770- 14years till canon

Johns age: 7

DeLeon mansion

-slept in your bed-hours: 8

-100% hp and my restored-

"Heck Yeah!" Says the seven year old who gets up at the crack of dawn in bot excitement and because its 'first light'. "Grinding time! Wooooohooooo!" Doing embarrassing dances in excitement he does not notice his father taking photos into a secret scrapbook to embarrass him later on by showing his future friends. Quickly he leaves before the hyperactive ball of light energy notices him and goes downstairs to start breakfast. John quickly changes as fast and leaves to the restroom to tidy up, knowing his father will scrapbook the entire day by taking pictures of him through light sources no matter what he does and doesn't want to be too embarrassed.

Quickly he hurdles the stairs in a flip and lands on his feet in his excitement. He hears the sound of someone clapping and turns to see his father with some pancakes eggs and bacon and some orange juice for two on the table. Then the god deadpans and just says "I'm disappointed son… I give it a five, we both know you could have either gone tighter on the flip and add a second or third there or did a handstand into a backflip at the end… for shame having such a lazy son, perhaps he shouldn't go dungeon crawling today?" He says really not wanting his lightning bug in danger, or around girls, or germs, or bugs, or viole- oh he's still going in the list… let's move on.

"Daaaaad, you promised!" Said a petulant technically 25 year old in a child's body. To be fair he has been trying to train harder for years, if it wasn't for his clothes bonuses and his extra Magic's any other slayer would smoke him in minutes, if that! He loves his father, don't get him wrong but it sometimes feels a little… stifling, to know you have a god level overprotective helicopter parent.

"Huh" the god sighs sadly. "I know son, but can't you let an old man dream." He says even though for a god he is actually quite young in comparison to most. "Now eat your breakfast, okay." He says putting the plate in front of me. I waste no time devouring the food of the gods, technically correct! One other skill I picked up, as my favorite thing in anime is the over the top reactions to food, is actually cooking and well…

-Lv 91- tear 5( demigod)

Use- supplementary

Long ago man first hungered… but soon that hunger grew, and lost interest in the blandness of the past and moved on to create newer and more delicious food. Some though, blinded by their ambition, hungered for the food of a gods table. They failed but you have the chance to make them succeed in their ambitions, are you hungry yet?

100% chance of making something delicious

10% chance of making god tier food

10% chance of fully restoring a person's hp/ mp fully restore

… Yeah I know it's weird… but if you think of it one way god tear food does a temporary boost of a mana pool by 10% also! And yeah apparently I became Yukihero Soma, or considering my looks and specialty Kurokiba Ryo, I think I did alright with the skill. Main downside is all the passives and healings are only 1/10 as effective on me meaning I actually don't like everything I make so it's not as often I cook anymore. I used to get daily cooking side quests every day for my first four years here, which is the only reason I leveled up at all! This is literally my only skill that's even come close to a tear cause of my dads protectiveness!

Anyway I got up to leave before remembering something important. "Dad, did you forget to give me the teleport talisman so you can go and drag me back saying I'm not ready if I don't listen to you?" I say with a misleadingly sweet smile on my face and eyes closed as I use my light make magic to make a masked face with bleeding eyes (an: ichigo's hollow mask no markings but bleeding eyes and sharper teeth with an orochimaru tongue , light comes in several colors, red is one) slowly inch towards him.

My dad starts to freak out and asks "now lightning bug, where would you get that idea from?" He said pulling out the talisman shakely from his pocket and giving it to his son as the mask fades. Inwardly he is cursing at being found out so quickly, 'why is my little lightning bug so smart!' Cries the father internally. 'I just want to make sure he's safe!is that too much to ask?' He says thinking of several ways around his promise. But as he was thinking that I looked at him deadpan thinking 'you've tried doing something like this every day since I said I wanted to fight some monsters.'

"Thanks Dad, I'll try and be back soon!" I yell after grabbing the teleportation ruin, running out the door to descend the mountain. There were hardly anything here that could count as dangerous. The main thing were minor magical creatures that wouldn't look out of place in Harry Potter or something.

