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Chapter 1

How did it ever come to this? Aqua stood victorious over the stolen body of her best friend, Terra. A week ago, she was still in training with him and their friend Ven. They lived happy lives in the Land of Departure. She and Terra both thought that the Mark of Mastery Exam would be the beginning of something great. But it just proved to be the start of their downfall. Now, Ven was in a coma after losing his heart, and his body was sequestered away to a hidden place thanks to Aqua. And she was forced to fight her best friend, whose body had been stolen away from him. All thanks to the workings of one Master Xehanort. Because of one old man, everything she had ever known and loved had been destroyed. She lost her world, her Master, her friends.

After hiding Ven's body and transforming the Land of Departure to guarantee no one would find him, she promised him she'd be right back to wake him up and tracked down Terra to Radiant Garden. But he wasn't the young man she remembered. Instead of his shoulder-length brown locks, his hair had turned a dark silver, and his eyes bright yellow. Instead of the friendly smile that she had come to love and find comfort in, his face was contorted into a wicked grin. And he no longer used her friend's Keyblade. Instead, he used the weapon that she recognized as having belonged to Xehanort. As much as it hurt to admit it, the young man before her was not Terra. But she refused to give up on him. He attacked her, so she summoned her Keyblade and fought back. It was hard, but she came out victorious. She wasn't made a Keyblade Master for nothing, after all.

"Terra" stumbled backwards, the extent of his injuries taking their toll on him. But then his body began to glow with a golden light. He began to tremble, looking like he was exerting some great effort.

"Stop fighting back," he growled through grit teeth. He looked to be fighting with himself, and then stood ramrod stiff. She couldn't believe it. Terra was still there somewhere, and he was fighting.

"Terra, I know you're in there!" She called, trying to encourage her best friend. With great effort, he grabbed his Keyblade and pointed the end at his own chest.

"This'll teach you," he said. "Get out of my heart!" He thrust the Keyblade into his chest, and the glow surrounding his body vanished.

"Terra!" Aqua called with concern. His arms fell limply to his sides, and his Keyblade fell from his hands, dematerializing as it hit the ground. A soft glow radiated from his chest, and he looked down at the ground with half-lidded eyes. His Dark Guardian appeared behind him, darkness appearing to just ooze off of it and pool on the floor around Terra. She watched as he slowly fell backwards into the pool, which began to swallow him up. She instantly ran towards the pool, but finding that he had been completely swallowed up, she dove right in after him without a moment's hesitation.

She summoned her armor to protect herself from the darkness, and looked around for Terra. She found him below her, falling further into the darkness. At the rate he was falling, she knew she wouldn't be able to catch up to him normally, so she summoned her Keyblade and transformed it into her glider, hopping on and racing after him.

"The darkness can't have you!" She shouted to him, giving her glider a speed boost. She could see that she was rapidly gaining on him, so she reached out her hand as far as it could go, and grabbed hold of his wrist. She looked above her, and saw a light radiating from the pool she jumped through. On the other side of that light was the Realm of Light, and with it, the way home. She slung Terra over her shoulder, and rocketed full-throttle back towards the hole. To her horror, she could see the light begin to fade rapidly. The hole was closing.

We're not gonna make it, she thought. I have to do something or we'll both be lost. She looked at the exit, then to her best friend slung over her shoulder. The choice was obvious. She looked solemnly at the Realm of the Light, at the world she knew she'd be leaving behind, and transformed her Keyblade Glider back into her Keyblade, the Rainfell. In a flash, her armor had separated itself from her body and remained holding Terra. She placed the Rainfell in Terra's hand.

"I'm with you," she said to his unconscious form. "Go!" she gestured towards the rapidly closing exit, sending her Keyblade and Armor skyrocketing towards it with Terra in tow. She continued her slow descent into the darkness. "Ven, I'm sorry," she said somberly. "I might not make it back as soon as I thought. But I promise I'll be there one day, to wake you up."

Yang Xiao Long pulled her little wagon behind her, her little sister Ruby Rose asleep inside it, doing her best to ignore her growling stomach. She had left the house only a few hours ago with Ruby in tow, and they were headed towards an old cabin in the woods of Patch.

