Chapter 1 In Front of The Gates

"Stop, thief! Your Sultan commands it."

Hearing her voice, Aladdin stopped and turned around. He tried unsuccessfully to hide the smile on his face, "Sultan? Does that mean I'm in trouble?"

"Only because you got caught," unsuccessfully hiding a smile herself.

Sharing a kiss in front of the people of Agrabah wasn't really what the new Sultana planned to do. But she was so relieved and happy to see him that she seemed to have lost all rational thought.

For a moment, everything came to a halt. What matters most was the fact that they were both alive and in each other's arms.

But eventually, the whispers started...

"... isn't that the princess?"

"... hey, that's that boy street rat, Aladdin, right?

"...they were being chased on a flying carpet by that bird beast in the centre of the market... I saw it myself."

They broke up their kiss. For awhile, they just stood there looking into each others eyes, basking in their relief to see one another. Eventually, Jasmine slightly turned herself to glance at the people of the market. The situation quickly turned awkward after realizing that they were now in full attention of a confused crowd.

"Uuumm... so what do we do now?" Aladdin whispered to Jasmine, while fully turning to the crowd and standing right beside her, still holding one of her hands.

Jasmine shared an embarrassed look with Aladdin. She really didn't intend to confuse her people. She then squared her shoulders and inhaled deeply.

"My beloved people of Agrabah, we had just endured a horrific attempt of coup by our very own grand vizier who turned out to be a traitor. He has been practicing sorcery and would have no qualms over destroying our kingdom and its people for his own glory and malice..." Jasmine stated. She sighed deeply, remembering the horrors of the past events and how close they had been to becoming a doomed kingdom of war and pain.

The crowd was in total silence. Most supporting an air of shock and fear. They had seen shocking events since early this morning: flying magical beings at the centre of the market, a wind storm that suddenly hurled through their city and went away as quickly as it came. Last but not least, they saw a creature of red demeanor as if the devil himself from one of the balconies of the palace.

Some were already in panic and planned to leave the city, while others waited for news from the palace fretfully. Most just did what they can: try to carry on with their lives as normally as possible.

"But be rest assured, he has been defeated and banished from our lands. We are all now safe," Jasmine said with finality.

Hearing this, the crowd sagged with relief. Some even clapped and cheered. Jasmine smiled, basking in the warmth of her people's joy.

After a moment, She looked up thoughtfully at Aladdin and then went back to address the crowd, "It has been a trying battle. Your very own has helped to reclaim Agrabah from the traitor. If it weren't for Aladdin, Baba and I would have been imprisoned or even killed and Agrabah would have easily fallen to tyranny..."

Most of the crowd looked sceptical, not believing that their very own "street rat" had become the hero of the kingdom. But a small part of the crowd cheered on, knowing him as a kind young man even if he had to survive from stealing. Beside her, she could feel Aladdin shifting uncomfortably from the attention.

"We will make a formal announcement in a few days, but be assured that the kingdom is now safe. The city guards will be sent to help spread the word and help with damages done," With a polite smile plastered on her face, Jasmine slightly tugged on Aladdin's hand, silently signaling him to walk back with her to the palace.

"Are you sure, me coming back to the palace is a good idea?" Aladdin asked nervously, walking right beside her to the gates. He could already see Razoul, the captain of the city guards, eyeing him suspiciously despite having heard the announcement that the Sultana made just a few moments ago.

"Baba has made me the Sultan, he really approves of you, as do I," she said, slightly blushing, "if you would have me, I can now change the law..."

Understanding this, Aladdin stopped in his tracks right before entering the gates, making Jasmine stop and look back at him.

His mouth slightly agape, his expressive eyes wide open. He searched her eyes, only to find them telling the truth. His body sagged with relief. A smile slowly crept to his face, eyes sparkling with joy.

"I, would be my honor... "

Jasmine gave him a bright smile, "Come then, let's go home"

AN. This is not the end, I am hoping to make this into at least 7 or 8 chapters, touching on how Aladdin and everyone else adjust to the changes in the palace. In later chapters there will be more drama and maybe even some angst. Hope you enjoy..

Btw, this is my first ever fanfic and English is not my first language, so be patient with me. Constructive criticism is appreciated. I'd love to hear what you think about this story so far, please R&R.. Thanks..