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I dunno if anyone bothered to read all that (I sure hope you did), but thats my explanation for the long hiatus. Paijitsean came back and made this sort of trailer for "Trial by Tahu" by Peri Animates Things. I know no such trailer exists, but this is what I have to work with so its either this or nothing. Existing or not, I hope you enjoy.

A small flash drive then appeared.

"This is different." Yang says as she picks up the flash drive.

"Guess who ever is sending this didn't want to use a disk." Blake says.

"Either way, we get to see whats on it." Ruby says as she takes the flash drive from Yang and inserts it into her scroll. The trailer plays almost immediately.

The scene opens with the sound of metal scraping, a metal canister lying sideways on a golden beach as the shore water continuously pushes up against it.

"Back to this I see." Yang says.

"Its strangely classic in a way." Weiss says. "Like when Bionicle is brought up, this would be the first thing someone would think of.

A foot of shining screw projects, when suddenly, the lid flies off into the screen, making it go black.

He opened his eyes, he was in a place he had not seen before. He was too angry and confused to fully comprehend his situation. He had slept far too long, and the dreams that kept him as he slept were dark and far too many.

"I imagine thats what a baby would think after being born, if they could remember being born that is." Blake mutters.

He was on a beach, golden and long, as he looked on and saw the horizon beyond the beach, where sand turned to rock, and rock onto mountains, and here he was, merely a head attached to a dull gray torso, with some of his left arm still attached while the rest of him laid scattered around him all buried by the sand, and to add insult to injury, a small winged creature stood on top of him pecking away at whatever was left that it found edible on him,

"Gross." Ruby cringes.

if he had lungs he'd yell at it, but instead he simply waved his arm around to scare it off.

He wiggled his arm again, strands of rotten tissue waving as he did, yet he noticed nearby something else moving as he did, he saw the wrist that belonged to the same arm. He focused on it, as if he was reaching out for it, and it seemed like it was reaching out for him as well. In a short time, strands of tissue stretched out from both his arm and the detached wrist to meet each other, wrapping around and pulling the rest closer to the main body.

"That's a little unsettling." Yang commented.

"I guess it's a good thing the muscle tissue knows what to do as well as can reconnect instantly." Weiss says.

He had his arm again, and he felt a sensation within it, he had not even felt in a long time. A reddish string of electricity surged through him and reached out to the rest of him, he was coming back together, all his joints snapped in place, he was coming together again.

"I am in pieces." Ruby quoted."Now I amnot."

His body was in one piece again, but he wasn't whole, he could feel it, one more piece was needed, he looked down at his chest, and saw the axel shaped hole in it, he looked around and found a small black ball with an axel shaped pin coming out of its back, he started to get up, struggling as he tried to stand. Once he found his footing, he placed one foot in front of the other, his balance wavered a bit, then he placed his other foot forward, he was finally close enough to this black ball.

"Oof, learning to walk pains." Yang says.

"It's not just that, his muscles are probably very weak to to entropy." Blake says.

"I was thinking the same too. Though how was he cured of his entropy so fast?" Weiss wonders.

He tried to kneel down to reach it, but he lost his balance and fell on his hands, but it didn't matter, it was in his reach, he took hold of the ball pin and placed it into his chest. Once he did, flesh began to fill every space in his arms, legs, and hands, he noticed he could move easier, without the tremor of this weak feeling he was under, and at last, he was whole again.
He slowly stood up from the sand.

"Welp, I guess that does it." Ruby says.

"I always wondered what that ball thing was for." Yang says.

"We might not know its function, but we do know it is very important for motor function." Weiss mentally notes.

It had been a long time since he could do that. He started to walk slowly, it seemed to have come to him naturally now, as he slowly walked along the shore, he noticed something sticking out of the sand. He looked closer at it as he walked closer, it was a blade, long and red, with many edges that curved and ended, giving it a fiery shape, at the end of it a thin grip. He took hold of it and pulled it out of the sand, he looked at it closely, further revealing its fiery design. It felt familiar in his hand, natural, as if he had held it before, it almost felt as if it was a part of him. He spun it around in a fanning motion, before he placed it on his back as it rested in place.

(Beach Chant plays)

He looked around again and caught sight of something else buried in the sand. He walked towards it, crouched down, and picked it up , and as he rose up he closely observed what it was. It was a red mask, it was almost round in its shape, it had what looked like a curved vent on its forehead and below it, round yet narrowed eyes that had an inward slanted angle, above them a subtle brow, as if to give its wearer an aggressive gaze. Below the eyes three thick horizontal slits cover the cheeks of the face, a slight snout that would plateau into a round hollow area served as the mouthpiece of the mask. He turned its face to the palm of his hand, revealing its inside. His eyes narrowed as he looked inside and pulled it closer to his face.

("Faithful Matoran to Mighty Toa" 1:32-1:53)

The mask fit on his face perfectly, and as it attached to his face, he felt a power surge through him, a reddish bolt of energy bolted all around him. His dull gray armor turned into a red and in a few places orange. His hands clenched at the energy and power.

"So the mask also has colour changing properties?" Weiss questions.

"That sounds awesome! Imagine putting on a mask and the colours of what ever you are wearing and maybe even your hair change!" Ruby exclaims.

"That would be excellent for stealth." Blake adds.


Fire seethed from his eyes and the vents in his face, it ignited in his hands, and it spread to the rest of him. Within seconds, he was enveloped in flames, they burned intensely, yet he felt no pain from it, only power. Instantly he opened his hands and the flames bursted, before retreating to the palm of his hands. He reached for the sword on his back, and brought it out to his side, as he held it up, a fiery red glow ignited with a loud hiss, and scrolled up to the end of the blade. It hummed and crackled with the power within it, it whirred as he waved it around. He began to spin it around (Obi-Ani style) before he slashed at the air, then turned around and slashed again, and from it, a wave of heat rushed out and onto the rocks behind him, the wave halved the stones and the few that remained in tact bled with molten rock.

Blake shivered unconsciously. The attack reminding her of Adam's semblance.

After he spun his sword before placing it on his back again, he walked along the shore line for a while until he reached more rocky ground. He saw steam rising from the rocks and felt the heat that radiated from them. He walked in the steam for a bit, drawn to the heat, and after a few steps he came across a stream, and was immersed within the heat, he was drawn to it. He then drew out his sword from his back and in the heat, it began to glow.

( Beach Chant (Bionicle: MNOLG) - Orchestral Arrangement)

He looked as a shadow in the steam, only lit by the nearby lava he then looked back at you, with his piercing glowing red eyes and his angered looking stare. Recreating the MNOG intro.

(Red star theme chimes in)

Meet the Toa of Fire (In Matoran)

A Mnog Special

Coming Soon.

"Trial by Tahu?" Blake questions.

"A MNOG special? Like DLC?!" Ruby exclaims.

"Either way, it's more story. Better finish up that game for it." Yang says.

"Right!" Ruby acknowledges.

AN... part 2: Hope that didn't disappoint. Paijitsean really has a way of writing these fake trailer things. Anyway, please, for the love of Mata Nui leave reviews telling me what you liked and what you didn't. Did you enjoy this fake trailer or would you prefer us stick to real stuff? And yes, I'm sure we'll have em react to Trail by Tahu eventually.