Spells Latin Greek "Talking" 'Thoughts'

The Order (A/N: I not going to tell you whos in it because you know already whos in it) was around the diner room tableb at 12 Grimmauld Place waiting for two of the members, Remus Lupin and Mrs. No-First-Name Tonks. "Okay, My best Mate and cousin are never late, where the bloody hell are they?" asked the lord of the house Sirius Black.

Before anyone could answer him three voices where heard walking in. "But Mom, it's not my fault that Blackjack likes donuts. Blame Zoƫ and Phoboe, they got me him." a Unknown voice to all but three in the room said.

"I don't care, the next time he shits in my house or mess up my case paper because he high on donuts you three will be cleaning the mess up and no hunting with your grandmother." a voice that sounds a lot like Tonks said. 'as far as I know Tonks doesn't have any kids.' Sirius thought to himself.

"But Mom" "No buts Persephone. That's Final. Remus, what do you think." They finally got to the diner room and everyone saw them and Remus spoke up at last "Pup, your mom is right. Lady Artemis and Lady Lupa would be upset to see you like this."

Remus would've said more if someone didn't clear their throat. All three of them turn around and see the Order looking at them. "Ah. Mr. Lupin, Mrs. Lupin, I'm glad that you can join us for this meeting. I that you bought Ms. Tonks as well. Sirius, is there a bed say can use." Dumbledore said to The Lupin family before asking Sirius.

"Yes, I believe so. I might need to add a bed, she can be in Hermione and Ginny room. Follow me. Moony don't think you are off the hook." Sirius answer Dumbledore before telling Lupin. Black took Peresphone up to her new room.

Sirius P.O.V

After hearing and seeing my mate kid, I can't still believe it. I decided to start a conversation.

"So Persephone, is Moony is your father?" I ask her. 'come on Black, that was a lame ass question' I thought to myself at i thought i did until I heard a snorted.

"Uncle Sirius, first my name isn't Persephone its Perci, Second I'm might be adopted but I am their daughter. Now before you go back to your meeting, I have a question." Persep... I mean Perci told me. "Yes, what's your question."

"Who are the other young people up here?" she ask me. I don't really understand stand how she knows this. I told her about the kids and point her to her new room than to the boys room.

After she went to her room, I went back downstairs to the meeting. "Remus, who did she know about the other kids being up stairs. Is she a danger to Harry?" I ask my mate.

After Tonks and Remus laughed for a good five minutes, he being to speak "No Padfoot, She won't harm Harry. She knew about the kids because she smelt them when we walked in. Before anyone asks no I didn't make her part wolf, but I have been training her." Remus answer me. After we (I mean me) calm down, They told us how they got Percy.

Molly cook supper and went to get the kids. She open the door and we saw Perci regaining her balance. Before we could say anything, we heard a bunch of different animals calls.

"Dam it Perci. I said no more of your anim-bars. You know what." Tonks said as she pulls out her wand before continuing "Accio Perci Anim-bars." A bunch of chocolate bars come flying from Perci and went onto the table.

Bill and Charlie garb eat some of it before Tonks could tell them not to. "Did you make this Persephone?" Charlie ask Perci as she was getting redder. "This is very good." Bill said before opening his mouth instead of words coming out a dragon roar did.

Now everyone besides Snape "because he's Snape", Tonks and Molly because of being moms, Prof. McGonagall because of being a teacher laugh. Charlie went to make a joke about his brother but a horse neighing came out. Than The Trio, The Twins, and Ginny came into the dining room.