Disclaimer *There are very heavy themes in this book.If you are not okay with that please stop reading. This is based off what kumo wanted to do to Hinata (Kidnap and revive the clan in their village) So young teen pregnancy, some mentions of reincarnation, mentions of rape, child abuse, mental disorders and a more militaristic Shinobi Villages. Naruto gets adopted AU

Third-person POV _

She quickly made sure that her attire was perfect as she left her apartment, Her short curly blonde hair was perfect.

She wasn't a natural blonde, she had bleached her hair and hadn't added color since she had dark purple and it had simply faded.

It had been a long work week and it was finally her day off.

'Pick us up, we are already!'

She smirked as she saw the text message her friend sent her.

After putting in 40 hours that week she was ready to let loose and she was going with a few coworkers and close friends.

"Get in bitch." She yelled as she rolled down her window, music was blasting loudly.

"EHHHH Bitch, you ready to get down. " A woman with short brown hair and green eyes smirked as she held up a bottle of tequila.

"UGH, I told you to get Malibu rum, not tequila! Bitch you know I can't hold my tequila." She laughed as her friend climbed to in the front seat.

"Bah, whatever. Just be happy I brought us some. I want to get crossfaded before I even make it to the front door." Tai, the brunette smirked as she turned the radio up.

"Girl play something else. Here I'll pick the next song." Tai smirked as she grabbed the phone and began scrolling through her friend's phone.

"Okay, Okay. We have to pick up Cassandra and then my co-worker Allie. Girl you are going to love her she is a party animal. And she has that good kush." She made it seem like she was smoking.

"Fuck yeah, Just look for the addresses on my phone so we can pick them up." She smirked as she drove off again.

Before they knew it they were in the club enjoying the wild crowd that seemed to move with the DJ's music. The bass was so loud that they could barely hear themselves talk and they were taking videos of their night out.

They could barely keep track of each other as they were asked out to dance. Soon enough they had all gone their separate ways.

Mei didn't feel like she needed her friends nearby as she moved from one dance floor to the next. She had alcohol in her blood and although her heels were digging into her feet and causing blisters she was having too much fun to care.

"Dance with me?" A man slurred and she nodded as she followed him. They moved to the music.

"Man you're so fucking hot." The man slurred and was falling over. She could feel her smile fading away. "Uh yeah, I have to go my friends are calling me, but thanks for the dance I had fun." She quickly backed away. If she had known the guy was this wasted she would have rejected him from the get-go.

"Ah c'mon, don't be a spoilsport." He stumbled slightly as he wrapped his hands around her waist and began trying to kiss her neck.

"Stop, Look I am not interested and I am not that kind of girl." She scoffed pushing him off and quickly walking away.

"Don't be that way, I just wanted to dance." He slurred as he grabbed her hand and she quickly snatched it away.

" I have to go, Bye" She huffed out annoyed at his actions. She quickly made her way to the bar. "Excuse me, sir, do you have a napkin? I want to wipe my glasses." The bartender nodded and glanced behind her.

Mei pushed a strand of curly blonde hair behind her ear and waited.

She turned to see the same guy from earlier following her. She sneered and looked away as she tookthe napkin the bartender was handing her. "Thanks." She muttered as she cleaned her glasses and placed them back on her face.

She started to look for her phone and realized that she had told her friend Tai to hold it and she couldn't help but internally groan. She was in Atlanta Georgia in one of the biggest clubs, there were two dance floors and they were both stuffed with people. She would waste her time looking for them.

She sighed as she noticed she had the car keys in her bra. 'Well at least they can't leave without me' she thought to herself.

She glanced over and noticed the drunk guy was back on the dance floor. 'Might as well dance and look for them on the dance floor, I'm sure I'll run into them.' she thought to herself as she walked toward the other part of the building.

Just as she was about to walk out someone grabbed her hand and spun her around. She was shocked when she noticed a tall handsome guy in front of her, He held a beer in one hand and was smirking slightly. "Wanna dance?"

She could feel her cheeks flush as she smiled at him. "Yeah, Definitely." and before she knew it she was back in the crowd.

"Alright, everyone! The club is closed Please leave the building!"

She giggled as she was kissing the guy as they exchanged numbers.

"Fuck your crazy." He laughed as he kissed her feverishly. "Of course I am, Anyway I have to find my friends." She smiled at him. They had somehow gotten their hands on a few bottles and chugged a bit, both of them were tipsy and had adrenaline pumping in their blood from all the dancing.

"Why don't you call them?" He asked and she sighed. " I gave my friend my phone so she could hold it for me, but forgot to get it back. But those bitches can't leave without me, I have the keys." She giggles as she pulled the key from inside her shirt and he laughed.

"Well I have to find my ride too, so we should look in the parking lot. I think my friends were at the other dance floor and they closed off the entrance to the other part of the club.

She nodded and they both stumbled out of the building. Now that she was no longer dancing and drinking she could feel her feet ache as from dancing in heels all night long.

