A/N: When I saw the movie, I wondered why Batman was initially expected to return to the Phantom Zone but Phyllis didn't say anything about the Joker not coming back. Hence, this!


"Hey, uh– maybe just one thing before you go," said Phyllis.

Batman skidded and had to hop to keep his balance. Being Batman, he made even that look awesome. "Is it quick?"

"Oh, yeah, super quick," she assured. "See– y'know, I said all the bad guys, but that Joker guy? He's, like, inexplicably the most dangerous villain I've dealt with, so if you wanna… maybe skip him…?"

A strange, fuzzy warmth flooded Batman's heart and extra ab. Probably something he ate. "Don't worry," he said even as he faded back into his own world. "You just leave him to me."