To start, the original The Incredibles came out when I was 9 years old and is one of my top favorite Disney franchises. So you could imagine how I felt when the next movie came out when I was almost 23 last year. Haha. I loved the sequel as well and I just had this massive itch to write fanfiction for it! And specifically I wanted a fanfic that would center around Dash, specifically an older Dash. ;) Haha. So, I want to elaborate on the setting of this story. The events of this fanfic takes place 7 years after The Incredibles 2. And as with the movies, I will focus a lot on Family/Action/Comedy and also splash in some teenage angst for good measure. Again, I do not own anything involved in The Incredibles franchise or its characters. All rights go to Brad Bird and Disney-Pixar respectively. I am just an avid fan expressing my love for this franchise. :) Hope you enjoy this teaser chapter!

It was a sunny day in early fall in suburban Metroville.

The sun was slowly approaching the edge of the horizon in evening as citizens went about their routines. Anything from returning from work, finishing up after school activities, or even just getting dinner sorted or shopping.

Either way, everything seemed status quo.

As of now, a group of boys walked out of James Madison High School carrying their backpacks, gym bags, and shoulder pads. All of them roughly between the ages of 14 to 18 having just finished up with football practice.

In the middle of the group, seeming to be laughing and joking around with the rest of his teammates was a boy about the age of 17.

His blonde hair kept cut shorter but contained in a breezed back look with pomade, blue eyes, and a lean yet athletically tall frame of about 6'1''.

A boy who could be mistaken for none other than Dashiell "Dash" Parr, the school football team's fullback.

He kept laughing as all his friends from the team kept horsing around.

At that moment the school's linebacker, Vince Halliday, came up and bumped shoulders playfully with Dash as he said, "You're getting slow, Parr. I was able to take you down easy at practice. Keep that up, man, and Westbrook will have no problem taking you down for homecoming if you're running the ball, twinkle toes."

Dash smiled internally, remembering but also laughing internally at what he did purposely earlier during practice to keep up appearances, just like he does every game and practice.

So, he played along as he responded, almost playfully cocky, "Yeah man, you tackled me a few times… out of the billions of other times you didn't get a hand on me. Seems like you gotta work on your blind spots or we might as well replace you with a tackling dummy."

Vince elbowed Dash on the shoulder, smirking but still looking a bit put out by being picked on back, as he countered, "Yeah, right."

The group laughed again before a huge crash and boom was heard and the boys turned their heads toward the direction of the city in the distance where the loud noises came from.

One of the boys next to Vince rolled his eyes as he said, "Looks like another nutjob of the week is messing up the city again."

"Week? I swear the city's always got a total psycho daily destroying everything… Hey, where'd Parr go?" Vince added.

The group all looked around themselves only to see Dash was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile Dash made a quick escape, to put it conservatively, to his old beat up sedan he inherited from Violet on his 16th birthday and immediately drove off to a more secluded location far from the school.

He eventually got to this secluded spot near a few trees, a smirk on his face all the while as he reached under his car seat and pulled out a mask before pulling it over his head, masking everything with the exception of the lower half of his face and the top of his head to allow his hair to still be visible.

4 hours later

(Dash's POV)

I tried to button up my letterman jacket all the way, even though I feel like I'm dying of heat stroke.

All I kept doing was looking around, making sure no one was watching. It didn't look like anyone was in the living room.

Home free.

I tried to close my car door as quietly as possible until right at the end when the top hinge just had to squeak so loud it scared a bunch of birds in the tree next to the house. I felt my whole body tense up, cursing to myself and hoping that didn't give me away.

C'mon, c'mon…

I didn't see anything happening and the house was still pretty dark.

All I saw was some light flickering from the window but that could be dad or Jack-Jack watching TV… and 'hopefully' just dad or Jack-Jack.

I tried to quietly go in and at least make it inside.

I stepped in and looked over, pretty much holding my breath, and pretty much feeling like a building was lifted off me when I saw dad passed out on the couch with the TV on as I tried shutting the door as quietly as possible.

As much as I really want to run to my room right now... too risky. I wanted to sprint so bad and be at my room like nothing… ugh!

I grit my teeth and started pretty much tip toeing. The door to my room was straight ahead at the end of the hall was pretty much taunting me.

I kept painfully slowly making my way forward until all of a sudden the kitchen light flicked on and I heard, "Practice go late?"

Crap, crap, crap, crap…

I tried to keep my cool as I turned and saw mom in her pajamas in the doorway. She leaned in the doorway with her arms crossed and quirked up an eyebrow at me.

Okay Dash, just play it cool. You got this.

I just shrugged and said, "Nah, when practice was over me and some of the guys went out to the arcade. Nothing crazy."

It was quiet for a moment as mom said, her tone flat, "You're wearing your letterman jacket?"

"It got a little chilly." I lied smoothly, adding a shrug. Mom gave me this look like she was literally staring right into my soul as she said, "Really? That's interesting since I just had a look at the thermometer and saw it was 78 degrees out."

