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-For as long as I could remember, I've had a fascination with Pokemon. Like most kids, I wasn't allowed to have one of my own due to my parents' fear of my mistreating it; forgetting to feed it, growing bored of playing with it, and the like. However, like most kids, I ignored their rules and found wild Pokemon to befriend.

In my case, it was a soft, fluffy Buneary. This particular bunny Pokemon had much bigger tufts of fur on its ears when compared to the rest of its group, and that seemed to cause a bit of teasing from its peers. The older Pokemon, like the wild Bibarel who seemed to be a parent of the other Pokemon, always disciplined the younger Pocket Monsters, but this never really helped much.

It was for this reason that, on the day I found Buneary, the two of us would remain lifelong friends.

If memory serves, I must've been around 5 at the time I met Buneary. My parents let me walk in the forest near our home, as it was a small area and the wild Pokemon kept to their own families. While exploring the vast (well, vast in my mind) area full of trees, I decided to return home and find something to eat. My treks through the forest never lasted long, as I was a bit too scared to venture too deep, lest I get lost.

"I hope Mom has lunch ready…" I talked to myself while I walked; who else was I going to talk to? Just as I spotted the light of day, I paused when I heard a faint sound. I couldn't quite tell what it was, but my childhood curiousity got the best of me. I slowly headed towards the source of the noise, now hearing that it was the sound of sobbing. I slowly poked my head past a tree, seeing a small, brown Pokemon crying while attempting to hide from the world.

"Bun…Buneary…Bun…!" The Pokemon's cries were soft, and it didn't acknowledge me at all; with ears that big, I wondered how it didn't hear even my quiet breathing. I mentally argued with myself on a course of action, deciding to approach the creature. "W-What's wrong, Pokemon?" I quietly asked. I wasn't sure what Buneary was at the time (I couldn't even pronounce "Bidoof" properly,) but I knew that it must be pretty sad to be hiding out here.

"Bun…?" Buneary looked at me, hiding its face behind its paws. It quickly stood, hopping away from me at a quick pace. I gave chase without a second thought, following the bouncing Pokemon past the trees. "Bun! Eary! Bun!" The Pokemon spoke with every bounce, but I wasn't sure what it was trying to tell me. Was it trying to alert its group to protect it from me? I didn't want to hurt it!

"Come back, Bun…Um…Buneary! I just want to be your friend, that's all! I wanna be friends!" I shouted. I paused, forced to stop and catch my breath. Buneary didn't stop bouncing, no matter what I said, so it was saddening that I would likely never come across the Pokemon again.

"Buneary?" Buneary paused. "Bun?" The Pokemon stopped in place, turning around to slowly walk towards me. It waited for me to catch my breath.

"That's right; I want to be your friend. The Pokemon in this forest don't play with me when I take walks here. Do you wanna play with me?" I didn't know what to expect, so I was quite happy with Buneary replied with a nod. "We can play chase, and hide-and-seek, and … Oh, I can eat my lunch with you, too! I'll even share, I promise!"

"Buneary!" The Pokemon's sadness had completely faded by now. It had only known me for a few minutes, but with even a small amount of kindness, Buneary seemed very happy. Maybe it didn't have many friends back with its family? The Pokemon pounced at me, hugging me. I smiled, patting it on the back.

"Buneary, will you wait here for me? I want to bring back some food for us!" I said a bit too excitedly. Buneary slowly nodded, unsure of whether to trust me or not, which was understandable. I hugged the Pokemon, giving it a smile. "I promise, I'll be right back!" With another nod from it, I left the Pokemon alone as I ran towards my house.

"Bun!" I heard Buneary's voice soon after I started to run off, and it didn't have a happy tone to it. I stopped, turning to walk back to the Pokemon, who was once again sobbing. It hugged its large ears to its chest, looking up at me. At the sight of me, its smile returned.

"My Mom said I'm not allowed to have my own Pokemon, but she didn't say I can't play with one!" I said, grabbing Buneary's paw. "Come on, let's go together." Buneary's eyes lit up at my suggestion, it quickly nodding with a big smile on its face.

"Bun, Buneary!"

When we reached my house, Buneary pulled away from me. It stared at my home as if it were the most amazing thing it had ever witnessed. I started to walk towards the front door, motioning for Buneary to follow me. I reached for the doorknob, but froze when it started to turn on its own. Buneary and I both gulped in fear as the door opened, with my mother in the doorway.

"What's that next to you?" She asked, pointing down at me. "Did you steal one of your father's Poke Balls and catch that thing?" I furiously shook my head. Buneary stood behind me, shaking in fear.

