Hello again, long time no see! It is time to continue this story again FINALLY. I've been bouncing around between several stories I'm working on at the moment to avoid writer's block to the best of my ability and not get so burned out to the point where I end up ignoring a story for years… which unfortunately I have done before. But I just wanted to make sure I was properly inspired enough to put out a proper chapter that I'm proud of. Haha. :) Anyway, this installment takes place the Monday after the previous chapter. Enjoy!

({No POV})

Outside the Frickowski residence, Dash and Melanie were sitting at the back patio table working on their math homework together.

"So… then I use cosine, right?" Dash asked, looking at the current problem he was working on. "Close. This is inverse cosine. You're looking for the angle between the adjacent over the hypotenuse." Melanie corrected, going through the same problem.

She glanced up to see Dash scrunching his eyebrows together as he scribbled and went through the math before saying, looking up at Melanie, "So… that would be something like 38.4 degrees, right?"

Melanie smirked slightly as she said, "Yeah, although you might want to keep your answer at 38.37. Mrs. Danders wants us to have our answers rounded to the hundredths place, remember?"

Dash let out a 'pfft' sound before remarking, "Yeah, right. She would have a total cow about that… like she usually does with everything."

Melanie smirked a little in amusement, knowing exactly what Dash was talking about when it came to their notoriously picky Trigonometry teacher.

Dash glanced up with a slight smirk as he said, letting out a slight laugh, "Hey, thanks again for this. It's cool having someone who knows what they're doing with this stuff, considering my dad helping me with my math homework has almost always given him an ulcer. Seriously, what are you doing in this class anyway? Shouldn't you be in honors or something?"

Melanie shrugged, looking away slightly as she started, "Eh, I don't know? I prefer being in the regular classes. Puts a lot less attention and stress on me. But… no problem."

Dash kept smirking, but also was tilting his head slightly at her, almost like he was still trying to figure her out.

Sure he knew how much of a recluse Melanie was and understood why now more than ever due to her situation with her powers, but… he was still trying to see what her deal actually was.

"Hey… can I ask you something?" Melanie finally asked, actually making an attempt at conversation and eye contact with him like a normal human being.

Dash just smirked and shrugged as he responded, not making a big deal out of it, "Yeah, shoot."

"When did you realize you had your… you know?" Melanie started, trying to keep her voice down since she was asking him about it with one of the neighbor's grilling over in the next yard.

But, Dash seemed to catch her drift immediately as he started, running a hand through his hair, "Man, honestly… I can't remember when I didn't have them. My parents told me they saw I had them as soon as I started crawling. One time they said, I shot out the back door when it was open so fast that I almost got noticed by the neighbors when I was completely tearing it across the lawn as a baby. My mom said my dad practically had to tackle me and make it look like we were playing before trying to put me back inside. Let's just say there were a lot of close calls with me."

Dash laughed a little about it as he ran a hand through his hair again.

Melanie laughed slightly too as they saw the neighbor remove the burgers they were cooking off the grill and carrying them back inside their residence on a plate.

They both did a look around until Dash said, a slight excited grin spreading across his face, "Looks we're in the clear. Ready to start up?"

Dash didn't even hesitate to hold out his hand to Melanie and Melanie jumped back slightly on reflex, scooching her chair back with her out of unsure fear.

Dash even retracted slightly on reflex as he put his hands in the air with wide eyes.

Melanie caught it, immediately feeling guilty, before responding nervously, "Sorry! I'm sorry. I… I didn't mean to…"

Even though he was still confused, Dash looked like he tried to brush it off as he started, "Hey, it's cool. I probably shouldn't have just thrown my hand out at you like that… sorry."

There were several beats of awkward silence until Dash rubbed the back of his neck and started, sounding just as awkward, "So, wanna try again?"

He slowly put out his hand again, giving her a slight smile and a nod that it was okay to touch him.

Melanie swallowed hard and hesitantly lifted her hand. Her hand was visibly shaking as she reached her's out closer and closer to Dash's. Their hands were almost an inch away when all of a sudden Melanie looked like she panicked and quickly retracted her hand.

She crossed her arms and said in an equally rushed and panicked voice, "I can't!"

"Hey, it's okay! I know what to expect this time. It's cool." Dash cut in, trying to be as calm as possible after seeing her panic.

"No, I… I just can't." She responded immediately in blind panic as Dash gave her a look now, getting annoyed, as he said, "Melanie, look, I know I don't know a lot about what you have going on. But, I'm just trying to help… You even asked me to help you out!"

Melanie immediately gave him a flustered and annoyed look, knowing she was contradicting herself like he was pointing out as she practically spat back, "I know, okay?!"

It was dead silent for several moments as Melanie ran her hands through her hair and responded, "Sorry…. I'm sorry, Dash. I just don't want to do anything to freak you out again. Considering that's all I'm capable of doing to anyone that's nice to me."

She let out a self deprecating laugh at the end, looking very embarrassed and down on herself as she looked down to the patio.

Despite Dash not being the most emotionally perceptive person, he could even pick that up as a look of 'sympathy' crossed his face. He kept looking at her, trying to figure out how to approach this.

