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Drifting, where am I? Where is this place? What's happening to me? Who am I? …what am I? How long have I been here? Why am I only seeing stars? Why am I so calm?

Name, MY NAME, it's… my name is John… but John what? What's happening… I-I was working, working on… charity. Yes I was in Puerto Rico! My name is John De Leon. I am the son of the charity organizer and an environmental lawyer, I lived in Los Angeles California for years, 20 no 17 in LA and my first four was in Texas, I was born in austin in 1999. I'm a nursing student taking a break to help out Puerto Rico this semester.

I, I worked with both my parents fighting for the planet and less fortunate. I was on my way back from a charity event in Puerto Rico helping with hurricane relief and, the flight went into a storm? It crashed… and I died with my friends in the middle of the ocean. I guess the question now is; is this heaven, hell, purgatory or am I space dust.

I am sorry to say it is judgement, but a fast one my child. That voice, what is that voice… it's, it's coming from everywhere. It… sounds beautiful, like a hug from a parent as a child, or sitting by the fire with those you care for… it's a nice feeling, as a cliche are you god? I think somehow still not freaking out

Hmhmhmhm yes my child. Huh… cool, why aren't I freaking out more? Not complaining but uh, I'm dead, white god almighty in a void and giving the clarification here I don't think you're disappointed in tone enough for me to go to hell or purgatory?

Haha yes it's because I have an extra option for those truly kind in their hearts, how would you like to go someplace new? To go somewhere with adventure and amazing things never before seen by the people of your world except in stories? He says what amounts to reincarnation but it reminds of some things from my old world

A new world… you mean like a self insert, or iseki anime? I think remembering reading some from my life reading in between flights on my way to events and watching some okay anime with friends. Yes my child, so will you do it? I… think I will? Will I see my family again when I die there as well? Yes my child. Now I will give you one power, that you can ask for. Choose wisely my child. Okay… now I'm slightly freaking out. Okay I can ask for, I guess any power. Does that mean deadpool's healing? Spider Sense? Tactile telekinesis?

Ha yes child but only one. He said amused, and a little leadingly. Only one… what about one that grows… one that I can use to grow and possibly gain all the previous abilities… Manhwa Korean comics I love you right now. My lord, can I gain the power of the gamer? Hmmm yes I suppose you can now let's get you set up, good bye my child. And like that I feel like on a roller coaster with rocket engines, spinning twisting and going fast while staying still, with my mind actually feeling like I was going to throw up. When like this even my super calm, made way for an Aaaaaaahhhhh. After several hours of this, or what feels like hours I see what looks like a forest around me and what looks like an androgynous manikin.

-system start up-


-start up complete begin character creation-

-male/ female-

Huh, well male definitely. No offense but uh… I'm not gonna, well go for THAT at all, maybe if I do this long enough if curios if I do multiple?

-accepted: male- and like that the manikin grew more masculine, yet still nondescript in appearance.

-eye color/ hair color-it came with a color palette… ice blue eyes, and black hair. That looks fairly nice

-face sculpting- … you know what, can I have a face from another anime? Like can I look like Gaara or something?

-command accepted- huh, that actually looks pretty nice. Can I put his love kanji on my right shoulder and put a war one the other?

-command accepted- cool! Okay so keeping the fair skin but removing the raccoon eyes and some eyebrows… done

-Command accepted-

- stats-

STR- How strong you are. Can carry STR value x 10, STR DEX= Physical damage. STR/ 4= Health Regen

INT- Amount of mana as well as memory and perceptions. Mana value INT x 10

WIS- Decision making and control of mana. WIS/ INT= amount of mana that is usable. WIS/4 = Mana Regen

VIT- Endurance and stamina. VIT x 10= health points

DEX- Speed and reflexive movement. 1 DEX X 5= 10mph, reflexes are in stages of every 10, STR DEX= Physical damage

Points 70

Okay… don't know if age is affected by this so I might save some points on physical and a few others just Incase, and maybe train a bit too if I can. 1 INT Cool I can then I also should make VIT the best because…I like living. And saving that point too. Let's try this

Health: 150/150

Mana: 100/100

Damage dealer:


INT 10

WIS 10

VIT 15

DEX 10

Points 21

Nice! What's next?

