Chapter 1

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson was a whirlwind of emotion at this time, hitting the ground with his feet repeatedly as symbol of barely contain his self. It was only one week for vacations, and besides today was Monday it was the last Monday of the school year. Oh almost can see himself with his grandpa in the road traveling for all the country.

―Mister Tennyson ― The annoying voice of the teacher bring him back to reality. ― Can you tell me the answer of the question in the board? ―

―Uh… ― The words panting in the board almost made fun of him for his lack of attention. The sound of the bell was a salvation and indicator the end of the last class. The kids don´t lose time to pick their things. Ben run toward the door with the hope of get out without any problem.

Start his path when was push form behind, knocking him down and spreading his things. In the ground he spun around look his attackers, who knew very well; Crash and DJ. He snorted while stand up to reach his backpack now in the hands of the bullies.

―Give me back ― He extend his hand, but if was a part with a slap.

―Why do not you come for her, Tennyson? ― They star to run an opposite direction been followed by Ben. Already had too much backpack lost because they fault and he had already finished the excuses for his parents. He had to recover or they were going to punish him without going to the trip with his grandfather.

He was reaching them just to see how he throws his backpack into the city's garbage dump, which, to make it worse, was fenced and closed. The last thing he listen of the duo it was mocking laughter moving away while his stands still looking the garbage dump. Just one thing he can do.

―The assholes, always getting in with the rest. ― He grumble, lowering careful not to fall while crossing to the other side, by no seeing the backpack close he in. Something illuminated the dark place, look up just in time to jump to the side before that it will impact against him.

Ben shook the dust with his hands that formed around him. Where before he was now there was a hole because the impact, curious he gets close looking the metal sphere completely intact completely intact.

This opened suddenly revealing a watch black, white and green. The curiosity and the wonder was paint in his face, almost feel how his hand itch for touching the mysterious watch, just had to stretch a little longer his arm and take it.

―Don't you dare touch it! ― A severe voice it came out, apparently, out of nowhere. Making Ben turn around, just his eyes look down again to the watch find with them a little be with big green eyes similar to a frog.

Ben have no idea what to said, but something around him feel weird good, beside the point he almost dies for a strange objet of the space when now are a space frog and a mysterious watch.

―Who are you!? or What are you?! ― The frog don´t said nothing about his questions, merely took the watch, too big for him, getting tangled in his chest. Jump out the sphere and start walk far of Ben. ― Hey! Wait! You have not answered me! ―

Ben starts to follow him closely continuing with his questions, adding up new. "Where you from?" "What is that thing?", in a second the be stop his walking and look right to Ben with the frown. The land kid finished his patience.

― Look, Kid. You should not get in my business. You should not even care. So I suggest you go for you came from and leave me alone. ― He took a step away from Ben, only to fall to his knees because of a great pain he feels. Carefully touch the affected area looking the fresh blood "Great, only this could happen me now"

―Are you okay? Are you hurt? ― Saw the kid with a truly worry of his healthy if was a bigger surprise he never going to admit, the human breeding has nothing with him and look truly worried of a stranger. Without your consent Ben took in his hands the alien carefully to not touch his wound.

―Set me down in this instant. ― Said with anger, but Ben ignore him a favor accommodate him in his arms.

― You can´t walk, you are going to hurt yourself ― The alien was going to replicate again when a familiar and unpleasant sound began to flood the place.

― Hide! ― Maybe was the change of tone in his voice or maybe because he hears the same sound but take the order with not debut hide in an old car. He peeked outside the car, raise the frog to look the same thing. They appeared something Ben just believe in comic and television: Floating robots! Two to be exact. Ben will be exciting if it were not for the angry and worried look of the dwarf.

The red robots scan the waste. Looking for something and as the only strange thing that was in the area was the frog with his watch, he already had an idea of what it was.

―What are those thing? ―

―Keep quiet ― Half scream half whisper to Ben. "Is worst then cousin Gwen" Ben saw with critical eyes the robots that continue to scan the place. One of them look where there are hiding. Ben bent naively believing that he would not see it and leave, but when he saw the robot again he had laser cannons pointing at him.

―Run! ―

―You don´t have to said twice! ― Ben get out of the sight of the robot throwing a side while he protects the alien in his arms, for later run far away being intercepted by him another robot. Being able to pass under this he evaded and continued running. ― Why they chase us!? ―

It was stopped for a tree robot, bigger and danger that other two. Ben use all his ability of soccer running and dodging all the attacks against them with a skill that later, if survive, it would make him proud.

―Stop! Get close that materials! ― He followed his indications, low the alien to the floor close to the jump. The alien took off the watch give him to Ben. ― Take it, this what they want. Distract them while I build something neutralize. ―

Maybe another person will scream his nuts. Maybe should let go the watch and run for his live, but he never guides for maybes. A lot less when someone need him. Ben nodded take it the watch with him. Approaching to the robots waved his arms and run opposite direction to them.

―Overhear metallic garbage! Look what I have here! ― The robots stay still analyzing a Ben, to then go to charge. He slid a side dodging and put obstacles between them. "Don't get kill! Don´t get kill! Don´t get kill!"

Seeing a circular piece with affiliations took it and threw it towards them destroying one of the robots. The androids do not even have time to celebrate as they keep shooting him.

―Earth child! ― Ben turn his head to the alien. One of the robots threw another lightning bolt at what had to roll across the terrain, standing right next to the frog.

The robots stand front them. "Just like I expect" The alien without doubt it active the electromagnetic pulse causing a short circuit whom destroying the robots, falling apart.

Only when both of them are save, they allow themselves a sigh of relief. The alien turns his eyes to see the kid who save him, he was impress, yet do not allow his expression seeing. Ben turn to see him giving a brighter smile that made the being return his sight before the remains in front of them.

