Lincoln drove through the town which wasn't that big to be honest, luckily he hacked into Lisa's cameras so he could keep an eye on her if anyone unwanted nears the house like a burglar or one of the weird fans luna has and he would know and Lisa wanted Lincoln to pick up Link her BROTHER.

God how did they have another kid? He asked himself multiple times "so where do you want to go?" Link gave the bodyguard a shocked expression. "What?" Lincoln gave the kid a confused look.

Link opened his mouth and yelled. "YOU HAVEN'T SAID A WORD SINCE ME MEET!" Lincoln looked at the kid before laughing. "What's so funny?" he asked pouting that Lincoln was laughing at me.

Lincoln took a deep breath. "Sorry i didn't expect you to explode like that and about speaking, I didn't mostly because i don't have to." And the voice modulator isn't finished. "So any ideas on where to go? skate park or-" Link instantly said where he wanted to go with an excited tone in his voice.

Lincoln drove to the library, weird place for 8 year old to go to but hey nothing bad can happen here plus none of his sisters would be here. "LUCY!" Link got "shheed" by lucy before she got a big hug from her youngest sibling. "You know you shouldn-" she looked at the black haired(wigged) man in front of her. "Please tell me he's Lisa's new bodyguard and I that don't have to call me police." Lincoln smirked like the police could stop him.

Then her boss walked behind her and she straightened instantly. "Oh another one of Lisas siblings? is she finally going pay her debt?" Link was about to answer but Lincoln got in the way. "How much is the debt?" Lucy answered. "302,389 dollars and 41 cents." Lincoln just wrote a check and gave it to the librarian. She took the check and her eyes widened. "Oh this will do!" She went to the back. "Wow thanks, she usually takes ten percent from my pay check to pay for that stupid debt." Link jumped trying get his sister see him. "Ok Link, what do need? Another book on Lizards for Lana or one of the classics?" Link looked for a moment and remembered what he had to ask. "Oh lisa forgot a book here." Lincoln looked at Lucy and he thought how much did he miss?

His conscious spoke: I mean, I have been gone for 10 years and now look at her she already reached adulthood and I missed everything else! her first day at high school, her first crush and* Lincoln mentally shacked his head, then gave Lucy a list mostly being occult books. Yea ignore me, like you ignored you own family! hell i bet you didn't even know you had a brother did you?*

Lincoln bit his tongue as Lucy brought the books and the Books Lincoln asked for. "I didn't even know we had most of these, some are older then this town, why does a bodyguard need accolt anyway?" Lucy asked Lincoln with a suspicious tone. "None of your business Miss loud." he said before taking the books and went to his car with Link following him. "Where next?" Lincoln asked the kid who instantly said.

"ARCADEEEEEE !" He ran into the mall and Lincoln followed his little brother remembering the games he used to play, then he noticed some of the games were replaced and others were updated just by adding an number to it. He got to one of the shooter games and started collecting the tickets in full swing. "Ok how are you so good at this?" Link asked as the game stopped vomiting tickets. "So what are you going to do with these?" Link said carrying the tickets to the cashier "I want that grumpy rabbit eating the carrot." Lincoln nodded and looked at a bat eating a strawberry. "That will do." They left Lincoln looked at the arcade for the last time before leaving the mall and- "LINK!" He heard a raspy voice and saw Lana with her twin. "Hey what are you doing here?" Lola asked as she was carrying a bag- wait there are two other guys carrying 10 bags together.

Lincolns subconsciousness spoke turning on BIG BROTHER mode! take the bags and tell those idiots to go home!* He however was able to control that urge and just waved at the twins.

Lola smiled "Could you bring us home?" Before Lincoln could say anything Link answered. "Sure, right mister?" He looked at Lincoln with the old 'hurt a puppy eyes', he nodded but wanted one thing. "The boys stay here" Lola's eyes widened. "What? who's going to-" "I will." Lincoln took all the bags placed them in the back seat and then. "SHOTGUN!" Lana scream causing her sibs to groan. "So whats your name? Because L6 that isn't a name." He stayed quiet and just drove remembering that day he got that name.


"students I'm happy to say this is your last day as students and that from now on you will be given new names to protect you from the evils that wish to take your life." The elderly man walked toward him and points a loaded gun at him. but lincoln didn't flinch he stood with his eyes forward and his back straight. "Good, this is how you will be From now on, good job L6." He continued to next kid.

Back to present

Lincoln woke up from Lana by taking the steering to a right turn. "Huh?" She looked at Lincoln. "You almost missed the turn, seriously do you know how to drive?!" Lincoln scoffed. "I drove this girl in races before you could reach breaks!" Lana eyes widen. "What kind of races?! Does this girl have a booster or rockets?!" Lincoln regretted everything and had to remember to make sure she never touches the radio.

Lincoln carried the bags and looked at Lisa... Trying to make a pb&j ? "Please tell me this is a joke?" Lincoln said as the twins went to their rooms. "Give me that." He took the butter knife and made her what she was trying to make. "Here and no more of that Lisa... what ever you did with this kitchen." He finished and link presented her the book.

Lisa took it to her room and added a picture to scarb book of pictures.

authors note: nEXT cHapTer wILl be mORe InTeresting and LEAVE A REView! BeCAUSE I LISTEN as much as i can.

*These voice here are lincolns.