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After the first ten rules had been posted everyone was getting a little bit suspicious about who was posting them. It didn't help that Damian and Layla just smirked whenever anyone brought it up around them. However when Rule Eleven was posted everyone knew exactly who was making them.

Rule Eleven: Red Robin is not allowed to eat sugar anymore.

A. Aquaman wants to talk to you...

Red Robin plus a sickening amount of Ding Dongs equaled a hilariously high Tim attempting to ride a whale. Thankfully Beast Boy and Blue Beetle had noticed him and scrambled to get him away from the increasingly angry sea animal. They then had to sit on the third Robin until he calmed down. Layla and Damian almost died laughing when they heard about it while Dick had looked despairingly at his second youngest sibling.

Batman just shook his head and proverbially washed his hands of the entire debacle.

Rule Twelve: The men of the Justice League are not allowed to create a 'sexy calendar'.

A. Also Oliver, Clark, Barry, and Nightwing. Dinah, Lois, Iris, and Oracle are looking for you.

B. They have scary weapons on hand.

C. Run. Run far away.

The four men had decided to make the superhero version of the classic 'firefighter calendar'. They'd managed to convince almost all of the men and a fair few women to do it. At least until someone spilled the beans to their respective wives/girlfriends/female friend. And they were not happy.

Needless to say, the calendar never happened.

Rule Thirteen: Layla is not allowed to be kidnapped.

A. Ever.

Some villain had seen Robin talking to Layla once after the duo had managed to stop a bomb from going off at Gotham Academy. After some good old fashioned stalking he figured out where she lived and promptly kidnapped her on her way home. unfortunately for the villain Damian had loaded his best friend up with what seemed like an unnecessary amount of trackers and panic buttons at the time months ago.

The moment the blonde-haired girl had woken up in a creepy basement she'd hit the panic button on the bracelet Damian had gifted her for her birthday. Twenty minutes later the enraged sidekick burst into the basement just as the kidnapper was telling Layla about his plan to use her as a ploy to kill the fourth Robin. Said villain was quickly pummeled within an inch of his life.

The only reason he was still alive was because Layla had yelled at her friend to 'untie her right now because these ropes are bruising her delicate wrists.'. Damian had instantly complied and proceeded to carry her out of the basement despite her protests that she could walk just fine, completely ignoring the villain groaning in pain on the ground.

After the rest of the League witnessed what the former assassin had done, it was unanimously decided that Layla was to be protected for fear of what Damian would do if she was ever hurt or god forbid killed.

Rule Fourteen: Protective Stalking is to be kept to acceptable limits.

A. Robin, everyone gets it. Layla will be safe.

After the little mishap with the kidnapping Damian took the term 'overprotective' to a whole new level. At first Layla had been fine with him shadowing her during the weekend and being her shadow at school, but when she noticed him camped out in the tree outside her window she finally snapped.

Once she had dragged her best friend in to her room she gave a verbal beat down that managed to cow Damian. Then she made a compromise that she'd wear a more sophisticated tracker/panic button and go to the Teen Titans' headquarters with him after school if he agreed to tone down the protectiveness. When Damian reluctantly agreed she kissed his cheek and ordered him to change into normal clothes.

After all, if he was gonna stay the night then she'd rather not explain to her parents why Robin was in her bedroom. Besides she had a chip and candy stash in her room plus a TV.

Rule Fifteen: Any and all 'Jackass' movies are now banned.

A. Booster Gold, Batman is coming for you.

B. You destroyed his favorite desk chair.

The time traveler had been having a Jackass marathon and decided he wanted to try one of the stunts. Half an hour later he'd managed to wreck most of the control room and completely ruin the Bat's favorite chair on the Watchtower.

Booster Gold was now in hiding while Bruce glared darkly whenever the incident was mentioned. Superman and Wonder Woman just look horrified at the state of the tower.

Rule Sixteen: Martian Manhunter is not allowed to divulge any secrets he gets from anyone's heads.

A. You made Nessa cry.

Vanessa 'Nessa' Carver was Billy Batson and Freddie Freeman's friend that had saw them transform once and helped keep their secret identities in tact. Once they'd taken her to the Watchtower to show it off to her and made the mistake of introducing her to J'onn.

After he'd made the comment about how much she liked Freddie the poor girl had blushed and looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up while Freddie looked beyond shocked. Layla, who had witnessed the event, had quickly stolen the girl away and taken her to Damian's room in the tower so that she could regroup her thoughts.

It seemed to turn out well though because a week and a kick in the pants from Billy later, Freddie asked Nessa out and now the two were happily dating.

Rule Seventeen: Nightwing is no longer allowed to flirt with alien women.

A. Especially Priestesses.

B. Even more so when her father is the king of their planet.

Nightwing had gone off planet and returned bloody and bruised. When asked what happened he'd pleaded the fifth. However when Wally, who had gone with him, had been asked he was all too eager to tell them.

Apparently the local Priestess was very pretty and seemed receptive to Nightwing's charms and the two were caught in a 'compromising position' an hour into the feast that been throw for the two heroes. The girl's father (the king) had been none too impressed and ordered Dick's execution for daring to pervert his little girl. Cue a hasty retreat that involved a lot of hiding and misdirection, with them almost getting caught once.

Damian and Layla laughed for days after hearing that one.

Rule Eighteen: Do not bribe Dr. Silva to get out of the infirmary early

A. He can't be bought.

B. Unfortunately...

Flash had ended up breaking his leg pretty bad during a battle with Killer Frost and was stuck in the infirmary for three days. Before the end of day one he was already bored and attempting to bribe his way out of his 'prison'.

Dr. Silva wasn't amused and added another day to his confinement.