"This Buneary is wild, and it's my friend!" I said, clenching my fists. It wasn't often that I stood up to my parents about anything, but this Pokemon needed me, and I knew that. "I won't catch it; I'll just play with it and make it happy! It needs me!" I said. My mom shook her head.

"No. It'll start poking around for food, and then it'll start trying to live in here. Take it back to the woods, right now. End of discussion." She said, closing the door. Buneary hid its face with an ear, tears already forming in its eyes. I patted the creature's head, giving it a warm smile.

Forget her, Buneary." I said. "You're gonna be my best friend whether she likes it or not." Buneary hugged me once more, its soft, furry face nuzzling my cheek. The two of us laughed; not once do I remember ever being so happy-at least, for a few minutes. Shortly after my promise, a car pulled up next to us, parking in the driveway; Dad was home. This won't end well.

"I was waiting for the day you brought home a Pokemon!" Dad said, stepping out of the car. He placed a hand on my head, ruffling my hair. "You didn't catch it, did you?"

"No, sir; Buneary is my friend, but mom doesn't like that. I'm not making it go back to forest, or else it'll cry without me." I replied. Dad smiled, giving me a nod; this surprised me. He had always been as strict as mom about not allowing me to have a Pokemon, yet he always told me stories of battles that he had participated in when he was only a few years older than I was at the time.

"Eh…Your mom's gonna nag, but I think you're old enough. Make sure it doesn't make a mess in the house, and I think little Buneary here would make a great pet for you."

"Really, you're serious?!" I asked. My eyes were wide as dinner plates. "I thought you said I couldn't have a Pokemon until I was ten!" Dad chuckled, patting my head.

"You're almost ten. Well, a few years off, but who's counting. If you didn't have a Pokemon before your birthday in a few months, I was going to get you one as a gift anyway. You're acting just like a trainer; going out and finding your own Pokemon instead of just buying one or having it given to you." Dad walked past us, opening the door. He turned, looking at us with a very serious expression. "Don't make me regret this, son, please. I don't want to have to answer to your mother. Tonight's going to be hard enough…" He sighed, closing the door behind him. Buneary and I looked at each other for just a moment before hugging, hopping up and down in excitement.

"You can stay, you can stay!" I exclaimed.

"Buneary! Bun!" Buneary replied.

"Come on, we'll get you settled in my room, and get you a bed, and I'll even teach you how to play video games!" I smiled. Buneary had the expression of like you had just offered it a lifetime supply of berries; happy as could possibly be. The two of us ran inside, slamming the door behind us.

For the next for years, Buneary and I were inseparable. Anywhere I went, my Pokemon partner followed. Vacations, sleeping, or even on my walk to school, Buneary never left my side. At first, my mom was steamed by the fact that I had gone against her wishes and "adopted" a Pokemon, but eventually calmed down after seeing what a help around the house that Buneary could be. The big fluff around its ears proved well for drying dishes, and it loved helping mom cook. Although mom was positive I would eventually tire of Buneary and send it back to the forest, this never happened, and I would never dream of doing such a thing.

When my 10th birthday finally came, I received the best gift of my life; a Luxury Ball. It was an extremely expensive Poke Ball, one that must have cost my Dad's entire paycheck, or at least a huge chunk; it explained why our budget was slim for a while.

"Wow, it's shiny!" I said, seeing the light bounce off the ball's surface. I looked at my parents, still confused. "Why a Luxury Ball, though? Buneary's wild, remember?"

"That's why." Mom said, smiling. "Your father and I have talked it over, and we think that it's time you officially become Buneary's trainer." I looked at Buneary, who was sitting in a chair next to mine.

"What do you think? Do you want me to be your trainer?" I asked. Buneary nodded with a big smile on its face. "You'll be my first Pokemon, and one day, we can start our own journey and travel the whole world. Does that sound fun?"

"Buneary!" Buneary replied with a nod. It stepped back, watching as I stood with the Luxury Ball in my hand. I gently let it fall onto its head, the Pokemon turning into a stream of red light and disappearing into the ball. The ball hit the floor, gently shaking back and forth. Of course, since Buneary was more than willing, it didn't take more than the usual 3 shakes to complete the capture.

"Wow … I'm a real trainer, huh?" I picked up the shining, black ball, pressing the button and releasing my "new" Pokemon to my front. Buneary hopped up, landing in my arms and nuzzling my chest. When I had met it, Buneary and I had shared the same height, but as I got older, my growth spurts were surprisingly fast. For a 10 year old, I was pretty tall by now.

I decided to hold off on getting a trainer's license until I actually left home. For now, I wanted to stick around for a while and plan out this new life of mine.

