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Regigigas was still standing but with almost no strength left as Ash gave a victorious smirk to the Regi as Greninja landed and reverted back to normal with noticeable damage on it and Ash.

"I win." was all he said to it.

Regigigas gave what looked like a nod as it began to fall backwards.

Ash was quick to notice as he quickly grabbed Heavy Ball from his back pocket and threw it.

"Go, Heavy Ball!"

The ball made contact before Regigigas fell completely on it's back as it was enveloped in a red light and entered the ball as it then fell down and began to shake as everyone counted how many times it did.

"One." Thought Ash.

"Two." Thought Cynthia.

"Pika." Thought Pikachu.


The ball stopped shaking as it signified the capture.

Ash then walked forward to the ball and picked it up before throwing it in the air and catching it as he shrunk it.

"The Colossal Pokémon, Regigigas, Pokédex no. 486 capture complete." He said as he put the ball in his pocket.

Just then a staircase appeared out of a flash of light that led back to the Snowpoint Temple. With that Ash began to walk towards the staircase with his hands in his pocket when Cynthia suddenly appeared in front of him with her arms stretched out blocking the stairs as she looked at him with a serious look on her face as Pikachu hopped onto his shoulder from hers.

"You're in my way Cynthia." Ash told her with a neutral look on his face.

"Not until you tell me what you're planning to do with Regigigas and why you caught it in the first place." She said to him seriously.

"That's none of your concern" Ash said.

"I won't let you leave until you tell me!" Said Cynthia.

"Oh? And what if I don't?" He asked her.

"If you don't then I'll force you to tell me!" She said to him.

Ash then gave her an amused smile.

"And how do you plan to do that? He asked.

"I challenge you to a battle, if I win you'll tell me what you're planning!" Challenged Cynthia.

"I accept, just don't cry when I mop the floor with you." Said Ash as he went and walked to one side of the battlefield.

"I think you're forgetting that I'm the Sinnoh champ, I won't lose so easily." She told him as she went on the other side.

"Oh don't worry you will." Said Ash. "Will a simple 3 on 3 battle work? I really don't want to stay here any longer than necessary."

"Fine by me." Said Cynthia.

"Alright then bring it on." Said Ash with a confident smirk.

"I hope you're ready cause here I come!" Said Cynthia.

Ash and Cynthia are both standing on one side of the ancient battlefield ready to battle.

"Alright miss champion you challenged me so you reveal your Pokemon first." Said Ash with a smirk

Looking at his face Cynthia now noticed that his eyes were no longer the chocolate brown eyes she had come to adore but were now a crimson red color like blood.

"I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your face, Garchomp Battle Dance!" Said Cynthia as she called out her Ace Pokémon.


"Ace Pokémon right off the bat huh." Said Ash. "In that case witness the power of a Legendary Pokémon, Go Silvally!"

"Vally!" It said.

"Silvally!?" Cynthia was shocked, not only is Ash using a Legendary Pokémon but one she has never heard of before.

"While Silvally is in fact a Legendary Pokémon it's a man made one similar to that of Mewtwo but a different approach" Explained Ash. "There are only 3 in existence, the one I have is the 2nd one and was given to me by a rival of mine."

"Legendary or not my Garchomp and I won't lose use Brick Break!" Said Cynthia.

"Dodge and use Swords Dance" Said Ash calmly.

Silvally was able to dodge the attack without effort as it sharply raised it's attack.

"What's he planning? I don't want to give him any chance to attack us so let's even the score and increase our states too" Thought Cynthia. "Garchomp use Dragon Dance!"

"Too predictable." Thought Ash "Silvally use Swords Dance again!"

"Garchomp Dragon Dance one last time!" Said Cynthia.

"Damn it Silvally's attack is almost maxed out I need to find a way to take it down before Ash decides to command an attack" Thought Cynthia as she began to grit her teeth in frustration. "Try to hit it with Brick Break!"

"Take it and use Swords Dance." Said Ash who at this point had a bored look on his face.

"Wait what!?" Said Cynthia.