Rule Nineteen: Do not give Layla anything with peanuts.

A. She actually is allergic to them, people.

B. It upsets Robin.

C. He's protective enough already, damn it!

One of the cooks had used peanut oil in food for Layla, not knowing that she was deathly allergic. Damian had started panicking hysterically when she suddenly started having trouble breathing and quickly injected her with an epipen before picking her up and booking it to the infirmary. Now she was confined for a couple hours and the chef was very apologetic.

Batman, who was actually very fond of his son's best friend, had stormed down to the kitchens and terrorized the cooks into getting rid of anything that contained peanuts. Everyone else swore to never even eat peanuts next to the songwriter in fear of what the Bat Clan would do.

Rule Twenty: Fireworks are banned from the Watchtower, Mount Justice, and Titan's Headquarters.

A. Get rid of them, Beast Boy.

Garfield, for some reason, decided that he wanted to set off some fireworks. What he didn't think of though was that setting off loud explosives near a bunch of battle ready heroes was a very bad idea.

After the chaos was sorted out and the injuries taken care of, Layla and Damian hastily put up the rule.

Rule Twenty One: The women of the Watchtower are not allowed to string up their romantic partners and declare them ornaments.

A. We know they're being stupid but that doesn't mean that they deserve to be hung up like that.

B. Please take them down.


The women finally got fed up enough with men and decided that if they were tied up and suspended above the floor they couldn't possibly cause anymore trouble. The only males that avoided the 'punishment' was anyone under the age of sixteen, Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter.

It also lead to the next rule.

Rule Twenty Two: Do not attempt to serenade your captors.

A. Stop, guys.

B. The women are already annoyed with you, don't make it worse.

The men had, weirdly enough, decided to sing the soundtrack to Frozen at the top of their lungs to get the girl to release them. It worked in the effect that they let them down only to kick the crap out of them. Superman wisely let them alone, not willing to get a whole pack of super-powered women on his ass.

Dr. Silva just sighed and made sure that he had enough free beds.

Rule Twenty Three: Do not steal Dr. Silva's coffee.

A. He's frightening when angry.

Someone had stolen the usually demure doctor's coffee. Everyone had been startled when he went apocalyptic with rage and hunted down the coffee thieves with a fervor that scared Layla. And after seeing what he did to the poor soul that did it, everyone swore to never anger the doctor.

Rule Twenty Four: Alcohol is prohibited on the Watchtower.

After seeing a drunken Green Arrow attempt to shoot an apple off of an equally drunk Firestorm, Layla insisted on this rule. Nobody wanted to think about what would happen to the world with a bunch of drunk heroes on the tower.

Superman looked ready to tear his hair out.

Rule Twenty Five: The betting pool is to stop.

A. It's rude to Superman.

B. Do you want him to go Dark Side?

Apparently some of the more immature heroes had a betting pool going on to see who could drive the man of steal crazy first. Once Black Canary got wind of it, she very quickly and permanently shut it down. All those involved were currently scrubbing every inch of the tower with an annoyed Canary supervising.

Rule Twenty Six: All pranks are banned.

A. Barry and Hal, you have an appointment with Dr. Stevens.

The two men had continued the feud going on between them. They continued pranking each, upping the ante more and more until Nessa and Layla got caught in the cross fire. After Freddie and Damian had caught sight of the girls they had been furious. Layla's lip had been split and Nessa's wrist was badly swollen.

The prank? Hal had set up a foam hand, filled it with shaving cream and timed it to fall and smack people in the face. The only issue was that he hadn't anticipated on two small teenage girls walking through the door and thusly it hit them pretty hard. Freddie and Damian had tracked him down after helping the girls to the infirmary and extracted their revenge on behalf of their girls.

No one knew what exactly happened but the hero winced every time shaving cream was mentioned. Dr. Stevens, the therapist that the government insisted on, was currently talking to the two men about their trust issues.

Rule Twenty Seven: Paper cuts are not serious injuries.

The Justice League, it seemed, was incapable of handling paper cuts. After Kid Flash had come in almost crying and holding his hand, Dr. Silva had been very concerned. At least until he realized that it was just paper cut. Then he was visibly annoyed.

And after he told the 'Big Three' (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman) about this fun new fact, they looked as distraught as the physician had ever seen them.

Rule Twenty Eight: Paintball is now banned.

A. All paintball guns are to be turned in immediately.

When Young Justice and the Teen Titan's had gone to war with each other, it hadn't been pretty. Young Justice had Red Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, Red Arrow, Superboy, and Wondergirl while the Titan's had Robin, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Raven, Starfire, and Layla as an honorary member. After both teams got a little too into it the responsible adults stepped in and brought it to a halt.

Nearly all those involved had to brought to the infirmary for a few days, though surprisingly Layla had been left alone for the most part. She was fairly certain it was because both of the Robins involved had declared her off limits much to her annoyance.

Batman still made Damian and Layla post the rule to prevent anymore paintball wars.

Rule Twenty Nine: The scientists are no longer allowed to build explosives without supervision.

Booster Gold had bribed the scientists aboard the Watchtower to build him a couple of grenades. However they were using very delicate materials and one of them made a wrong move, resulting in rather spectacular explosion. Thankfully no one was dead but there were quite a few injured and now the tower smelled like smoke. Not to mention the structural damage...

Rule Thirty: The Feud between teams is to stop.

A. All members of Young Justice and Teen Titans now have group therapy with Dr. Stevens.

It seemed that the younger heroes were still upset about their interrupted paintball match and were being passive aggressive with each other. After numerous members turned up in the infirmary with differing injuries, Dr. Silva put his foot down with Batman as his back up.

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