The Frog Sister

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Chapter 9: Vampire

Becca's front was covered in blood, her little brother's blood.

She waited for that to sink in, sink in as the blood had already done.

She knew she should be horrified or sad, she was a bit but not anything like she'd expected and that bothered her more than being covered in the blood of her brother did.

His death bothered her, though not like it should have.

Was she in shock, could vampires experience shock? Looking at her bloodstained hands she clenched and unclenched them, she was still herself, right? She was still Rebecca Frog? Becca? The new vampire thought so but how could she be sure?

Her attention drifted back to the drained body staring upwards with a pained horrified expression, it was Edgar Frog... her little brother. His hand had been bitten through and his neck ravaged as if a wild animal had attacked him.

None had, only her.

This was one of the two little boys she raised while raising herself. And he was dead, gone forever and she was the reason for it.

Becca waited for the tears to fall or for the hysteria to start, neither happened. The young vampire was confused, she sat there waiting for something to change. Nothing did.

"She's being awfully quiet," Paul observed before adding, "probably contemplating ways to stake your ass."

Marko snorted, "Even if she wants to she can't, it's a two-way street now she can't betray me or any of us." She could try to get someone else to do it though he supposed though that wasn't extremely likely still maybe he should keep an eye on her thoughts just to be on the safe side.

David stepped over the semi-conscious human as he exited the cave, "Well," he clapped his hands together, "good show."

Having said that he pulled out a pack of cigarettes, "If she's going to join us tonight someone needs to clean her up," he took a drag from his newly lit cigarette before glancing at Marko who huffed, "Why me?"

David raised an eyebrow and that made Marko cease his complaints.

The curly-haired vampire decided to do as instructed and moved over to the frozen girl. Marko eyed her as if expecting a reaction. He got none so the blond wrapped his hand around her upper arm and pulled her to her feet, "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

She didn't fight him, so Marko led her back into the cave. Becca's eyes do wander to Alan as they step over his slumped form to get into the cave, upon seeing that she doesn't falter in her steps as they pass him Marko decided it was a good sign.

Alan doesn't think that he saw it as a sign that she was truly gone... though he already knew that. Why was he still surprised by her lack of reaction to him? The pain was getting to him, he was barely conscious, in fact, right after she passed by he lost his battle with his consciousness and welcomed the darkness.

Inside of the cave, Marko led her to a new area that she had never seen, it was something like an indoor spring. The older vampire dropped her arm and proceeded to leave her alone, that snapped her out of the daze she was in to ask the question that had been bugging her.

"Am I still me?" He stopped and looked back at her, "What kind of question is that?"

He frowned upon seeing her face, her expression made him pause before he sighed his frustration, "Yes, you're still you." Becca looked down at the blood coating her hands, arms and chest then back at him in confusion, "Then why don't I hate you like I did before… why am I not falling apart after killing my own brother?"

"Oh, that's what this is about… you'd be better off talking about this with David." She looked up at him and he nearly groaned, her face told him that she wasn't going to drop it, Marko couldn't help thinking 'why him', "Alright… I'll try to explain, let's see how should I put this…" He looked up at the cave's ceiling as if trying to pull the right words from it.

The blond vampire was still looking upwards when he spoke, "You say that you hated me, right?" She nodded, his head shifted to look back at her before he continued, "Well, then you still do," She looked ready to argue but he held up his hand, "Okay, you might not hate me but if you think about it you don't like me, right?"

Becca frowned and tried to think about her feelings towards him before coming to the conclusion that he was right, kinda. Her feelings towards him had always been strange but still, she nodded slowly, "Right, well see your feelings aren't gone and they haven't changed so much as the intensity has lessened."

"So, I feel things less strongly now?" The new vampire asked, "Yes and no, certain things are lessened, and certain things are heightened, like say lust and bloodlust those are stronger emotions now… hate is a hard emotion to get and to hold onto, we have to be really pissed off about something." He explained.

"You hated my brothers though…" He looked thoughtful, "I'm not prone to things like hate, I wasn't even before I became a vampire… but yeah, whenever I see them I tend to get pissed off which is probably the closest I get to hating someone. It's kinda like I felt… feel vengeful more than anything which by the way is an easier thing to feel. You should never wrong a vampire it always comes back to bite you." He smirked at his phrasing.