"That's my car." She pointed at the vehicle and they both waited as they talked and made out for a couple of minutes.

"Bitch! I thought someone kidnapped you! I all worried and you're out here having the time of your life!" Tai yelled her green eyes wide and face scrunched up in anger.

"Ah don't be like that, besides you have my phone." Mei grinned as she held out her hand. Tai rolled her eyes and placed the phone in her hand and flipped her hair back.

"Anyways, I had fun. Text me." Mei turned and winked at the guy and he smirked. "I will. I gotta go and find my ride too." He chuckled and walked away.

"Okay, who's sober?" Mei asked and Allie smirked. "Bitch I got them to buy us 3 rounds of drinks and beer and I drank almost all of it. I am wasted." She laughed loudly.

"I drank a lot too, besides I don't even have a license and I can't drive here. it's too big and I can't even drive in a three-lane road much less a four-lane." Cassandra stated pointing out that she was the youngest at 18.

"Well, Tai, it's you or me." Mei stated.

"I drank two beers and a few shots but that was hours ago when we got here at 10 p.m It is 4 a.m I am sober enough to drive. And with that stupid smirk on your face, I can tell you had a few more shots after we split." Tai took the keys.

They all got into the car and were listening to the music as they were being dropped off. " You can stay at my house." Tai stated as she turned to her blonde-haired friend who nodded.

"Thanks for dropping me off, I had fun. See you at work on Monday." Cassandra called out as she closed the door to the car.

"Bye Cass. We are definitely doing this again!" Mei called out waving goodbye to her friend before turning to her friend Tai. "Okay, then I'll crash at your place then." She stated as they were off again.

Mei was humming to herself as she was leaned back in the passenger seat. She was smiling as she thought of how the night had gone. The car had slowed down and stopped in front of a red light and they were waiting although the road seemed pretty empty.

"Damn, My feet hurt so much. Next time I am taking flats." Tai huffed as she glanced at her friend beside her. "Yeah, tell me about it. We are gonna have blisters the size of our toes. Walked in with five toes on each foot, left with six each" She joked as the light turned green.

" Go, The light changed." Mei stated as Tai set her phone down, she had been changing the music.

"Damn right. At least you have an office job I have to be on my feet so Monday is going to be a bitch." She grumbled as she sped forward.

"Yeah, I kno- TAI!" Mei screamed her eyes widening at the vehicle that was speeding toward them.

It took only a second and a bright light. Mei was suddenly engulfed in pain as she heard glass shattering and the sound of the other vehicle hitting theirs.

"MEI! Stay with me! Oh my god, Mei! Mei!"

Mei felt her vision unfocused, her ears were ringing as she tried to turn to see her screaming friend. A sharp pain shot up her neck and she forced herself to stay still. Somehow breathing was a little harder.

'the car it... it hit us. Oh my god, I can't move. Am I going to die?' Mei looked down to see her body held securely by the seat belt, her legs were crushed by the door and her seat.

'oh my god, oh my god! I can't move them, I can't!' she was breathing hard as she tried to move her legs and she felt a hot white pain but her muscles were sluggish and they would not obey her.

'I'm going to die, I'm going to die here!' She panicked as she thought of her family, She had been the second oldest of six siblings. Her parents would be devastated, she was only 23 and had just started her life. She hadn't even gone to college yet since she had been so indecisive about what she wanted to take. She never got married or had kids.

She couldn't help but think of all that she would miss. She had wanted to go to college, have a career, have a kid or two, adopt some kids or foster some when she was financially stable. Grow old beside the man or woman she loved. but now.

"T-Tai, I-I don't want to die." She stuttered out as she slowly turned to her friend as she ignored the pain when she was moving.

"We are going to be okay, dear God, I'll get us out of here." She stammered out as she was dialing 911 for help and was trying to get her seat belt off and help her friend.

Mei hissed in pain as she looked down again at all the blood and noticed that her body hurt. "Tai, I'm cold." She stammered out trying to move her hands but they wouldn't move and she began to cry as her vision darkened. She closed her eyes trying to ignore the pain and move.

"Mei, mei! Stay awake!" She heard from beside her, but her eyes felt heavy and her body cold and it hurt too much.

"Mei! Please send help I think she is passing out!" She continued to hear yelling but it was far away and her breathing got shallower and she felt like she was being lulled to sleep

Warmth, that is what she felt. A soft thumping sound as well. She didn't think or need to move a lot. There was also energy around her, like soft waves on a beach. She could feel the coldness of it, yet she felt warm.

She could also hear the muffled voices, they were far away and she couldn't make out what they were saying. But that didn't matter to her, she was comfortable.

She didn't know how long she had been there and she didn't care. But soon she found that it was getting cramped and she had to curl into a small ball. And then it was like the soft warm walls that had held her were pushing against her and moving her. She was being squeezed through something and could barely fit.

And suddenly the warmness was gone. The air around her felt cold and something was shoved down her throat. She let out a shrill.

"Congratulations! It's a girl!"

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