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So, this bonus chapter isn't so much a chapter, but a place to show all of you the bits and pieces of outlining, summarizing, little details and bits of writing I did before I even started writing the full story you see here today. Some of it might be familiar, as I copied it verbatim into this story, while others may be quite different than what ended up happening. I'll also post my entire initial outline. Check it out and see what stayed the same and what changed over the course of writing!

Rhodopis of Remnant (another name: Ruby Rose; or the little iron trigger): (Rhodopis is the earliest known version of the Cinderella story, the other name is play off of the most popular cinderella novel: Cinderella; or the little glass slipper) Cinderella type story where instead of Cinderella losing a shoe, Ruby loses a nut/bolt/piece of her weapon. Instead of a ball to meet the prince, it is a weapon-building competition hosted by the Schnees.

Ruby: Cinderella

Weiss: Prince Charming

Yang: Fairy Godmother (fairy god-sister in this)

Blake: Weiss's servant/best friend

Schnee Parents: overbearing parents who want to marry Weiss off.

Changes from Canon:

- No Grimm

- Huntsman/Huntresses are explorers and trained soldiers

Ruby's trigger, when the revolver rotates between dust types, the clicks sound like a train driving across a wood bridge


Schnee parents want to marry Weiss off, and they have the perfect person. An extremely famous and rich son of the Winchester Weapons Company; Cardin Winchester. To make it seem like they are being fair, they host a competition where the winner gets to take Weiss on a date, expecting Cardin to win. Competition is to build a brand new weapon that would fit Weiss.

Ruby and Yang live in a tiny town alone in a small rundown house. Their parents had died and Yang is forced to take odd-jobs while paying for school for her and Ruby, going to school and applying for colleges. Ruby is a brilliant girl two years younger whom is already getting offers to go to university. Instead of feeling jealous, Yang is extremely helpful to her younger sister, hoping to give her the best life/future possible. Yang finds out about the competition and tries to get Ruby to go to it, in order to make friends/contacts with a Schnee. They have a landlord named Cinder who keep trying to force Yang and Ruby out of their home. Since Yang is always working, Ruby is forced to act as the maid to Cinder (and emerald and mercury) in order to keep them happy. Roman Torchwick is a friend of Cinder's, whom is always tasked with stealing their stuff to try to get them to leave. (cinder wants them gone because the land they are on is extremely valuable, but Yang and Ruby have a binding contract to live there for as long as they wish with a fixed rent rate)(Ruby does the work for cinder without Yang knowing about it. As a way for her to reduce the rent and keep Torchwick from burning down their house)

Ruby is in town and runs into Weiss (similar to how they meet in the show). Start off hating each other. Both leave and rant to their respective friend/sister.

Blake and Yang meet while touring Beacon University and become fast friends, even though Blake feigns annoyance with Yang and her puns.

Stuff happens to make Ruby super sad (maybe tons of work as well as a potential to lose scholarships that Yang and her were banking on in order to afford university, stuff around the house breaks, so extra money Yang saved up for competition needs to go into fixing the house). Yang goes full fairy god-sister with the help of Blake (and Weiss, whom is doing it to help Blake's friend's sister, not knowing it's Yang/Ruby) to get her a lift to the competition, as well as the fee to enter and a new set of tools (maybe the old ones belonged to their father and Torchwick stole them?). Ruby promises to be back by mid-day (noon), because that is when a college-scout is coming by to speak with both of them about their respective scholarships.

Competition happens. Cardin is a jerk; Weiss doesn't like him at all. Weiss meets Ruby again, still not knowing her name, but Ruby apologizes to Weiss again about how they met and other things that happened that maybe Weiss didn't even realize were a problem. Weiss offhandedly mentions that this whole thing is just an elaborate setup for her forced betrothal. Ruby is shocked and says that Weiss should be allowed to marry whomever she wants to. Ruby promises to do whatever she can to help Weiss out of the situation. Weiss is glad/happy, because this perfect stranger is willing to help her just because it's the right thing to do. Ruby is about to exchange her name, but the competition officially starts. (Cardin is not that good at weapons building, living mostly off his family name. In the competition, his weapon is almost entirely made by an expert weaponsmith. This doesn't matter much, as Ruby still wins the competition)

(To disguise herself due to shyness, Ruby wear's her red hood. Since it is being broadcast live all over the world, she doesn't want to lose focus by thinking of all the people staring at her) Ruby works hard all morning to build the weapon. It ends up being myrtenaster. Much to Schnee parents' dismay, Ruby wins the competition. Weiss finds out the person who won's last name as well as Schnee parents deciding that the best way to get out of this situation is to get rid of Ruby and force her to say that she cheated. Ruby at the same time is forced to leave to rush home for the scholarship interviews. As she is running, Weiss is following behind, trying to get her to stop. Ruby while running drops Myrtenaster, a critical piece of the blade breaking off. Ruby rushes to collect it and bolts off.