I openly grit my teeth as I said, starting to walk away, "Yeah mom, as much as I'm enjoying the chat, I'm really tired so I think I'm gonna go to my room. Night!"

I tried to go in an all out sprint down the all at my top speed… emphasis on 'tried' as I felt like my stomach was gonna fall out my butt as I felt my arms go to my sides. My arms were pinned to me by what I knew was one of mom's arms wrap around my body like a python.

"HEY!" I yelled on reflex as I felt mom yank me back, practically give me whiplash.

In the background I heard dad wake up, probably since I yelled, as I heard him say, still sounding half asleep from being passed out watching TV, "Huh? Whah happened?!"

Mom pulled me back so she had me right in her face as she used her other hand to pull the snaps open on my letterman jacket, revealing my super-suit that I still had on underneath my jacket and jeans.

That I was TRYING to hide!

"Dash, don't lie! You were in the city a few hours ago, weren't you?" Mom practically growled in my face releasing me as I fell slightly back onto my feet.

"What?" I heard dad say, but I was too mad to pay attention or fully care as I said, growling, "Mom…"

I tried to stomp away until mom snaked her way in front of me, looking like she was gonna breathe fire like Jack-Jack can, saying, "Oh no, young man! You aren't getting out of this that easy. Don't think I didn't just see what happened on the news."

"What happened?" Dad said, now demanding and still sounding confused. Mom looked over my shoulder at dad and said, "He went into the city and faced off against Sizemik trying to set off seismic waves to destroy everything. Or Blue Streak over here did."

I rolled my eyes. Last year we were at Edna's since I grew out of my other super-suit so she made me a new one for my birthday and I FINALLY got to pick.

Not that I didn't like dad's design that all of us wear, except mom who goes back and forth between that and her Elastigirl suit, but… I wanted something more me.

So Edna asked me what sort of design I wanted… as long as it was anything that didn't involve a cape.

But, hey, capes to me look stupid anyway and would only get in my way so that was easy. I remembered always liking dad's old school super suit design with the blues and blacks and that was what I wanted. And literally in no time she drew up my suit design and I was all in on it.

It looked AWESOME!

Even the new mask I got that covers more than just my eyes was so cool, makes me feel more aerodynamic.

Then the way she etched these blue and yellow stripe things that looked like lightning bolts going diagonally through the middle of my suit was all I needed.

The first time I went out in my new suit and since I move fast enough so no one could see me, the news started calling me Blue Streak since that's all anyone has ever seen of me on video.

Not gonna lie though... I kinda like the sound of it.

"You did?" Dad said, looking almost impressed.

"Bob!" I heard mom said, sounding mad that dad seemed to like what I did. "What? Why do you always assume I'm encouraging him? I just want to know what happened?" My dad said standing up and walking over.

"Look! What's the big deal?! Something bad was happening, so I did something! Just like you taught me to do." I exasperated, just wanting everyone to get off my back.

Right then dad came up saying, "Dash, try to calm down. I understand that..."

"No! I'm sick of constantly being yelled at for doing something that isn't wrong! Supers are legal! So why can't I go out and just use my powers?!"

Mom put a hand on my shoulder as she said, "Dashiell Robert Parr, we talked about this again and again. Yes, Supers were reinstated into legal status 7 years ago, but you know the conditions. A super is allowed to express their abilities as long as they are 18 and older or under adult supervision of another super older than 20. And since you aren't of age you need to be supervised by either myself, your father, Vi, or Lucius. No exceptions."

I grunted in frustration before I started yelling, "UGH! But, it's so unfair! I'm 17, I know what I'm doing! I'm not a little kid! This is so stupid!"

"Dash! Rules are rules! What if someone saw you out there? What if you got caught and someone found out you weren't of age?" Mom practically verbally throws into my face.

"But, no one's ever even seen me out there! I run fast enough so they can't!" I yelled back, even though that wasn't entirely true.

I could tell mom's had it with me still and was going to yell back when we heard, "Why is everyone yelling?"

We all looked over and I saw my 8 year old brother rubbing his eyes. Jack-Jack was in his PJs and holding his stuffed tiger he usually sleeps with every night.

But, since I didn't want Jack-Jack to get in on this and I was done, I sighed and said, "It's nothing, Jack."

After that I did what I always wanted to do since I got home… I ran down the hall and slammed my door behind me.

So, here was the first snip-it chapter. After the sequel came out last year, I just had this itch to write for this amazing franchise that was part of my growing up. But, I just could not think of a good concept and what better concept than a teenage Dash trying to establish himself as his own person and still feels stifled by constrictions from not being a legal adult as just person as well as a super. While Dash is definitely a good natured/caring person with a desire to do good, I just envision Dash's cocky and show-offy personality culminating into a teen that is 10 times that and also in a crave for independence. While he may be a superhero, I want to show that he's still just a normal teenager looking to be his own person and has a normal family dynamic that can get at odds at times. This chapter was just a small taste but I have more ideas drawn up if you all would be interested in seeing more! Thanks you so much for reading and constructive reviews are appreciated as always.

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