Yang's life had started out so happy. Just her, Ruby, her dad, and her mom. No, she thought. Not my mom. Her dad had made that apparent. They were a happy family once, with her father working as a Huntsman and teacher at Signal, and her mo—Summer— taking on missions. But then a year ago, she left and never came back. Everything changed after that. Her father had taken up drinking heavily, and seemed to completely give up on his life and even on caring about his two daughters. And as time went on, the time he spent sober began to dwindle. It had gotten bad enough that he even regularly forgot to feed them, preferring to pass out drunk, much as he had that day. It was around noon that day, and neither she nor her sister had eaten yet, when she heard her Uncle Qrow walk into her living room. She decided now was the time to bring up their lack of food, as Uncle Qrow was more likely to do something about it. That's when she heard them talking.

"Come on, Tai," Qrow had said. "It's been a year."

"Can you blame me?" Her father said, and it was evident that he was drunk by the way his words were slurring. "First Raven leaves, and now Summer's dead. I just can't do this anymore." His words stunned Yang. Who was Raven? "She was Yang's mom. How could she just leave like that?" Yang was speechless, and just ran upstairs to cry.

She couldn't believe it. Summer wasn't her mom? Raven was? And she left? Why? Was she not good enough? She could only cry as these questions repeated in her head. After some time passed, she heard her father and Uncle Qrow leave, and she looked up at one of the pictures on her nightstand. It was a picture of herself as a baby, along with Taiyang and Summer in front of an unfamiliar cabin. Her father had explained some time ago that it was the house they used to live at before Ruby was born, and it was somewhere in the woods near their current house. To her 7-year-old mind, it made sense that that would be where she could go to find her mother. And so she scooped up Ruby, placed her in her wagon, and headed off into the woods. Ruby had long since fallen asleep, and Yang knew she had to be getting close to the cabin.

Soon, I'll find my mom, she thought. And then we can be a family.

She kept walking for a few minutes, when she finally saw it. It was a dilapidated shack in the middle of the woods, the entire structure in a state of disrepair from a lack of maintenance. But the most curious thing about the scene was the unconscious woman on the ground in front of it.

The woman had shoulder-length blue hair and a light complexion. She was wearing a black corset over a black halter top with short black shorts, and two intersecting pink straps over her chest with a silver badge where the straps intersect. Around her waist were strips of blue cloth hanging on either side, with smaller white cloths over those. She had white detached sleeves on her arms, with a piece of metal at the base of them. She wore gray fingerless gloves on her hands, and thigh-high stocking on her legs, leaving a little bit of skin on her thighs exposed. Finally, she wore silver boots, with little wings at the top.

Yang couldn't believe it. This had to be her. This had to be Raven. She was right. It was a good idea to come out into the woods like this. But why was she unconscious? She dropped the handle to the wagon, and ran towards the woman to shake her awake. Her eyes fluttered open, and Yang was greeted by deep blue eyes.

Aqua slowly opened her eyes. The first sight she saw was the lilac eyes of a little blonde-haired girl. She looked really excited to see her for some reason. The girl's blonde hair was done up in pigtails, and tied with red ribbons. She was wearing a short-sleeved tan shirt with stitching down the sides and a yellow scarf. Over the shirt she wore an orange belt. She had black shorts on, and completing her outfit was a pair of orange socks and brown shoes. Aqua could see a red wagon behind the girl. The girl also looked oddly thin.

She sat up and took a look at her surroundings. She was in the middle of the woods, in the evening if the lighting was any indication.

Where am I? She thought. I thought I fell into the Realm of Darkness. How am I in a forest with a little girl? Did I somehow find a way back to the Realm of Light? Can I get back to Ven? Her thoughts were interrupted when the little girl spoke to her.

"E-excuse me," she said timidly. "I-Is your name 'Raven'?" Aqua looked at the girl and shook her head.

"No, it isn't," she said, and she saw the girl's face fall into deep disappointment. "My name is Aqua. What's your name?"


