" Cobra grunted in pain.

Naruto released Cobra's right hand only for his left hand to punch Cobra in the fist while covered in Lightning.

This had a slight delayed reaction before Cobra and his snake were sent flying away with blood leaking out of Cobra's face.

Naruto sighed before turning to Wendy with a smile.

"Glad I made it in time." Naruto said warmly as Wendy blushed when he patted her head lightly.

"Sensei!" Wendy whined when she was treated like a small child as Naruto laughed at her cute pout.

"Let's go down to meet the others." Naruto suggested as Carla nodded with a small smile seeing Naruto save her and Wendy.

Naruto and Carla hovered before they got back to the ground as the rest of the Alliance with the exception of the Blue Pegasus members quickly surrounded them.

"Thank goodness you are alright Wendy-chan!" Lucy said with a notable relieved expression.

"Yes thank you for coming to our aid again Naruto." Erza said with a slightly sheepish expression as Naruto waved her off.

"That was splendid show of power Naruto-sama." Jura noted as Naruto just shrugged.

"It was nothing. Besides he is not down for the count yet." Naruto remarked as he pointed at Cobra who was in the air with a notable bloody cheek and a trail of blood from his mouth and a hateful glare on his face.

"Dammit it all!" Cobra hissed as he wiped his mouth to see blood.

"This guy is so annoying!" Gray commented as he made a move to make more Ice-make magic.

"Wait. I will deal with him from here on out. You guys rest up." Naruto declared as he cracked his knuckles.

"Come on! I mean he is the last guy! Share him with the rest of us!" Natsu whined as Gray, Lyon and Happy nodded.

Lucy was shaking her head while Sherry was looking uncertain.

"Wait. I think Naruto-sama should handle this one." Jura declared much to Lyon surprise.

"Why?" Lyon demanded.

"Naruto so far has been the only one to get close to actually hitting him… Plus Cobra seems abit off as if he is not capable of knowing what is happening." Erza noted as Cobra had a look of desperation and fear.

"Fine! Its not like it matter anyways." Gray reasoned as a grumpy Natsu nodded when faced with Erza's glare.

"Anyways what with Wendy's hair?" Natsu pointed as Wendy was still having her hair pink as everyone blinked as if they just realized it for the first time.

"Um…" Wendy said nervously as she played with her hair nervously and looked at the ground avoiding everyone eyes.

Naruto patted on the head as Wendy looked back up.

"Don't worry about it. I just gave Wendy a slight power up." Naruto said with a shrug as everyone nodded.

'Although it wont last long at this rate.' Naruto noted as only his keen eyes saw how the tips of her hair was starting to turn back to dark blue.

"Wendy-chan please heal the Blue Pegasus members right now." Naruto asked as Wendy nodded.

"Hai!" Wendy replied as she and everyone else rushed to the blue Pegasus members with everyone else protecting Wendy as she started to heal.

"Now you and me. Big bad Mr. Poison." Naruto declared as Cobra glared at him.

"Shut your damn mouth! Once I get rid of you and that little Dragon Slayer none of you will be getting out of here alive!" Cobra hissed as his snake looked up at Cobra.

"Cubellios now!" Cobra asked his snake who hissed back.

Cubellios opened its mouth as purple mist exited its mouth. Cobra smiled widely as he opened his mouth and the purple mist was sucked into his mouth.

"He ate poison?!" Lyon shouted in surprise.

Cobra let out a roar as his entire body turned purple and an aura surrounded him.

"His magic power skyrocketed! Its just like Natsu!" Lucy noted as Natsu glared at the Poison Dragon Slayer.

"Now let me show you how a REAL Dragon slayer fights!" Cobra declared as Naruto had flown up to meet Cobra in mid air using Sky Dragon on his feet.

Cobra and his snake rushed Naruto and shot a fist at Naruto who tilted his head to avoid the strike. All the sudden poison mist started to ooze out of Cobra's arm which made Naruto black flip as he avoided the mist.

"Ah! Not bad but how long can you last?" Cobra taunted as he started a barrage of wild swings at Naruto who kept dodging them without fighting back.

This continued on for several minutes much to Cobra's frustration as no matter how much faster and stronger he was after gaining a power boost from consuming poison Naruto still had a calm expression while he dodged the blows.

"Wow Cobra can't land a hit on him!" Lucy shouted as Wendy had finished healing the Blue Pegasus members but her pink hair and eyes had returned to dark blue and brown respectively.

