TITLE: Ancient Soul Mates

AUTHOR: Alimoo1971



CATEGORY: before the movie, Citizen Joe

PAIRINGS: Jack & Sam

SUMMARY: Jack and Sam dream about each other before they meet thanks to the two ancient stones

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NOTES: I was thinking about this story during milking, so I decided to write it.


Jack O'Neill was a young lieutenant when his grand parents past way, since he was their only grand child; they left every thing to him including the cabin. Both of his grand parents past away the same day his grand father past away during the night and his grandmother past away not long after she was told that he husband of sixty eight years had pass away during the night.

Jack didn't know his father since he left after he got his mother pregnant and wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. His mother told both her parents and his father parents about the baby the day they were suppose to be getting married.

She didn't know that he didn't want any children and was planing on getting a vasectomy done while on their honeymoon, that shock both her and both parents. They haven't seen their son again since he walk out on them all on the morning of the wedding

They supported Jack mother during her pregnancy and were also there for the birth of their first and only grandchild. There was compaction and Jack mother hermitage, the doctors were too late to save her and she died an hour after Jack was born.

Jack mother told both parents that she was naming him Jonathan Jack O'Neill after both of his grand fathers and she wanted Jack to have his father last name that both parents excepted. His mother was thirty-seven years old when she died. Jack mother, mother died five years later from a stroke, so he and his grand father moved in with his father parents. His grand father past away ten years later from bowel cancer

Week after Jack grand parents funeral, he was going through there things when he pick up a pale yellow half egg shape smooth stone. He looked at and was rubbing his hand over it till he felt a small prick he looked at his thumb where it was prick.

There was no blood so he put his hand over the stone again and there was nothing so he put it back and pick some thing else up not realising what was going to happen to him in years to come.

Six months later little six year old Samantha Carter and her brother was staying at neighbour house since the old women was baby sitting them since their parents were away for the day at an air force function. The old lady Mrs O'Connor was in her seventies, her late husband was in the airforce during world war two and was station down at Egypt.

Sam was always fascinated by what late Mr O'Connor sent to his young wife while in Egypt. On Saturday afternoon while Mark was out side playing with his friends, Mrs O'Connor was showing some of her late husbands thing since she notice Sam was looking at photos that is on the wall and china cabinets full of old things that Mr O'Connor sent his wife.

So she told Sam about each of the items and she even let Sam hold them knowing that Sam was a very good smart girl for her young age. When Mrs O'Connor pass a half pale yellow egg shape stone, Sam rub her little hands over it

"Wow it is smooth… ouch"

"What wrong?"

"It prick me" she show Mrs O'Connor her thumb to see a small droplet of blood on it

"Oh dear that the first time that ever happen" Sam look at the stone closely and frond

"Mrs O'Connor can I borrow your magnifying glass"

"Sure thing dear"

She walk over and got her magnifying glass and pass it to Sam, she watches and Sam put the stone under it and look it over.

"Look at this, where my thumb is" she showed Mrs O'Connor

"See the small hole"

"Yes I can Samantha, it is very small"

"Yeah, I wounder why it prick me?"

"I don't know dear, perhaps it prick you cause your some one special" Sam smile

"I'm not special" Mrs O'Connor smile at Sam

"Yes you are Samantha in your own way, you are special and some where out in the world is a special guy for you"

"Do you really think so?"

"Yes I do"

Sam gave Mrs O'Connor the stone and magnifying glass back, then she put thing back the way it was and they talk some more.

Later that night both Sam and Jack started having dreams. They were having a same dream where they were in a park on a park bench talking. Sam was sitting down while she was crying cause she didn't know where she was and she was all alone then she turn when she heard foot steps when she saw a guy walking toward her in his dress blues. He walked over and sat down next to her.


"I don't talk to strangers" Jack smile

"Your mother told you"

"Yes, you're in the air force?"

"Yes I am, I'm Jack what your name?"

"Samantha Carter, every one calls me Sam except for Mrs O'Connor who lives next door, she calls me Samantha" Jack smile, he look at the little girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.

"What about you parents, what do they do?"

"Daddy in the airforce, he a colonel and my mummy is a science teacher"

"Ok where do you live?"

"Texas, you"

"Colorado springs"

"Ok" they talk for half an hour then Jack said

"Some thing strange is happening to me"

"Like what?"

