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- POV, Chi, Hospital -

Walking down the children's wing hallway, Chi made her way towards the cafeteria to get Mito her promised bowl of Ramen, I wonder if she wanted a specific kind? I forgot to ask her, i suppose that Miso will have to do!

Making a turn past one of the storage rooms, a small sign caught Chi's eye; Lost and found? well i suppose it couldn't hurt to see if there is anything that Mito would like... Chi found that she had grown rather fond of the young girl in the small time she had spoken with her, her bubbly personality, bright smiles and hyperactive movements made the young girl incredibly adorable, i always was weak to cute things...

Walking through the door the sign was on Chi began to look around, it was not very large with shelves and boxes lining the walls with all sorts of items scattered throughout, some toys, books, watches, even a few pairs of shoes! though none of them seemed to be Mito's size.

Looking around once more and turning around to leave something caught Mito's eye, A small toad plush that seemed brand new, it was a bright green with brown eyes and was wearing a small red colored vest.

How odd.. i don't remember seeing this here before. Chi didn't know why but she had the urge to take it with her, Maybe Mito would like it? deciding that the young girl would probably appreciate a gift Chi picked up the plush and tucked it underneath her arm.

Exiting the room and into the hallway Chi continued on her way to the cafeteria.

- Scene Break of Laziness -

Arriving back to the room she opened the door to find Mito sleeping, laying down on her side with her hands beneath her head, Oh god i wish i had a camera, i don't know if i have it in me to wake this cute little angle up!

Steeling herself she put the tray down on the desk next to the table and gently gave Mito a shake.

"Mito-chan, time to wake up~, Mito!"

- POV, Naruto/Mito, Hospital (Duh) -

I was standing on a stage infront of the entirety of Konoha, Jiji was standing next to me, along with a bunch of his cool Anbu ninja! Everyone was cheering and waving at me, What am i doing here? why is everyone so happy to see me? Looking at Jiji i saw that he wasn't wearing his Hokage outfit, why isn't he wearing his hat and everything? he always wears that stuff!

Looking out into the crowd i realize that something was on my head, reaching up and taking it off i looking into my hands and... The Hokage's hat? why am i wearing it? i suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over to see Jiji smiling at me.

"I always knew you could do it dear, ever since you proclaimed it at me when you were young i knew i was looking at the future Hokage" the man said, pulling me in for a hug, Me? I'm the Hokage!? How cool!

"Of course i could do it! I'm just that amazing! Dattebayo!" i cheer out, holding my fist into the air, causing the crowd to cheer louder, i looked out into the crowd and saw no hate, no fear, nothing but happy faces and amazement.

Jiji walked forwards and called out to the crowd, "How about we all give a warm welcome to the brand new Hokage, Mito Uzumaki!" Wait what?

"MITO, MITO, MITO" Called out the crowd, causing me more confusion, what are they talking about?

"MITO" I don't under stand?

"MITO" wait why is everything going dark?



"AAARGH!" Jumping up in fright Naruto smashed his head into Chi's, causing Naruto to fall backwards onto the bed and Chi to stand up holding her head.

"Oh my Kami i'm sorry Miss Chi! i didn't mean to hurt you! please don't hate me!" Naruto pleaded, praying that he hadn't angered one of the few people who had been nice to him, even if they technically aren't being nice to 'him'.

"No no its okay Mito-chan, i shouldn't have woken you up so suddenly, it entirely on me" Chi's comforted, giving a reassuring smile despite the now red mark on her forehead.

"But i still hurt you.." Naruto lamented with his head down, feeling terrible for having hurt the nice nurse who helped him.

Noticing the sad look on the child's face, Chi decided to cheer them up, "Well don't be sad Mito-chan, we can have you being sad when Gamachi-chan came all the way here to be your friend!" taking the toad plush out from beneath her arm she handed the toad to Mito, smile widening at the wide-eyed look the child had staring at the plush

"Really? To be my friend?" Naruto asked, taking the plush in his hands and staring in wonder at it.

"Mhm! and just yours, Gamachi-chan came a very long way to get to you, and now that he is here you will always have a friend at your side!" replied Chi, looking on with cheer in her eyes but also slight sadness, Just how neglected is this child? Locked out of the orphanage, no family or friends to speak of, just getting a small gift seems like its the world to her!

Hugging Gamachi close to his chest Naruto began shedding a few tears out of the pure joy he felt at receiving this small gift, sure Jiji had given him a few toys before but those were all taken away immediately by either the other kids at the orphanage or the caretakers. Demons don't get toys, that's what they always said..