Schnee parents ask Weiss if she knows who the girl is, Weiss says she doesn't, in order to protect Ruby. So, the Schnees release a statement to find the person who gets to date Weiss, since they don't know who it is, will be the person who can build the correct piece to make the blade's dust launchers work.

Blake and Yang stuff, becoming friends. Blake and Ruby meet. Yang confesses to Ruby that she likes Yang. Yang and Weiss are introduced. Yang gushes over how smart Ruby is, saying that she got so many offers to universities it is crazy, but Yang is still happy to have been accepted to Beacon University. Where apparently Weiss is also planning to attend. Blake says that she can't afford university. Grades aren't high enough for the big scholarships and she doesn't make enough to come close to affording tuition. Weiss says how much she wants to help (Yang agrees), but Schnee parents aren't allowing her to give Blake any money. If they even found out that Blake was friends with Weiss and not just her servant, then they would both be in extraordinary amounts of trouble.

More stuff happens

Cinder discovers that Ruby is the person who won the competition and talks to Schnee parents. Schnee parents agree to help Cinder get Yang/Ruby's home away from them and help destroy the contract, if Cinder helps them get Ruby to lose the competition/replacement piece rebuild thing, so that they can claim Cardin won (whether or not he is actually able to make the right component).

Stuff happens which involves Ruby and Weiss meeting each other more often and becoming friends. Ruby is introduced to Weiss again from Yang, so now Weiss knows her name. But, because she isn't wearing the red hood, Weiss doesn't know that Ruby won the competition, only that she participated in it.

Finally, Schnees come over to Yang/Ruby's place to get them to rebuild the piece, having only a small amount of time to look at the blade. Ruby gets to work rebuilding the firing mechanism in her garage/workshop. Roman Torchwick, Mercury and Emerald try to stop her from bringing the finished piece to the house. Yang tries to help them, but is beaten up while blocking them so Ruby can run to the house with the awaiting Schnees. Cinder is there and trips Ruby. Ruby crashes to the floor, the mechanism shattering and breaking into many pieces. Schnee parents say that that's that and Ruby isn't the correct person. Ruby who by now has a big crush on Weiss is in tears. Yang who is bruised gets them to stop before they leave the house. With a smile, she reveals the original firing mechanism (saying that it is the original one that her sister built and that she kept when Ruby tried to throw it away). Weiss is shocked that Ruby was the one who won the competition. Ruby proves it by inserting the firing mechanism into the blade. Weiss demonstrates it working. Schnee parents try to go back on their promise for the competition, saying that it must have been falsified and they were still going to force Weiss to marry Cardin.

Yang reveals Blake with a camera, who is livestreaming them to ensure that Schnee parents don't go back on their promise. They are unhappy, but allow the competition's rules to stay in effect, in order to save face. Weiss is glad. Ruby sheepishly tells Weiss how they may have hated each other when they first met, but Ruby has grown to like Weiss, becoming close friends and now like-likes her. She asks Weiss to go on a date with her. Weiss readily agrees, saying that she wouldn't want to date anyone else.

Story ends with the two kissing and Blake and Yang holding hands.

Kissing Scene:

"Ruby, just stop. Please." Weiss grabbed the younger girl's shoulders, quieting her from her endless and senseless ramblings. Ruby's cheeks were bright red and her eyes flicked away from Weiss's unable to look her in the eye.

"Y-yes, Weiss?" She said timidly, lip trembling in a way which made Weiss want to kiss her then and there. She wanted to desperately but knew that if she had any hope of saying what she wanted to, it would have to be said first. Hopefully, kissing could come later.

"Ruby, a-at first I disliked you. I disliked you quite a lot in fact. Hated you even. You spilt paint on my clothes and they were completely stained. They're still stained I might add."

"Weiss, you're rambling as bad as me," Ruby giggled, placing her own hands on Weiss's shoulders.

