So, just to give a quick bit of information, I don't have this set in any specific universe/timeline. This is mostly just for fun. Also Layla is Damian's best friend/future girlfriend that figured out he was Robin after six months of knowing him. Said child assassin decided that since she was in the know about that she might as well know everything and she has since been inducted into the Bat family.

I have other OC's that I'll be adding in but I'll be explaining them in the story.

Damian and Layla are 14, Tim is 17, Jason (who's alive and kinda, sorta back with the Bat Clan) is 21, and Dick is 24. That's all the really important stuff that you need to know, otherwise just have fun.

Also I give full credit for this idea to Cammy, who made the ever wonderful and hilarious Atlantis Handbook. It's absolutely amazing you should all go check it out. Seriously, all credit goes to her/him, they are amazing.

No one knew who had hacked into the Watchtowers computer to put the first rule up but everyone was pretty amused by it. Everyone was sure that Batman knew though when the second rule popped up the next day and he did nothing more than raise an eyebrow.

Secretly Damian and Layla high-fived each other in the Bat-Cave and went to the kitchen to see if Alfred had made anymore cookies.

Rule One: Green Lantern is not allowed to lock Flash inside of an inescapable prison.

A. Unless Batman tells you to.

Flash had been running around the Watchtower, generally causing mischief. Hal Jordan finally got irritated enough to form an unbreakable cage around the speedster while he was running at full speed.

How he timed it so well no one knew, but Barry slammed face first into the wall and severely broke his nose. Now Hal was getting lectured by Black Canary while Green Arrow escorted the speedster to the infirmary.

Rule Two: Never EVER steal Wonder Woman's Lasso Of Truth.

A. She's scary when angry.

B. Do you actually have a death wish?

Hawkgirl had dared Booster Gold to 'borrow' Wonder Woman's Lasso. Booster Gold, showing how little intelligence he had, promptly set up a distraction and attempted to lift the magical rope. The Amazonian Princess saw right through him and gave an impressive beat down. Those who witnessed the event winced for an entire week and the man from the future was in the infirmary for two weeks.

Damian and Layla thought it was good idea to put it in writing even though they were fairly certain nobody else was that stupid.

Rule Three: Do Not Prank Batman

A. He will dodge it and get revenge.

B. Superman isn't sure he'd be able to stop him.

Someone had the bright idea to attempt to prank Batman. It did not end well.

Rule Four: Kryptonite is to stay in the Bat Cave/heavily leaded safe.

Turns out Superboy and Supergirl had pranked the Bat as a means of 'family bonding time' that Clark forced them into. After Batman glowered at them and forced them under the green crystal for ten minutes they had admitted it tearfully (an affect of the Kryptonite, they claimed, not because of how terrifying the Batman was).

Then the billionaire-turned-vigilante had gone hunting for the reporter. It hadn't ended well for the 'man of steel'.

Rule Five: Never steal a speedsters food.

Hal was still annoyed with Barry and had thusly started stealing the speedsters food behind his back. After Barry almost fainted from low blood pressure Batman and Black Canary quickly stepped in.

Now Barry was ignoring the pilot and Hal was nowhere to found, presumably hiding from an annoyed Batman and Black Canary.

Rule Six: Don't steal any of the Lantern's rings.

A. Knock it off, you two.

Barry had retaliated for the Food Fiasco and had filched the pilot's ring. It would've been fine too, had an intergalactic battle not sprung up that urgently needed Hal.

Thankfully the Lantern Core had been able to send another person but Hal was still pretty upset. He'd gotten yelled at by his higher ups for losing his ring. Now Hal was refusing to speak to Barry.

Dinah was completely fed up with them while Bruce glared whenever their names were mentioned.

Rule Seven: Do not mess with Layla's notebook.

Layla had been visiting Damian on the Watchtower when he was holed up in the infirmary with a dislocated shoulder. She'd taken her songwriting notebook and guitar with her to work on some songs to help distract her injured best friend. Kid Flash had taken it out of her pocket when she went to get food from the cafeteria and forgot to put it back.

The distraught girl had gone back to the infirmary and vented to Damian. The former assassin promptly leapt out of bed and dragged her back to the cafeteria where he glared and threatened people until Wally had coughed it up. Damian snatched it out of his hands and gently handed it to Layla before he pounced on the speedster, shoulder forgotten.

When Nightwing (who had witnessed the entire event) finally broke them up he promised Layla that he would 'remind' Wally that it wasn't nice to take other people's things without asking. He knew after all how terrified she was for people to read her songs without her knowledge. Damian was the only one she completely trusted them with.

Rule Eight: Don't leave the medbay when you haven't been cleared yet.

Dr. Silva, the Watchtower's doctor, had panicked when he found an empty bed where he had left Damian. He'd gone on the comms calling for the Wayne heir, worried that he'd lost Batman's child. When he and Layla strolled back in like nothing had happened the doctor almost had a heart attack.

Now Damian was locked in the infirmary for an extra two days, to the teenager's dismay.

Rule Nine: Animals are not allowed on the Watchtower.

A. "But it followed me into the Zeta-Beam!" is not an acceptable answer.

B. Get rid of it, Billy, before Bats finds it.

After a hard battle with a blob monster, the teen had headed for the nearest Zeta-Beam only for a little, malnourished kitten to hitch a ride. The lightning wielding hero then proceeded to hit the small cat on the tower for four weeks until Blue Beetle stumbled upon the duo. After solemnly swearing not to tell anyone the teen returned with the rest of the Teen Titan's (Raven, Damian, Layla as an honorary member, Garfield, Tim, Kori, and Artemis).

Two days later the entire tower knew about it, including Batman. Layla and Damian quickly rescued the kitten before the terrifying vigilante could find it. The duo then skipped back to Gotham to give the fuzzy creature to an always-willing Catwoman.

Rule Ten: Raiding the Cafeteria is frowned upon.

A. We know it was you, Red Arrow and Red Hood.

B. Be very afraid. The various Flashes want to talk to you.

When the cooks had walked in earlier that morning they were very distraught to find the kitchen a complete disaster and most of the food missing. Playing back the security tapes showed a very high looking pair of 'anti heroes' stumbling into the kitchen at the crack of dawn. Said duo was suspiciously missing, though they did leave a crude thank you note behind.

The Flash family was mostly upset because now they had to go out and pay for food, which always a big hassle for them. The cooks though were furious at the state of their kitchen and were swearing revenge. Everyone else was disturbed at how possessive the cooks were over 'their' domain.

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