-Choose backstory-


Magical clan heir- you are the child of a clan of magical users, and have been recording their work for years. Unfortunately they have all died off or left the clan. Still you as the sole heir of the clan and gain all of their works

100% too all magical skills

55 reputation to all royals, nobles or people aware of your family

INT multiplier increased from x 10, to x 15 for mana

Flaw: Lone wolf- you feel uncomfortable around others unless they earn your trust

-50% of all reputation gains on all relationships till they hit friendly (make 15 friends to remove). The more you brood with this flaw equipped the more likely you will gain fangirls

Yeah going to get that. There are too many advantages and also MAGIC WORLD, so yeah I want to be liked, and the magical boost will dam well help me

Dragons Den- raised by a dragon from a young age you are a man immune to one element of nature you are a physical and magical tank. In terms of slayers you are the middle ground yet like them all you are a mass of great potential that continues to grow stronger by the day. You are a creature of action not of thought. You also

200% to all physical gains

-50% gains to all mental stats

-50% gains to all reputations to all non dragon slayers

98% chance of getting motion sick on a transportation of any kind removing all but one point in all physical stat

Gain skill enhanced senses

Immune to 1 element

70% gain to elemental magic type

-30% gain to all other magic

Okay now I know where I'm going to, I don't think I'll get this as the debuf on the mind and rep hurt a lot but I don't wanna accidentally get the dragon seed. That and if there is a fight on a train or on sea I'm toast so I don't think the body boost, or the enhanced senses will be worth it. Also this explains all the slayers but Wendy being that dumb, and that strong. I also guess Wendy is in the 2% not hurt by it. That and it also explains why Laxus didn't get another element

Deal with the devil- your family has an old secret, years ago they made a past with the demon in charge of an element. And given one instruction, grow, because as soon as you stop growing is when I come to collect the next generation for my own ends. Being raised by a demon you care not for the world but your twisted entertainment and anger towards the world.

150% physical stats gain

-25% mental stat gain

Dark aura- people will not trust you till you prove yourself- rep gains negated

1 elemental immunity/ 65% gain, -35 percent gain to all other Magic's

50% chance of becoming a demon

…Yeah no, what the hell. Not gonna happen, I don't like the thought of that at all

After looking at these for several hours and many more like; swordsman, or sailor and the like with a few tutored options like takeover and elemental magic. Still, it looked like I would have to settle for something more mundane then I wanted soon. Till I reached the end.

Child of the gods- as a child blessed by the heavens you are a man who can stand with the gods of your world. Take head of the arrogance of your fellows as it is what makes them weak, and will lead to their fall. Take heed of the heavens wisdom

100 all physical stat gains

100 all magical gains other then elemental affinity

100% elemental immunity/ affinity gains

-50% elemental gains other then main affinity

50% mental gains

SOLD, this and magical heir please!

-(Magical clan heir) and (Child of the gods) chosen-


John DeLeon

Lv 1/ 0%





INT 10

WIS 10

VIT 15

DEX 10


Magical clan heir, Child of the gods, gamer mind, gamer body

-Load game?-

I… I guess so? Yes load game


And there is the spinning again. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh-

"-ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" 'Crash' "owwww." Okay where am I now? Looking around I see another androgyne person in front of me radiation power in insane levels, I couldn't breath and I just looked at him and tried to remember that site power Han Jee Han used, it was… Observe!

Godly parent

-Choose element-

In front of me there were several options in an insane amount. It ranged from the insane like spirit, life death and time to things more normal I guess? Those things were water wind and fire. Under then all was random, and as I actually had no bias other then thinking they were cool and honestly bing tired of all the loading screens at this point. I may or may not have pressed random and on the bright side I actually got light!

-status gained: light aligned god slayer-

neutral damage from all elements but light and dark

-50% gains in element besides light and dark

-80% from dark aligned gains

-30% damage from dark aligned attacks

100% light alignment gains/ immunity

-godly parent change-

-Kiria Hikari-


Lv ?

Health ?








Bio: a god given a job by the creator to raise you as his own. He knows of your previous life and has approved of you. He has wanted a child for years and has never had one catch his eye yet.

He has conquered his element and become more then just light by inventing several forms of magic over his long life

Feels excited/ amused

"Having fun?" he said in a teasing tone, looking like he already knows the answer.

"Heh, sorry… dad?" I ask unsurely to the powerful godly foster parent in front of me. I got to admit I feel the same as him if you add nervous to it as well.

"Hmm then perhaps we should go to your home before it gets dark, after all your only 2 right now… son." He said amused at the start and ending with an extremely happy smile, it make me happy as we- "wait what… I'm 2!"

I then calm down, thanks gamers mind… what year is it though? I must have said it out loud as my… new dad? Godfather? I think I'll just stick with dad for right now replied "I believe it's 765 right now. Ah the calendar is divided into six months and 61 days each and there is 366 days" okay that means I have 19 years till I'm in cannon. And that means I'll also be 21 in canon as well, but I have to make sure I'm strong enough for this. Let's get training then.