"Right, yes. But then I got to know you. You were this hyperactive girl who just wanted to make her sister happy. You were so… honest. Honest in everything you did. From the work you like to do with your hands, to your words, to how you wear every emotion you have on your sleeve. I was disconcerted at first. I had never met somebody so completely truthful before. I thought it was a front. A lie just to get me to lower my guard. But when I found out it wasn't, I… I fell. I fell hard. For you. A-and I know that I'm supposed to be waiting to find my mystery builder. I know that I have only a few days left to find him before I have to go on a date with Cardin and have him declared the winner of that tournament, but I just don't want to anymore.

"I want you, Ruby."

Weiss stepped back and shut her eyes, taking in a large breath, exhaling it all slowly. When her eyes opened, they were met by pools of liquid mercury.

"I would like to ask you on a date Ruby. Ruby Xiao Long, it would be my honour to have you accompany me on a d-"



"Rose," Ruby supplied helpfully with a giggle. "That's my name. Ruby Rose."

"I… don't understand."

"Yang's last name is our father's. Taiyang Xiao Long. Mine is my mother's. Summer Rose. So ya, that's me, Ruby Rose. I would have thought Yang or Blake would have told you that. It's not a secret or anything-"

Her words were cut off by Weiss's lips on hers. Shocked at first, it only took a moment for her to be lost in the feeling of those perfect lips fitting like puzzle pieces against her own. How they meshed together and lit bonfires in her chest, heat rising up from her stomach and creeped its way towards her neck where a blush was quickly forming. Ruby's arms wrapped tightly around Weiss, while Weiss's hands were planted firmly on her hips.

All too soon, they separated, gasping for air. Liquid silver met sapphire in a gaze which held more feeling than the two could express in words.

"You're the one." Weiss finally said. "The weapon smith I've been looking for. The one who won my contest. And the date. Ruby Rose, you are the girl I've been searching for this entire time. And yet, you were in front of my eyes this entire time."

Ruby giggled, sliding out from the hug to hold Weiss's hips in turn. "Surprise, princess."

The two leaned forwards, resting their foreheads against one another, noses just barely touching. Their bodies moved closer, desperate for as much contact as possible. As if those few seconds apart were too much for either to bare.


Final Chapter Plotting I did when I hit a roadblock from realizing what I wrote didn't follow my outline closely enough:

After the two have their bonding moment, they discuss Ruby's weapon and getting into University early. Ruby is excited and jumps to tell Weiss about what she needs to do and to show Ozpin, Weiss agrees, .

A Final Evil: The two continue talking for a few more days over the phone, both extremely happy. Ruby's at home watching the news where the reporter is discussing Weiss's competition and the reward for it, then bringing up that the Schnee deadline is fast approaching to reveal the winner. A source also confirmed to them that the mysterious winner has finally been found. A knock at the door which Ruby thinks is Yang brings her to it, to find Cinder as well as the Schnee parents holding a cease and desist letter. When asked what it's about, Cinder said that Ruby was caught attempting to steal the work of another weapon-smith for her own benefit. Ruby's shocked and confused. Then Cinder reveals, 'I've checked your tenant agreement and we've finally found it amongst all the rubbish. I don't need to continue letting convicted felons living in my humble and peaceful abode, now do I.'

Last Chances: Yang arrives home with Blake in time to see Ruby being loaded into a police car, with Cinder and her posse, as well as the Schnee parents. Ruby is crying loudly and begging the police to believe her that it was all a lie and she didn't do anything wrong. Yang is beyond furious and about ready to punch Cinder. Cinder's baiting Yang to hit her while the police are present, but Blake stops her. The two then go speak with Weiss, who immediately knows that there's something strange going on and it's most definitely her parents' fault. Weiss says she has a phone call to make (it's Ozpin).