Seeing the tears Chi began to panic, did Mito not like the gift? did she say something wrong? going forwards and taking the child in her arms Chi asked, "Is something wrong Mito-chan? do you not like Gamachi-chan?"

"N-no! i love him! thank you so much Nurse-san!" Naruto said through tears, returning the hug and trying not to cry into the nurses uniform.

"It was no problem at all Mito-chan, no problem at all, now how about i go and let you and Gamachi-chan get acquainted while i go and talk to the doctors and see about getting your Jiji to come and pick you up?" Chi asked, picking up the clipboard with the answers she had gotten from the young girl earlier and patting the young girl on the head.

"Okay" Naruto mumbled, face shoved into Gamachi-chan so the reply was muffled.

Chi stood up and exited the room, leaving Naruto to his thoughts, such as, How on earth am i going to explain this to Jiji?

Timeskip, About a day later

- POV, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Hokage's office -

Hiruzen was leaning on his desk with his head in his hands, unfinished paperwork surrounding him and pipe left forgotten next to him, the search for the young Jinchuriki has so far been unsuccessful, leaving the Hokage to worry about both the young boy and the possible consequences of what would happen should the council discover of his disappearance.

Sighing, Hiruzen wipped his face and looked down to the report sitting infront of him.

"The Jinchuriki has not been spotted since around 9 PM last night, questioning the civilians reveals that he was last seen running from a mob after accidentally running into one of the villagers during the Kyuubi festival, enraging them and surrounding civilians causing them to chase Naruto around the village, further questioning has remained inconclusive, though we have managed to discover rumors that some of the mob caught Naruto and, in their words 'Taught him a lesson'"

Putting down the report Hiruzen felt his heart clench in worry, he knew that the civilians still held contempt in their hearts for the young boy but to form a mob and attempt to assault him? Hiruzen never thought that the will of fire could burn so low in Konoha's people. Picking the report back up he continued to read.

"Questioning of the caretakers showed nothing at first, none of the children noticed Naruto returning during the night, and the caretakers claimed that he had never shown up, but further 'encouragement' revealed to us that one 'Madam. Jun' had been locking up that night, and when asked she revealed that Naruto had indeed shown up that night, but in her own words, 'That demon shouldn't be near the children in the first place, i was doing everyone a favor kicking it out onto the streets like the dog it is'. She has been brought to T&I for further questioning"

Finishing the report Hiruzen shed a few tears, I was meant to protect and care for the boy, i thought that he would have been safe among the other children, it seems I've made another grievous mistake.

Standing up and turning to look out the window Hiruzen sighed once more, I should be out there searching for him, i have much to apologize to the boy for, and i believe i might never be able to make up for the childhood i might have inadvertently robbed from him..

Looking out onto the streets, seeing the smiling faces of the people and hearing the laughter from the children, Hiruzen wondered how much he had failed his people if he could not ever protect one small child.

Suddenly a knock from the door pulled him from his thoughts, "You may enter" he said, turning around to see who had come to see him. Who he saw was one of the newer Chunnin, he had long brown hair put up into a ponytail, a Konoha hitai-ate wrapped around his head and a scar running across his face, he wore the standard Chunnin outfit and was already bowing at the waist.

"Ah Iruka, there is no need to bow so much, you are much to polite!" Hiruzen said with a smile growing on his face, Iruka was one of the more promising ninja that the village had to offer, the only diminishing factor was that he had an incredibly gentle soul, not that that restrained him from following orders.

"Thank you Hokage-sama, but you deserve every bit of respect you get." Iruka claimed, rising from his bowing position and walking up to the desk, as he did Hiruzen noticed the satchel at his side, peaking his interest.

"Well thank you Iruka, but as pleasant as it is to have conversation with you i doubt that is the main reason you came to visit me?" He said, phrasing it as both a question and a fact.

"Of course Hokage-sama, i've come to deliver you a message from the hospital" Iruka reached into the satchel by his side and handed a letter to the Hokage.

"Ah thank you, i just hope it isn't Dr. Terra writing to berate me on my smoking habits again!" Hiruzen said with a laugh, sitting back down at his desk and picking up his pipe with a joking smile he gave Iruka a wink.

"Well Hokage-sama i must get going, i have more delivery's to make and i would prefer to get done before lunch comes around." Iruka then bowed and began to turn to leave

"Ah yes, have a good day Iruka-san" Hiruzen said while he grabbed a kunai and the letter, quickly sense to see if there was any chakra in the letter, (one can never be too careful), he cut open the top and began to scan through it.

