Hello, friends! I'm back. A year later. ;-;

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Disclaimer pt. 2: I've only read the first book in the series and I read it nearly 3 years ago, so yeah. Go easy on me. This is also really short, but at this point, that's not a surprise *cringes*

Without further ado...

'Variables are the spice of life'. This is a quote I found in the Thundercloud last night. It is from the Mortal Age, and I do not quite know what to make of it. Variables are what we Scythes deal with - they are not the spice of life, but rather the thing that can lead you to be the victim of ageless Death. But, perhaps things were different back when Death conquered all. Perhaps words and threats had a different meaning back then. I wonder what life was like, back then. Of course, I could always watch the data logs from the Thundercloud, but it would not be the same. What would it have been like, not knowing when Death could claim you? How did us humans not cower inside? These are questions I'll never have the answer too.

I have taken on two apprentices since I last wrote. It's strange. I'm not used to the everyday emotions of others.

- From the gleaning journal of H.S. Faraday

Ok that's the last I'm gonna write for this pitiful fanfiction. To the 5 people who read the last chapter, thanks :)

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