Garchomp landed it's attack square center of Silvally's face who despite being hit by a super effective move doesn't even acknowledge it as it maxed out it's attack.

"It's attack is completely maxed out and Garchomp's attack looked like it barely did a thing I need to find a way to finish or else." Thought Cynthia as she began to feel a drip of sweat run down her face.

Seeing the look on Cynthia's face gave Ash an idea who then got an amused smirk on his face as he reached into his pocket.

"Cynthia here catch!" Said Ash as he then threw something at her.

"Huh?" She said with a confused look on her face as she caught what was thrown at her. "Wait a second aren't these-" She began.

"It's a Z-Ring and Z-Crystals for both Dragon and Fighting types." Ash finished for her.

Cynthia then gave Ash a suspicious glare. "Why are you giving me these? Especially when we're in the middle of a battle?"

"I want to be able to see you and your Garchomp's full power with a Z-Move." Replied Ash.

After putting on the Z-Ring and placing her preferred Z-Crystal on it Ash gave her a quick tutorial as to what to do and what poses to make for each one Cynthia then got ready to unleash her attack.

"Silvally don't move and let the attack hit." Ash said to it as it nods it's head in understanding and when he saw the confused look on Cynthia and Garchomp's face he explained. "You're not going to be able deal any sort of damage to us anyway so it's pointless to dodge."

This in turn pissed both Cynthia and Garchomp off. "DON'T SCREW WITH ME!" She yelled in anger. "Garchomp!"


The two then began to move in synchronized poses as she filled Garchomp with Z-energy. "GO DEVASTATING DRAKE!"

Garchomp then launched a purple orb of energy which took the shape of a dragon heading straight towards Silvally and it was at that moment Ash smirked.

The attack landed causing a big explosion with shock waves to flow throughout the already damaged field.

"Did we do it?" Said Cynthia as she waited for the smoke to clear and when it did made her visible eye widen in shock and deep down...fear.

Silvally was standing still unscathed at the same spot it was told to without any sign of it actually being effected by the attack, the only difference to it's appearance is that it's scleras and spikes on it's head were now pink instead of white.

"Wh-what just happened?" Asked Cynthia

"The armor of a fairy clad in light will not be pierced by a dragon's claws!" Said Ash who had a serious look on his face and then glared at Cynthia. "And the fairy's blade will shatter the dragon's scales Silvally Multi-Attack!

Silvally's body then became covered in a pink colored aura as it charged towards Garchomp.

"Oh F- Was all Cynthia was able to think before her thoughts her interrupted by her Garchomp being sent flying straight past her not only defeating it but embedding it right into the wall behind her.

"Garchomp!" Cried Cynthia as she ran towards her partner.

"Gar." It said weakly to let her know that it was fine.

"Thank goodness return and get some rest." She said to it.

After returning Garchomp Cynthia returned to her side of the field, it was then Ash spoke out to her.

"I'm giving you one chance to forfeit and save yourself the humiliation otherwise I won't hesitate to continue unleashing my full power." Said Ash.

Cynthia was mad at how much Ash was underestimating her but she couldn't help but feel a little sad at how much his personality has changed no longer being the man she knew.

"I'm the Sinnoh Champion I am NOT about to be treated like a rookie." Said Cynthia seriously.

Ash sighs and shakes his head in disbelieve and in slight disappointment. "Suit yourself."

"Before we continue tell me something." Said Cynthia.

Ash raises an eyebrow at her signifying her to continue.

"Tell me, how is it that Silvally was able to becoming unaffected by the Z-Move? I thought it was a Normal Type?" She asked.

"You're right, Silvally is a Normal Type. However it's able to change it's type." Said Ash.

Cynthia was shocked by this. "Change it's type but how?!"

"That's because of it's ability, RKS System. By giving Silvally a Memory Drive it's type changes to match the type of Memory I give it." Explained Ash.

Cynthia then got a look of understanding. "I see so judging by the appearance of it right now I assume you gave it a Fairy Memory to make it a Fairy Type which are immune to Dragon Type Moves, did I get all that right?"

Ash nods his head at her.

