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This story starts on the day of Catherine execution. On this day Catherine has to be beheaded but is there anything that can save her from death… this is a Cathry story because there are so… i can't even find the rights words to describe them. There will be a bit of Diane and maybe Kenna.

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Chapter 1 :

Catherine was sitting on what she was using as a bed in her cell. She was felling nausy since one week but with what was given to her as food she thought that she was simply ill. At this moment Nostradamus entered the room to tell her that there was no more time and that she was waited in the throne room to be executed.

- « I'm sorry to interupt your thoughts Majesty but the King is waiting for you... » He said with sadness in his voice. The Queen was maybe cruel at times but she doesn't deserve to die like that.

- « Don't be sad for me old friend. I suppose that I… » Just when she was about to finish what she was saying she felt heavy clouds and run to the chamber pot to vomit.

Once she had finished emtying her stomac she felt better. But the seer was looking at her with suprise.

- « Are you alright Majesty ? »

- « As much as I can just before being executed… I assume that the food that was given to me didn't please my stomac... »She said with a sad smile on her face.

- « Would you mind if I examine you, your Grace ? He said with a worried expression on his face.

- « What's the point Nostradarmus ? I'm going to die in a few minutes, ill or not... »She said.

- « I'm sorry your Majesty but… it's my duty to insist. »

Catherine was wondering why was he insisting that much ? What was he thinking about ? But after all she has put him throught she would certainly grant him this… favor in her last moments.

- « Very well Nostradarmus… but be quick ! God is waiting for me... »

With the Queen accord Nostradamus began his examination.


In the same time in the throne room.

- « What in God's name is she doing ? » Said the King to Diane

- « She is maybe praying for her sins but I have no doubt that she will go to hell anyway.» said the mistress with a sarcastic tone.

- « There is no time for sarcasm Diane ! » Henry said while anger began to rise in him.

- « I have send the wizard to take her here twenty minuts ago ! What are they up to? Said the King.

- « I don't know Henry, but we can't wait any longer. I think that you should send a gard to bring them here now. » Said Diane with a rising impatience.

- « Well… maybe your right… » Said the King while turning to face his gard William and telling him to bring Nostradarmus and the Queen here.


Back in the tower…

After the examination Nostradarmus was nearly sure of his diagnosis.

- « I hope you will excuse the question my Queen but have you had any carnal relations with the King recently ? » The seer said shyly.

Catherine looked at him with astonishment but if she could trust someone in this moment it was Nostradarmus so she answered honestly.

- « I don't know if two months time is considered as recently but… why are you asking ?

Two months so it was the case… His diagnosis was right. He didn't need to ask the Queen if she had taken a lover recently because he knew that she wouldn't. Despite public opinion he was certain that the called « Ice Queen » has fellings and that she was deeply in love with her husband. He didn't know how she will react at the new but he had to tell her.

- « Majesty, I do belive that you are waiting a child. » Said the seer looking deep in the eyes of the Queen of France.

To be continued

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