" Dear Hokage-sama us at the hospital have recently received a child who was found wounded and alone in an alleyway-" Reading this Hiruzen gained a serious look and began to pay more attention to the message he had just received "and a day after we treated them they awoke and claimed that you were their 'Jiji', we would ask that you come and verify the identity of the child if it is convenient for you at this time, if not you may sent a ninja to come and verify the identity of them for you.-"

Eyes widening in disbelief at his luck Hiruzen practically leapt from his seat and began to run towards the hospital in speeds that belied his age, though in his rush he had neglected to read the remained of the letter, which now sat forgotten atop his desk. "She claims that her name is Mito Uzumaki and that you are her only family, we await your response.

- Konoha Hospital staff"

- POV, Hiruzen Sarutobi -

Chest heaving from his heavy breathing, Hiruzen arrived at the hospital, bursting through the door he entered the waiting room, immediately bringing a multitude of shocked gazes upon him.

Gazing around and realizing his how rude he had been, he coughed into his fist, "My apologies" He said, scratching the back of his head while he chuckled to ease the tension that had built up in the room.

With unimpressed looks the people returned to what they were doing, shaking his head Hiruzen walked up to the front desk where the secretary was waiting for him.

"Welcome Hokage-sama! Do you have an appointment with Dr. Terra? She has been attempting to get you in for a check-up for a few months now."

"Not today sadly, Dr. Terra will have to wait a while longer until she gets her claws on me!" He said with a laugh, knowing just how frustrated Dr. Terra was getting with his constant avoidance of his checkups. "I am here about a child patient you have recently gotten, he should go by the name of Naruto Uzumaki?"

The nurse tilted her head and gained a thoughtful look on her face, "Well i'm sorry to say but we haven't gotten a patient under that name, infact the only child we have recived in the last week is a girl that goes by the name of Mito Uzumaki, is that who you meant?"

Eyes widening and mind reeling, Hiruzen was speechless, Mito Uzumaki? That couldn't possibly be right! the letter said the child had called me Jiji and only Naruto does that!

"Excuse me but i must have misheard you, did you say Mito Uzumaki?" asked Hiruzen, making sure he had heard right.

"Yes sir, Mito Uzumaki, Red, long hair with blue eyes, comes up about to your waist, screams about becoming Hokage and can eat 5 bowls of ramen in one sitting?" the nursed listed, gaining a look of annoyance

Hiruzen still couldn't believe his ears, the blue eyes ramen eating capability's and desire to become were right up Naruto's alley, but long red hair? Hiruzen had to be sure.

"Of course! I apologize my age must be catching up with me in my old age, what would would i be able to find... Mito, in?" He asked, fumbling over the name before catching himself.

"You will be able to find her in room 106, just take a right and follow the hallway until you pass the cafeteria and then take another right past the lost and found closet."

"Thank you for your help, have a nice day!" He then followed the nurses direction, quickly finding himself infront of the door with the specified number, standing outside it he could hear the happy giggling of a child, bringing a smile to his face.

Raising his hand to knock he stilled for a moment, should he truly risk invading on a child's that he doesn't know on a suspicion that they might be Naruto? I have to, the similarity's are too similar, the time they got here, the eyes, the desire to become hokage and ability to eat more ramen then some grown men were capable of all point to Naruto, i simply have to be sure.

Knocking three times in rapid succession he brought his hands infront of him and put them into his sleeves, listening as footsteps came towards the door and watching as the doorknob turned, the door opened and a nurse was there.

"Ah Hokage-sama! we weren't expecting you to be able to come so quickly!" said the nurse, who's name-tag read Chi, as she stepped aside to allow the Hokage in.

"Well when i received the letter i came as quickly as i could" he said, entering the room and letting his gaze fall automatically upon the giggling mass of blankets seated upon the bed in the middle of the room.

"Mito-chan! you have someone here that wished to see you!" Chi called out to the blankets, they began to rustle when suddenly a head of crimson popped out from its cotton encasement.

The child blinking rapidly to adjust her eyes to the sudden influx of light, looking around she gained a massive smile when she spotted the robes and kind, wise eyes of the old man standing in the doorway.