"But I don't understand when did you even give it the Fairy Memory in the first place?" It was then Cynthia realized something as her eyes widened. "Wait"

After putting on the Z-Ring and placing her preferred Z-Crystal on it Ash gave her a quick tutorial as to what to do and what poses to make for each one Cynthia then got ready to unleash her attack.

Silvally don't move and let the attack hit. Ash said to it as it nods it's head in understanding and when he saw the confused look on Cynthia and Garchomp's face he explained. You're not going to be able deal any sort of damage to us anyway so it's pointless to dodge.

This in turn pissed both Cynthia and Garchomp off. DON'T SCREW WITH ME! She yelled in anger. Garchomp!


The two then began to move in synchronized poses as she filled Garchomp with Z-energy. GO DEVASTATING DRAKE!

Garchomp then launched a purple orb of energy which took the shape of a dragon heading straight towards Silvally and it was at that moment Ash smirked.

"You don't mean.." Started Cynthia and as if reading her mind Ash spoke.

"That's right." He said.

Garchomp then launched a purple orb of energy which took the shape of a dragon heading straight towards Silvally and it was at that moment Ash smirked.

Reborn Sacred Beast Silvally! Ash Said as he pulled a pink disk with a slight darker shade on a part of it. Receive this Fairy Memory and become a fairy beast!

With that he tossed it toward Silvally as a circular, metallic drive on the right side of it's face opened and installed the Memory.

Vally! It said as it's sclera and spikes turned pink.

The attack landed causing a big explosion with shock waves to flow throughout the already damaged field.

"So you baited me into using the Dragon Type Z-Move and right when it was about it that was when you did it." Said Cynthia.

"Wrong." Said Ash. "I didn't bait you into doing anything. You lost your temper and rushed into using the Z-Move letting your anger cloud your judgment when you should've tried to weaken Silvally before using it at all. Garchomp was capable of out speeding Silvally and could've done some serious damage with it's stat boots possibly even beat it, but no your pride of being a regional champion led to arrogance and fury and that was why Garchomp lost."

Cynthia took a while to process everything Ash told her and realized he was right. It was her fault for what just happened and she won't let it happen again.

"Lucario Battle Dance!" Said Cynthia as she sent out her next Pokémon.

"Silvally Parting Shot." Said Ash.

This surprised Cynthia as she saw Silvally whispered something to Lucario causing it to drop it's guard a bit before returning to it's Pokéball.

Ash then grabbed another Pokéball and threw it.

"Go Necro-Nebby!"

Out from the Pokéball was what looked liked the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo but it was covered in black armor.

"What is this?" Said Cynthia. "It looks like the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo but what's with the armor?"

"Technically this isn't Solgaleo. Have you ever heard of the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma?' Said Ash.

"I've read about it in some ancient text." Said Cynthia. "Are you saying this is Necrozma?"

"Correct." Said Ash. "You see like Kyurem, Necrozma is also capable of fusing with other Legendary Pokémon. This is the result of the fusion between Necrozma and Solgaleo named Dusk Mane Necrozma."

"I see." Said Cynthia "But what's with the nickname?"

"Well Solgaleo is the only one with the nickname which is Nebby and since it's fused with Necrozma I decided to combine their names." Explained Ash. "Anyway it won't matter for long."

"And why is that?" Asked Cynthia.

Ash then revealed to Cynthia what he's wearing on his left wrist.

"A Z-Ring... no it's different somehow" Said Cynthia.

Ash nods his head. "Correct this is an evolved Z-Ring, a Z-Power Ring. This allows me to use a different variety of Z-Crystals along with the normal kinds like this one"

Ash then places the Ultranecrozium Z onto the Z-Power Ring.

"A Z-Move, get ready for anything Lucario!" Said Cynthia.

To Cynthia's surprise and confusion Ash started to chuckle at her words.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"Oh nothing really it's just that I forgot to mention something about this particular Z-Crystal and a small fact about Necrozma. You see the reason Necrozma is fused in the first place is because it needs the light from either Solgaleo or Lunala to not only to regain it's true power but with the light from this Z-Crystal it's true form." Explained Ash.