Happiness to Come: Weiss, Blake and Yang are dressed in their finest as they are attending court. The judge is talking about what Ruby stands accused of. Stealing Cardin Winchester's design directly prior to the competition, without knowing what it did or the intricacies that he put on it to ensure it was known to be his and his alone. Ruby was also accused to stealing from her landlord Cinder's house when asked to (and being payed to) clean the rooms as a cleaning lady and gardener. Yang is about to shout they're all lies, but both Weiss and Blake stop her. The judge brings Cardin to the stand, along with the sword Myrtenaster. Cardin talks about the name's meaning, why he chose the colour scheme, some intricacies in the weapon, along with an etching of a cardinal bird into the inner hilt of the trigger mechanism. Ruby shouts out that he's lying before anybody can stop her. He smirks (as do the Schnee father and Cinder, with her cronies). The judge asks for them to take apart the weapon to show the cardinal etching, which they do. Ruby is shocked to see it and the Schnee lawyers say that is all the proof that is needed. Ozpin then opens up into the court house declaring his objection. Throughout it all, Yang is noticing Mercury fiddling with something in his hands and not really paying attention to anything around him. (it's the musical piece) Judge also was given an official copy of the leasing agreement for the court case.

The Second Slipper: Jacques demands to know why there is an interruption, which Ozpin very clearly states is because Ruby was going to be accepted into Beacon university with a full scholarship based on her weapon smithing abilities as well as that very weapon that she was being accused of stealing. He explains that if it truly was a stolen design, then he would have to remove her name from the list of students at his school. This excited Cinder, who declares that he should be allowed to stay. This is backed up by the Schnees, trusting their business associate. Ozpin asks to come to the stand to ask his own questions, which is allowed. He talks to the crowd about weapon-smithing and a bit about the history of the subject, along with the immense amount of care that smiths place into all their weapons and designs. So much so that a good and talented weapon smith would and does memorize every piece and their placement in their weapon. So much so that after having built it, could do so again blind. Ozpin says that since there's a dismantled weapon on the table, they allow Cardin to rebuild it for them. The judge wants to agree, while Cardin is huffing and hawing about needing to do work and saying it should be obvious that the blade is his and not a little girl's. He is forced to build it. They all watch him struggle to attempt to rebuild the weapon, stopping often, humming and scratching his head, but in the end, it is assembled enough to look correct, though a piece is left out (a piece that looks exactly like the music piece Mercury has). Ruby cheers and says that he failed since there's a piece missing, but Cardin (and the judge) rebuke it, saying that some designs change and piece are left unneeded. Until Ruby asks 'then what is that piece for then?' This stumps Cardin, who is unable to answer. Ruby says it's for the revolving mechanism, to give it a musical sound. Something that sounds just like her music maker. Yang holds it up, saying that she has it there. Ruby is allowed to install the piece into the blade, taking sections of it apart and placing them where they should have gone (as well as talking about the ramifications if it was used while improperly built). When it's all done, musical piece in place, she spins it, letting it click clack nicely. Then Jacque Schnee yells for her to prove it, that it sounds like the musical box. Ozpin agrees, saying that it was one of the conditions of her acceptance. Ruby withdraws into herself, saying she can't. that she doesn't have the correct musical piece for the toy. She describes what it looks like. Mercury, who was fiddling with the piece the entire time, finally pays attention enough to raise his head and ask 'like this?' without realizing what he was butting into. Yang quickly snatches it from Mercury before Cinder could, tossing both it and the toy to Ruby, who puts them together and spins it, letting it click-clack. It's enough proof and the case is dropped. Ozpin also agrees that it was an incredible weapon and sounded amazing too, welcoming Ruby to his school. Weiss runs up to the now free Ruby, outside the court house, hugging her and kissing her, declaring that Ruby Rose was the winner of her contest and (if Ruby would have her) be her girlfriend. Ruby readily agrees. The Schnees are fuming angrily in the background, unable to stop the events, knowing that they were being broadcast. Cinder is furious as well for not being able to kick them out of the house. Yang holds up their official leasing agreement, stating that they now know about the terms to buy their house outright and will be giving them the money to do so, thanks to Weiss. Cinder turns to Mercury who raises his hands, "oh I already know that I'm completely being fired for this." Emerald hits him hard, "you think?" Scene change with Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang back in the Rose-Xiao Long household, sitting on the couch with their respective girlfriends. Blake asks them what they're going to do in all their free time, now that they don't have crazy landlords and parents to escape from. They all laugh. Yang also asks Ruby and Weiss, 'so what are you two going to do now? Still going to separate schools?' They both nod. Ruby is going to Beacon University, while Weiss is going to Atlas U. 'I can't say we'll be living happily ever after. We only just started dating and we're attempting to do it long distance as well. We both know that we're going to get into fights and stumble along the way, but for right now I know at least one thing.' Weiss wraps her arms around Ruby, letting Ruby nuzzle her cheek into Weiss's shoulder. "We'll live happily." And they did. THE END

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