"Jiji!" called out Mito, crawling out of her comfortable prison and leaping upon the Hokage, "I missed you so much! So much weird stuff happened to me! First i got locked out of the orphanage by Ms. Jun and then i bumped into this really mean guy, he seemed nice at first but wh-"

"Slow down a bit! i can only handle so much story at a time!" Hiruzen laughed as he picked up the girl and observed her more closely, she had long, crimson red hair that reached down to her waist, a delicate build, (but not a weak one judging by that tackle), and a round race with two sky blue eyes peering back at him with joy.

"Excuse me Chi-san, could i have a moment alone with Mito-chan?" asked Hiruzen, turning back to look at the nurse who was looking at the pair with a smile.

"Of course Hokage-sama! i will be back soon with a change of clothes for Mito-chan and the paperwork for her release." she then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Walking to the bed and placing down Mito, Hiruzen, took a seat on the chair sitting next to the bed and looked the child in the eyes, asking the question he felt he already knew the answer to.

"Is that you Naruto?"

Mito gained a wide smile upon her face, clapping her hands together excitedly, "Yep! I knew you would recognize me Jiji!"

Hiruzen sighed in relief and pulled Naruto into a hug, "I'm so relieved you are alright, what happened to you Naruto?"

Naruto then went over the events of the last few days, telling Hiruzen how he had gotten locked out of the orphanage and how the men had caught him, beating him into unconsciousness, all the way onto how he had awoken with his new appearance and how Chi had gifted him Gamachi-chan, (to no small amount of amusement to Hiruzen).

"Well that was quite the tale Naruto, i'm sorry for everything you have had to go through these past few days, i will do my best to make sure you never have to deal with that again." promised Hiruzen, already making plans on how to achieve that goal

"Thanks Jiji! but do ya know why i look different now?"

Closing his eyes and resting his hand on his fist Hiruzen pondered on the question that Naruto had asked him, opening his eyes he turned to Naruto, "May i ask what you were thinking before your appearance changed, right after the men left?"

"Erm, well i think i was wishing that i could be someone else?" said Naruto, wondering why that mattered.

"Well i have a theory on what may have happened-"

"What a theory?"

"No interrupting Naruto, its rude" chastised Hiruzen, scolding Naruto for the interruption. "Do you remember when i told you about how ninja preformed ninjutsu?"

"Yeah! the ninja make signs with their hands and use their Chaka to make giant fireballs and kicked the bad guy's butts!" said Naruto enthusiastically, attempting (and failing) to make a handsign, getting into his best ninja poses, lets spread out and handsign infront of his face.

Hiruzen laughed at the child, pulling Naruto's hands away from his face and poking his nose, causing an indignant cry to come from the child. "Not quite, Ninja use a combination of different handsigns and use a mixture of spiritual and physical Chakra to bring forth a ninjustu, however this is not always the case."

"Eh? what do you mean Jiji?" questioned Naruto, amazed at the mini-lesson his Jiji was giving him.

"You see, Chakra is a part of you, just like any other body part, like your arm or your leg, and sometimes under very stressing circumstances your chakra will come out without you calling on it and do its best to protect you, like when something comes flying at your face and your arms automatically come to cover it." explained Hiruzen, showing why he had earned the name of the professor.

Nodding in understanding Naruto spoke, "But what does this have to do with me looking different?"

The side of Hiruzen's mouth quirked upwards in amusement, "Well you see Naruto, when you were laying in that alley, injured and not capable of defending yourself, your chakra responded to your wish by doing exactly what you wished for, becoming someone else."

Naruto's eyes were wide open, as was his mouth, processing just what his Sudo-grandfather had told him, "Does that mean i preformed a Ninjustsu? just like you and your ninja do?"

"Well, technically yes, bu-" Hiruzen was cut off but a shout of joy coming from the young child infront of him.

"DATTEBAYO! That is so cool! Does that mean i can go to the academy and become a ninja Jiji? i bet i would be the youngest AND coolest there!" Naruto was standing on the bed, making fighting poses and showing off to the imaginary group of fawning classmates infront of him.

All of a sudden his daydreaming was cut of by a chop to the top of his head, knocking him back onto the bed and stopping his excited rambling, clutching the top of his head he looked up to the smirking man infront of him.

"What was that for Jiji!?" Naruto cried out, giving the amused man infront of him a hurt look.

"Well if i hadn't stopped you there you wouldn't have stopped for the next hour." he reasoned, only getting a grumble in response. "And before you go the academy you will have to get back to how you looked before, I will teach you a ninjustsu on how to change back." continued Hiruzen, missing the small look of disappointment that grew on Naruto's face.