Before I knew it, 8 years flew by. Here I am, 18 years old with a Buneary, still hanging out in my bedroom. It wasn't something to be ashamed of, at least not in my case: My friends from school still lived in their childhood homes, as it was way too expensive to start a new life without a lot of preparation.

Growth spurts weren't the only thing that happened over the years, not by a long shot. Puberty hit me like a ton of bricks, and with no girls around, I had no other options than Internet porn. My choices were nothing too weird; girls dressed up as various female gym leaders, posing nude, or in teasing clothing. Masturbation was something I only did when Buneary was asleep or in another room helping out mom. I didn't want to pollute my innocent bunny's mind with my lower-brain's thoughts.

This next part of my story is one I'm sure you'll groan over, as it's so generic that you could read it (made up, likely,) on any online Pokemon forum. I promise you that it's the truth, whether you want to believe me or not. I certainly didn't believe it. I didn't have the balls to post it on some forum, either- not that night, anyway.

As if Arceus was smiling upon me, my parents were out for the evening to see a movie. I didn't really want to go (more like I wasn't invited,) so Buneary and I stayed home to play some video games and enjoy each others' company. Over the years, my little Pokemon had become quite the gamer, and was able to easily defeat me in every game I owned. How it played with paws, I had no idea.

Instead of wasting money ordering food, Buneary had taken it upon itself to cook dinner for us, with me monitoring during any knife use or anything that could cause harm. When Buneary was doing nothing more than stirring a mixture, I retired to my room. I hadn't got off in over 3 days, and it was starting to become an annoyance.

"Okay then, Miss Flannery wannabe…Let's see your fiery side." I muttered, opening a video of a Flannery cosplayer having sex with a random guy, moaning and tossing her head back and forth. I hadn't bothered with headphones, since we had noise-canceling doors in the house for a reason I had never bothered asking about.

I was too busy fapping away to hear my door creak. Buneary had come to call me for dinner, only to become shocked at the sight before it. My Pokemon slowly approached me, careful to not make even the smallest noise. However, I kind of noticed when she stepped in front of me to get a better view.

"Buneary, what are you doing?" I asked, quickly adjusting myself and closing my jeans. "This isn't something you need to be seeing, you know. It's a dirty thing that I didn't want you to know about."

"Buneary?" Buneary tilted its head, stepping back and placing its paws on the white fur covering its lower body, spreading it wide. My eyes shot open at the revealed sight; my Buneary was female. I had half expected this, seeing how she seemed to blush when we hugged, or kissed my cheek when I praised her after helping me outside or in battles with wild Pokemon in the forest. "Bun…" Buneary blushed, covering her face with her ears. The large fluff on her ears had grown over the years, enough that she somehow used it as a pillow on some nights.

"You're really a girl, huh?" I smirked, amused at my Pokemon's embarrassment. "It's okay. You're really cute when you blush like that." My comment caused Buneary's face to turn even redder. I reached down, picking her up and placing her on my lap. Buneary stood, walking towards my chest and leaning her head towards my face, kissing my cheek. "Buneary, you're a cute girl, and I love you with all of my heart." I hugged my Pokemon, feeling her nuzzling me in return. "I'm flattered you're comfortable enough to show me your body, but I don't think I should touch you. You're just a little Buneary, and it would be wrong of me to take advantage of my best friend."

Buneary looked unhappy at this. This surprised me; I didn't know my little friend actually wanted to mate with me. In all the years I had lived with Buneary, not once have I seen her experience her heat cycle. During all of this thinking, I didn't notice a light start to surround the Buneary sitting on my lap.

"So anyway Buneary, maybe we should go and…" I was interrupted by the most unexpected noise (or should I say voice?)

"Lopunny? Punny?"

I blinked, seeing a Lopunny sitting on my lap with her arms wrapped around me. My jaw dropped at the sight of the new Pokemon; my little Buneary was definitely gone. The large fluff on her ears had moved around during her own growth spurt, leaving her ears normal while giving her a large bust. My Lopunny had breasts. Big ones.

"Buneary…? I mean…L-Lopunny…?" I looked at the rabbit, her eyes looking into mine. Her glance was nothing but lust. This Pokemon wanted me, and knew that her small body wasn't enough to help me. Lopunny looked up at me, tilting her head once more.

"Lopun?" Lopunny asked. I shook my head.

"It's nothing; I'm just surprised you evolved. You were cute before, but you're very beautiful now." I said. I felt beads of sweat start to run down my face, something that never happened when Buneary was hugging me. Why was I so nervous about my new Lopunny? Was it her eyes, or her new, big breasts? Or the fact that she evolved due to my arousal?

