3 Prototype

There he was again! Every year he would be assigned here as gaurd duty, but this year his daughter was here and all his nieces and nephew not to Forget his parents came aswell as Support for lisa since she was unveiling a energy source for more larger Robot designs. He always had Keep an eye on anyone enter or leaving.

"Since when have you had this Prostheses?" said a very grumpy woman who looked at lincolns Robotic limbs. He knew that this place would always quastion People with robotic limbs mostly because it wasn't unusual for some scietist to replace their limbs for more efficiencies sake, which made sense thinking that his wife replaced her missing pinky with a screwdriver.

meanwhile at the robotics convention.

Lisawas leading the Group of children through the Commercial area with her parents. the place had lots interesting household robots that would make your life easier, but was showing off realistic robots or weird maid bots. Lisa pushed everyone out of that hall and saw the childrens section and there were multiple toy robots there and one got Lira Attention. "The unbreakable! great for Kids with too much energy!" Lira instantly grabbed the Thing and threw it at the wall which caused it break a apart.

"HA! There's nothing i can't break!" she said before the Robot fixed it self instantly and looked like it was new. "Oh now you did it!" She jumped tackled it, bit it,punched it multiple times, kicked it and was about to set it on fire. Luckily the booth Manager stopped her. "OW! ok you can have Thing and set it on fire outside!" Lira took the Robot and started chewing on it's head.

Lisa sighed as she continued and noticed a booth that said Young robotics, simply made and simply programmed. This caught her interest so she went there to look at a Girl whos hair was turning black or she dyeded the Jury Need to decide. "Um-" She froze exception from her hair all other Features were simular to Lincoln exceptionfrom the freckles they were missing.

"Sorry can I help you?" Asked the 6 year old looking at lisa. "If you want test out the prototype be my guest." She said taking out a bunch metal marbbles and placed a Computer infront of her. "Just type in anything and unless it's not appropriate it will take the shape of that and even act like it." Lisa looked impressed and typed in something rather complex. a Dna strand and as promised it took the shape that requested even some of the marbbles changing Color to looke exatly like a modal found in Research labs.

"Impresive, how is it that you're not at the competition?"

"I won it last year and going to win it this year with this." She said and robotic Monkey jumped on her shoulder giving her a pill. "behold the cure to all internal bleeding! stokes and heart attacks caused by cholesterol will be a Thing of the past!" she said as the tv Screen next to the booth changed. "to Show nanites stabbing into the veins and taking something out through a needle.

"Impressive I bet you're parents are proud of you." then she saw the Girls face turn somber.

"My mom is not with us anymore and my dad should be around here." she said perking up look around for lincoln

meanwhile outside of the robotics convension.

Lincoln was getting X-rayed. "You know I have been coming to this place for 10 years!" he said to Lady looking at her Computer Screen playing a brower game.

"Sorry sir but we can not let you through until you're completely checked, because of security reasons." Lincoln sighed as he watched Multiple drones with stacks of weapons. "yea they showed us the licenses yesterday." He groaned hitting his head on the wall.

Back inside

"What's your Name?" Lisa looked at the Girl who asked her this since she didn't wear her Name tag this year. "Oh my Name is lisa loud."

Caused the Girl to laugh a bit. "That's funny my mothers maiden Names was silent." Then she stoped. "Wait lisa like the Lisa Loud, like sister of Luan and Luna Loud ?!" She screamed causing everyone to look at lisa.

"Jee thanks kid!" she said before hundreds of People ran at lisa trying to get something one being a date which she had to decline because she already had a boyfriend. Before she knew the Girl was gone and the booth had the monkey running it.

Lisa looked trying to find that Girl there she was not to be found in the sea of People. She Continued her way through the con looking at the XJ-10! blueprints A crime fighting model, with enough fire power to fight giant Monsters. You would think it wasn't possible for giant Monsters to exist...but Lisa has made a few by Spilling chemicals on one of lisa's pets luckily she had a time ray, wonder when it was sent to though.

While this happened the Kids continued trying to destroy the toy Robot that should be impossible to break! "I have an Idea" He left leaving his sister and Cousin waiting, then he came back with a torch burner.

His sister looked at her scared while his Cousin was all for it. "Let's destroy mr unbreakaible!" A Girl with black hair walked to to stop their insantiy. "Hey!" They said before he turned the robots head around threw it at the ground destroying in. "HOW?!" Before She could explain Explosion was heard buzzing and then a swarm of insects? Flew toward the robots causing them to be activated and the People to flee.

outside with miss grumpy

Lincoln heard the screams and stood up. "What-" He saw the swarm of robotic insects flying into the convension. "Not this agian." he said before Walking back to his car putting some on as a kid ran toward him. she crieds on to his suit. "There, there I will make them go away" He spoke in a tone of voice that most would do to a crying child stroking her hair.

