The Frog Sister: Revised

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Original Published Date: 1/18/2018

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Chapter 1: The Frog Sister Returns Home

Rebecca otherwise known as Becca was on her way home for the summer, she had just finished her first year of veterinarian school. After spending one year at a local community college to figure out what it was that she wanted to do with herself. And of course, getting her requisites out of the way first. Funnily enough, she never owned an animal growing up but having to care for random strays her younger brothers brought home from time to time had endeared her to the small creatures and giving her some practice in caring for them however minimal it was.

Watching the familiar 'Welcome to Santa Carla' sign pass by left her feeling nostalgic for a moment before she remembered that she hadn't much liked it here growing up. "Where to?" The driver asked with a voice that was rough with disuse, he hadn't really been up for chitchat during the ride and Becca found that suited her just fine. "Just drop me off at the boardwalk, thanks."

It wasn't like she needed to be specific there wasn't any place around here that he could leave her that the girl wouldn't be able to find her way around. Becca had grown up on the streets of Santa Carla. Not literally, of course, her folks always had at least a rundown apartment to call their home but they were rarely there be it physically or mentally. They probably hadn't been since before the 60s to be perfectly honest.

It left Becca to learn how to navigate the busy streets first to get to the grocery store, then to school, and eventually to work herself. For a lack of better words her parents weren't very responsible, growing up she had resented them and their selfishness. It was the only thing tainting her memories of her hometown but it did make her strive hard to be a good student so that one day she could get herself a decent paying job.

Becca just lucked out that it would also be one that she enjoyed.

Still, the whole experience had taught her many things about herself. First and foremost that she wasn't ever going to have kids, raising her younger brothers had been more than enough parenting for her.

The taxi stopped and the driver spouted off a price which she paid before the college girl exited the taxi.

Becca took a deep breath, the sea air smelled like home, it had been way too long. More than a year since she last set foot here. When she left for college it was just turning Fall and even though her classes were not planned to start until Spring Becca couldn't wait to leave, to be free of all of the responsibility thrust upon her. In fact, she had before that point never set foot outside of Santa Carla and that was something she wanted to rectify right away. But she didn't run off the minute she graduated because if nothing else Becca was always the responsible one.

She got everything in order first, her hope is that her brothers had somehow managed to maintain even a fraction of that while she was away.

Just then the wind blew through her long dark tresses, she hadn't bothered to put her hair up today. She had missed this, the wind the very atmosphere of her home. The beach was practically calling her name but first, there was one no scratch that two things were more important.

Her little brothers.

Becca hadn't seen them since she left. The few odd phone calls here and there and the weird letters were all she'd had from them. Truthfully they were both a handful and when the brunette left she had been more than pleased to be away from the oddballs. Now, however, she found that she missed them despite her earlier thoughts of not wanting to be a parent it was kinda like being away from her own kids at this point.

And now all she wanted was to hopefully embarrass them by smothering them with hugs and kisses preferably in public. It would be nice to see their big tough guy acts after so long, honestly, she had no idea why the two of them were so weird. Part of her figured it was all of the comic books, maybe using those as a babysitter when she had to do homework or even just dropping them off all day at the cinema or bowling alley wasn't the best upbringing but hey, she was only a kid herself at the time.

With those two in mind Becca headed off in the direction of her parent's comic book shop, though really, she should just call it her brother's shop. It had been a long time since her parents had actually done any of the work required with owning a store if they ever had. Before it fell to her brothers she had run the shop while they just sat around reading the comics, her leaving had forced the two to grow up a bit and for that Becca was glad. The last thing she needed was for the two of them to take after their parents.

Her parents lack of responsibility had never been in doubt but as she grew they certainly got less so, though she didn't know how that was even possible, it was. Maybe what really nailed it was when they saw that they could just throw all their responsibilities onto their children.

By children that mostly meant her.

Becca was barely four years older than Alan who was only ten months older than Edgar.

So was it any wonder she didn't know how to raise them and left them to their comics most of the time?

Perhaps being raised by comics would make anyone a little nutty?

Well, anyone but Becca as she read more than her fair share growing up also.

The brunette hadn't been much for reading. She still wasn't but she hadn't really minded picking up a comic if there was nothing else to do but that was just it, Santa Carla had plenty of stuff to do. There were beaches, concerts, carnivals, and shops. Not to mention just plain walking around the boardwalk which she did a lot growing up and thinking about it now it wasn't the safest hobby to do in a place people around here called the 'murder capital of the world' and all that. But the missing posters had become so ingrained as normal in her mind that she just didn't think about it as an out of towner might.