That made sense she guessed, "I suppose sadness is something that's lessened too…" It wasn't really a question, but he nodded, "Yeah it is, but that's a good thing I think, who likes to feel sad?"

Becca had to agree with him on that front, guilt must also be a feeling they struggle with feeling because she mostly felt guilty for not feeling bad enough… that was messed up and she knew it but maybe only because being human was still so fresh in her mind.

How long until it wasn't though… would she be a monster then? No, she was already one, the moment she ate her brother or maybe the moment she realized that she didn't really care too much that she had.

"Okay questions have been answered, now clean up I have to go find you another shirt that one isn't going to come clean so you can't really go into town wearing it." She looked at her shirt and agreed that even if she had a washing machine it probably wouldn't be saved. That was the second shirt she destroyed this week, the brunette was going to have to be more careful, she didn't have an endless supply of them after all.

He left her to bathe then so she does. Removing the wet shirt she winced, it wasn't because of her shoulder or even the still wet blood. No, her skin was raw for some reason. It took her a minute of running her hands along her reddened skin to understand.

She had been so preoccupied that the sting had gone unnoticed but those marks she'd seen them before, on Marko.

It was from the holy water, what was left of it had burned her once she killed Edgar.

Running her hands over the slowly healing burns across her stomach had her realizing that her head stung also, her scalp probably had some burns.

Her breasts hadn't been spared either so she removed her wet bra and discarded it with her shirt. Thankfully her pants were both blood and holy water free. Still, she slipped out of them and her underwear before getting into the water.

It was neither cold or hot, more neutral. The first thing she did was rinse the areas affected by the holy water. Once the stinging started to recede then she got to work on removing the blood.

Still, it wasn't a full-on bath though she would've liked one but Marko had mentioned going out and Becca had a feeling the boys wouldn't appreciate waiting for her. There also wasn't anything like soap or shampoo anywhere in sight, she would need to grab hers and bring it here at some point.

That made her pause, was she going to stay here with them? That hadn't said otherwise but then again they hadn't said she was either. Rubbing at her bloody arms she decided it was a problem for later.

Becca was cleaning herself as much as she could as quickly as she was capable of. She considered herself lucky that her hair was on the darker side so if there was still blood left in it, it would be harder to see, especially at night.

The new vampire splashed her face while she wondered if she should be going out with them tonight? What if she couldn't control her bloodlust?

Her throat suddenly felt itchy at that thought, Becca was feeling thirsty. That couldn't be a good sign, she just ate or was it drank… both? The brunette supposed it was both to her now. Still, they could eat human food as well, she'd seen them do it. Well no, she had seen Marko do it, the only thing she saw the others do was drink, but did any of it still taste the same?

Becca was lost in her thoughts of food and blood Marko returned, "Here," he tossed her a shirt with some band's logo on it, she caught it so that it wouldn't land in the water, "it's Paul's but he likes you so he won't mind." She nodded before getting out of the water. It hadn't occurred to her to cover herself up or to get embarrassed about her nakedness around him.

The new vampire slipped on the dark shirt over her still wet body and found herself to be practically swimming in it, she supposed it was a good thing it was so loose because there was no way she was wearing her holy water contaminated bra again, for now, she'd have to go without.

She rung out her hair a bit as he hadn't brought her anything to dry off with, she would just have let the rest of her air dry.

Becca then slipped back into her underwear and pants as Marko spoke, "I'll tell David we need to stop by your house to grab your clothes on the way back tonight." She nodded before knotting the bottom of the shirt. It showed her midriff and left it to hang off one shoulder but it made for a better fit that way. Becca supposed it would do for now.

"Why does Paul like me?"

As far as she knew she'd never done anything to deserve it, the same could be said for Marko's dislike towards her well if you don't count the whole her tricking him into giving her his blood thing.

But he didn't like her even before that.

Marko shrugged, "He likes everybody, even the people he feds on for the most part."