"Well, Yang, do you know where we are?"

"In a forest on Patch."

Patch? Aqua thought. Is that what this world is called? Before she could inquire further, she heard a grumbling sound coming from the wagon. She stood up and walked over to the wagon, taking a peek inside it. Lying there was another little girl, fast asleep.

She had short black hair that turned red at the tips. She was wearing a sleeveless red hoodie with a white shirt underneath it, and a red cape behind her back. She had a black skirt and black shoes with no socks. Worryingly, she also looked a little too thin.

What happened to these girls?

"Who's this?" she asked Yang.

"Ruby," the girl answered. "My sister."

"What are you two doing out here?"

"We're looking for my mom," the girl answered, and Aqua's eyes widened slightly with worry.

"Is her name Raven?" Yang nodded in reply. "So you thought I might have been her when you first saw me?" Another nod. And then it dawned on her. How could this little girl mistake her for her own mother? "Do you… not know what she looks like?" Yang shook her head this time.

"C-Could you help me find her?"

"Of course I'll help." That was when they heard growling. It was coming from the shack, and sure enough, Aqua could see three sets of glowing red eyes. Yang yelped in fright, and hid behind Aqua's leg. "Stay behind me, sweetie," she said, summoning her Keyblade.

Huh. That was weird. Her Keyblade didn't feel right. She looked down and saw a Keyblade that, while familiar, was definitely not hers. And then she remembered that she left hers behind with Terra. This Keyblade was more simplistic and rectangular in design. It had a simple metal handle, and a plain square cross guard. The shaft of the blade was solid black, and the "Teeth" of the key was a simple, blocky letter "E". This was the Master Keeper. The Keyblade of her beloved Master, Eraqus, and the Keyblade she used to hide Ven's body away. Shaking her head to regain her focus, she looked back at the figures leaving the shack. They were unlike anything she had ever seen.

The creatures' bodies were pitch black, with the exception of some pieces of white armor and their piercing red eyes. They were vaguely shaped like wolves, only they were standing upright on two legs. They had what looked to be white bone masks on their faces with red accents, and a few pieces of bone armor here and there. Aqua slowed her breathing, preparing for battle. And then one of the creatures lunged at her, jaws wide open.

She raised her Keyblade and stopped the creature's attack, pushing back as it tried to bite its way through her weapon. She shoved forward violently, throwing the creature off her Keyblade, but she couldn't finish it off as another one tried to swipe at her from the left side. She blocked the swipe and stepped forward, swinging her Keyblade at the weird wolf monster. She struck once in the chest, and it stumbled backwards. After a few more swings, it was down. She turned her attention back to the first monster that attacked her, charging at it. She swung at the creature, but it blocked her attack. To her shock, the third one ran past her straight towards Yang and Ruby. Quickly turning around, she pointed her Keyblade at that monster.

"Fire!" she yelled, and a small ball of fire launched from her Keyblade and hit the monster in the back, staggering it, but not killing it. She felt a sharp pain in her back, as the monster she was just fighting had taken a swipe while she was trying to defend the girls. She turned around and delivered several quick slashes to the chest, finishing it off, and ran towards the third monster, which was still advancing on the girls. Before she could reach it, though, somebody else got there first, slicing the monster clean in half.

It was a man, most likely in his late 20s. He was tall and thin, and was wearing a grey button up shirt, black pants, and black boots. He had a red cape on his back, and a necklace with a sideways cross. His black hair framed his face in the front, and was swept back behind his head. His dark red eyes were narrowed in focus as he scanned the area. The most impressive thing about him was the massive scythe in his hands. His serious demeanor was shattered as Yang ran up to him and clutched his leg tightly, as his expression quickly changed to worry.

"Uncle Qrow!" she yelled into his leg.

"Are you OK?" he asked the girl. "What are doing out here?"

"I thought I could find my mom," she said through her tears. "And then those Grimm showed up and Aqua saved me."

"What? Who?"

"I'm Aqua," the woman herself spoke up. The man looked up at her suspiciously.