But there, of course has to be a dark forest in a magical mountain. And of course it has to be the only natural dungeon for this place… I hate my life. And now I'm wishing dad taught me more then 2 spells in heavenly body magic so I can actually, you know, get there faster! Huh still I know one spell, and will mix with light step… let's try it! "METEOR! LIGHT STEP!" I scream knowing how awesome I'll look right now if I pull it off. Maybe my dad might teach me a new spell? Maybe- "TREE- TREE -TRE-!"

CRASH* "OWwww" I groan on the floor, pitifully.

-skill creation fail-

-prerequisites not met-

-50STR (current 27)

-50VIT (current 41)

-100DEX (current 48)

-Heavenly Body Magic lv 50 (current13)

-Light Magic lv 50 (current 51)

-Skill: Light Step lv20 ( current 5)

-Skill: Meteor lv20 (current 13)

- mana for failed spell creation/ last: 2 hours

-100 Health

How can this get more humiliating? He says before his eyes widen and turns towards the house as he hears his dad say something he hopes to… well his father I guess but still, would you want your dad to yell "I'M COMING FIREFLY! DADDY IS ON HIS WAY!" No? Didn't think so.

Game SlayerGame SlayerGame SlayerGame Slayer

3hours later

"Dad I'm fine! I'm going to go out again right now! I just didn't know mixing spells reacted like that!" I say exasperated and covered in more bandages then I thought was in the house, even if I'm already healed. "I literally just showed you my status screen! And unless you think the big guy is lying for me please just let me do this" I want to cry in frustration at this point.

"Fine." Said the mother hen god "but no more experiments till I say your ready okay?" He say looking at me expectantly.

"Could I change that to when I put 50 in all stats but DEX and make it 100?" I ask because it seems light is all about speed… kinda obvious.





"...fine" he said after a ten minute staring match. "But you can't experiment till you are okay? Its not a matter if I think you can figure it out, it's that you aren't strong enough yet." Said the deity making a good argument.

"Fine." I said sulkily. "Can I take this stuff off, and go now?" I ask pulling on the bandages

"Fiiiine ruin an old mans fun why don't you, just meteor there, should be there in less then ten min." He said smiling slyly, knowing I would have been there in 5 minutes if I wasn't to hasty.

Game SlayerGame SlayerGame SlayerGame Slayer

6 min later

"Finally!" I say exasperated by the amount of stuff that got in the way of this today.

In front of me were a mix of dead trees son densely populated no light for through with bark so rotten that it looked like it was oozing poison, craves so ominous looking they might as well have come with their own wyvern nest, and sounds so cheesy it kinda sounds like a C tank horror movies music choice. All and all cliche spooky forest.

-Dark forest natural dungeon-

Lv requirements







-11 etc

It had from levels 11- 20 crossed out, and question marks in front of what they were. Should I choose 5 though, to get used to them, or should I go 10 and challenge myself?.

-Quest 2 roads-

-road1- lv 5 dungeon

-defeat 20 monsters plus the boss monster

-bonus objective do it in 10 hours before dinner( an it's 9 am right now)

-bonus objective- do it in 3 hours before lunch

-hidden objective-?

-road2- lv10 dungeon

-defeat 80 monster

-defeat the boss monster

-bonus objective do it in 10 hours before dinner

-bonus objective- do it in 3 hours before lunch

-hidden objective-?


- road 1- 200 exp per objective

-road 2- 500 exp per objective, ?, ?, ?

- hidden reward-?