Until it looked like a thought dawned on him as he grinned and his eyes practically lighting up at the idea forming in his head as he said, "You know… I think I got something here."

He threw his Letterman jacket on as he made a b-line for the back gate.

Melanie gave him a confused look as she tilted her head and said, "Um… what's happening?"

Dash just gave her a confident and slightly playful smirk as he elaborated, "We're just gonna take a field trip. I think I know someone who can help. Trust me, she'll probably be able to help you more than anyone can. C'mon, I'll drive."

Dash opened the gate as he waited for Melanie to follow.

She kept giving him a hesitant look before eventually nodding and standing up before they made their way to Dash's car.

40 minutes later

(Dash's POV)

We kept driving, seeing the gated mansion just up ahead.

"So… you're sure about this? Where are we even going anyway?" I heard Melanie ask, giving me a weirded out and totally confused look.

I just smirked and said, "Don't worry. I'm taking you to the best. If anyone can help you, it's her."

I hope…

Okay… maybe I am crazy?

But, man, I got no idea what else to do? I've got no idea where to even start and don't really even understand her powers anyway and there is NO WAY I'm telling mom and dad.

But luckily I know someone who knows the most about supers more than anyone else.

We got to the gate and I hit the call button, expecting to see the usual security guard come on screen… until I had to look to the very bottom of the screen as I saw the top of a very familiar head and a pair of intense eyes looking at me behind their usual glasses.

She was giving me this hard look and I didn't know what else to do.

Eventually I grinned and let out a nervous laugh as I started, "Uh… hey 'E'. Listen I need some help with…"

Edna totally cut me off with a sharp, "Dashiell, I do not have time for whatever trivial teenage nonsense you have. In case you haven't noticed, I am being lampooned across the world by that tasteless worm of a designer, Galbaki. So whatever it is..."

"Look 'E', this isn't about me. I brought someone." I cut in, just wanting her to listen to me.

She looked past me at Melanie and then let out an annoyed sigh before replying, "Dashiell, my home is not some second rate sideshow to entertain your friends with. Now if you don't mind I must…" "But she has powers!" I cut in again, getting frustrated and leaned out of my car.

Edna immediately went silent as she looked past me at Melanie, looking her over for a second… and Melanie looked like she was now in complete shock looking at Edna.

Edna let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose as she started, "Can this wait for a later time? I cannot simply…"

"WAIT! STOP! My uncle was Simon Paladino… Gazerbeam?" Melanie immediately stormed in from behind me. I was even kind of shocked since she was pretty close in my space right now.

Edna's eyes were wide as she kept looking at us until she looked like she was pretty much zoning in on Melanie.

It was quiet until she said, "Hm, intriguing… Meet me at the door."

The buzzer went off as the gate opened and I started driving us up.

I rolled my window back up as Melanie said, sounding like she didn't believe it, "Edna Mode? The world famous fashion designer?! She's the expert on supers you were talking about?"

"Yeah, who do you think makes our suits and stuff?" I said with a shrug, not seeing the big deal.

"Yeah, I know she made super suits, but I didn't think that meant she knew stuff about powers or anything. Wait, is Edna a?..." Melanie started, giving me a look.

I let out a slight laugh and said, "Yeah, no… Edna's not a super. But trust me, she knows how powers work inside and out. If anyone can help you… she's the real deal."

I meant that.

Sure, Edna also kind of freaks me out sometimes, but I gotta admit… the lady's got some serious skills since she's been making super suits for my parents since forever.

So, who knows? Maybe there's something she could do here to help?

We finally got to the overhang near the front door as we got out of the car and walked up to the door together.

And I don't know why but I felt nervous… like, really nervous. I could feel the back of my neck and my palms start to sweat and my throat start to swell up.

It just came out of nowhere, but I pushed it back and was about to ring the doorbell when the door immediately flew open and both of us looked down to see Edna glaring up at us.

She readjusted her glasses before commenting, looking toward Melanie, "What is your name?"

Melanie nervously wrung her hands before stuttering out, "Me-Melanie. Melanie Rose Frickowski." "And you said your uncle was Gazerbeam, correct?" Edna immediately countered as I had no idea where the heck this was even going?

"Y-yes, he was my mom's younger brother. My grandpa was Hydrus." Melanie managed to get out as Edna's eyes looked like they were going to fall out of her head as she looked Melanie up and down for a moment before turning on her heels and saying, "Come along, darling. It seems we have much to discuss."

She just started walking down the hall as Melanie and I exchanged a confused look before shrugging and following her inside.

Well… this could get interesting.

I know this seemed more like a teaser chapter, but this is only the beginning now that THE Edna Mode has been brought into the picture. XD I love Edna so much for being the sassy Queen that she is and I can only hope that I can do justice to her character to keep her true to her core. I also hope you are enjoying how I'm fleshing out Dash and Melanie's dynamic with their friendship thus far! And looks like Melanie is still not quite open to expressing her powers, but… more on that later. ;) Anyway, I hope this wasn't too much of a disappointment to those of you who have been waiting for a new chapter. But, I'm slowly but surely patching things together as far as chapter layout goes. Just thank you all so much for reading and constructive feedback is always much appreciated if you're able to share. :) Have a lovely day and stay safe!

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