"Who are you? I've never seen you around here before." She was going to answer, but the injury she took to her back acted up, making her stumble.

"Are you OK?" he asked warily.

"Give me a second," she said, and raised her Keyblade in the air. "Cure!" she said, and she was surrounded by a green light. When the light faded, her wound had healed.

"That's some Semblance you have there," Qrow said.

"Some what?" Before he could answer, more creatures appeared. These ones were more familiar. They were small and pitch black, with two antennae on their heads, and bright yellow eyes. They were surrounded as the creatures seemingly rose up from the ground. Aqua and Qrow both raised their weapons, and Yang hid behind her uncle.

"What the hell are these things?" Qrow asked.

"The Heartless," Aqua answered. She remembered her Master teaching her about them during her training.

They immediately sprang into action, Aqua with her Keyblade and Qrow with his scythe. The Heartless were only Shadows, so they went down easily, but the problem was the sheer number of enemies. It was difficult for the two of them to fight all of the creatures while keeping Yang and Ruby safe. But then there was a brilliantly bright flash of light that emanated from the wagon. Aqua, Qrow, and Yang had to cover their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, all the Heartless were gone. They looked at the wagon, and saw that Ruby was not only wide awake, she was staring in awe at the object in her right hand.

It was shaped vaguely like a sword. She was gripping it by the handle, which had a black base wrapped in red, like the handle of a katana. For a cross guard, it used two red blade-like appendages. The shaft of the weapon started with what appeared to be a red gun barrel before transitioning in a pure black shaft. At the end of the weapon was a blooming rose. A similar rose was attached to a chain on the pommel of the object. Aqua could tell immediately what it was.

"A Keyblade?" she gasped in surprise.

"A what?" Qrow asked. Yang ran up to her sister, giving her a hug.

"Ruby! Are you OK? What is that? It's so cool!"

"Yang?" the red-clad girl asked, and Aqua could see her brilliant silver eyes. "Where are we?"

"Kiddo, are you OK?" Qrow asked her.

"Oh, hi, Uncle Qrow!" she said excitedly, and the Keyblade disappeared.

"Whoa, where'd it go?!" Yang asked.

"You know what?" Qrow said, pulling a flask out of his shirt pocket and taking a drink. "I'm not sober enough for this. Let's just get you two home." He looked to Aqua. "You helped these two out, right?" Aqua nodded. "You said your name was Aqua?" She confirmed it. "You probably figured this out already, but I'm Qrow. Qrow Branwen. Thanks for saving my nieces. Now, I'd like to get them home to their father, but why don't you come with me? I have a lot of questions for you."

"OK," Aqua said, knowing that she probably didn't have much of a choice. Qrow's scythe folded up into itself, transforming into a large sword, which he sheathed behind his lower back.

"Come on," he gestured with his head. Aqua obeyed, but her mind was elsewhere. Somehow, someway, she had fallen into the Realm of Darkness, woke up in a forest, and then met a little girl that had a Keyblade. She knew she needed to find a way back to Ven, but this was a little more important.

The four of them were walking through the woods, with Yang constantly asking her little sister if she was OK, with Ruby insisting that she was, and Yang also asking about that "cool sword thingy" that Ruby had earlier. Aqua had to admit the sisters were really adorable. Less adorable were the suspicious looks their Uncle Qrow kept shooting in her general direction. He wasn't saying anything, just looking at her in between watching the girls. Finally, she decided to break the silence.

"Do you have something you want to ask me?" she asked the man. He didn't answer right away. "You've been glaring at me since we set out."

"You seem to know a thing or two about what's going on," he said. "So I'll start by asking what those weird creatures are that attacked us." She had to think about how to proceed here. She had to maintain the world order, so there were several things he could ask her about that she would be unable to answer. She had to be very careful. He seemed overly cautious of her, understandable as it may be. The last thing she needed was for him to get the local authorities involved because of a suspicious character.

"Those creatures are called 'the Heartless'," she said. It wouldn't harm too much to let him know that much. "They are creatures attracted to the darkness in people's Hearts."