"Its strange. Cobra should be able to hear Naruto's thoughts and plan his attacks to hit him if he dodges but Naruto is still dodging everything." Lyon noted as Naruto ducked another strike and kicked him away.

Cobra growled as he recovered in mid air.

'Dammit what going on! That kick should have infected his leg but he is not poisoned! Any contact with me should have spread my poison but its not working!' Cobra thought angrily.

Little did anyone know Naruto skin had been touched by the poison but his natural immunity and body prevented it from entering into his body. Naruto also kept a very small constant stream of Sky Devil magic active that brushed off the poison preventing anything from clumping onto his skin.

"What's wrong? You seem frustrated for someone who can hear my thoughts?" Naruto asked as he made a 'come here' motion with his right hand.

"Shut up! There is nothing I cannot hear!" Cobra declared as he rushed Naruto again only for him to get a back slap with Naruto's right hand covered in lightning which visibly made him wince before he elbowed in the back with the same arm making him and his snake plummet into the ground.

Naruto casually floated back to the ground as he gave an amused smile at Cobra who groaned and got out of the crater in the ground.

"Well since you can hear my thoughts I might as well tell the rest of the group as well.". Naruto declared as he put a finger on his mouth in wonderment.

"I was thinking 'I like Lucy's pink undershirt underneath her green V-neck shirt and was wondering if it gets any colder will her nipples be visible?'." Naruto declared as he sent a wink in Lucy who looked confused.

"Huh?" Lucy asked.

"…?" Everyone was silent for a moment.

Everyone even Cobra turned to Lucy as if to confirm Naruto's statement.

"Eek! Stop looking!" Lucy screeched as she placed her arms over her chest as if to protect them from prying eyes.

"Well Naruto's not wrong. I mean Lucy it is abit your fault for wearing so revealing clothes." Erza remarked with a nod much to Lucy's anger.

"Not everyone can wear clunky armour and still look as good as you Erza-san." Lucy mumbled under her breath.

Gray and Lyon both tried to look like they weren't looking but their blushes showed they were interested while Natsu and Happy looked rather bored.

"Hmph. Little girls like Lucy have to try to dress like sluts to get ANY attention unlike sophisticated women like me." Sherry taunted as Lucy eye twitched.

"Lucy-san have a marvellous perfume!" Ichiya declared as Lucy shuddered.

"Well said boss!" Blue Pegasus three playboys chanted in unison.

'So big… and bouncy and tall…' Wendy thought with a mini depression as she looked down at her young, short and petite form sadly.

'Does Sensei like girls like Lucy-san?' Wendy thought as she blushed as she imagined herself much taller and bustier holding hands with someone who looked suspiciously like Naruto.

"So indecent… Is this Fairy Tail standards?" Carla asked sharply as Lucy pouted.

"Shut up! It is not up to you or anyone else to pick her I dress!" Lucy shouted in annoyance.

"Huh. For someone who should have heard my thoughts you seem as surprised as everyone. Curious huh?" Naruto remarked as Cobra eyes widened at his notable slip up.

"Shut up. I don't care if you think you or the Fire breath or that little girl think you were raised by make belief dragons. You are delusions! Only Dragon lacrimas like mine give us the power of Dragons! Nothing else!" Cobra hissed as he shakily got up panting.

"You know what? If I can't win then you will all die today!" Cobra declared as he breathed heavily.

"This is the finale! Goodbye weak Light worms!" Cobra shouted as he gave a manicla laugh.

Suddenly poison shot out of his body in vast amounts and started spreading in every direction. The ground, grass and trees started to decay and melt as the poison gas passed by them.

"No!" Naruto said with wide eyes as he saw that Lyon and Gray had made an Ice-Make Shield up along with Jura's Earth Wall surrounding them.

'If this reaches them it will infect them all!' Naruto thought in distress.

'I have to get him in one hit.' Naruto determined as he started to run and dash towards Cobra.

"Naruto! You are going towards the poison!" Lucy shouted in worry for her teammates.

"Lucy. We should believe in Naruto. He can do it." Erza said gently with a look of pride as she watched her fellow teammate and S-class wizard rush towards the danger.

Naruto right hand sparked as it turned into a ball of Blue Lightning Dragon power as it shot off electricity.

"You will never be able to reach me with an attack like that!" Cobra declared as he laughed evilly.

Naruto continued to rush towards Cobra as he leapt and avoided the mist even as it swerved to try to entrap him. He jumped to the left and then right as the mist tried to envelop him as he continued to rush towards Cobra who was covered in a dome of condensed and hardened Poison. He continued to run and avoid the mist until he was just outside the range of the dome. His arm started to 'chirp' as the Lightning flowed through it.