...road 2 it is! The main reason is the rewards I can earn, that and I can just teleport out right? I think looking out after pressing the 10. I get a magic circle ready as the world suddenly shifted and it looks like I'm in the center of the forest. All I hear is a ravens caw, it's like it's coming from everyw- I cut off my own thoughts as I look closely on the black, oozing bark on the trees. Out of the ooze it shapes itself into an average size grey raven and flies up… when I follow the wooden bird with my eyes, I find why I only hear ravens… I wish I didn't. Up above me are dozens, possibly hundreds of the same birds with what looks like a freaking tree in the shape of a BIRD. HUMAN. THING. "Observe" I say trying to make sense of the situation

-Forest minion- Raven (X70)




STR 10




DEX 40

Bio: a spirit of a bird long dead who has come to take souls to the underworld. It doesn't care if your living or dead

-Forest Lord-Raven



MANA 150

STR 25




DEX 70

ABILITY: CANNIBAL:eating another [Forest-Creature] regains that creatures health

Bio: a combination of a spirit of man and bird brought together through dark magic in life. Through death, or more specifically the 'god' of death, it has returned to the world to work enough to fix itself and separate the souls that are tormented.

...This is very messed up. No the f* no, I can't run right now as they would swarm me because they can fly, I can't fight right now as they would swarm me. So… WHAT SHOULD I F*ING DO! I can't just fight while they 'CAW CAW'... okay, trees first. "Observe" I said hoping for good news, no luck.

-Tree of the damned( X16)

Spawn rate 1per 5 min

Health 100

Max spawn at once 10

"Okay, okay trees first, then the little ones with some… RUINS! Take that dad the magic YOU didn't help me with is what I'll win with!" I said grinning psychotically while staring up at the birds in the sky and bringing out my light pen, modified it myself by the way you'll see how soon, I start writing lines with dark light mode on the pen, making it near impossibly hard to see what I'm doing. I start writing connection ruins from tree to tree. They are all grouped up into fours, and it looks like the direction of a compass if the… why is the sun blue? Not important right now.

Avoiding branches and being as quiet as possible. Like I said I haven't studied ruins with my dad, as he never saw the point of it, so I only know 6 ruins. 1) incarcerate 2) shield( hiding behind one now) 3) heal 4) amplification5) fire and 6) explosion! Why am I emphasising the last 3? Because it about to get loud. Now finishing my shield, mixed with amplification, I set of the powder keg… it was beautiful. -100 mp


A regular explosion shield mixed with fire would usually only blow up a tree and half the health, but amplification… that makes everything Times ten. No way I can do something like that again, and so I'm running for a bit. Eventually I find a cave a bit further up the mountain. I stop and think "OH RPG GAMER SENPAI PLEASE BE GOOD LOOT" I found a pick axe… it was chipped at the point. I walk further down the cave to see what else could be in here and see it only goes about 12 meters or nearly 40 ft. I used observe on the cave and found it was a bust on the mine and the pick axe left here. I hear the birds flying after me and I make another shield amp combo… but with one little change.


'This child DARES cHALLENGE ME' says the thoughts of a dual tones of the two souls forced together. 'Child must DIE' it thinks with glee. Quickly ordering its minions to attack as the boy made a mistake in his shields corner, quickly 50 rush in trying to rush in all at once through the murky looking shield. There are several bright lights in the cave over and over again. Eventually the shield falls, meaning the child must have fallen. Smirking the abomination turns towards the remaining 30 birds asking for them to bring him the carcass of the child, when out of nowhere there was another huge burst of light, and explosion. Taking out the last of my ravens.

'THIS CHILD DIES!' The abomination thought in blood lust. It looks at the cave and aims for the opening. "DARK SKEWER" it says, sounding the most coherent it has so far. It launches several feathers off his wings with trails of oily black tendrils of black magic, it hears a sound like glass breaking. Smirking to itself assured of its victory it goes into the cave and sees the boy with one of his feathers stuck in his gut. Right when he opens his mouth to brag the boy pulls out his feathers and moves his now bloody hand to the wall which glows prettily with symbols of all kinds. Then the boy opens its mouth.


What I'm doing is three layers of amped shields with a trick. The trick is two fold, the first is to make the middle shield a fire proof one, and space them out with a corner missing. These things aren't easy to change the shape of so I have to work fast. In between the changed one and the changed one is several fire ruins that I'll light up as they come in. Not gonna lie, I got super lucky they didn't fly out.

