"Happy Birthday!" Kazuma and Darkness shouted.

Megumin had a wide smile. Before her was a cake with fifteen lit candles. The three of them were sitting down in the dining hall of Kazuma's mansion.

She swirled her cape, planted her staff, and struck a dramatic pose. "Hah! With this milestone I mark another year of growth and ever greater power! Surely I will be an ever mightier and terrifying force of raw destruction!"

Darkness gave the declaration some polite applause while Kazuma rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever, blow your candles out already. That's if you can manage it without an explosion spell."

"Hmmph! That is no challenge for someone as incredible as I."

She did so and the three friends had some cake. Megumin had an excited look on her face and was eyeing a keg that was sitting on the edge of the table.

"Well, now that I am a full grown and mature woman of fifteen, I can finally have some alcohol! Now give me! Give me! Give me!"

"Fine, you're finally old enough I guess," Kazuma filled a mug to the very top and slapped it down in front of her. "I just hope you can handle it."

"Hah! As if it would be any sort of challenge! I can definitely handle it!"

She picked up the mug and took a swallow.

"Gak!" She set it back down and began wiping at her mouth.

"Something wrong?" Kazuma asked with a knowing grin.

"Uh… the taste is a little… strong."

"Yeah, it is," he put his own mug to his lips and took a long deliberate swallow. "You get used to it."

Darkness nodded and took a drink as well. "It's fine if you don't want to have any more right now."

"Uhm…" Megumin was eying the still nearly full mug.

"Yeah," Kazuma said with a laugh. "I mean it's totally fine if you can't handle it. Ale is for grownups you know? You can have some avocado juice instead."

She glared at him and snatched up the mug with both hands. "What are you talking about? Drinking this much is nothing for me! Nothing!"

Megumin brough it to her lips and with a grimace began forcing it down.

Fifteen minutes later…

Megumin was passed out on the floor and lying in a pool of her own vomit.

"Did you really have to keep egging her on like that?" Darkness said looking and sounding cross.

"What?" Kazuma asked, trying to sound innocent. "She always talked about wanting to drink. I thought I was being supportive. Now come on," he had a brush in one hand and inkwell in the other. "Help me draw little penises all over her face."

"Is this really something friends do to one another when they are unconscious from drinking?"

"You've never been to a single keg party in your life have you?"

Author's Note: I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Given how things have been going I'll be happy if we manage to avoid an apocalypse in 2023.)