"They sound a lot like the Grimm," he said, stroking the light stubble on his chin. "I wonder if it's some new type."

"I wouldn't know," said Aqua. Granted, she didn't know what a 'Grimm' was, for that matter, but she assumed it would seem weird not to know that, so she should probably make him think she knew what he was talking about.

"You seemed to handle yourself pretty well. You a Huntress?"

"I guess you could say that." Technically, her main duty as a Keyblade wielder was to hunt down the Heartless to keep the worlds safe, so it wasn't exactly a lie.

"What school did you go to?" There were schools in this world to teach you how to fight?

"I was trained by my Master. I didn't go to a school."

"Didn't know people still did that." Aqua held back a flinch. She might have made a mistake. "So, what was that thing Ruby had earlier? I know you recognized it. You called it by name."

"It's a Keyblade. I've got one, too. It's the only weapon that can kill a Heartless for good."

"My scythe seemed to do a pretty decent job."

"You didn't kill them. You just displaced them. The ones you got will probably just come back later, I'm sorry to say." She chose to leave out the fact that the Keyblade attracts the Heartless. He didn't need to know that right now. She didn't know how he'd react. He might blame her for putting his nieces in danger, since in all likelihood the Heartless were after her.

"That was an impressive healing ability you used earlier. That your Semblance?" She didn't answer, as she had no idea what that was. "Come to think of it, why did you need to do that? Why didn't your Aura protect you?" She definitely made a mistake. She made a mistake in letting herself get hurt fighting those wolf monsters. She made a mistake by healing herself in front of him. And made a mistake by not answering his questions. How could she? It's not like she knew what any of those things were. "No answer? That's fine." She could tell by the tone of his voice that it was most not definitely not "fine". They walked the rest of the way in an uncomfortable silence, with Aqua keeping an eye on the sisters, in particular the new Keyblade wielder. She looked back at Qrow.

"She said she was looking for her mother," she said.


"Yang. She said she was out here looking for her mother." Qrow furrowed his brow at that.

"Her mother died a year ago. She must just be in denial. I know she still misses Summer."


"Her mom."

"She said her mother's name was Raven." Qrow's eyes widened as soon as she said the name.

"What? Where did she hear that?"

"I don't know. That's just what she told me. The weird thing is she initially thought I was Raven. Do I look like her?"

"Not at all."

"How does she not know what her own mother looks like?" Qrow pulled out his flask and took a swig.

"It's really not any of your business," he said with a scowl. "We're almost at their house. Let's just keep going." Aqua spared another glance at the sisters, unable to help the pang of worry that filled her gut.

Just what have these girls been through?

Aqua wasn't sure what to expect from the home of Ruby and Yang. She definitely did not expect all the empty beer cans and bottles of whiskey. Nor the absolutely disheveled man that she could only assume was the girls' father.

He had messy blond hair, which Yang obviously inherited. He wore a tan button-up shirt under a short brown vest. He had an orange bandana wrapped around his left bicep, and had a silver pauldron on his right shoulder. He had a tattoo on his right arm that was vaguely heart-shaped. His right forearm had a leather guard on it, and his right hand was gloved. He wore yellow cargo shorts and black boots. His blue eyes had a slightly glazed-over look, which along with the smell of alcohol on his breath indicated that he was likely very drunk at the moment.

As soon as he saw the girls, he immediately sprang up from his chair and ran to embrace them, stumbling a little as he did so. Yang started crying as soon as he got up, but Ruby didn't. She still had no idea how much danger they had been in.

"Oh thank God you're both OK," he said. She could hear that his words were slurring. She couldn't help but feel a little disgusted. All the empty cans and bottles indicated that he's been drinking like this for a very long time. How could he let his own daughters see him like this? He leaned out of the embrace and looked Yang right in her eyes. "What were you thinking?! You could have gotten you or your sister killed!"

"I'm sorry!" Yang said through her tears. "I thought I could find my mom!"

"What?" he asked. "But Summer's gone."

"Not her! I heard you! Summer wasn't my mom! You said Raven was!"

"You heard us?" Qrow asked. Yang nodded.