"Oh.." Naruto replied, face hiding behind his long red hair and sadness emanating from his voice, gaining a look of concern from Hiruzen.

Normally Naruto would be over the moon about finally learning a ninjutsu from me, something must be wrong. Getting up and sitting next to Naruto, Hiruzen placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Naruto is something the matter? I thought you would have been glad to finally learn a ninjustu from me." He asked

"I am but.. what if i don't want to change back?" Naruto asked, looking up into Hiruzens eyes with hope, "Its just, with how i normally look people were always mean to me, whenever i looked someone in the eyes all i would see is hate, and whenever i met someone new they would either avoid or yell at me! But now that i look different people are actually nice to me! no one yells or tried to hit me and.. and i just don't want to go back to being hated.."

Hiruzen was surprised, he could understand where Naruto was coming from, from what Naruto had told him his life was close to a living hell, but to actually want to stay as a different person, a different gender none the less! (from what Hiruzen could see atleast, there was no way he was asking Naruto what his genitalia looked like), looking back at Naruto Hiruzen spoke.

"Naruto... You do not have to become a entirely different person just so people will like you, I am sure that eventually everyone will see just how wonderful you really are!" He tried to assure, though in all honesty he wasn't so sure about that himself.

"But I don't wanna wait for those dummy's! i'm tired of being kicked, of being locked out, of being yelled at and called a mean things because everyone hates me for some reason!" Naruto yelled out, tears streaming down his face, "I don't understand why everyone hates me.. is it really so bad if i stay like this Jiji? No one hates Mito.."

Hiruzen was conflicted, on one hand Naruto had valid points, he was hated by a majority of the village for something he didn't deserve to be hated for, he had every right to want to stay as Mito. On the other hand there was the complications of what would happen if Naruto stayed as Mito, the The civilian council would be overjoyed that Naruto was gone sure, but the ninja council, Danzo and the few others who knew of what Naruto carried, (And who his parents were) would be enraged at the loss of the boy.

Thinking over his options Hiruzen sighed, he had already caused Naruto so much pain and suffering by allowing him to live in the orphanage and by announcing to the village that he was a Jinchuriki, did he have the right to force him to continue living as a Pariah?

Sighing once more and running his hands down his face Hiruzen turns once more to Naruto, "Are you absolutely sure of this? if you commit to this it is not something that can be undone easily. Please, think hard on this Naruto."

Naruto began to think on his choice, should he decide to remain as Mito indefinitely then it would probably cause Jiji some trouble, explaining why Naruto had disappeared and trying to explain where Mito had come from.

Looking up at Hiruzen Naruto decided to ask the once person who's opinion he cared about, "Would you be mad at me if i said yes Jiji?" hiding back behind his hair Naruto waited anxiously on his Jiji's response.

Naruto almost jumped when he felt two strong arms wrap around him, holding him tight, "I would never be mad at you for wanting to be loved Naruto, does that mean you are sure?" Hiruzen held Naruto closer, sending calming and assuring waves of Chakra to the child.

Naruto nodded into Hiruzens chest, hugging back and relaxing into the hug.

Smiling down at the child in his arms Hiruzen decided that he would do his very best to make sure that they would be one of the greatest ninja that Konoha has ever had to offer.

"Well then, Its a pleasure to meet you Mito-chan" Mito looked up at her Jiji, giving him the widest smile she could muster.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Chi came in carried a stack of papers and a bundle of clothes, stopping in her tracks when she saw the vulnerable position the two were in. "Im not interrupting anything am i?" she said, shifting uncomfortably.

"Ah no! not at all, infact we were just finished talking about what had happened." Hiruzen said, letting go of Mito and giving the stack of papers in Chi's hands a nasty glare.

"Oh alright then! I will need you to sign all of these forms and make sure that Mito is ready for release for tomorrow, we will have to do a few last minute checkups and make sure that everything with the papers are in order, which will take the rest of the day sadly." Chi gave a understanding smile at the look of horror that had dawned upon the Hokage's face when he realized just how many papers he will have to go through.

Taking the papers and clothes from the nurses hands he thanked her and gave the clothes to Mito, shooing her into the bathroom and going through the stack of papers.

It had only been a few moments after Mito had entered the Bathroom and Chi had left when a lough cry of confusion was heard from the bathroom, looking at the bathroom door in worry Hiruzen was about to ask if everything was alright when he heard the loud cry of, "IS THIS A DRESS?".

Bursting out into laughter Hiruzen felt that he would probably get used to this.

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