Looking around as she walked her blue eyes took in that the posters both old and new that were still very much present, and there were still so many of them. Having gone to school in a safer area and seeing no more than a handful in her time away from home should've opened up her eyes but it still felt normal to her whereas the safety of her dorm was the oddity.

Huh, maybe she should give her brothers a break. Being odd must be a family trait because even the brunette knew that given the choice she wouldn't choose safety even if she should choose it over familiar fondness. Maybe it was just that she had never witnessed the danger of her home first hand that made her feel this way. Like she wasn't in any real danger despite the signs that clearly showed otherwise.

Of course, she never believed all the missing people were victims of vampires or aliens either, hopefully, that phase had passed by now.

It took her a moment to realize that she had made it to the comic shop while still deep in thought. Becca smirked and walked right in, ready and willing to give the boys a surprise. After all, during the last letter, she may have conveniently forgotten to mention that she was coming home for the summer.

Seeing them both behind the counter not paying their surroundings any mind their big sister decided to sneak up on them. She stealthily made her way to them all the while ducking behind the racks of comics being both overly cautious and slow in making her way around them. When Becca got close enough she pounced, "Guess who!?"

They're bored expressions melted away as they both jumped and screamed before attempting to hug one another in a perfectly comical manner. It made Becca wish she had a camera.

However, instead of laughing she covered her ears because they screamed like high pitched little girls. All the while tripping all over themselves as they tried to decide if they wanted to jump into the others arms or attack. It really would have been funny if it wasn't killing her eardrums. It ceased being even slightly funny when they chose their course of action and started spraying her with water guns they pulled out from underneath the counter.

"Really guys? Water in a comic book shop!?" Becca exclaimed exasperated.

Her words seemed to reach them then and they finally calm down while slowly lowering their guns, "Sis?" Alan asked like he didn't believe she was really there. Maybe she should have told them she was coming. In hindsight that would've been the less wet option too bad time machines only exist in the comic books.

"Ya it's me, you know if I wanted to get wet I would've gone to the beach first," Becca stated unamused while ringing out her soaked t-shirt suddenly glad that it was too dark to see through. Still, it was sticking to her chest like she was entering a wet t-shirt contest, not something she was particularly interested in doing with her brothers nearby.

"That was holy water. At least it proves that you aren't undead," Edgar told her with absolute sincerity, the blue-eyed girl rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, well me just waltzing in here during the day should have done that." Their older sibling's tone might have been just a tad sarcastic.

Alan butted in then trying to break the steadily tense atmosphere, "…What are you doing here?"

"It's summer, I thought I'd come home and spend the break with my two loveable dorky younger brothers. What, that a crime?" With her shirt not dripping any longer she started to ring out her hair next, they got her good, but she'd get them back for it. Maybe she would sneak their least favorite food into some of their favorites and gift it to them, it would serve them right.

"You shouldn't be here, it's dangerous!" Edgar exclaimed, which was more emotion than he usually showed even to his siblings.

"I know that now, really what would you have done if I was a customer? You'll lose business if you pull that water gun stunt on everyone that comes in." She motioned to the water guns still held firmly in their grasp. They both looked to where she was motioning and notice they were still holding them. Then they looked at one another before coming to the conclusion that it was safe to lay them on top of the counter.

"It's not that we aren't glad to see you but Edgar's right it's too dangerous now, the vampires are onto us."

Oh, bless her little brothers they probably honestly believe what they're saying, "Okay, I'll be sure to carry my cross, better?" She told them while considering the possibility of the necklace they gifted her for her birthday being somewhere inside of her backpack.

"It's not enough!" Alan and Edgar shout at the same time, "We had a run in with their coven a few months back, they've been out to get us ever since" Edgar stated solemnly.

Part of her hoped that they didn't actually attack some people dressed as vampires on Halloween or something like that, it had happened once before. That wasn't even counting the time she managed to make her own witch costume... they completely ruined it to save her or something. Becca had been one upset twelve year old and she may or may not have convinced them that they were cursed for the next few weeks because of it.

Still, she thought they knew better now, they were getting too old for this to be acceptable behavior even for a place as out there as Santa Carla.

