Quest for King's Landing

Hey all! I have had this idea running around in my head for a while. I couldn't help noticing the similarities between Arya and the characters in the movie "Quest for Camelot," so I finally sat down to re-watch the movie and to form a fic based off of it. I hope everyone enjoys it! This is my first fic in the GOT fandom, so it may be very AU for some characters due to that and due to me wanting to keep faithful to the movie. I have also just made Jon a full Stark because he is barely going to be in this fic, and it is much less confusing this way. Happy Reading.


Eight-year-old Arya Stark is racing her pony to keep up with her older brothers, Jon and Robb as they try to outrace each other to their destination. Their horses are full grown, but that doesn't stop Arya from pushing her little pony, Nymeria, into going as fast as possible to keep up. She almost catches them too, but then feels a grab and pull at the reins she is gripping. Looking over, furious, her face relaxes when she realizes it is her father, Ser Ned Stark, who is slowing her down, "Relax, my little knight. You will be able to keep up with your brothers soon enough. But pushing little Nymeria too soon could do great damage to her. You don't want to do that now do you?"

Arya's face crumpled with her father's words, "Of course not, father. I just want…"

"I know. And soon you will!" Ned's face draws closer to her's as he begins to whisper, "My daughter is going to be the first female knight of the Round Table!" He looks around as if looking for intruders, "Just don't tell your mother!"

With a quick poke to her ribs, Arya lets out a high-pitched squeal and a giggle, nodding furiously with her father's words. That was their little secret. With nights after dinner spent, just the two of them, training in the woods. Arya would be the first lady knight! She was certain of nothing else.

Their conversation ends as her mother, Sansa, and her two little brothers catch up with them. Trotting their horses towards the destination that the two oldest boys had already reached in their race to be first. Jon won. He almost always did. And with Robb's face looking completely disgusted with the idea, Arya chose to break the tension the way she always did, "Father! Tell us how you became a knight!"

While her family groans good-naturedly around her, her father lets out a booming laugh, "Again, my little one?" With her quick and eager nod, Ned Stark could not refuse his youngest daughter, "Alright, everyone. Settle down."

And as his family settles around him, Ned Stark can tell that Arya is not the only one eager to hear this tale again. And so he begins:

"Not so long ago, when Jon, Robb, and Sansa were are still very young, the land was very dark and treacherous. Brothers were fighting brothers. Fathers were fighting sons. Our land was in constant battle. But even still, hope reigned that the legend of a great sword which would choose a great king existed. This sword was called Excalibur. And in the rightful hands, it would bring peace and light back to the land. Men searched far and wide for this sword until a great sorceress named Melisandre led them to its location. It was embedded in stone. For only the true king could release it from its rocky encasement. Many men tried. Until one day, the day little Arya was born, my friend and I came upon it. My friend insisted that I try to pull the sword first, but I knew in my heart, that I was not meant to be king. So I pushed him forward, and he pulled the sword from the stone in one swift motion. Robert Baratheon; the one, true king! The kingdom rejoiced! And with King Robert being crowned, peace came to King's Landing and all the surrounding land. This peace will forever hold as long as King Robert and his true descendants hold the crown."

Ned finished his story, and smiled down at his children staring up at him with silent awe until Robb broke the silence, "I can't wait to be a knight!"

"Me either!" Agreed Jon, a rare smile lighting his usually stoic face.

"Me…" Arya's words cut off as she hears before she sees the knights galloping towards them. This was the reason they were here today. To say goodbye to their father as he left for King's Landing with the other Knights of the Round Table due to a summons from King Robert.

Ned smiled at his family as he reseated himself upon his steed, "You be good for your mother now! Don't cause any trouble while I'm away!" His words loud as a started moving towards his fellow knights.

Arya, eager to follow, jumped on her pony and trotted after him, "Father! I'm coming with you!"

"Someday, my daughter! I will take you with me to King's Landing someday. But for now you must stay and protect the family. Goodbye, my dear. I love you!" And with that, Ned Stark went galloping away followed by the rest of the knights.

Arya lest out a loud sigh, but smiles, "Someday I am going to be a Knight of the Round Table!"

This caused her siblings to laugh; all, but Jon, "Hogwash, Arya. You're a girl! Girls don't become knights! They marry knights!" Sansa says this last part with a damsel's sigh.

"I will, too! I'm as good as any boy! If Robb and Jon can do it, so can I!" Her stubbornness echoes off the surrounding stone walls.

"Sure you are, little one. I'm sure you would be a great knight!" While Robb's words were encouraging, his voice held a tone of condescension which made Arya shoot him a dark glare which only spurned her oldest brother to let out an amused laugh before he started galloping his horse homeward.

The rest of the family followed Robb's lead, but Arya and Jon stayed behind. With an encouraging smile, Jon reaches over and pats her on the shoulder, "I think you'll be a great knight! The best the kingdom has ever seen! And I know father believes it, too. Why else would he train you every night after dinner?" With Arya's shocked look, Jon let out a chuckle, winked, and then started trotting after their family.

King's Landing: A few days later

All the Knights of the Round Table gathering in King's Landing is always a cause for celebration. It is a time of peace, so no one thinks to be worried when they gather, just overjoyed to be blessed with their presence.