"W-what?" Said Cynthia as her one visible eye and Lucario's eyes widened as they slowly began to become afraid.

"Nebby no Solgaleo please give Necrozma all of your light for this." Asked Ash as he was able to somehow sense Solgaleo's will inside Necrozma.

Ash then faced his arm with the Z-Power Ring towards Necrozma as the Z-Crystal began to resonate with Necrozma.

"Bow before the Radiant One, illuminate this world filled with shadowy darkness as you descend upon this world your true form as the Lord of Light, Necrozma Ultra Burst!"

Necrozma then began to envelop itself in light as it then showed a star like symbol as the light bursts revealing it's true form.

"Iiiiiiight!" It roared.

As it floated in place Cynthia took in it's appearance, it was a colossal dragon of pure light energy. The various pieces of Necrozma's crystalline body are rearranged as a sort of "skeleton" for the rest of it's body. The pieces have taken on a golden glow from the light. Its head is surrounded by several spikes and a pair of small wings, which causes it to resemble an eight-pointed star; there is also a small, lighter eight-pointed star on the back of its head. Its face is armored and has multicolored heterochromatic eyes; the left eye is primarily red, while the right is mainly blue. It has two pairs of wings: one around its shoulders and one around its hips. While the wings themselves are made of light, the arm portions are made of its former legs and shoulders, respectively. Its former arms now cover its lower legs, and what was once its tail covers its chest. Finally, it has a long tail with a row of spikes along the top.

"This is Necrozma's True Form, Ultra Necrozma." Said Ash

Cynthia was awestruck she had never seen such a Pokémon before in all her life.

"Necrozma." Was all Ash said.

Necrozma then began to lift it's head with it's mouth open as it began to create an orb of light.

Cynthia was genuinely afraid now not only was she scared but her Lucario was too the look of horror on it's face evident as they both noticed that Ash's blood red eyes began to glow.

"Photon Geyser."

Cynthia quickly shut her eyes tight clenching her fists and teeth tightly as she tried to find the words to recall her Lucario and make Ash stop but her voice just seemed to have died in her throat without warning she needed to figure out someway to save her Lucario.

Lucario was too scared too scared to move, there's no way it could stand up to a Pokémon like that much less beat it and by the look of the attack that's about to come it's way it was done for.

"Fire." Ash said sadly as he looked away in disappointment at Cynthia not doing anything.

Just as Necrozma was about unleashed it's attack something in Cynthia snapped as she was able to speak her voice finally returning to her.

"Grrr SSSTOOOOOOOOOP!" She screamed out as she ran towards Lucario to save it not noticing Ash beginning to smile at her words due to her eyes being closed.

But it was too late Necrozma had already launched it's attack as Lucario closed it's eyes preparing itself for the pain that was about to come.

Cynthia had heard the attack landed as she open her eyes tears starting to form at the thought of her Lucario being seriously hurt but to her shock and great relief her Pokémon was all right who too had a look of shock on its face with a hint of confusion.

"Lucario you're alright but how?" She asked it.

"I can answer that" Said Ash as he began to walk towards her.

Cynthia looked at Ash and saw that he had a small smile on his face as she asked him for his answer.

"You see while Necrozma did already launch it's attack I had used my Aura to redirect the trajectory of the attack at the last minute while I couldn't change it's course too much do to it being last minute I managed to make it move slightly making it miss Lucario" Explained Ash.

Cynthia made a nod of understanding. "But why would you do that?"

Ash then gave Cynthia a warm genuine smile. "That's because when you decided to forfeit the match when you yelled stop and put your life at risk to save your Pokémon instead of trying to stubbornly wanting the battle to continue I knew that I had to do something."

Cynthia blushed at the warm smile Ash was giving her, despite how he acts now she can tell that deep down he's still the same person she fell for.

Ash then saw Cynthia's face and cocked his head to the side in confusion. "Hey Cynthia you sure your alright? You're looking kinda red."

Cynthia quickly shook her blush away and regained her normal look but in the inside she was deadpanning.

"Great of all the things to remain unchanged his absolute denseness just HAD to be one of them" She thought sarcastically.

