Chapter 6

Breaking news

A fire in the suburbs leaves home to its foundations. It has been confirmed of the family of three who lived there, two have died and the son of the couple is missing.

You are asked if you have information about the boy, notify the authorities immediately.




"He was getting better". The teacher thinks as she reads the news in the morning paper. It was on the first page with large letters and a semi-censored photo. Bellwood was a small city; everyone knew who was spoken of when they mentioned the family only by last name.

The Tennyson family. How? When? And most importantly, why?

Ben was improving, his last jobs were going well. Everything seemed normal with him. Same attitude, just a different approach in your work. She had seen it only yesterday! Sitting in his usual seat doing a joke in bad taste!

The classroom filled while she continued in her musings. All seats occupied except one.

―Since it is the last day of school, I think we can exhaust the work and spend a recreational time. ― The children howled excitedly. Saving the newspaper, she sat at his desk contemplating the empty seat in the middle.




Kevin was walking the streets of Bellwood. Yes, at that point he should have left the city, but he had stayed for the tranquility of the city. Of course it was not because of the boy who had helped him. Of course not.

"That will be ridiculous". With his hands tucked in his pockets, he stepped in front of a television store when the news channel caught his attention. He paid half attention to what the T.V. said until the image of a familiar face was shown.

-Ben ... - Missing? His dead parents? No traces of the culprit. Nor where Ben could be from. His first thought was the robots that had attacked them. The boy was obviously in a big problem, but he did not want to go deeper than necessary. He simply gave him a phone with a promise now empty.

"Dead, I'm sure he's dead." Kevin stumbled backwards crashing into a man who saw the same news.

―An unfair universe Do not you think? He was just a boy. ― The tall man with the padlocked beard did not see him when he spoke about the news, his eyes glued to the screens. Kevin returned his sight to the screens before nodding. ― Did you know him? ―

―Something like that. I just know he don´t deserve this. ―

―A lot of people don´t deserve a faith so cruel, but are creatures who doesn´t care the destruction leave in its path. ― All his attention it was now in the tall man who looked back.

―Why I feel you know more than the news? ― He suspicions glaze concentrate in the man with the enigmatic smile, "Who is him?"

―Maybe because I knew more than you imagine. ― He start to walk an away to Kevin. ― If you want to know more, you can come with me and find out. ―

Kevin thought for a moment. "It was just a good person". Kevin start to follow the man until he was side him.

―Kevin Levin. ―

―Nice to meet your agent Levin, my name is Servantis. ―




They television screen was black for some time. When the news began to pass the photos they had on the scene of the crime her mother had covered his eyes, something useless since she ended up seeing everything, and her father turned off the TV as fast as he could, again useless. Both adults mobilized, called the authorities, their grandfather, anyone who could help them understand what had happened or find a culprit.

Gwen simply stood still, sitting in her place in the lounge chair. Paralyzed, in shock. She saw it yesterday. Her favorite uncles, her cousin's fool. It was only yesterday. She hopes something, perhaps that her uncles would enter the door of her house saying that the news was false, followed by Ben who began to mock her for believing that.

Nothing happened. The sounds around her grew numb, tears came down from her eyes. She was not going to see him again; she was not going to call him a fool again. They were not going to go that trip with their grandfather. She was not going to bother him again. They were not going to share birthdays again. Why?

Because Ben is dead

Her mind was lost; she was not truly conscious around her. In the chaos that her mind reflected to the outside world.

Frank went to see his daughter finding her levitating on the sofa with a pink glow around her body and lights coming out of her eyes while screaming in pain, throwing slings of power that destroyed the entire room. Undoing and doing everything over her will.

― Gwen! ― His scream alerted his wife and his father, who arrived recently. He never thought that his daughter could inherit his mother's powers.

They tried to calm her down, but they could not even get close to her without their energy driving them away. So much power and so little control. Not that they could blame her. Frank felt a familiar presence enter his house, a little before a trail of calm pink light came down from the ceiling and approached his daughter.