"I don't know, I'm starting to feel sleepy" then Sam eyes widen when he close his eyes and then just disappeared.

Then she started to feel sleepy so she lied down and close her eyes.

When Jack woke up his alarm went off so he rolled over and turned it off

"That is weird dream" then he got up and went to have a shower before leaving for work.

When Sam woke up she thought it was a strange dream since she woke up ten minutes early she got her diary out and wrote into it.

'Dear Diary, I had the strangest dream last night, I was sitting on a park bench all alone when a man wearing dress blues like daddy dose, his name is Jack O'Neill and he is a LT. He got sandy brown hair and brown eyes. We talk, he from Colorado springs and he is sixteen years older than me.'

Sam finish it there, then her alarm went off so she got up and put her diary away then she got dress and walk out of her room and down stairs to watch some TV. That night when they both were sleeping they both appeared in the same dream again. When they saw each other they both smile.

"This is getting really strange"

"I know"

"So Samantha tell me about your self?"

"Ok I'm six years old and I got an older brother name Mark, he four years older than me and we are in the same class"

"You said last time that you were smart"

"I know" then she look sad then look down at her hands

"What wrong Sam?" she looks up at him

"The kids tease me, push me around call me names"

Then tears were starting to fall down her checks, so Jack put his arms around her and she cried into his chest.

"Have you told your parents?"

"They are to busy and Mark just stands back and dose nothing"

"Well they are idiots," he said as he stroke her long hair she look up into his brown eyes

"I know, and I got revenge on them" then she started to smile

"Oh what did you do?"

"Well one day they took my lunch and ate it in front of me and drank my milk so one day. When I got my lunch I put laxatives in my milk so when they took my lunch and ate it and they drank my milk. I just smile at them when they finish, they ask me why was I smiling I said nothing. There was other kids about wondering why I was smiling"

"Did they asked?"

"No but the look on the guys faces said it all when I heard their stomach rumble then they ran to the bathroom" she said smiling

"Did they take your lunch after that?"

"Yes the next day but they were the ones who spent the rest of the lunch hour in the toilets. When I saw them in class after lunch I told them I hope that would teach you guys a lesson on taking some one lunch. Well they didn't for two weeks, but when they did I watch them eat it while they were teasing me. but I had a back up plan just in case"

"What did you do?"

"Well when they finish eating my sandwiches I said to them with some girls ho were close by 'did you enjoy my lunch'. They said yes and I ask them if they like the mayo they said yes and asked if it was home made, I said yes and that I made it. well they look at me and ask what was in it and I said smiling 'wouldn't you like to know', well they all went green and ran to the toilets"

"What was in the mayo?"

"Nothing mum brought it"

"Ah so you were bluffing?"

"Yes and no" Jack pulled back and look at her

"What was in the sandwich?"

"The girls ask me that and I said, tomato, cheese, lettuce and couple of dead baby worms, they screw up their faces then I walk over to a tree and sat down and pulled out the same sandwich with out the worms" Jack laugh

"How could you tell the difference?"

"The first sandwich was in paper bag the second on was wrap up"

"Ah smart move, did they ever find out?"

"Yes after word got around about what I did, they all couldn't believe that a bunch of bullies were out smart by a six year old girl"

"Did you have any problems with them after that?"

"Na but the other kids tease them with live worms for a week" she said smiling

"So what do you want to do when you grow up?"

"Go out into space"



"Well good for you"

"Thanks" then he face feel again

"What wrong"

"For me to join NASA, I wanted to join the airforce to do that… daddy said that the air force is for men not for women"

"Hey there is women in the air force you know"

"I know, but daddy won't let me join"

"Well then you will have to prove him wrong"

"I will, but I have to wait a long time before I can join the airforce"

"So what are you planing on doing till then?"

"Finish school and go to university and to science and engineering degree"

"Well sounds like you already got every thing work out"

"I have but I'm studying hard and doing jobs so I can earn money to save for university"

"Well good for you, what dose Mark want to do?"

"Join the air force"

"Good for him" They talk for twenty minutes when they some how knew it was time.

"See you next time Sam"

"You to Jack" then they both close there eyes then their alarm went off which woke them up.

Sam wrote in her diary about the dream before getting ready for school.