"Anyway your Lucario deserves some credit too it actually managed to move away from the attack unknowingly" Said Ash.

"Huh how about that." Said Cynthia as she looked at her Lucario. "Still though return get some rest that HAD to be a little traumatic."

Ash then turned to Necrozma who was watching the entire confrontation.

"I think she's learned not to fight battles she can't win thanks for not holding back." He said to it

Necrozma gave Ash a smile as it reverted back into Dusk Mane Necrozma.

Cynthia saw Ash then pull out some kind of device as he pointed it at Necro-Nebby.

"N-Solarizer Split" Said Ash as Necro-Nebby was enveloped in light before separating the fused Pokémon into two.

"What just happened?" asked Cynthia

"Long story short a pal of mine made this to allow Necrozma to stably fuse with Solgaleo or Lunala" explained Ash.

Cynthia took in Necrozma's appearance now it was a vaguely humanoid Pokémon whose body appears to be constructed out of a black crystalline material. The large protrusion attached to its head is its tail, which has a row of three large spikes along the top and is white in the back with a dark gray symbol resembling a star in the center. Its face was actually a prism-like object known as the brain prism, which possesses a collection of multicolored shapes that resemble eyes. Jutting out of the back of each hand is a whitish crystal that darkens toward the tip, and each elbow has a hook-like spike. Two large spikes jut from each shoulder and there is a row of smaller spikes along each side of its body. Its feet have three hook-like toes each.

"So this is what it looks like normally?" She asked.

Ash nods. "Pretty much yeah" He then holds a Pokebean in one hand a some star candy in the other. "here guys go"

After Necrozma ate the bean and Nebby the candy Ash returned them to separate Pokeballs and then began to walk in the direction of the stairs.

"Well see ya" Said Ash as he and Pikachu waved at her as they began to leave.

Cynthia was shocked to see them try to leave so quickly but quickly ran in front of him blocking his path again.

Ash sighed at this as he looked at her stern face. "Now what? In case you haven't noticed I'm trying to get out of here."

"I still need to know what you're planning on doing with Regigigas." Said Cynthia

"That's for me to know and you to find out." Said Ash as he tried to go around her only for her to get in front of him again.

"Man you're annoying right now."

"Just tell me and I'll get out of your way." Said Cynthia.

"And I told you that's none of your concern." Said Ash

"Then it looks like you won't be leaving anytime soon"

Ash just sighed as Pikachu told to him to just tell her so they can leave

"Alright fine I'll tell you just get out of my way"

Cynthia does what he says as Ash begins to climb up the stairs with Cynthia following him.

"Well?" Said Cynthia.

Ash once again sighs before he just shrugs his shoulders.

"I want to battle Arceus." Was all he said as Cynthia just stopped dead in her tracks shock written all over her face.

"WHAT?!" She said.

"There I told you later." Said Ash as he began to climb up the stairs faster.

"Wait NO! That just raises so many more questions and doesn't even answer my question." Said Cynthia as she hurried to catch up to him.

The two exited out of the temple walking towards the local Pokémon Center.

"Alright I'll explain this only once so you better listen." Said Ash

Cynthia nods her head.

"My dream is to be a Pokémon Master still but I wanted to find a way to become stronger than ever. So after some time I talked with the Prof. of all the Regions and eventually I made a trip to Spear Pillar. One day when I was at a Pokémart buying some things for my Pokémon's dinner I was told I had a package for me and never in my life would I expect what it was."

Excuse me are you Ash Ketchum? Asked a delivery man.

Yeah that's me. Said Ash.

I have a package for you.

with that Ash took the package after signing for it and went to his room in a Pokémon Center he was staying at and opened it to find something he never thought he'd have.

Prof. Rowen told me about this Pikachu, this is the Azure Flute!

Alright I'm gonna have to end it off here. How does battling Arceus have to do with him catching Regigigas? Who sent Ash the Azure Flute? Why was Cynthia so obsessed with what he was going to do with it? Why was Ash being such an ass to her? Why are his eyes red? Find out next time so leave a review and until my next Pokémon Academy episode farewell