With a touch to Gwen's temple, the energy that came out of it began to fade until it was completely absent. He approached his mother in an anodic way that had her granddaughter passed out in her arms.

Everyone exhaled in horror at the sight of Gwen's face, above and below her left eye was a lightning-shaped wound that shone brightly pink.

A rupture of his humanity.




Plumbers Report # 1324. Case of the Tennyson family.

After reviewing the area indicated by the anonymous, which is still being searched, the tests show alien technology. Specifically, from the conqueror Vilgax. No trace of him is found, beyond DNA tests (Blood).


Carl Tennyson

Sandra Tennyson


Benjamin Tennyson

Vilgax The conqueror


Destroyed pieces of what appears to be Galván technology were found.

It was little, almost nothing. And that only made him angry even more. Max wrinkled the sheet in his hand, throwing it away from his sight. His son and his daughter-in-law, dead. And his dear Ben disappeared. Will Vilgax have taken it? Was he dead or in space? Why did this happen?

Many questions filled his head and none of them found an answer. Furious tears fell from his eyes as he knelt on the floor of his camper, he does not know how long he cries before felt the arms of his ex-wife surrounding him in a hug.

So long lying, so long wanting to protect his family from his work. For nothing. If hiding it did not save them from the dangers of space, perhaps training them was the solution.




He felt pain. A lot of pain throughout his body. Like a flare of fire that slowly destroyed him, burning every part of his being. And then relief, gradually everything was disappearing the pain that previously killed him now was leaving him free.

He did not know how long his eyes were closed, maybe too much, because when he opened them he had to close them again because of the few lights that were incandescent for him.

― Don't move much, Benjamin. ― A voice, small but soft. Old, but known. Fill his senses giving him a feeling of being safe. ―The damage you did to your imprudence is almost healed. It will not be the same as before, but you will survive. ―

His dry throat cried out for water in the form of a cough, a hand he did not recognize raised his head carefully as brought a glass of water to his lips. He drank what he could without choking.

― How you feel? ― This time he opened his eyes carefully focusing on the little being. Familiar and distant at the same time.

― I been better. ―

― Obviously. How it occurred to you to take the omnitrix despite my warnings goes beyond my knowledge. ―

―Omnitrix ... ― That sounded familiar, he just could not put his finger on why. ― You're the omnitrix? ―

Azmuth stared at him for a second without expression, even though inside he was mortified. "Of course, how could I expect that cell damage would not affect his memory. Although this could be a good thing."

Azmuth ran his hand over Ben's head, instinctively reaching out for comfort.

― I have a lot to explain to you, Benjamin. But for now you have to rest. ― The boy nodded before entering the arms of Morpheus. Azmuth gave him one last look before leaving the medical room with Mayx following him.

― Then, when are you going to return to earth? ―

―I'm not going to do it. ― Mayx opened her eyes in surprise before smiling shamelessly.

― Don't take you for a kidnapper or the fatherly type. ― Azmuth did not answer simply kept walking in his main lab. With the arrangements of the omnitrix there was, to put it in some way, healed Ben. Although now all his life will have to have the omnitrix stuck to his wrist. ― Exactly, what will you do with him? ―

― What do you care? ―

― I´m curious, not every day you see the all knowledge Azmuth careen for someone beside him. ―

―If you are so interesting, he will stay here we me. Him and the omnitrix will be save for all the creatures of the universe. ― He "great" invent cause all this disaster. All this damage, if just can destroyed. But for now it the only thing keeps alive Ben.

Benjamin, the boy who give everything to save something it was worthless.

―That sound like a father will said. ― Azmuth give her a dirty glaze before back in his things. He has to fortify the defense and put camouflage fields.

―If you don´t have anything to do here, I suggestion to leave. Your services for the omnitrix are not necessary. ― Mayx thing about for a minute looking this Azmuth who are transformer, if he knew or not it was irreverent. She wants to see how all this will develop.

―I think I will stay, maybe help you with that defense. ―

―Do want you want. ―

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