"Dad you will come back right?" She said looking at him he nodded giving her a hug.

"Now get into the car it will drive to a safe house and tell them to send back up someones jaming the Comunications." She nodded jumping into the car and it roared before driving on ist own.

"Now." His Right Hand glowed as the halogram and as as the fake flesh melted off. "I Need to enter." He said to the Lady in the most threatening tone he had and she just fainted, he ran in.

Inside the (now) robo apocalyspe

Lisa Ran as multiple Show models started getting hijacked by the robotic insects and started attacking People. She her nieces and her parents got her siblings but then.

"I see a X mark!" A Robot with a chainsaw said looking at lisa, as it was about swing it's chainsaw her she closed her eyes.

When she noticed her life hasn't been ended she looked at the Robot and saw it that it was cut in two straight through the middle. As it fell backward she saw the thing that did it had four eyes at the front and four at the sides and was humaniod.


It jumped at the next bot it was gruesome for who ever spent time Building them, but for the anyone outside it was freaking awesome! Lincolns one Hand changed into multiple weapons from a plasma blade, rail gun that used coins as ammo To a Plasma Canon that destroyed a large combat mobile drone.

Layla looked at this and was amazed. "Are we in an Anime now?" She asked her Cousin looking at the screens in the safe room. They all nodded seeing lex destroy Robot after Robot as if he was Shooting fish in a Barrels.

The cameras did camputere it the drone was destroyed lisa saw that this Person was her brother well with his hair still black but he was still lincoln.

Her nieces looked aww as he ripped the robots None were Standing when he was done, excaption one from and this when they see his face and lisa gasped when she saw a eye was missing.

"Oh why do you ruin my hopes?" The Robot said it was thin and was cyclops. "I was trying to make sure you humans don't over do yourselves agian and end up destoying yourselves." Lincoln eyes were emtpy nothing but a beast was left

"um kid... I know that you're pissed and all, but realx a bit please, you might scare your sisters" a deep hollow voice spoke.

"I can't believe i'm saying this, but his right you don't need go completly insane here." a feminin robotic voice spoke.

"RELEASE RESTRICTION 4!" Lincoln as two catreges were shot out of his spine.

Lincoln ran at with Speed his right arm turning into a Plasma balde it dodged. it then started firing hundreds of needles at lincoln.

"Ok, Lady AI Explain!" The deep voice asked worried.

"That was inhibeters now he can exert his Body as much as possible and all pain resception are offline." The robotic voice answered.

"So we're screwed?"


"Still angry about your wife?" the bot quiped

"YES." all three voice spoke through lincoln the voice was demonic nothing but rage spoke. All the cameras in the room started breaking and the Screens inside the safe room did the same.

"Ok, Spirit explain!"

"I am a shard of a demon lincoln sealed in himself, a shard that is actually human in a way and the more angry or insane lincoln is, the more the demons takes Control! This why I didn't want him to get overly emotional!" said the rough voice panicking. "And before you ask, I don't want to get reabsorbed into that demon anytime soon!"

Lincoln was furiuos everytime the Robot tried to attack he came back cutting into the bot Frame, it movements became woky and it speech glitched. "You forced me to do do do do do thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" The part of the robots that lincoln already had been destroyed fell to the ground.

The insects started flying and started releasing anobots from their abdomen that refused the wiring by the robots and combined them into one giantic mass.

"hahahaha!" It laughed the mass taking the shape of a cyclops. "I didn't know you could do something like this!" It launched its fist at him. "I say now you will lose!" He just shot the Sprinklers causing the circuits to break. "O& co"e o#!" It yelled launched nanites at him and then Spirits laughed in lincolns head. HE RELEASED A WAVE OF FIRE FROM HIS HANDS.

"this won't work no fire can be hot enough to-" Drops of molten metal fell to the Floor suprising the AI. "how ?"

The Spirit laughed. "Simple it's hell fire! No mortal metal can stand agianst it! Well unless it's Tungsten."

"How do you know what Tungsten is?"

Spirit sighed."Because lincoln killed a fire Golem with Tungsten sword and if your ask ganno how I know, I've been here longer." He finished as the giant Robot fell to the ground destroyed. "You calm now?" Licnoln nodded.

Ai. "Now re-sealing restriction number 4. confirm?"

He nodded agian Feeling a headache comming he walked to the safe room and got shot with a microwave turned into a gun.