So this is my first Tuck Everlating fic. It's based on the musical, because I haven't read the book. I am hoping too in the furture. This is a Kingdom AU, because I'm obssessed with them.

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Tomorrow We're Gone

Chapter One

Winnie was sick of it all. Being surrounded by the palace walls all the time. She couldn't remember the last time she ever let a toe outside. Ever since her father died, her mother had been more over protective of her as usual.

Sometimes, Winnie was able to understand why she was locked up. Her mother had suffered two miscarriages before she was born and two after. But Winnie never thought it was fair. Her people hadn't seen her since she was at least eleven. Whenever Winnie tried to bargain with her mother about that, it was the best reason she had. The answer was no every time.

"Please, Mother," Winnie was begging, "I'm getting sick of being here all the time."

The queen sighed. "How many times must I tell you, Winnifred. The answer is no. Besides, there's something you need to know. We've found your future-"

"I don't care anymore! All I want is to escape! Let me go!"

Without hearing her mother's answer, Winnie tore off. She ran outside to the stables as fast as she could. No one was out there. The weather was chilly. But Winnie didn't care she had to escape. She was seventeen. It had been too long.

"Wait, your highness!" a guard called, running to the stables.

Winnie threw her shoes off before starting to sprint away from the place she called home for all her life. She had to get away. Anywhere but here.

Guards surrounded her. Now she was trapped. Winnie was taken back to the palace. Returned to her mother. But her mother only embraced her, gave her a quick scolding, and sent her to her room. Winnie felt like a child again.

All day, Winnie only stared at the wall. Dreaming of what she could of done. Eat bread from a real baker. Maybe even talk to her people. Sometimes, not just this once, Winnie thought about what that would be like. What would they talk about? They couldn't know who she really was. Winnie got up from her bed and started picking out what she could wear to pass for a commoner.

"Princess Winnie," said a maid, knocking on the door, "Your mother would like to see you now."

Winnie slumped out of her room. Servants stopped in the hall. But what did she care? Winnie made her way to her mother's room. Inside, her mother was on her chair, looking down something on her lap. As Winnie got closer she noticed that it was a letter.

"You wanted to see me, Mother?" asked Winnie.

"Winnifred, I have some big news for you," said her mother, "Do you remember when I told you about marrying Prince Hugo? Well, he accepted! You two will be getting married in a few months!"

Winnie only stood there with her mouth wide open.

"Well, Winnie?"

"No!" she shouted, "I don't want to get married! I'm not ready!"

With that Winnie ran out of the room.

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