"Take this! Lightning Dragon: Chidori!" Naruto shouted as he thrust his lightning covered arm at the dome. His hand pierced through the dome with ease and thrust into Cobra's left shoulder as it pierced into his flesh. AN5:

"!" Cobra was wide eyed as he stared at the hand in his shoulder.

Naruto pulled his arm away as his hand came out of the shoulder leaving a hole in Cobra's shoulder.

Cobra gave an ear curdling scream of pain as blood started to pour out of the hole in shoulder and he fell to his knees as he started to cough up blood. The Poison suddenly stopped moving and vanished into the air as Cobra coughed up more blood.

Naruto gave him a look of pity as he put a hand over the shoulder and his hand glowed blue. The Sky Dragon magic quickly stopped the blood loss as it regrew the missing tissue. Soon the hole was fixed as new skin covered the hole as Cobra stopped coughing but still looked very weak.

"Why? Why do you heal your enemy?" Cobra asked as he looked at Naruto with a look of defiance.

"Don't get me wrong. I am disgusted by your actions but its not the Fairy Tail way to kill people. And I above all else am I Fairy Tail wizard." Naruto told him as he started to walk away.

'Why couldn't I hear his thoughts. His mind is like an impregnable wall. Nothing gets in or out. Is he so strong and above me I can't comprehend his power?' Cobra thought as he blinked. AN6:

Naruto clenched his fist as sand came out of the ground and soon surrounded Cobra who closed his eyes in surrender.

'My only prayer was I could stay with my only friend.' Cobra thought as a picture of Cubellios appeared in his mind as he went to the sweet abyss of sleep.

Naruto stopped and glanced at the snake with its eyes closed.

'This isn't a snake. I feel dark magic power surrounding it. It's a person.' Naruto thought as sand quietly picked up the 'snake' into Naruto's hand who unseen to everyone sealed 'it' into a scroll.

Naruto started to walk back to his friends who started to cheer him as he smiled.

'Thank goodness. I thought for a second Naruto was going to kill Cobra but Naruto still healed him afterwards. He truly is one of us in his heart and his actions.' Erza thought happily as a warm feeling appeared in her heart that was different then the feelings, she had to her pother guildmates.

'So, this is the teacher Wendy was taught by?' Carla thought with a deep expression.

'I suppose he could be worse as he does seem to have a good head on his shoulder and he does seem reliable at least.' Carla thought grudgingly. In her mind Wendy was still a child that needed protecting not a wizard yet.

Meanwhile near Nirvana

Brain's last marking faded from his face as his dark skin turned white as a smile appeared on his face.

'Brain' opened his eyes showing red as his smile turned to evil smirk.

"Finally, I am free. Nirvana will serve me well." He declared as an enchanted walking stick had come out of hiding to greet him.

"Welcome back Master Zero! How may I ser~~" The talking stick said before it was choked by Zero who merely grabbed it mid-sentence.

"Silence. I am not weak like Brain. I have no need for any companions or friends. I am all the power this world needs." Zero said coldly as he snapped the talking stick in half and destroyed the pieces with Darkness magic.

"Now that all that worrisome Body Link Magic has been undone, I will do what Brain couldn't and destroy this world!" Zero declared as he leapt on top of Nirvana control panel.

"Brain silly prayer will keep me sealed away huh? Then I suppose my prayer is for me never lose this body again and destroy every living being in this world!" Zero chuckled to himself.

AN2: My rationale is that in canon Jura managed to beat Brain in a mostly off-screen battle while Jura was equal to Hoteye (neither could win before Hoteye conversation). So in mind its not unreasonable to think after a tough fight Hoteye could beat Brain.

AN3: I am sure people will complain it should be TWO markings-links- now since Hoteye is still active but in canon Angel didn't fall unconscious and a marking still disappeared. In my opinion that means if the OS member loses the will top fight they count as a 'lost'. Hoteye lost the will to fight for Brain so the spell counted it as the seal weakening,

AN4: I am sure this didn't happen in canon BUT this will help move things along so they don't need to do a bunch of explanation later.

AN5: Pretty much the same as Sasuke vs Gaara chunnin fight when Sasuke first used Chidori against Gaara Shield of Sand.

AN6: I mean in canon Cobra was unable to hear any thoughts of the human form of Agnologia when the 7 Dragon Slayers fought him in the time-space. It was implied due to his sheer power so why wouldn't Naruto have the same implied ability?