―Well, everything it okay now. Right? ― A moan caught his attention. ― Sure, you're still hurt. Let me help you. ― Take it in his arms got close to the robots. ― What are that things? ―

―Like I said, nothing of your business ―

― Hey! I save you! Don´t you thing I deserve to know why I almost get kill? ― Seeing in that way maybe informing him about the situation would make leave for his own safety. On the other hand, he was confronting the automatons against all logical judgment. It was a 50/50 of leaving or staying, something the alien did not like. With a sigh he addressed to the boy.

―Very well, listen carefully because I just gone said one time. These automatons were sent to capture me and mi invention, the omnitrix. ―

― The watch? ―

―Isn´t a watch, is a device who allowed the user change his shape to a number of alien specimens. ― Ben saw the watch with renewed amazement.

― Wow. You are not kidding? You could be a superhero with this thing! ― He just imagine in what can transform and all the bullies who will defeat. The snort catches his attention, looking the be with the frown removing materials from the remains.

―The person who chases me does not want it for this purpose. The purpose of being the tool to help the species to understand each other better. ― There was a bitterness innate and deep in his words lowering the spirits of Ben. Wondering the reason for so much pain in that prayer.

―What does he want it for? ―

― Conquer the universe. ―

―What!? ― All the universe. He felt a stake in his chest, he was sure the earth it was in the all. And with the watch it will essay pessy conquer his planet. For God, his planet not have idea aliens exist. What would remain of humanity? What would remain of his family? I hold the clock in my hand, squeezing it hard until my fist shakes. ― We can´t allow that happened! ―

"This kid is weird", conclude the creator. He challenged all sense of logic and normally in a person. Looked like a really noble person, but he don't believe all the act. Everybody have a selfish interest, no because is a kid exempt of that.

―How I help you? ―

―You want to help me? ―

―Well duhhh. My world is in danger! My family is in danger! Everybody is in danger if that guy get that thing! ― He shake the watch to give more emphasis to his words. He keeps thinking, he was hurt in a planet who had no idea in general how to go by and without way to communicate. He gone a regrets this.

―I need to recover; You have some place I can cure me? ―

―In my home we have an aid kit. ― Ben keep save the watch in his pocket then he grabs the alien in his arms. ― I´m Benjamin Tennyson, by the way. ―

―Azmuth. ―

―Nice to meet you, Azmuth. ―

―I wish to say the same thing. ― Azmuth smiled slightly at the sound of displeasure and babble of the boy.




Azmuth had bandages covering his chest, eating the dinner Ben given to him while was walking in the desk of Ben watching the old device could serve to build a communicator and contact his assistant.

Ben it was lying down in his bed playing with his videogame, without put really attention, looking every so often Azmuth.

―The watch ―

―Omnitrix ―

―That thing, could convert a person in any alien. Right? ―

―Yes, just like I told you before. ― Ben just frown his look to Azmuth for the condescending tone given to him, but do not discourage him.

―Then, why do not you use it to beat the bad guy? ―

―Because the omnitrix is incomplete. ― The confuse face of Ben make him to sigh of tiredness. ― The omnitrix can transform you into any alien, but an important piece that stabilizes it is still missing. Without that, whoever takes it will suffer a cell-level instability, a permanent and irreversible damage. ―

Ben understand part of what he said, in simple words who use the omnitrix will die. Ben grimaced hitting his face to the pillow to then let out a growl. Azmuth keep looking him with disconcerted. Ben turned to see him lowering his head, embarrassed.

― Bad thoughts. You know how to give the guy the watch and leave it, well that way. ― Azmuth saw him understanding what he meant while Ben was sinking deeper into his bed. The child was clearly conflicted and ashamed of himself, to wish someone's death was difficult and frightening at the same time. The child should not think like that, should not be so aware of the sacrifice for the greater good.

Azmuth could relate to that thought. That was the reason why he still didn´t fix the omnitrix, He could do it even with the primitive artifacts of the earth. But he didn´t do it, because of fear. At least if Vilgax grabbed the omnitrix in this state he would know he don´t have time to do his plan.

This kid without logic, no sense of self-preservation was aware of what would happened if Vilgax take the omnitrix, and thing the logic solution. Ben curled up more in his bed covering himself with the blankets refusing to see anyone, felt the desire to comfort him in some way only he did not know how. How did he help him without lying to him? How did he tell him not to worry?

He stayed stoic and returned to his business shaking those feelings like a fly, he should not worry so much. It was not so important what happened to Ben. That was repeated until the voice of an older man, Ben's father, pulled him out of his thoughts.

― Ben, I hope you do your homework! ― Ben took off the blank to answer.

― Yes, I ready finish it! ― He wait to have a reply of his father before to back to his videogame. He need to distract of the bad thoughts. Sideways he looks Azmuth glimpses with his two eyes of marble intertwined. ― What? ―

―I don´t remember that you have done your job. ― "Oh, please no." Ben hide behind his videogame try ignore the reproachful look that small being was giving him. "It worse than my mom"

― Well, he doesn´t to know ―

―I suggest you to leave that distractor device and put yourself to do your homework, like you father said. ― Ben rolled his eyes with his back to Azmuth. "Insolent brat".

―Yeah, sure. Who will going oblige? You? ― Azmuth sharpened his gaze to the attitude of Ben and without saying anything returned to his. Ben smirked, thinking he had won.

How wrong Ben was.




When night came, the only thing that illuminated the darkness of the room was the desk lamp where Azmuth was while dismantling Ben's video game measuring its parts that he would use for the communicator. Ben wanted to have that arrogant attitude, good. Azmuth was going to teach a lesson to the brat.