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Naruto was running down the street, curses and cries of anger sounding out somewhere in the streets behind him steadly growing closer, his breath clouding in the cold evening air, worsened by his labored breathing from the near endless sprint he was forced to endure in his escape from the enraged villagers.

Rounding a corner he dodged a passing cart, stumbling as he righted himself before setting off again trying to distance himself from the nearing mob pursuing him, thinking back on how he got into this mess.

-Flashback start-

Naruto huffed with indignation on the steps to the orphanage, having been locked out once more by the caretakers.

"Filthy animals like you belong outside" Ms. Jun has said as she harumphed and slamed the door in his face, it was far from the first time he had been locked out but it was never fun when he was, he usually went cold and hungry until on of Jiji's super cool Anbu found him and brought him back, beliving he had ran away, a fact which was only cemented by the caretakers who claimed that he was a troublemaker and was always up to no good.

Deciding he would just sit around and mope Naruto decided to go and explore the village once more, having heard whispers about a festival that was being held tonight!

Walking with purpose towards to village center he marveled at all the bright lights and colorful decorations being displayed around, with music and laughter making a bright and welcoming atmosphere for any and all that would decide to come out tonight.

Eyes wide with awe and wonder Naruto didn't notice the Large man infront of him and ran in his leg.

"Woah there! watch where you are going!" the man said with laughter in his voice, eyes closed in an eye smile that caused Naruto to relax.

"Ehehe... Sorry about that! i was just looking at all these super cool decorations Dattebayo!" Naruto said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

The man laughted and opened his eyes " Well next time just be sure to-" he stopped suddenly as he saw just who had ran into him, fury starting to burn in his eyes.

"What the hell are YOU doing here Brat?" the man spat furiously, bringing attention towards the pair, "This festival isn't for monsters like you, its your fault we even have to celebrate in the first place, if it weren't for you we would have the Yondaime here to celebrate with!"
making Naruto tilt his head in confusion.

"Eh? Waddya mean? the Yondaime died beating the Kyuubi years ago!" Naruto said, remembering one of the few lessons he managed to listen to without being kicked out, though the teacher glared at him the entire time.

"You damn demon, how dare you come here and gloat about what you've done to us?" The man spat with spite towards Naruto, causing the surrounding crowd to begin whispering angrily

"I-i haven't done anything to you! I don't even know you people!" Naruto cried desperatly, not knowing what was going on

"How dare you? You come here and pretend that you are innocent, that you don't know what you've done to us? To the Village?!" The man said, rage building in his eyes as he took another step closer, making the whispering louder.

"How dare he?"

"Hasn't he done enough?"

"What a terrible monster!"

"If you think that we will just stand here while you pollute the streets with your stink, laughing and taunting us behing the protection of the hokage and that innocent facade of yours you're wrong! We won't stand for it, Won't we?!" He cried out, causing the surround crowd to cry out with agreemend.

Naruto, terror building within him began to run, praying to any gods that would listen that he manages to get away from these crazy people.

-Flashback end-

Shaking his head and focusing back onto his current problem Naruto quickly passed into a nearby alley and hid behind a dumpster he knew was kept there, having sometimes searched it for food that was thrown away by the nearby restaurant, and made himself as small as possible in hopes that he wouldn't be found.

"I wish i knew why everyone hated me, they say i killed their families but i haven't killed anyone!" Naruto thought with adrenaline fueled desperation, body aching from a few stray rocks that had glanced his back from the angry villagers.

Calming his breathing and listening closely he could hear the mob running by with shouts of anger and confusion as to where their prey had gone. Waiting a while longer he didn't hear anymore shouts so he let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank god thats over with, now i just gotta ge-" Naruto was suddenly pulled out of his hideaway by the back of his shirt and thrown against the alley wall, shaking away the dizzyness he raised his head towards his assaultants, counting three large, and rather intimidating men.

"You thought you could get away from us did you brat?" the same man who Naruto had run into asked, "Hiding with the trash won't save you, no matter how well you blend in!" he taunted, causing the two men behind him to chuckle with sadistic glee.

"Me and my friends here have decided that we oughta teach you not to mess with the people of Konoha!" he continued with a growing grin, taking a few steps towards Naruto, radiating nefarious intent.

Trying to escape Naruto tried running between two of men but was quickly grabbed by his hair by one of the mans lackys and slapped, hard, disorientaing him and preventing any more escape attempts from him.

The beating continued on for what felt like hours: punches, kicks, slammed against the wall and more attacks intent on causing as much pain as possible to the young child, all while they were laughing and throwing ideas to the one taking his turn abusing the poor boy.

After the men were done the "leader" of the group picks up Naruto by the front of his now ragged shirt, slammed him against the wall and whispered into the boys ear.

"Listen here brat, we are going to let you live just so we don't get hunted down by the ninja that are "supposedly" protecting you, but don't you forget this one thing" he spat slamming the young boy against the wall once more.

"YOU" SLAM, "AREN'T" SLAM, "WANTED" And with one final slam he dropped the boy and spat upon his beaten body, though at this point it resembled more of a corpse, bloody and malnourised as he was, and then hurried away before he was caught with the boy.

Laying there, broken and defeated, Naruto began to weep, because like the man said, he wasn't wanted, the villagers hated him, the ninja didn't watch him, the kids at the orphanage bullied him relentlessly with no interferenece from the caretakers, his mind turned towards the one person that cared for him, Jiji sometimes visited and gave him gifts, but he was always too busy with his responsabilities as Hokage to keep a proper eye on him, but even he thought Naruto was a troublemaker, often scolding him for his rebellious actions despite Naruto telling him that they were lies.

As he lied there, tears running down his face Naruto has only one thought.

"I wish i was somone else..."

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