The people all speculate what their arrival might mean. Maybe the harvest this year was even better than last year and they would be having a great celebration. Maybe one of the knight's wives was expecting—a baby was always such a joy! Maybe Queen Cersei was pregnant again! Prince Joffrey was a horrible pain, but it was well-known that, while a true heir would continue their peace, it didn't have to be the firstborn. Melisandre said so! And the great sorceress is never wrong!

Whatever brought the knights here, no one was more desperate for information than Gendry Waters, the smith's apprentice, for he was eager to be one of them one day. Training to be a smith was useful in strengthening his arms, and would be a great profession to have, but Gendry is certain he is meant for more than just life as a smith. He wants to save damsels in distress! Fight dragons! Sit at the Round Table with King Robert and the Knights of the Round Table! He is certain, if he trains hard enough, and the king or other knights saw he was good with a sword and shield, that he too may be one of them some day!

So as they move past him towards the castle's entrance, Gendry does the best he can to look knightly with the wooden sword and shield he carved out during his downtime weeks ago. He would have forged them from steel, but his master said that only those who had money got the real stuff. And while he is the smith's apprentice, his payment come in the form of room and board. Nothing to sniff at, but also nothing to buy real weapons with.

Most of the knights move on their way, ready to greet their king who stands waiting at the door. But Gendry stands straighter when he sees the King's right-hand, Ser Ned Stark, coming towards him with a smile, "Your form is getting better, boy! Have you been standing side-face like I taught you?"

"Yes, Ser Ned! I have!" His eager smile reminds Ned so much of his little knight, Arya, waiting for him at home.

Ned nods, "Good. Keep up the good work and maybe someday you can be a future Knight of the Round Table!"

Gendry's pride and smile grow by two-fold, "Yes, sir! I will! Thank you!" And with that, Ned turns and continues walking towards his king.

The Round Table

As Ser Ned and the other knights congregate towards the Round Table, Jaime Lannister—a dubious Knight of the Round Table, at best—slinks in to the room with quiet determination. He is not welcome amongst the knights, but was given the honor due to his twin's marriage to King Robert. He is known for being selfish and cruel to the people on his land. He always wants more riches; more land. But King Robert runs the land fairly, giving resources to those who needed it the most.

As the other knights gather around the Round Table, each taking their designated places among the table that holds them all as equals, they are jovial and excited to hear of why their king has summoned them. They laugh and joke until King Robert clears his throat, "My friends! It is so great to see you all again at such a joyous time. I'm sure you are all curious as to why I've taken you away from your land and your families. I will try my best to make your time here short so that you may return to them at post haste."

Before he can continue, Ser Jaime slams his shield down onto the table, "I believe it is to tell us of the great harvest we are having across the land. A harvest so great, I must insist again that my land be expanded. It only seems right as I am the queen's brother."

Ned's infamous growl can be heard loud and clear, "The king has decided that land and riches only go to those in need! You are well supplied for as a Knight of the Round Table! The king's decisions are final!"

"Well then maybe there is call for a new king!" Gasps and angry grunts are heard around the table. All disagree with Ser Jaime's traitorous exclamation. However, Jaime continues his rant, "Perhaps I would be better suited for the job!"

Before chaos can erupt over his words, King Robert raises his hands and demands silence of his knights. Suspicion is gleaming in his and Ned's eyes, "Why, Ser Jaime, would you want to dethrone your beloved sister. An action you know would happen if you were to dethrone me."

Jaime's smirk is cruel and sinister, "Would it? Or would it just give her more power?"

Ned's anger cannot be held back, "Being a king is not about power! It is about creating peace and prosperity across your lands! The fact that you cannot see that proves you are not meant to be king! Especially of King's Landing and all her lands! And I, for one, will not serve a false king."

Rounds of "Here! Here" and "Neither will I!" can be heard around the table. King Robert's true knights are all loyal to their king. Ned's smile grows proud as he hears the voices of his fellow knight's, "You will never be king, Ser Jaime. And it seems you do not even deserve your position at this table."

"We'll see about that!" And with those final words, Jaime quickly draws his sword and bounds across the Round Table towards King Robert.

All of the knights rise to protect their king, Ned being the quickest to attack his assailant. But Ser Jaime, while disloyal and cowardly, is also incredibly strong. With one fell swing of his arm, Ned Stark goes flying off the table and across the room. Other knights continue to attack Ser Jaime to protect their king, but they, too are disarmed and wounded.

Jaime makes it to the king, only for Robert to waiting for him with the great Excalibur! A mighty and magical sword which always protects the ones who are worthy of it. And no one is more worthy than King Robert who drew it out of the stone almost a decade prior. One defensive move against Jaime's sword-strike, and Jaime is sent flying across the room.

While the knights chase after him in order to disarm and imprison him for treason, Jaime is quick to the door, locking the knights inside of the chamber as he makes his escape out of the castle. Not to be seen again for many years.

The knights and King Robert are facing a different tragedy now, where Ser Ned was thrown earlier in the fight, he lies still on the ground. His neck having been broken in the fight. Ser Ned, right hand and most loyal friend of King Robert, is dead.

Hope you enjoyed the prologue. As you can probably tell, I'm going more in depth and changing up the story a bit to fit our characters a little better. For instance, King Robert is not a drunk who sleeps around; he is very much like a noble King Arthur figure. You will see many changes to things like that, but I hope you don't hate me too much for making them. Hope you enjoyed! I live off of reviews! :)