"Okay, well, with the two of you around I'm sure I'll be more than safe during my stay." They both seemed to puff up at that, it was what she was hoping for after all it was better than having them hound her about her safety the entire time she was home.

"Right, don't go anywhere without one of us with you at all times," Edgar ordered as if the thought was originally his own and not prompted by her words.

"…Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea I mean after all the vampires don't know that I know you, so they shouldn't target me." She loved her brothers and as much as she wanted to spend time with them the idea of one of them hovering over her the whole trip wasn't an appealing one. It reminded her too much of that one time they got on that werewolf kick. They followed her into the girl's restroom during that time for whatever reason and it made many of her female classmates angry with her over it.

They both looked at each other, "Good idea," she smiled until they both duck behind the counter, "Umm, what're you doing?"

"Getting things, you'll need." They both told her.

"I uh, have my bag." She gripped her shoulder bag with her money, makeup and even her extra set of clothes. Becca didn't take all of her clothes with her when she left so she could travel light, and it wasn't like her old clothes back at the house wouldn't still fit after she aired them out.

They pop back up with stakes, garlic, bottles of water which she could only guess were carrying holy water and crosses.

"Um, guys I can't carry all of that stuff." Nor did she want to.

"Right, here." Alan handed her one bottle of water and a single cross while Edgar followed suit handing her a single stake, "I think I'm good," their sister nodded to the bottled water in one hand and the cross in the other.

He doesn't let up though, so she simply sighed and took it, but when he tried to wrap a thing of garlic around her neck she took a step back, "Okay no, this is where I put my foot down, I'm not wearing that. You two do know that the sun's still, out right?"

"Not for much longer," Alan tells her worriedly, Edgar nodded and tried once more to give her the garlic, but their sister wasn't planning to budge on this. Not that the girl cared what strangers might think of her or her bizarre family but it was giving into things like this that lost her both friends and boyfriends in the past. Not that she blamed them, it took a certain type to be able to withstand the force that was the Frog brothers.

Not to mention she didn't fancy smelling like raw garlic ever again, it was enough to give her nightmares of the time they used it to decorate her room while she was at work. It took weeks to get rid of the awful odor.

"Really guys I'm more than prepared I don't think anyone, vampire or otherwise would attack me with this arsenal." Edgar looked unsure but backed down when he saw her resolve, the two of them then unceremoniously start to push her out of the store.

"What are you two doing!?" The older girl had to scramble not to drop the vampire slaying items as they shoved her.

"We can't let the vamps know that you are in league with us, for your own safety stay away from the shop."

"Okay you two are ridiculous, I came here to spend time with you."

"Not safe, call us the phone should still be safe. They haven't tapped it, we checked." Edgar stated, as their older sister she wondered if she should look into some medication for the two of them. Or maybe counseling, no meds were cheaper but with her family history that might do more harm than good.

A part of her wondered if her plan backfired and instead of having them hovering the whole time she'll now not see them at all. Well, she did want to reacquaint herself with the area again but this was ridiculous.

"Fine I'll go for now, but I'll still come to see you two oddballs during the day." They looked ready to protest but she cut them off, "It'll be safe during the day when they're sleeping so relax."

Edgar mumbled, "I guess so," they give each other a look, and both come to a decision, "You're right."

"Of course, I am." The dark-haired girl barely refrained from rolling her eyes, "I have been around the two of you long enough to know the basics." The 'unfortunately', was left unsaid.

"Before I leave let me use the back room to change into something dry," Becca said upon noticing that she was still wet from the water gun incident.

They both get a look like they are considering it, with a huff she decided to not give them a chance to say no. "Look it won't get dark outside before I can finish changing."

They don't look convinced, "Now you're just being offensive, I may be a girl, but I don't take that long getting dressed."

"Sis we've lived with you we know how long you take in the bathroom."

The look she gave Alan caused him to wince and Edgar to laugh nervously as he tried to whisper to his brother, "We should just let her do it, females are a type of monster that we have no chance of defeating."

A monster? She could show them a monster, but being the more mature older sister decided against it… for now. "I can hear you, but you're right I'm the scariest monster of them all the big sister." Smirking as the young woman recalled her plans from back before the whole holy water thing happened.

They looked weary but didn't move fast enough to avoid her. She proceeded to practically tackle hugged the both of them, with the intent to at least make their clothes a little bit damp as a form of payback.

"Come on is this necessary?" Alan said with exasperation in his voice.

"..." Edgar's face just turned red, he never was a big hugger.