"I thought I could find her at our old house," she said as she was sniffling. Aqua was listening to their conversation when she felt something tug on her waist cloth. She looked down and was met with wide silver eyes.

"Hi," Ruby said a little timidly. "What's your name, miss?" Aqua squatted a little so she was eye-level with the little girl.

"I'm Aqua," she said. "What's your name?"


"Well, Ruby, it's very nice to meet you." The girl beamed at her, and Aqua had to admit, it was absolutely adorable.

"Do you know why Yang is crying?"

"I think she did something bad." Ruby gasped as Aqua said this, her hands shooting up to cover her mouth in shock.

"Is she going to get in trouble?" She asked innocently. It was official. She was probably the most adorable little girl Aqua had ever met. Granted, the only other little girls she had the opportunity to meet were Kairi and Yang, but still.

"Probably," Aqua answered honestly.

"I don't want her to get in trouble!"

"And who are you?" their father had finally taken notice of Aqua's presence. He was currently glaring daggers at her. Ruby ran up and hugged her father's leg.

"Daddy! Don't get Yang in trouble!"

"Yang did something she wasn't supposed to," he said, the slurring still obvious. "We'll talk about this later, Yang." The blonde nodded and backed away, hugging her sister close. Even someone as young as Yang could tell that there was an edge in the room thanks to the way her father was glaring at the blue-haired woman. "Are you going to answer me? Who are you?"

"My name is Aqua," she said. She couldn't remember the last time she had to introduce herself to this many people. "Yang found me unconscious in the forest."

"She did? What were you doing there?" That was the million-munny question, wasn't it?

"I don't know."

"Excuse me?"

"I don't remember how I got there. I woke up to find Yang sitting over me, she asked me if I was this 'Raven', and then those monsters attacked us."

"She saved us, Dad!" Yang chimed in.

"Did she?" He looked to Qrow. The other man nodded. "Then I guess I should thank you. My name is Taiyang Xiao Long, but you can call me Tai."

"It was nothing," she insisted. "I'm sure anyone else would have done the same." Just then, they heard a grumbling sound. They looked at the sisters, and Yang looking down with a blush on her face.

"Tai," Qrow said sternly. "Have they eaten yet?" It was Taiyang's turn to blush. "Seriously? Again?" That surprised Aqua. Was it a regular occurrence for him to forget to feed his own daughters?

What is wrong with him? She thought.

"I know," Taiyang said with no small amount of shame. He looked at Aqua. "Do you have someplace to stay?" She shook her head. "Hey, Qrow? Why don't you take her to an inn in town, and I'll make the girls dinner?" Qrow took another swig from his flask, clearly displeased.

Does every adult in their life drink?

"Fine," Qrow sighed. "Come on, Wonder Woman."

She had to admit, the island she was on was beautiful. Patch, if she remembered what Yang called it correctly. The cabin that the girls' family lived in was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but there was a quaint little town nearby. This was where Qrow was taking her. She had a few burning questions for him.

"So, was that normal?" she asked.

"Is what normal?"

"The empty bottles, the drunkenness, the fact that they hadn't eaten?"

"I don't think that's any of your business."

"Someone can't just see that and not have questions. You can't blame me for being curious."

"No, I guess I can't."

"So, is that normal?"

"Sadly, yeah. It started happening around a year ago. After Summer died."

"Summer was their mother?"


"But Yang said her mother was Raven."

"It was. Raven is Yang's mother. She's also my sister. She left right after Yang was born and never came back." Aqua found her blood instantly boiling.

"How could she leave her own daughter and husband like that?"

"My sister was never all that easy to figure out. Honestly, I'm surprised he managed to keep her interested long enough to get her pregnant at all. Anyway, she left, and then our teammate Summer stepped in to help him raise Yang. One thing led to another, and two years later, Summer gave birth to Ruby." He also mumbled something about lucky bastard, but Aqua couldn't quite hear him.

"And then Summer died?"

"Yeah. A year ago. She left on a mission and never came back. Tai started drinking after that."

"And that causes him to forget to feed his daughters?"