Year 770

Johns age:7

"I'm dying literally dying here." I say on my back looking to the sky. I'm not 7 years old and 4 foot five with light definition. I have a white streak in my hair going down my right side. I have a sleeveless hoodie with white accents with a white Celtic cross over my heart and on my back a magic circle looking like its softly glowing. Black cargo pants and black combat boots and on my neck is a Celtic Awen made out of silver. On my hands are 2 black gloves with the same magic circle on the back. I know, pretty monochromatic but dad picked it out and… well I liked them. And their bonuses.


-Light Gods: shirt- lesser

-30% damage from all neutral elements

-25% from all physical attacks

25% mana recharge


-Light Gods: pants- lesser

-10% damage from all neutral elements

-10% damage from all non elemental magical attacks


-Light Gods: boots- lesser



Lv 5 (7) light step-10 mp per min rank C

Triple DEX while skill is active. Releases blinding lights during each movement while skill is active

-Light Gods: gloves- lesser


Skill: 2 levels

Lv 7 (9) light beam- 8mp per activation, 6 mp per min rank C

Damage-15 per activation, 20 for continuous

Releases a generic beam of light from your hands. Is a good move to learn before advancing in light magic

-Light Gods necklace- medium


Skill: 4

Lv Max True sight

To see the world for good or bad. Allows to see all spectrums of light and heat. Allows the detection of truth or lies.

-Light Gods lesser set bonus-

1 all stats

Yeah I know dad spoils me waaay to much but I only have one complaint so far… he's too protective. He's trained me in Light God slayer, heavenly body, runic, regular light make and requip magic. But what he doesn't do is let me go outside the manor without him scarring everything I can fight without them being weak like minor goblins! Hell I have decent stats for a level 9 but nowhere near where I want to be.


John DeLeon

Lv 9- 83%


Mana: 32/585

Base Damage:87

STR: 27(6)

INT: 33(6)


VIT: 41(6)

DEX: 48(6)


To be fair the average stats for each level after 1 which is 10 points in each stat for a normal mage, around my age they are usually lv ten. The real difference is slayers, they all grow stronger with training but grow stronger and faster in actual combat. We're like freaking saiyans with their Zenki boosts! They start both younger and train harder and while usually they aren't as smart their stats at my level would be in the mid 40's for physical stuff and they would be their at younger ages as their parents are very… hands on seems the best and perfectionists with unhealthy training regimens at best. At my age they would be 3 up on my level and 10 more for my DEX and around the same for STR and VIT. That and after a while they use their physical strength to multiply their magic.

Now the reason I'm in the middle of the field is because I'm trying to convince my dad that I can go into the forest to start truly grinding tomorrow, and I passed. Going through theory tests all morning and physical all afternoon including fighting golems made out of light in hand to hand and showing how I am with all my Magic's in practical then spar with him using both my hand to hand and my magic when he holds back and now I beat the odds and did it so now

-quest complete-

-rewards in inventory

Sweet, all mystery rewards but this is what I wanted

-lv up-

Finally. And with that I'm passing out. After talking with dad first. Speaking of which, "hey dad, I pass right?" l I say with a tired grin. I'm dirty, sweaty, tired but freaking victorious.

"Huh...fine but you WILL carry a teleportation seal for back home in case you need to bail okay." He said as a command not a question. Not that I'm complaining about this at all if I go over my head in monsters and beasts then I need to have a back up plan

"Yes dad, I asked for it the first time I asked for one the first time I asked to train in the forest." I say exasperated you with a small smile on my face (not) secretly happy about how protective he is. Sue me he's an awesome dad and I have minor mental and emotional regression from coming her so I'm 7, emotionally 13, and spiritually 20 at max so I'm sticking with rule of thumb on physical age so no dating until 13 and even then… 16 to make sure dad doesn't kill them for touching his 'lightning bug'... don't judge it's an anime trope that I unfortunately inherited in this world. It took me a lot of the last 2 years to convince him not to vaporize any girl I'm going to date if I wait till 16.

"Just making sure you remember lightning bug." He says with a smile, even if it's slightly worried.

"Okay dad I'll see you tomorrow then go in the forest. Don't worry I won't fight anything too strong for me." I say placatingly before walking into my birth families Japanese style mansion. Running in I just don't see him let out a sad chuckle.

"Son I think you forgot that slayer parents have to leave their children in a few years… so yes I coddle you but only because I can't see you for years coming soon." He says as a single tear leaves his eye before he composes himself. "But your right, no more kid gloves, let's see how you do here without my help. Because I won't be able to help forever…" walking into the home, unless you were next to him you would not hear his final words of the day "...even if I wish for nothing more then to do so as you run headfirst into the fray. Know That you are not invincible, but I will make you as close as I can…" with that The god of light closes the door with a final click of the day.