-200 mp

After that I waited for a bit when the birds all started rushing in when I let the shield fall. As soon as they all rushed into the cave as much as I can risk I burn them down again, and I feel vindicated at what notice I found next.

-quest objective complete- defeat(80) enemies

-500 EXP

-150 mp

Great… that only leaves me with 135 left for the boss, because I already lost 100 mp With the trees and the cave is starting to shift from the massive amounts of heat and pressure I've been putting on it with my fires and the amount of ravens I fit in this small space. That and I made a mistake, when I made a fire proof shield. I never made a heat proof shield.

-100 HP

Great, I have only 370 hp, and about 135 mp and I have to fight a freaking boss. I think before hearing a hauntingly pained voice scream "DARK SKEWER" coming from outside the cave shattering my last shield like glass as I jump to the side. I feel one of the attack pieces lodge itself in my stomach as I fall to my side. Quickly I grab my pen and draw another shield and amp ruins again. But this time I draw an explosion and amp ruin on a stone. I throw it and start making more making a ring as fast as I can. Not all of them will work, but at least I can kill this freak.



Slowly I hear the sounds of wingbeats in the opening of the cave. I didn't notice before but this thing looks awful. It looks like a mix of a road kill bird with areas of muscle showing, with a zombie from the walking dead. It has skin literally looking like it's tensing in some areas, but what looks like wood sprouting out of some other areas. And the smell, I'm in a room with the burnt corpses and feathers and I prefer that to his god awful stench. If I didn't know this was an undead corpse then I would know from his smell alone. It somehow swagers over to me and was opening its beak before I pull out his feathers from my stomach. I move to my shield and say "See you in hell TWEETY!"



"Ha haahaahaha." I laugh insanely as my gambit seems to be paying off. Until two things happen. First of all, I honestly forgot I was in a now unstable cave, so as soon as I start laughing it shakes uncontrollably, secondly the man/ bird? Hybrid thing seems best, starts getting up even if it's shaking badly. "Observe" I say looking at the downed hybrid.

-Forest Lord-Raven


HEALTH 155/600

MANA 100/150

Shit, just shit. You know what no. No no NO! I'M NOT DYING IN A CAVE. I look at the burnt birdman and say "LIGHT GOD'S BELLOW" I hit it dead on and get a notice that makes my eye twitch badly.

-30 mp

-critical hit -300 hp

No I'm not mad I made dumb decisions here… shut up. I run out of here as fast as my skinny little 7 year old legs and fall flat on my face as soon as the cave collapses behind me.

-quest objective complete- defeat boss monster

-bonus objective complete- do the quest in 10 hours. Time 6 hours 43 min

Hidden objective found- take out all of the Tree of the damned before fighting the mob or boss monster

2000 exp, ring of the forest guardian, cloak of the forest guardian, the serpent of the damned (serpent sword)

-You defeated 83 (forest minions) ravens, 16 trees of the damned

-reward: 207.5 exp, 47 forest feathers( raven), 36 sharp beaks, 9 magic eyes. 48 exp, 3 enchanted wood, 10 (dark) enchanted wood, 5 dark forest guardian arrow(s)

-You defeated the boss (Forest Lord) Raven

-skill book, Ravens song (Rapier), 100 exp

-you leveled up!

"Heh heh, I heh did it!" I exclaimed looking at the cave and all the rewards in my requip/ inventory space. I am so drained and tired if anything comes my way I'm dead, so even if I know the consequences… I must use it.

"Teroporto" I scream with my hand clenched towards the sky as a blinding flash of awe inspiring light cleaves through the sky, cutting the clouds asunder… unfortunatly the cool didn't last to long.

"LIGHTNING BUG! ARE YOU HURT, WHY ARE YOU SO CUT UP WAAAAH!" You know, you would think a several hundred year old god would be this overbearing… okay overbearing in this way. And while I love my father, I don't always love what he does.

"Dad… can't… breathe…" I say looking very purple right now. Oh splotches and dark guh-sleep.