"And you let him?"

"It's not like I could take them."

"Why not?" To answer her question, he just shook his flask in front of her.

"I've been doing this even longer than Tai has. Besides, I wouldn't trust me around kids for an extended period of time. Let's just say I have really bad luck." They were approaching a fairly large building. "Looks like we're here." They walked in the front door, and was greeted by a young woman behind the front counter.

"Hi, welcome to Patch Inn," the woman greeted. "Room for two?"

"No, we're not together," Qrow said matter-of-factly. "I'm just helping her get situated."

"Ok, so a room for one?" She looked at the computer screen in front of her. "It looks like we have a few rooms available. How many nights will you be staying?"

"This will be an indefinite arrangement. Can she rent out the room long-term?" Qrow asked.

"Sure. Can I have a name?"

"Aqua." The Blue-haired woman answered.

"Last name?" Aqua genuinely didn't have one, but it was probably weird to the people of this world. So, she said the only name she could think of. The name of the closest man she had to a father.


"Aqua Eraqus? Ok. So, if you would like to rent the room long-term, it'll be 500 lien a week."

"You do have money, right?" Qrow asked. Aqua reached into her pocket, and found that the munny orbs she had gathered on her travels had transformed into hard plastic cards.

"Would this be enough?" Judging by the way both Qrow and the woman stood with their mouths wide open, she had her answer.

"Uh, yeah, that's definitely enough," Qrow said. "What do you do for a living again?"

"Oh, you know," Aqua said. "I hunt."

"OK then. So, is she all set?"

"Yes, she is," the receptionst said sfter finally picking her jaw up off the floor. "Here's the key. Enjoy your stay, Ms. Eraqus."

Her room was on the third floor of the inn. It was a fairly small room, but nice nonetheless. It had one bed, a couch, a TV, a table with a few chairs, a full bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchen. It even had a balcony. Evidently, the third floor was exclusively for long-term renters like her.

Qrow had helped her get situated, and then left, but with the assurance that they would be seeing each other again very soon. She was sitting outside on her balcony at night, and she finally got a look at the most bizarre sight yet from this world.

The moon was shattered. It was jarring, and yet strangely mesmerizing. She reached into the pocket of her shorts and pulled out her wayfinder. It was a star-shaped object made of blue stained glass attached to a brown cord. She held it up in front of her face, and stared at it, the light of the moon dancing in the glass. The wayfinder brought back memories. She had made them herself and given one to Terra and one to Ven. They were supposed to guarantee that they would always find each other, but whether or not it worked remained to be seen. As she remembered for old friends so fondly, her thoughts began to stray to a certain red-garbed girl. The little girl with a Keyblade, Ruby. She had a power that likely no one else in this world had. Aqua had also unlocked hers at a young age, but she had Master Eraqus to teach her. Ruby would need help. She needed to learn how to use her new weapon. And hey, Aqua was a Master.

Ven, Terra, she thought, I'm sorry. I know I promised I'd be back for you, but there's someone else that needs me right now.

Qrow was on his way back to the Xiao Long/Rose house when he pulled out his Scroll. There was a certain someone whom needed to know about what happened today. HE dialed the number and waited for the video call to start. He was greeted by the familiar shaggy silver hair and small dark sunglasses of the Headmaster of Beacon Academy.

"Qrow," Ozpin greeted. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Oz," Qrow said. "I think I might have a lead on the Spring Maiden."

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I lot of people mentioned in my other fic that it was a problem that it mostly stuck to Bleach canon. I'm planning for this story to have a lot of original content, since it will be starting off with several chapters during Ruby and Yang's childhood before the events of Volume 1 start. I'm really excited to write this story. I also feel that RWBY's story is more malleable than Bleach's, which makes a story like this easier to write.

It mainly stemmed from a desire to see Aqua in a role that we've never seen her in before. She's a Keyblade Master, but she never took on an apprentice.

Thank you guys again for reading. I'm super excited to write it, and I hope you're all excited to read it. There's no schedule so I don't have to rush, so I'll see you all next chapter.