Okay, vampire or not Becca had a feeling that was more messed up than was normal but well if Paul was the only one on her side she probably shouldn't tell him so. No need to offend her only potential ally.

Once the girl was freshened up as much as she was going to get she followed Marko back to the front of the cave, only this time the young vampire paid more attention to her surroundings, she felt awed that she could see so clearly in the dark passageways of the cave. It appeared that she had been right about the supervision. Just one of the perks of being a vampire she guessed.

When they left the cave her eyes looked around for her brothers, she didn't see either of them, the dead one or Alan… Did she want to know what happened after she left? No, maybe not.

"Finally, come on I'm starving!" Paul whined, Marko quickly reached them but before they head over to their bikes they notice that she wasn't following them.

"What's wrong?" David frowned, "Will it be safe to bring me… what if I attack somebody in front of people?" The boys all crack a smile and a few even laughed, "Why are you laughing?" Becca asked throwing a glare their way.

It was a real concern.

After all, vampires were a secret… even without knowing much of her new species she knew that. Whether she was happy or not with her new life didn't mean she wanted to out them because of her lack of control.

"Don't worry even if you can't resist taking a bite we'll be there to stop you from doing it in too public of a setting," David said.

He sounded confident so she relaxed and started to got to Marko when he looked at Paul and stated, "She's riding with you tonight." Paul shrugged.

Becca stopped and stared at the curly haired vampire for a few seconds but didn't argue instead she made her way over to Paul and climbed on the back of his bike. Dwayne eyed Marko as Becca got ready, the blond ignored his fellow vampire's gaze and shortly after that they are off.

The ride to the boardwalk felt different, and not because she was riding with Paul. No, the wind, the speed, the smells, the sounds Becca was sure it was because she was a vampire now. It felt like her senses should probably be overwhelmed by the sudden change but strangely enough, her body accepted it all already.

They arrived at their destination too soon in her opinion as she'd been enjoying the ride, maybe she should learn to ride a bike some day or rather some night.

That thought was quickly overrun by the strong smells. The bright lights and sounds had surprised her, but it was the smells that distracted her. Even between all the greasy fast food, salty ocean air, sweaty bodies, leftover sunscreen lotion, and perfumes, she could still clearly smell the blood underneath it all… And it was a lot of blood, in fact, it was everywhere, all around her.

Becca's throat was suddenly on fire.

Her eyes dilated with hunger.

How did they handle coming to the boardwalk every night and being surrounded by so much blood all the time… it was like it was taunting her.

Becca hadn't realized she'd dismounted the bike until a hand found hers and stopped her from taking any more steps, it was a familiar hand and not at all cold anymore. His hand was also still missing his glove making her even more aware of the fact that they were the same temperature.

"It'll get easier." He tells her before looking towards the others, "Food first tonight?" Paul quickly agreed, he had been the one to previously state that he was starving.

David decided on a simple a bonfire, the beach was far enough away to not attract any unwanted attention, "Well, then ladies first," Paul complained at their leader's words but Becca didn't really hear it as she looked towards the humans chilling out around the fire. She wondered if she could really do it, sure her throat felt like it was burning but now that the fledgling vampire was thinking about feeding it didn't seem as easy.

She'd done it before and it was instinctive but how did she do it?

Glancing at the boys and then back to the humans she was at a loss, David crossed his arms and sighed.

"Alright if you still need a push we'll go first," David smirked, and the boys followed his lead, the first drop of blood was all it took to get her on board, one second, she was watching them torn between hunger and a vague sense of something she couldn't identify and the next she was tearing apart someone with her teeth.

"On second thought we probably should've stopped by her house for extra clothes first." Marko snickered this as she dropped her latest meal. Becca looked down at her bloodied form with a frown, then back at Marko, his clothes didn't have a drop on them, it was only on his face somehow.

Becca had a passing thought that he must've had a lot of practice to be able to do that.

She didn't want to think that she was just that messy of an eater, those thoughts soon became unfocused. The longer she stared at the blood on his face, was it normal to feel the urge to lick it off? She didn't care because even if it wasn't the brunette was going to do it anyways.

And without another thought, she did just that.

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