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. She may have boobs now, but Lopunny's still my best friend. Besides, even if she showed me what clearly is her cunt, I couldn't do anything about it. People don't actually have sex with Pokemon.

"Lopunny…" Lopunny spoke to me in a seductive voice, rubbing her body against mine. I felt her breasts squish against my chest; even through my shirt, the feeling was amazing. I had to snap back to reality, gently pushing my Pokemon to the floor. "Lopun…?"

"Lopunny, I love you. You're my best friend. But I could never take advantage of you like this." I said.

"Lopun…" Lopunny didn't look upset at all; instead, she winked, blowing a kiss in my direction. I'm not sure why, but this made me stare at the busty, curvy creature in front of me. Something in me simply snapped; I'm not sure why, but my thoughts were only about my Pokemon. I wanted this Lopunny, and I didn't want to ever let her go. "Lopunny..." Lopunny winked once more, sitting on my lap and rubbing my chest.

"I guess I was a bit hasty, huh?" I smiled. Lopunny nodded, moving up and leaning her head towards mine, pushing me into a long, deep kiss. Before, Buneary could only kiss my cheek, but Lopunny was doing much, much more. Before long, I felt her tongue enter my mouth, mine responding by moving around it. Our kiss didn't end for quite some time, with my hands exploring her new body all the while. I groped her breasts, ran my hands down her curves, and grabbed her ass, letting my body take over and leave any common sense at the door.

Lopunny pulled away, a line of drool connecting our tongues. I watched as she moved off my lap, on her knees on the floor in front of my chair. Without waiting for even a nod of approval, she unfastened and unzipped my jeans, pulling my once-again hard penis free. Her soft paws felt amazing on the sensitive skin, even more so as she slowly pumped up and down on it. Her lips suckled on the head, barely bobbing back and forth; the girl was quite the tease.

I leaned back in my chair, sighing in content as my Lopunny started to suck me off. Her warm mouth felt like heaven on my dick, moving slowly enough for me to experience the entire, amazing sensation. I let out a moan, not caring about the volume, closing my eyes and focusing on the fantastic feeling. I felt the soft fur of her paws continue to stroke me, moving a bit faster now, touching whatever wasn't in her mouth. She looked up at me, giving me the same wink while her head continued to move.

"Lopunny, that's so good…" I moaned, feeling myself throbbing in her mouth. The soft sounds of her movement made things even hotter. I looked down, watching her chest heaving. I sat up, moving a hand down to grope one of her breasts, giving it a squeeze as her head's speed increased. All of a sudden, she moved in close and took my entire dick into her mouth, giving rough, slow sucks. "Oh f-fuck yeah…!"

She looked up at me with seductive eyes, not moving an inch. She continued sucking on me, enjoying my moans while I fondled her breasts. The sensation of her warm tongue exploring every inch of me, while giving even rougher sucking was enough to make me explode; I think she knew this.

"Lopun…" Lopunny pulled away, looking up at me with a smile. I wasn't sure how to react, but didn't have to worry about it when she took my member back in her mouth seconds later, furiously bobbing her head. I leaned back in my chair once more, the throbbing inside of her mouth becoming much stronger. Her mouth was so warm, and her tongue kept hitting all the right spots…

"I'm gonna cum…!" I moaned, thrusting into her mouth at a steady pace. She ceased moving, instead sucking hard, and waiting until I finally shot my load, filling her mouth with cum. Lopunny pulled back, swallowing it all and licking her lips. "That was fantastic…" I spoke through heavy breath, trying to regain myself. "How in the world did you learn how to do that?" If she had ever watched my porn videos when she was Buneary, that little display excused the entire thing.

"Lopun…" Lopunny stood, licking her lips and winking at me. Seeing her licking up cum was hot to start with, but that wink of hers was something else. I don't know what about it turned me on so much.

"I'm sorry, but I just came, so I'll be a bit until we can do it again." I said, sighing. "I'm sorry."

"Lopun?" Lopunny stood, looking at me in confusion. She pointed down, tilting her head.

How the hell was I already hard again? My exhaustion had completely faded away in mere seconds. I shouldn't complain; another blowjob would be awesome.

"Okay Lopunny, we can…do it…wow." Lopunny wasn't on her knees again; she stood before me, bending over and teasingly shaking her ass. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she used a paw to motion me closer. I stood from my chair, approaching her and grabbing her waist. "Are you sure about this? I would be your first time and everything."

"Lopunny." Lopunny nodded, smiling. "Punny."

"Okay then." I nodded, pushing my erection inside of her, slowly thrusting. The feeling of her mouth was nothing compared to this.