"Call it my revenge hug!" Becca cackled evilly with the mindset of making them think she's letting them off easy. But no, she'll prank the both of them good for the nice 'welcome home' that they gave her.

"Alright, you wanted to change, didn't you?" Edgar asked as he wiggled in an effort to get out from her hold.

"Is that a blush I see Edgar, aww am I embarrassing you?" The blue-eyed girl knew full well that she was but doesn't care in fact, she found the whole thing funny.

"What about you Alan, you don't seem as shy I wonder why... could it be that you're growing up?" She teased trying to get a more uncomfortable response from him, such was her duty as the older sibling.

"Knock it off and go change already before it gets dark."

Pouting she lets them go much to Edgar's visible relief and Alan's silent one. "Alright, I can see that my fun's over for now besides I am growing a little cold so off to the backroom I go." Their sister headed back into the store from where she was nearly shoved out the front door with the boys following at a slower pace to get back to their previous position behind their counter.

Once inside the backroom she can tell that it's even more junked-up than it was before, "Clutter bugs…" Becca muttered under her breath.

With that said she changed in a room so full that one person can barely stand in let alone change their shirt. After almost causing an avalanche and hitting her elbow on something the brunette came out just thankful to be alive, only to find herself looking into the amused faces of her brothers. They probably heard her banging around in there or maybe her curse when she hit her elbow, she glared. "What was with all that junk and those boxes anyway?" At least most of it was in boxes.

"Comics and… stuff." That last part was suspicious. It made her older sibling senses tingle and not in the normal way of 'my little brothers are just hiding their porn stash', no she could only wish that it'd be something so normal for once.

"What kind of stuff are we talking about, I'm pretty sure that pointy thing that nearly poked my eye out wasn't a comic book." The older girl wanted to be wrong but usually, when it came to the 'uniqueness' of her brothers she knew to expect the weird, stupid, and supernatural-themed mischief at all times. More than not all three at once.

"Just some vampire slaying stuff, we have to stay stocked up on it for emergencies," Edgar explained as if it were all perfectly acceptable.

"So that pointy thing was another stake?" I didn't surprise her that she'd nearly been staked through the eye after all she had lived with weird and weirder for most of her life. What was surprising was that they had more than what was behind the counter. "Just how many of those things do you have, and where are they coming from?"

"We made them." They both stated.

"…You know if you two ever want a normal job, wood carving is actually respectable." They look at her as if she were an alien come to invade their comic book shop, "Right… too mundane for the two of you but a girl could hope." No, they already had a full-time job of worrying her to death, truthfully that wouldn't be as bad a death as whatever else might await her should she happen upon more of their survival gear unexpectedly.

"I guess I'll see you two tomorrow." The brunette waved while leaving before being called out to, "Wait where are you staying?" As if the answer wasn't obvious.

"At our parents' house, I know that they're never there and you two practically live here for days on end but we do still have a house, you know?" It was meant to be a joke, not an actual reminder.

Edgar grunted and Alan just sheepishly looked at her rubbing the back of his neck, "Um, it's been a while since we cleaned."

"I figured but I've dealt with the mess the four of you like to leave around the house before, I'm sure I can manage again."

"…If you say so." Alan sounded unsure.

Rolling her eyes, Becca nodded to them and walked away without another word only to catch Alan's voice in the wind, "I forgot we had a house," Edgar's reply of, "So did I," made her hope that it hadn't fallen into ruin like she had a feeling it would. It seemed without her around to pick up after everyone… that it was all left to waste away. This was reminding her of why she went so far from the place she loved for school, to begin with.

The girl had needed a break from being responsible for everything including herself. At college it was only herself, she got to be selfish for once in her life.

Her mind wandered back to the house though as she walked, it could only be a good thing her grandparents weren't around to see the house they so painstakingly spent all those years paying on. The house they made sure was taken care of just so her mom could have a home of her own one day. That day never really came, who knew what hole her parents were currently off sleeping in. They hadn't been at the comic shop or she'd have smelled them surely.

Shaking those thoughts away Becca decided to not dwell on what may or may not be until she was confronted with it later.

For now, she was going to focus on refamiliarize herself with the streets, stores, and of course the beach until she was ready to call it a night. Her brothers didn't need to know that she was going to be out after the sun went down, no need to upset them or get lectured on the dangers that lurked in the dark. Had it been stalkers or serial killers she might take their worries seriously.

