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The Bewilderbeast has not found Hiccup for the last 5 years (since the epilogue of Queen and the Flame) because the majestic King did not want any of his dragons to come to hard should Hiccup be something different from what he heard from his scouts.

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"Let the wind carry us, to the clouds hurry up,-"

::ALRIGHTTTTT:: The dragons sung in their dragonly voices.

"We can travel so far- "


"We go –"


"Ok you guys how do you even remember these lyrics, I just finished with the song like a week ago and I know I only sang it once in front of you guys. And that was me humming whilst in the forge banging the metal till Sunday. How do you guys even remember this?"

::We might have listened in on the times you made the tune and the lyrics::

::Wasn't a bad thing though::

::No it wasn't::

"I don't understand you guys at all."


::Yes?:: Stormfly turned to Silverlight, the Silver Phantom gliding beside her.

::No, STORM!::



"Yes, yes, yes, GUYS! STOP PANICKING! Alright. Silverlight take to the higher skies. Your wings are more delicate than a lot others', I don't want you to get hurt, not that I want anyone to get hurt, fly back to the Hideout."


"Now we cannot outfly that tornado, and it's pretty big. Coming towards us at a rather quick pace. We won't be able to outfly that, so let's fly around it instead. I know, bud, not the best idea, but what other choice do we have?"

::We COULD just ly up like Silverlight is doing and fly back to the Hideout…::

"Oh wait no, we could do the same as Silverlight…"

::What I said,::

"But that probably wouldn't work, no. Silver Phantoms' bodies are lightweight and made for riding wind currents. Their wings allow them to ascend a few hundred feet in a few seconds, depending on how strong the wind is. Tornado coming, wind blowing, Silverlight would be able to get up there fast. Compared to us, we cannot ascend in a few seconds. The wind currents wouldn't be much help to us, our bodies are not built for riding wind currents like Silver Phantoms and Timberjacks are. We can only fly around."

::Dear me.::

::This is gonna be a long ride.::

::Silverlight, ready to go?::

::Be safe you guys…::

::We'll be alright, Silverlight. Now go!::

With a reluctant and worried glance at the rest of the group, Silverlight gently glided over to Hiccup and nuzzled his chest, earning her a tender rub on the snout by the human. With the feeling of the touch still lingering, she spread out her wings to their fullest as the wind caught her, ascending her to the skies swiftly and without fail.

"Now that Silverlight will be alright… are we ready for another of our terrible adventures?"

::Yuup, this is Hiccup.::

::Our Hiccup.::

::Are we gonna get food afterwards?::

::Viserion, you and your food, do you ever think of anything else? Sometimes I wonder how two dragons of the same species could be so different.::

::Ah well. You know me.::

::Indeed. We shall get food if we survive this.::



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