"Lopun!" Lopunny let out a moan. I was surprised since I had barely started thrusting, but it was good initiative to keep going. I reached underneath her, squeezing her breasts as my thrusting started to speed up, only by a bit, to make sure she was getting all the enjoyment she could out of it. Her paws were pushing against the wall for balance, and she turned towards me with a smile and a nod, I assume giving me permission to go faster.

I didn't reply, instead pushing my way inside even deeper inside of her, moving my hands to her hips for more balance. My pounding sped up a bit, enough to cause her breasts to bounce from the push.

"Lopun! Lopunny!" Lopunny moaned, her body moving in rhythm with mine. Hearing my Pokemon's passion-filled moans was some kind of intoxicating; I want this creature. I love my Lopunny, and now I want to really show it. With a firmer grip on her waist, my small thrusts turned into deep, powerful slams inside of her. Her entire body thrust forward from my force, her moans-turned-screams of pleasure ringing throughout the room. "LOPUN!"

"You're so fucking amazing, Lopunny…!" I moaned, thrusting wildly into her without any hesitation. I was letting everything go, simply fucking her for my own pleasure now, as she wanted. "You like it, huh?"

"LOPUN!" Lopunny furiously nodded, her inner walls tightening around me. "P-PUNNY!"

"Good girl!" I said, thrusting wildly into her. "You're not gonna cum already, are you? I know you can take more than this!" She looked at me with begging eyes, shaking her head. It was actually rather cute, coming from her. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna stop."

In one quick, fluid movement, I picked Lopunny up off the floor, moving the two of us to my chair. I lowered her down, Lopunny facing me as I started moving her up and down on my dick. Lopunny wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her face in my chest with her screams muffled by my shirt. I held onto her ass, moving her rapidly up and down as fast as I could.

"It's okay Lopunny, be as loud as you want—Mmph…" Lopunny shut me up by pressing her lips to mine, the two of us in another deep kiss. Our tongues entwined as I pushed her down on me, her moaning into the embrace. As our kiss broke, I slowly pulled my hands back, allowing her to ride me at her own speed. She bounced on my cock with rapid speed, screaming her name louder by the second. Her breasts bounced rapidly, catching my stare as Lopunny fucked me as fast as she could, taking me in deeper each time.

"LOPUNNY! LOPUN! PUN!" Lopunny screamed, clutching my shoulders and bouncing on my member for dear life. I felt myself quickly approach my limit; this was going to be a huge load, and I planned to fill her. "LOPUNNY!" Lopunny continued moaning, even more so when I started to fondle her breasts once more, pulling on and teasing her nipples.

"Come on, Lopunny! Cum all you want!" I groaned, thrusting upward while she moved down. After a few more minutes of her insanely quick bouncing, I just couldn't hold on any longer; I grabbed her hips, holding her still while I thrust inside of her as fast and as hard as I possibly could.

"I'm gonna cum, Lopunny! I'm…CUMMING…!"


Cum started to fill her, my dick throbbing with every shot. Just as my orgasm hit, hers did as well, her juices leaking all over me as she let out one final scream. We then kissed, her tongue acting especially rough on mine, her moaning into it as I kept slamming into her. When our kiss finally broke, we exchanged a smile, both of us breathing heavily as Lopunny moved off of me, moving to her knees once more. She took my dick into her mouth, sucking roughly and moving her tongue all over to clean up all of the cum remaining on me.

"Ah, that's good…" I spoke through deep breaths, sitting back to enjoy the sensitive feeling of her tongue on my skin. "That was amazing, Lopunny."

"Punny!" Lopunny pulled away, smiling at me before going back down, bobbing her head slowly. I let out a sigh of pleasure, resting a hand on her head, running my fingers through her fur. This definitely wouldn't be the last time we did this.

It certainly wasn't, either. We kept things a secret, of course, but whenever we could, Lopunny and I had our fun. When I was sitting at my computer, Lopunny was under the desk, sucking me off. Whenever we had time alone, we fucked on my bed, or any other room we happened to be together in. Sure, we still had a Pokemon-and-trainer relationship, having battles with the other trainers in the nearby town, but when night fell, or we had time to ourselves, Lopunny turned from my loyal Pokemon to my loyal, lust-filled partner.

Ever since that first night, I had wondered why a simple wink from her made me instantly erect; it took me by surprise to learn that Lopunny's ability, "Cute Charm," had a different effect on humans than it did during a Pokemon battle. It was actually a good way to make sure our sessions lasted for hours on end. I loved Lopunny, she loved me, and in the years we've been together, that hasn't changed.