Time just flew by while Becca was having an enjoyable day wandering around and just remembering everything as well as checking out a few unfamiliar places. One thing that was a surprise was that the video store that had just opened not long before she left for college was now closed. Video stores were a popular thing nowadays, so she couldn't imagine it closing up because of failed income, hopefully, they'd open another one soon.

The cable was likely out at her parent's house due to lack of payment, so that meant if she was to spend any real time there she would likely be entertaining herself with whatever VHS tapes might be left lying around.

That couldn't be many, meaning her selection was likely very limited. Tapes were just so much cheaper to rent than they were to buy. Guess that also left reading if she got desperate, her mom's old romantic novels had probably not been thrown out.

Becca figured that it wouldn't have to come to that though, there were plenty of things to do in Santa Carla such as walking the beach. It was the perfect day for that, too bad she didn't have a bathing suit that fit her any longer.

The girl didn't really believe she needed one, she could enjoy the beach in any attire and as if her feet agreed with her the brunette found herself on the beach in no time. Taking off her sandals and getting her toes wet was how the next part of her day was spent. She almost felt like a little kid again playing in the ankle-deep shallow water

Eventually, though her stomach reminded her of how long it had been since she had last eaten anything, so she regretfully said goodbye to the beach with a promise to visit it again soon.

For dinner she ate at her favorite fast food place, it still served the best seafood she had ever tasted. Becca as always ate way too much when she had food there but as she was making up for missing lunch and was treating herself because it was her vacation after all. Besides, the girl figured she would just be extra thorough when she next went to the gym.

The blue-eyed girl was thinking that she might finally be ready to head home and survey the damage that has been done in her absence when she suddenly noticed how close she was to her brother's shop.

Part of her wanted to drop by and say goodnight to the boys but the young woman was ignoring the urge to do so. She didn't want another lecture on their version of 'stranger danger' which was currently 'vampire danger' it made her miss the boy's alien phase. At least aliens didn't have a strict time schedule to worry about. Instead of going by the shop the college girl decided to call it a night and get some much-deserved sleep.

That was until an all too familiar voice reached her ears.

"What do you bloodsuckers want? Come to finish the job!?" Edgar's words registered with Becca and before the girl knew what she was doing she was making her way toward him and Alan. They were with a group of guys she wasn't familiar with. Becca couldn't have her brothers be known as the town nut jobs, after all, so she would just have to do some damage control. The work of a big sister was never finished it seemed.

That was when she noticed her brothers armed with their water guns and the guys they were pointing them at outside their shop looked none too happy about it. Not that she could blame them.

There were four of them three blondes and a brunette, one of the blonde's had hair almost as long as her own and even the brunette was the same way albeit a little bit shorter. Another had a mullet and lastly, there was one with curly hair, he looked to be the youngest of the four. They all seemed to be wearing mostly black and even some leather and in the summer too, so definitely bad boys and prime targets for her brother's vampire fantasies. Unfortunately, for her, as that meant she had to let them know that she was related to the crazies. This is why she couldn't keep a boyfriend in this town.

"And here I thought I was special, I didn't realize you guys made a habit out of this." She only said it to defuse the situation, but it only seemed to make her brothers tenser which the older sibling wasn't too surprised about since they were accusing these boys of being vampires, and likely believed that to be the case.

"Becca!" Alan shouted looking her way before going white and panicking.

"We don't know her," Edgar added, "Never seen her before so don't hurt her!" Alan said unconvincingly, she fought down the urge to roll her eyes at their very bad acting skills.

"Honestly you two this vampire thing has to stop before you actually hurt someone."

Scolding her brothers in front of a group of really hot guys that they almost soaked in water was not how she wanted her first night back home to go. Still, it could be worse, "A water gun is harmless," she did not see the look that the guys gave each other at that sentence as she was focused on her brothers but her brothers didn't miss it, "what's next a stake?"

A snort interrupted her tirade, so she turned to the source of the noise.

"Already tried that one." The one with the long blond rocker hair said, "Excuse me?" The young woman had hoped that she'd heard him wrong until another blond spoke up.

Now that she was up close she could see that this boy's hair was a slightly darker blond than the one who had spoken first, it was also curlier than she first thought from a distance.

And he happened to be really cute too, just her luck.

"They tried to stake me once, good thing for me their aim is shit." It was said with a smirk and in a slightly mocking way.

And that was how Becca Frog first met the Lost Boys.

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